The Gifts I Bought Myself

It has been years since I've been Black Friday shopping.  I think some of the magic was lost for me when they started opening Black Friday doors on Thursday.  Come on, people.

However, this year I took advantage of Black Friday shopping when a friend invited me to go with her - I wasn't even expecting to buy much, but I ended up getting all my Christmas shopping done.  I forgot how freeing it is to get your shopping done early!  The rest of December is wide open now! I am looking forward to having more time to do Christmas projects with the kids and less time worrying about presents.

However, I may have also bought myself a Christmas gift on Black Friday.  I laughed when I read Elizabeth's post about buying a gift for yourself, because I totally do that.  This is what I got:

1. Housewife Theologian by Aimee Byrd.  

I read No Little Women by Aimee Byrd last year, and it was excellent.  I have been looking for a chance to buy another book from her, and Amazon's book coupon seemed to be it!  I'm really looking forward to this one - I love books that make theology accessible, and also that encourage Christian women toward good theology.  I'm expecting good things.

I cam across this after a similar recommendation from Jami Balmet's blog (or Facebook page or something), and I have to say I'm so excited about this one.  It arrived in the mail today, and I flipped through it - it is perfect!  On the left page it has the actual text of Hebrews, and on the right page it has a blank dot-grid page for you to use for journaling, or whatever.  

I know Bible art journaling has been going on for years, but after mulling it over for a long time, I decided I'm not a huge fan - I don't like how the illustrations so often go over the text of Scripture, and how the focus often seems to be on the art instead of the Word of God.  I'm sure it can be done well with a heart to bring glory to the Lord, so if you do Bible art journaling and have found a good balance, I think that's great - it's just not something I'm interested in.  However, there has been something appealing to me about those wide margins, because I'd love to take more thorough notes when I'm reading through a book of the Bible.  

This little volume is perfect for that; I can focus on one specific book and write down everything I'm learning with a full blank page!  I am so looking forward to using it!  I chose Hebrews, because I've become a little attached to that particular book after trying so hard to memorize it (I'm only shakily up to chapter 4).  I'd like to renew my memorization attempt in 2019, and I think this will help.

Do you buy Christmas gifts for yourself?  What did you get?

(No need for it to be spiritual, I also bought myself a new lipstick today for the Christmas season, ha!)
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Bekah said...

I just heard about these journals for the first time this week and I hadn't seen one yet! LOVE IT!!!! I haven't purchased a gift for myself this year, although I did grab a bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil when I was buying other oils this week - impulse buy. I've heard it smells so good!

Michelle said...

Ok, now I feel better for the pair of pajama pants I bought myself while Christmas shopping and for currently wearing them 😂

Felicia said...

Oh I love this! I made an order from Hosanna Revival as my present for myself. I wanted to get one of their journals for my new sister-in-law, and I got myself a journal and their 2019 calendar! I just got it on Friday and they're both so beautiful! Merry Christmas to me! :) :) Oh, I also treated myself to a new pair of cozy slippers that are my favourite colour and they have an amazing knitted texture so it was physically impossible for me to pass them by.

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

That little journal is beautiful! The ESV illuminated bible is on my wishlist! (I just looked and its on sale....I might have to get it and one of 2 of the journals!)

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