What Would You Tell New Moms About Labor?

(Our little big family two years ago at this same time of year.  Man, I miss my pregnant belly sometimes!) 

"What should new moms know about labor and delivery?"  

This is a question I've been mulling over for a couple months, since I started writing a post for Tommy Nelson's new website, Rooted Family, on this subject.  The topic honestly felt too big for one person to tackle, because birth experiences can be so different depending on alot of different factors.  What is one piece of advice that could apply to everyone?  I knew what I would say, but I was curious about what other people would say.

I asked Facebook and Instagram friends to tell me their best advice for different types of birth experiences, and it was so interesting to read about everyone's experiences!  But it also struck me how the same refrain came from so many different people.

The bottom line is that most of the people I asked wanted to let new moms know that their birth experience probably won't go exactly as planned.  

I think that tells you something about birth.  No matter how much we plan and try to make sure things go a certain way, when a baby is ready to make their entrance into the world, all bets are off.  It's important to make plans for how you'd like labor and birth to go, but it's also important to remember to trust the Lord with how your birth story plays out, and lean on Him to help you through no matter what.

All that to say, my final post with a TON of wonderful birth advice is on the Rooted Family blog now!  You can read it here:

I asked for tips for handling these different types of birth experiences:

Epidural Hospital Birth
Natural Hospital Birth
Emergency C-Section
Scheduled C-Section
Home Birth
Birth Center/Midwife Birth
Birth In An Unusual Place
Premature Birth

My mom friends really came through and gave so many specific tips and general encouragement for birth.  I love how through so many of the stories that I have had the privilege to hear, God's faithfulness shown through, even with the hard stories.  I hope the post is as encouraging to read as it was for me to put together.

And if you gave me a tip that I didn't have room to include in the article - I'll be sharing a few on Instagram in the next couple days, so take a look at my Highlights to read more quick tips for labor and delivery!

Friends, what would you tell expecting moms about labor and delivery?  Comment with your tips below, I'd love to hear what you'd add!
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