Let's Talk About Easter Baskets

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Alright, I'm just going to get straight to the point - what do you put in your kids' Easter baskets?

Easter is less than a month away!  There have been years when I put a lot of effort into picking things for the kids' Easter baskets, but since we've had a fourth and fifth baby I've toned them down quite a bit.  Last year's baskets were definitely thrown together last minute.  This year I'd like to make them at least thoughtful, since they won't be elaborate by any means (five kids, remember)!

Here are some things I've included in the past:

Summer shoes - Why not go ahead and buy something I'm going to need to purchase anyway?
Swimsuits - Same reason.
Umbrellas - My kids loved these.
Sunglasses/hats - Are you noticing a theme here?  Easter feels like the official kick-off to spring, so I lean toward warm weather essentials.
Books - Of course.  I'm actually kind of doing the book gift early this year with this book from Tommy Nelson.

If anything can get you in the mood for Springtime, it's the cute illustrations in this book!  A Very Happy Easter Prayer is part of a series, so it's written in a similar style as some of our other books, with little poems on each page thanking God for some part of the season.  I like how this one incorporates Jesus's resurrection on the last page too.  It's adorable for my little ones as a transition into the Easter season, and gets us all looking forward to Easter!  If I hadn't already given the book to my kids I would probably stick this in one of their baskets, especially for my younger kiddos.

As I'm considering what to include in Easter baskets though, I'm at a bit of a loss.  I would kind of like whatever I put into their baskets to have some connection with spiritual growth and pointing my kids back to Jesus, because more than any other holiday, this holiday is really about Him!  In a lot of ways Resurrection Day is an even more important celebration for our faith than Christmas.  On Christmas He was born, and He was born that He might die to take the punishment for our sin.  While Christmas is happy (because we celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the Savior!), it's looking ahead to something sorrowful.

Resurrection Day, on the other hand, is pure joy.  He suffered and died, but then He showed His power, proved He is God, and conquered the grave! Without the resurrection we are still in our sins, but because He rose again we can be alive forever with Him!  It's triumphant in a way that even Christmas isn't, and I want to make sure that all doesn't get lost amidst lesser things.

And I don't think it necessarily will get lost because we'll be talking about the Resurrection and everything that means in all the days leading up to Easter - but I don't know, I'd like it reflected somehow in their little gifts on Easter morning.  Or maybe I'm just expecting too much from a present for this age group (0-7 years)?  Any suggestions for me?

What do you put in your kids' Easter baskets (if you do them)?
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Amanda said...

I love your ideas for bringing it back to the true meaning of Easter. I need to get an Easter book for each of my girls' baskets. I found animal "bubble mitts" at Wal-mart that are plastic gloves with holes at the tips of the fingers. They put on the mitt, dip them into bubble solution, and then wave their hands around to make bubbles. Hopefully that'll be easier for Miss Two to do. Summer sandals, new markers, and Discovery Putty (pricey, but my kids all love putty and fight over the one container we have. This kind has little toys inside that you uncover and re-cover) are going into some of their baskets. I also found a 100-piece puzzle that you color. It won't fit in a basket, but it was a great price and I couldn't resist!

Bekah said...

I don't have kids, but finding Christ-centered gifts for a basket would be tough, I would think! I did find this idea online that gives you ideas of things to talk about (Bible-based) for regular gifts. Maybe this will offer an idea or two! https://www.crosswalk.com/slideshows/10-bible-based-items-to-fill-your-child-s-easter-basket.html

Elizabeth said...

I like your ideas. I didn't get an Easter basket as a child, but my in-laws bring gifts for every occasion. My kids get so many toys from their grandparents that I just can't buy any more except for the "curated" ones that you've mentioned. Lately I've wanted to focus especially on toys that help my kids develop physically, some kind of sports equipment. Sensory play is always a good one too, like play-dough. It's tricky though because my 5 year old doesn't think non-toy presents are actually presents. Other than that, I would probably focus on consumables such as snacks that they'll eat and be done with. I do buy seasonal books, but we read them before the holiday. I've observed that "Christian" toys go the same way as all others: either you give something new each year and end up with tons of Christ-themed Christmas tree ornaments, stuffed animals, stickers, crafts, etc. Or you have a few quality sets that you use every year, but then I'm not sure what an actual present would be. Personally I think the lessons come more with the activities and conversations while you're decorating eggs, etc. Most kids opening gifts aren't looking for much meaning in them, but I could be wrong.

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