Sugar Cookie Memories

Everyone probably has memories of decorating Christmas cookies, and I am no exception.  When I was growing up, my mom involved us with as much of the Christmas baking as possible, and one of the most fun baking days was when we made and decorated cut-out sugar cookies.

I remember taking such care with my sugar cookies, trying to decorate them with different designs using just regular ol' powdered sugar frosting (which is not that conducive to elaborate designs, but I tried anyway).  I remember wishing we could get the colors to be a little more vibrant, but my favorite cookies were still the ones on which I found a way to include every frosting color.  I don't remember ever believing in Santa, but our family still played the "Santa game", and I'd pick my favorite frosted cookie to leave out for Santa (my dad) to eat on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday was designated for sugar cookies at our house.  The day didn't actually start out very smoothly, but I persevered and made the cookies anyway.  All of the kids are old enough to participate in one way or another this year, though there was a lot of finger-licking (let's just say these cookies are not for sharing outside of our family).  We watched the new Grinch cartoon, and then Jingle All The Way, in the background.  Harvey stole one of Georgie's cookies.

I was this close to throwing in the towel and forgetting about the sugar cookies when we were in the throes of a difficult morning, but I'm glad I didn't.  The kids decorated so diligently, and I could see them putting as much effort into their designs as I used to as a child.

I hope someday they have fond sugar-cookie memories too.

Did you decorate Christmas cookies as a kid?

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Maria Rineer said...

I don't recall decorating cookies as a child but I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom baking. I started a tradition with my kids to bake and decorate sugar cookies for Valentine's Day and not at Christmas time. Christmas is so sugar and stimulus laden; Valentine's Day and the days leading up it are so much chill. Doing a fun and messy activity was better for the kids (the fun part) and me (the messy part) during the less hectic days of February. I love the pictures of your kids decorating cookies. They will have wonderful memories of it, I'm sure.

Elizabeth said...

My browser isn't showing images, bummer! I'll have to come back later and look at your cookies. My mom did bake a lot, although I wouldn't say she always wanted us involved. For Christmas we would do sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies to decorate. And then making donuts together was our Christmas Eve tradition. There was never a huge list of "Christmas baking" to do. I will say that bonding with my siblings was one of my favorite parts of baking together. One of my memories is delivering and receiving homemade treats from the neighbors, of all different faiths. I loved that interaction! Since New Year's Eve is such a big holiday here, we sometimes focus on Christmas being Christ's birthday, and make a cake. I feel guilty that we haven't gotten around to cookies. Maybe if I can get the kitchen clean enough to do a project! But I still have shopping to do...

Elizabeth said...

The photos are working today so I decided to take a peek. Looks like fun! I love the "finger licking" comment...that happened recently with my kids, too. What made me think we should decorate cookies for guests? Honestly, we served them anyway! Off to make some gingerbread dough!

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