A Charming Five Years

My Dearest Clyde,

My sweet boy, I think every year with you ends up being my favorite.  You are an adorable little five year old now, with a unique (and cool!) personality.  You have your own sense of style, and I love seeing which things you like to wear best.  You love having gel in your hair so you can look "cool" (because, as you like to inform me, "girls are pretty, and boys are cool").

This whole year you have really been interested in trains and airplanes, and you want to know how they work.  I've loved seeing how you are developing your own unique interests.  You are all boy, and get so excited over anything transportation-related.

I think my favorite part of our days together over the last year is when you randomly announce "Mama, I like you!", and then smile at me with your chocolate eyes.  No matter how hard my day has been, you bring me right back to the moment with you. You have always had a knack for helping me remember what's really important.  You are a sweet blessing to me in so many ways.  I am thankful for you every day - you are a joy.  I love you so much, Bugaboo.

Love Always,
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