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These are the stories of my babies:

Wyatt's Story

Gwen's Story

Clyde's Story

(Eventually I'll set up pages for babies #4 and #5, but for now, you can read their pregnancy and birth posts here:

Clarice's Story

Georgiana's Story


On Trying To Conceive

The following are posts I wrote either during or about our process of trying to conceive my first two children. While I am not considered medically infertile (we tried for 11 and 8 months respectively), I did have several known fertility problems that were preventing me from getting pregnant (and I sought help from my fertility doctor for some of them). During that time in my life I related so much more to women who were struggling with infertility than those who were not. This is why I sometimes use the term "infertility" in these posts - I do not claim to know what it must be like to be truly infertile, and I sincerely hope my use of that term does not rub anyone the wrong way. It was simply the only term I could think of to explain my situation so that people would understand when I was writing these posts.

I'm sharing the posts here because through my experience with fertility issues (though very brief), the Lord grew me so much, and I write about some of that here. My hope is that something I wrote will be an encouragement to someone! My heart aches for those of you who are struggling to get pregnant. While there is no way I could ever know what some of you are going through or have gone through, I have had a tiny taste of that pain, and it hurts my heart so much for my infertile friends. I wish I could take it away. Please let me know if there is some way I can pray for you.

To read all the details of my fertility struggle, see my first two baby stories linked above.


Cloth Diapering

When my son was about eight months old we started using cloth diapers, mostly to save money (and if I'm honest, also because I thought they were way cute!).  Though we haven't been super-consistent with them since my daughter was born (she has sensitive skin), I still love them!  Here are some cloth diapering stories (from me) and resources for you!

Kate Craig said...

stalking you and looking at your advice posts about cloth diapers... and I had to tell you that this page looks SO good! You've done such a great job with design!

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