Humming - Georgie At Six Months

Wow, that was one of the fastest half-years in my recent memory.  My sweet girl is halfway to one year old!

Growth And Eating

It seems like every time I take Georgie's monthly pictures, she looks so much different.  These days she's sporting leg rolls and a cute double chin - I'm pretty confident that she is back to her correct curve on the growth chart! She is in size 1 or 2 diapers, and her feet are finally big enough to stay in her tiny baby shoes. 

I haven't had a chance to write about it on my blog yet, but last week I seriously hurt my knee - to the point where I couldn't walk without crutches and had to get an MRI to rule out the need for surgery.  I also have a history of blood clots and my doctor recommended aspirin to prevent that - and so I decided to wean Georgie.  I felt like it was time, since I knew she was getting hardly anything from me anyway, but it didn't make it less sad.  I nursed her to sleep one night, and held her a little longer than necessary, admiring her little eyelashes, and cute lips, and chubby cheeks...and then I put her to bed and that was that.  I had one day of minimal discomfort and that was it.  I might have cried, but we have been hanging on by a thread with nursing for months, and this felt like the right time, before it got frustrating for both of us.  

Now, on to solid foods!


No change, this girl is an amazing sleeper.  We'll see how it goes on vacation this month though.


No big firsts this month!  In the month ahead we'll have first time eating solids and first vacation though, so stay tuned!


I feel like Georgie has been talking more lately.  And by "talking", I mean she hums at me a lot, especially when she's eating or tired.  I've never had a baby who hums at me so much, it's something that is distinct to Georgie. Occasionally she'll babble. She laughs most at her brothers and sisters right now - it's a chore for me to get her laughing, and I'm not sure why.  Maybe her sense of humor is maturing (ha!).  It's so cute when the kids get her laughing though - she has the best belly laugh!  She smiles at everyone, and still has a nice deep dimple in her left cheek.  

My favorite thing this month is Georgie's eyebrows.  Georgie has the most expressive happy eyebrows.  She'll smile at you and wiggle her eyebrows, and it's just the cutest, funniest thing!

When she is hungry she grabs her lower lip with her little toothless gums and sucks on her lip, and stares at me with big brown eyes.  It's adorable.  She usually only cries as a last resort (or on the occasional cranky day).  She's just such an easygoing baby overall!


Georgie Girl,

Darling, this month has been emotional for me.  I nursed you for the last time this month.  Suddenly you look like such an older baby.  You are growing out of all your tiny clothes.  I can't stop you from growing, but there will always be a part of me that is sad to see everything that comes with your tiny babyhood go.  

This month you ended up falling asleep on me a lot, and I love it so much.  You usually start talking loudly and rubbing your face against me, and that's how I know you're tired.  Then you get really still.  Then your eyes droop closed.  I love studying your face when you sleep.  Your eyelashes spread out so perfectly on your cheeks, your lips look so squishy, and I love the weight of your little breaths.  It's one of my favorite things.  We are on the way to one year old now, and who knows how long you will fall asleep on my lap.  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

I love you so much, Sweetie.  The next six months will see "real" food, mobility, and a first birthday party - lots of new baby sweetness behind us, but lots of older baby fun ahead!  Onward!

Love Always,

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Emily Powell said...

I know if I even tempted to have a third it would be a horrible sleeper. Both of mine I would say are/were "good" sleepers. Not bad, or ok, or awesome...just good. My third would never sleep I bet...haha. Jonathan says NO anyhow ;) Happy six months!

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