Scrunchy Faces And Kisses - Georgie At Ten (And Eleven) Months

Shortly after Georgie turned ten months old, we figured out we were probably moving, and all the craziness that comes with that ensued!  By the time I had a minute to sit down and write her ten month post, it was really too late to share it.  So today we're combining her ten month and eleven month updates!  Thankfully I remembered to take her ten month photos though, so we can still compare!

Ten Months

This is such a fun age for Georgie!  She is so snuggly and loves me so much right now.  Her face just lights up every time she sees me, and it warms my heart.  She is still scoot-crawling, and she tries so hard to go fast, pushing herself with her right leg all the time.

Poor little thing is still teething, so her sleep hasn't been as great this month (though still pretty good).  It's so sad to see her cry and start to chew on her finger.  She still has those two little teeth in the front, and I'm waiting to see when the other sill pop through.

She does a scrunchy-face smile when she is really happy, and it is the cutest thing to me.  She has started to say "mama" and "dada" to me and Derek, so I think she is figuring out what those words actually mean!

Gwendolyn and Georgie look so much alike, and when I compare their baby pictures, it's almost like i"m looking at the same baby.  This month Georgie's hair has started to curl at the ends, just like Gwen's did as a baby.  She also likes to be turned upside down, just like Gwen.  If she is having a fussy moment, I'll just tip her backwards, and she immediately starts laughing!

My favorite thing right now is to give Georgie her bottle, because she tucks her little body against mine, like she's trying to get as close as possible.  I love it so much.  Georgie is such a delightful baby, and Derek and I have said multiple times this month how we wish she would never grow up.

Eleven Months

Georgie's personality is really starting to show, and she is just so funny!  This month her favorite thing to do is shake her head back and forth to make us laugh.  She also has started tilting from side to side to music - it's so cute to watch her little dance!

This month I really started to see the sister relationship between Clarice and Georgie grow.  They sit right across from each other in the car, and Clarice will often talk to Georgie or reach across the car to take her hand.  Georgie laughs almost as soon as Clarice notices her, and I can see her picking up some of Clarice's facial expressions and habits.  It's so cute!

One expression that I know she picked up from Clarice (because Clarice used to make the exact same face as a baby) is a funny scrunched-nose open-mouthed expression.  It kind of looks like a disgusted look, and I can't help but laugh every time she does it, which probably only encourages it!  She's cute when she does it, but I'm trying to train her out of it at the same time.

She has also started "talking" a ton.  She makes little humming and sing-song sounds, and if you make the same noise back at her, she just lights up at the "conversation".  She has started to say "hi" and "bye", "Mama" and "Da".  Her "hi" sounds a lot like Gwen's baby "hi", with a little southern lilt to it, and when she says "Bah", she waves her little hand.  It's adorable!

Unfortunately I think our bottle-snuggle days may be coming to a gradual end, because Georgie is so wiggly now.  She wants to see everything!  Now when she gets her bottle, she prefers to look out at everything that's going on around her.  This makes me really sad, because I miss our snuggles!  Occasionally she'll still fall asleep on my lap, and when that happens, I don't put her down.


Georgie Bea,

How you have grown and changed over the last two months!  You are growing into your own personality, and I love to see it, but it's bittersweet to see my little baby looking so grown up.  Still, I'm not completely sorry, because you are becoming even more fun.

I realized recently that when I kiss your little cheek, you make a kissing noise back to me.  You lean back, look me in the eye, and say "Mmmwah!".  The other day, you even gave me a "Mmmwah!", and then leaned in and pressed your little open mouth to my cheek.  You leaned back again and looked so proud of yourself for figuring out your first kiss!  It was such a present moment.  You made my day, little one.  I'm so blessed that you are mine!

Love Always,


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Elizabeth said...

So sweet! You described it well and I have those special moments with my little one, too, wishing I could bottle it all up for later.

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