7 Things About Our NEW HOUSE!

Well, what do you know, we are moving!  For real this time!

A few weeks ago, we were driving home from a weekend outing, and something in our conversation made me pull out my phone and check our local real estate website.  I don't even know what we were talking about, but I looked at the web page and saw a new house had popped up for sale.

I kind of liked it.

I showed Derek and he liked it too.  We drove by it.  We called up our realtor, and we went to see it.

It was weird to think about moving again, because as you all know, we put in an offer on a different house a couple months ago that was rejected.  The whole experience reminded me of all the things I loved about our house, and I expected to enjoy another quiet fall in our family home.  But Derek and I both agreed we'd still keep an eye out, because even though I love where we are, we are crowded.  The kids are only going to get bigger, and sometimes I look at our small living room space and squint my eyes, trying to figure out how we could fit another couch in there so we could sit seven people in the living room.  It would be nice to all be able to sit together to watch a movie as the kids grow older.

After mulling it over and praying about it, we decided to put in an offer on this new house.  This house would check most of our boxes, and it would be a little bigger for our family, which is something we knew we were going to need someday.  We made our offer contingent on selling our own house, because as I wrote a couple months ago, I don't want to leave a house we love without having another house we love to move into.  I wasn't confident it would be accepted, because contingent offers are not as desirable in this seller's market.

But what do you know, they accepted our offer!

(Georgie behind the very dusty glass door at the new place!)

(Our kids running around in what will soon be our land.)

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but also not as terrible as I would have thought.  We had ten days to sell our home, and the Lord brought us a buyer in less than four days of our house being on the market.  Everything is falling into place in a way that gives me confidence in what we are doing; I think the Lord is working things out for us!  People have told me that moving is one of the most stressful life events to go through, and while I can see why, it hasn't been as much stress as I expected.  Now I'm just looking forward to getting into our new place at the end of October!

Now to the part you all are REALLY interested in - what's the new place like?

The carpets are pink.

Yes...pink.  It was built in the early 90's, hand in hand with the 80's, when pink carpet was a thing.  When we visited the house for our inspection, the current owner was there, and the first thing she asked was if we would change the carpet.  She was so glad when we said yes, and told us she has just been telling herself it's beige.  Ha!

The toilets are black (and pink).

The bathtubs are pink. Basically there is just a lot of pink in this house.

It's about five minutes from our current house.

When we have considered moving in the past we have always hoped to get closer to town, but over the last year I have felt my heart settling into our small mountain community more.  When we saw this house, we decided we wouldn't mind staying in our current area for the time being.  The benefits to this are that we can get a better place for the price here, we are in my favorite part of the mountains - and this is where our roots are.

We can walk to the local library!

Even though our local library is nothing to write home about, obviously this is perfect for me.

A guy down the street is basically building a medieval castle.

I kind of want to knock on the door and ask him to give us a tour since we're studying the Middle Ages this year.

We have three acres.

I am pretty excited that the kids will have a bigger area to run around and explore!  The property also looks like great Capture The Flag terrain.  Derek already has plans to build the biggest, most glorious swing set you ever did see.

We will be remodeling.

We decided that this time we would do some updates right off the bat (instead of waiting five years like we did with our current house).  First thing to go - the pink carpet!  We hope to paint, update the kitchen, update the bathrooms, and replace all the light fixtures - we will see how far we can stretch the budget.  I am not looking forward to the remodel, because our last remodel was so much work, but I'm hoping to have the bulk of it done by Christmas (this may be definitely is optimistic).


Overall, I'm quite excited about the new place, but honestly a little sad to leave our old house as well. We've lived in our first house for ten years, and we have so many memories here.  The new place will be in rough shape for a while.  But I feel prepared for that, because over the last couple years, the Lord has really been working with me on contentment.  Those lessons on being content with what I have are not going to go to waste just because we are leaving the place God used to teach me. I feel blessed to have a new place in which to practice being happy right where I am.

Any questions about the new house?  Do some of you veteran movers have some moving tips for this newbie?

(This is the first time I have actually moved in my adult life - packing up my bedroom at my parents house when I got married doesn't count.)

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Maria Rineer said...

Congrats on your new house! I wish I had a bunch of tips for you- it's been 13 years since I've moved and much of that process/ time period is a blur in my mind now. One thing I'd say is take any help from friends and family that is offered to you. Also, takes lots of before pictures. Whether you put the pictures on the blog or not, you will likely be glad you have them for your own comparison of after you've made changes.

kelseylynae said...

We are moving too! Such a similar story, actually. It’s about a mile and a half away, built in late 70s, and will require work (can you say floral wallpaper?!) I’m so sad to leave our home here which we’ve been in for ten years and has memories for me for 30 years... but we’ve reached capacity and beyond! We move in a month (I’ve packed nothing and have a newborn!) but I just trust it will all get done. I may have to check back and see the comments for any tips! Good luck!

Bekah said...

I am so excited for you! I am like you in that I hadn't moved as an adult until a couple of years ago. We had a super organized move, but I'm sure it's a WHOLE different ballgame when you're moving with kids vs moving as adults only. But I will say this: right before we left for the last time, we did a formal goodbye to our old house. We took pictures of every empty room (which I scrapbooked), we wrote our names in sharpie on the floorboards of the attic to mark our presence there forever, we danced in the living room (and took pictures) one last time. We also made welcome signs for the new owner and left him a manual that included the history of the house (it had been in our family for decades) and information he might need: like when trash day is and the name of the plumber we'd always used, etc. I needed all that emotional closure!

Alli said...

So excited for you! We’re in the same place as we’re looking because we need more space, but content to wait for the right house.

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Yay, congrats!! I am excited for you guys! Having a little more space has been so good for our family, I hope it will for you all, too!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the new place! Having more outdoors space sounds wonderful and I'm very intrigued by the neighbor building a castle...
Leaving an old home for the last time is such an interesting feeling...I always do one very last walk-through of the rooms. It's so strange that a place that has once been "home" is now going to be someone else's "home". Almost all of my moves have been international, the kind where all you can bring is a suitcase...moving in the same city is a whole different ballgame!

Sarah said...

This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!!

One of my biggest tips whether you're moving across town or across the country is have a designated moving bag. This bag travels in your car and cannot go in the moving truck! Put things like paper plates/cups etc, towels, sheets and pillows. You'll need a shower after a long day of moving and need to know where those towels are so you don't have to use paper towels. It's terrible wanting to fall into bed and your pillows and blankets are buried in a box somewhere!

Stephen and Larissa said...

Have a box of "open first" stuff. Dishes, towels, cleaners etc. that way you're not having to dig for things those first busy days.

Rebecca said...

Congrats! If you have time to move things over and you don’t have to move everything in one day, I’d recommend moving your kitchen stuff over. I did this every time I’ve moved and it makes the moving in process much easier. Having your kitchen already setup and food in the pantry will make your first week in the new home much nicer. Also, if you are using “used” boxes from someone, use little white index cards and tape them on the top or same side of each box so you know exactly what’s in it and it doesn’t get mixed up with the previous movers markings. You can use linens to pad your boxes when packing fragile items; however, since you are only five minutes away if you have the chance, I’d recommend taking it over in a separate trip. For my last move, I think I made about four trips (ten minute drive) prior to our big moving day. That way, my kitchen was completely set up and all my super fragile and awkward pieces had been moved over. Then on moving day, after everything is moved over you only have to get your beds set up so you have a place to sleep. :)

Ashley said...

So excited for you!! I can't wait to see more about the house. My advice would be: Label everything! I have plans to maybe color-code our boxes when we move next - because i think that would be helpful. Maybe a different color of tape coordinating to the room they go in (Bedroom Boxes, Blue, bathroom boxes, Purple, etc.). I like to mark each box with which room it goes in (Kitchen, BDRM 1, BDRM 2, Master, Bath, etc), that way on moving day it should be straightforward where everything goes. And if you're having people help move boxes, they'll know where to take the boxes and you won't have to direct each box. Also, to agree with above comments, a "Last Box" or "Open first Box" is essential - something with stuff you will need the night after the move (sheets, pillows, toilet paper, soap, etc.), and even a box of essentials for the week after, like silverware, coffee maker, coffee, a pot and pan, a pasta strainer, can opener -- because you might not unpack every kitchen box in the first few days, and will want to have your essentials available! And sometimes things like can openers end up lost in a kitchen box somewhere and when you really need one to make dinner, you really need one. :) And, although it might not always be practical, if you can, unpack and get everything set up in the first week or two. If you really focus on getting it done right away, it will enable you to relax and enjoy your new house and get back to normal life, and keep you from having those few boxes that never get unpacked for months later. (I haven't attempted this with 5 kids, though, so I don't know how practical this advice is!)

Elizabeth said...

Funny to read this since I just caught up on your house series recently. Congratulations! It will be so nice to set up your house knowing it will serve your needs for the foreseeable future. Looking forward to your updates! I've never really moved with kids, just done lots and lots of traveling. Definitely some good ideas here. However, I'm not sure if I'm an "unpack right away" kind of person. While it is nice to get out the essentials and make things homey, I actually don't mind keeping some things in boxes and seeing how long I can go with less stuff. Maybe that's just me, though!

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