We Have A Tooth! Georgie At Nine Months

About a week ago Georgie was a little cranky.  By cranky, I mean she tried to let me know she was unhappy by frowning and humming at me (the girl doesn't know how to throw a proper fit).

The kids were trying to keep her happy, and suddenly Gwen exclaimed "Georgie has a tooth!".  After months of "teething", a tooth finally popped through.  I was actually impressed with how mild her crankiness was, because when I slid my finger over her lower gums, what do you know, there it was! 

Growth And Eating

We are still doing purees and formula, but Georgie is now to the point where if she doesn't get her expected puree before bedtime, she won't go to sleep.  Some days she is so distracted she won't even eat half the jar, but she still expects us to try to feed her.  Her favorite is the little cookies we give her - I think they feel good on her sore gums.  She gnaws on them and we end up with cookie mush smeared all over everything, but she is as happy as can be.  I'll occasionally give her an apple slice to use as a teether, and she loves that too.  I think it won't be long before she'll be demanding (in her very non-demanding style) to eat finger foods.

We finally took her to the doctor (we missed her 6 month check-up - oops), and she weighs around 19 pounds.  She's in the 90th percentile for height, and 75th for weight.

She was such a tough little baby at the doctor's office.  They wanted to test her iron, so they had to poke her.  She didn't cry at all, she just gave them a quizzical look as they squeezed blood out of her tiny big toe.  She did cry for the shots, but I don't blame her at all, because they did a sloppy job of it this time.  I would have cried too.


She actually woke up a couple times in the night this month.  I didn't really mind.  It's nice that she has been sleeping through the night so well, but there is something sweet about those middle-of-the-night snuggles too, and I've been missing it.


You already know that she got her first tooth this month (July 31), but she also got much more stable at sitting up on her own, and she started scooting.  One day I was sitting with her on the floor, and she spotted a toy she wanted, and I watched her scoot ever-so-slowly across the entire room.  I have to say, I'm not ready for my baby to crawl!  But she is so determined and happy when she can get where she wants to go, and it's pretty fun to watch.


Georgie is still the happiest little thing.  She gets shy around strangers and doesn't give them a smile without their expending a little effort, but it's not too difficult to coax a big smile out of her.  She especially loves me and Derek, and rewards us with a huge smile if we so much as look at her.  

I've had a few Saturdays this month where I was out for most of the day working or running errands, and while it was good to get things done, I was sorry to be away from Georgie all day.  One day when I got home she was playing on the living room floor.  She caught sight of me and her face relaxed  into a huge smile, and she started kicking her legs, trying to crawl over to me.  I scooped her up, and she gave the most thrilled face a baby can make and patted my shoulder with her little hand.  I just love that.  She makes coming home so fun.


Georgie Bea,

Since you were just a little thing I've joked with your daddy that you are my little stress-reliever, because it's pretty much impossible to stay stressed out when I'm holding you and you are grinning at me.  Every time I pick you up I get the biggest smile, and you look like a little princess, surveying your kingdom from my arms.  

If you were a princess, I guess you might be Sleeping Beauty, because you have slept so well at night since you were two weeks old.  This month though your teeth were fighting their way to the surface, and you needed a little extra attention in the night.  Your daddy usually grabs your bottle while I go get you.  You stop crying as soon as I scoop you into my arms, and I wipe away your tiny little tears.  I go back to bed and prop you up in the crook of my arm with your bottle.  You hang on to it tight and gulp down your formula, your tiny eyelashes brushing your cheeks, and I tuck your fuzzy head right under my chin and doze off myself.  By the time you finish your bottle you are asleep, and sometimes I just hold you there a little longer before I put you back to bed, feel your tiny little body relax in sleep, your tummy rising and falling.  You are so precious, little one, and it's harder for me to watch you grow than it was with the others.  It's going too fast, and I don't have enough time to hold you like this.  

You are precious to me, darling.  I love you.



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