A Write 31 Day Project: Small Things

Remember how the last couple years I’ve done a Write 31 Days project?

For those of you who may have no idea what I’m talking about, Write 31 Days used to be an event that bloggers participated in every October.  The challenge was to write around a certain topic every day for the entire month.  A pretty big blogger used to host it, there was a linkup so you could find other bloggers who were participating, it was a whole thing.  

I, as per usual, was late to the party.  

I first participated in Write 31 Days in 2018, right as the project was passed off to a new host and the whole thing was winding down.  I participated again last year, even though there was no longer an official event, and there were maybe a few other people participating.  Now this year, the official website appears to be down.

Even though Write 31 Days is no longer a “thing”, I still like the idea of it, and I like what it does for my blogging. Sometimes I forget that it’s okay for blog posts to not be a huge production, and Write 31 Days tends to break me out of that mindset and just get me writing again.  Personally, I like to read blogs that aren’t so polished, that are honest and personal and not done for any other reason than to just write and possibly connect with other real human beings.  Writing every day forces me to get back to that a little bit.

The last couple weeks I was putting more effort than usual into my blog Instagram account, just to see if I really gave Instagram a good go, if I could make genuine connections there.  If it could give me the same feeling that blogging did for so many years in it’s hey-day, where there was reciprocity and you felt like you were making friends, not just gaining followers.

Spoiler Alert: No, Instagram is still not like blogging, even when I give it my best effort.  It seems the focus of Instagram will always largely be about obtaining the largest number of followers. Even when you do make Instagram friends, it’s hard not to get sucked into the numbers game.

Blogging, the way I’ve always done it, is smaller.  It’s cozy.  It’s inviting someone into your living room to chat, instead of shouting at them from the sidewalk. Maybe more people can hear you on the sidewalk.  But in the living room you can look into a friend’s eyes and just be still for a minute.  

And what’s so wrong with small things anyway?  So many of the small things in life, or the things most of the world would consider small, are the most meaningful.  

So, my topic for this year’s Write 31 Days project (maybe I should call it something else since that’s no longer a thing?  Suggestions welcome): 

31 Days Of Small Things.

Over the next 31 days, I’m hoping to refocus on the things that are small.  Small ways I’m spending my time, good and bad.  Small habits, successes, and failures.  Small things that add up to something bigger, until you realize the small things were really the big things all along.

Here is my tentative list of sub-topics:

Social Media - I want to spend some time discussing social media because this is a big huge thing in our world, and my personal choices on it seem so small - but they make more of an impact than I know.  Not always in a good way.

Habits - Sharing some general thoughts on habits, some good habits that have worked out well for me, and some areas that I want to work on.

Hobbies - Whatever happened to hobbies anyway?  Why does everything have to be so… professional all the time?  I think hobbies are still worthwhile, and I want to talk about that a bit this week. (Would it be cheating if I included a "recent reads" post under this topics?)

Small Things That Really Matter - You are not going to get worldly accolades for reading your Bible or raising children or making dinner every night - but small doesn’t equal insignificant. So many things that are small in the sight of the world are really the things that really matter.

I hope you’ll stick around the blog this month as I ramble about some of these topics!  And if you have any input about something you want to read about related to any of the above, I’m all ears (or eyes…since this is written communication…you know what I mean).


P.S. My long-time blog friend Brittney is also participating in the Write 31 project!  Check out her blog for daily-sh posts this month too! Also, I declare that Bekah is honorarily participating because she blogs every day anyway.  And if you have a blog and want to join in, it's not too late!  Please do!

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Maria Rineer said...

Truly looking forward to reading a blog post from you daily this month! I love to read and am genuinely curious about the lives of others, especially the small things that matter- I find those the most interesting to read about. I enjoy reading Bekah´s blog and I will check out the other one you mentioned. Happy October writing!

Megan said...

Can’t wait for this! I look forward to seeing your daily writing. Your blog is such a lovely place to land.

Bekah said...

Hey!!! Thanks for declaring me an honorary participant. I LOVE IT that you are doing this, because I really miss the 31 days project. I have found some great blogs from that link up and am sad it has been let go. :( I love your theme. Can't wait to read!! :)

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