Our Story

When I was in my second semester of dental hygiene college, my mom convinced me to go to this mid-week college/career service at a church in town. After about a month, I noticed this tall, dark-haired guy. I remember thinking he was really good-looking, and I was hoping he would come up and talk to me.

Little did I know that Derek had noticed me that week as well when I was walking into the building from the parking lot. He tells me the first thing he noticed was how small my waist was - I knew that was a good sweater choice that day!

The next week I decided to sit on the opposite side that I normally did, and Derek came and sat behind me. We started talking and I liked him right away. The next week he got my phone number, and we went on our first date a week after that. Derek took me ice skating, then to a really fancy Italian place for dinner - it was a great first date.

It didn't take long for me to realize I was going to marry Derek someday. About a month after we started dating I just knew.

Nine months (to the day) after we met, I came home from lunch with my mom and sister (I was living with my parents), and found three roses and a note on our kitchen table. The note said to dress in something formal and be at our church community center at five. When I got there Derek had a dinner table all set up, with candles, white lights, tiki torches, and a Christmas tree. His friend Jed, who's a chef, came up to make us dinner, and after we ate Jed brought out a picnic basket and set it on the floor near the table. Derek told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was down on one knee with the basket open; inside the basket was a Yorkshire terrier puppy with the ring tied around his neck! Then Derek asked me to marry him; and I told him that of course I would! I was totally surprised: I didn't suspect a thing until I got the note, even though my whole family was in on it. But I never dreamed he would propose with a puppy! Derek knew that I always wanted a Yorkshire terrier - we decided to name him Ralphie.

Seven months after that Derek and I said our vows in a small ceremony on my parent's property in the summer of 2008. We honeymooned in Hawaii and came home to our two-bedroom house in the mountains. Even though we've been through so many changes and trials in the years since then, the Lord has taken care of us through it all.

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