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9/52 - Smiles

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The smiles from these two really are my sunshine when skies are gray.

7/52 - My Sweethearts

Just a few photos from our Valentine's shoot (some of which you might have already seen in my Valentine's post).

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On Transitioning To A Toddler Bed

 I've gotten quite a few questions over the last few months about how we went about transferring Wyatt from his crib to his toddler bed - so even though it's been a while since we switched over, I thought I'd give my two cents on the topic here for those of you who are planning on making the big switch soon!  

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Step One: Find a bed.

We got Wyatt a toddler bed, because we already have a full-size bed that he'll use eventually, and I wanted a transition piece that would fit in the same room as the crib (since Wyatt and Gwen share a room).  I think it's a good idea to start them low to the ground in the beginning, whether that means getting a toddler bed or just putting a mattress on the floor.  I also think, for us anyway, it was a good idea to have something with some kind of rail - Wyatt is a wild sleeper.  He always ended up sleeping all over his crib, so I wanted a toddler bed with a little rail to still give him the sense of some kind of boundary.  If we had done a mattress or full-size bed, I would have bought one of those guard rails for the same reason - I've got to rein my crazy sleeper in.

Step Two:  Start with naptime.

I picked a start day, and we tried it at naptime first.  I thought it would be better to make the change at naptime for a few days, so he could get used to it in the daylight, and at a time when it would be easier for me if he hated it.  If we had started with nighttime right away, I might have just lost a bunch of sleep, and that's no fun for anyone, so naptime it was.

Step Three: Stick with the routine.

I tried to keep his routine and environment pretty much the same as it was in the crib.  So we put the same sheets on his toddler bed, moved all his normal covers over to his toddler bed, and I put him down with his favorite blanket and stuffed animals, the same as I would in his crib.  I think all those familiar items made it feel more normal.  When we put him back in the crib at night, I used other blankets, because I wanted the toddler bed to become the new normal.

Step Four: Try it at night.

Wyatt did fine when we tried putting him in the bed at night, I guess because we gave him a few days to get used to it with nap time.  We got a nice, full night of sleep that night!  I was surprised and felt lucky that it went so smoothly.

Step Five:  Know that they will fall out of bed.

And it's not a big deal.  Wyatt didn't fall out during naptime, but he fell out when we started the toddler bed at night.  This is where it comes in handy to start them low to the ground - then it's not far to fall.  He cried, not because he was hurt but because he was startled - I went in there, rocked him for a minute, and put him back down, and he was fine.  It happened a few times.  It happened once again the other day.  It just happens.

DSC 0397editblog

(This photo was taken when I was still pregnant with Gwendolyn, if you couldn't tell by the big 'ole belly.)

And that's all I've got!  Now, let me just say, Wyatt transitioned to his toddler bed super-easily - I was expecting a battle with the first attempt, but he just went straight to sleep.  For trouble-shooting, you might have to consult someone else!  We were blessed it all went so smoothly and he transitioned quickly, because we needed to get the crib ready for Gwen - and Wyatt was perfectly happy in his toddler bed.  We'll see if the transition goes as well for Gwen in a couple years!

6/52 - My Little Sock Monkeys

One of my best blog friends, Amanda from A Sweet Serenity (who I am determined to meet someday!), surprised me this week by sending a package for Wyatt and Gwen!  

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Amanda is so talented, and she sent us beautiful hooded bath towels that were embroidered with Wyatt and Gwen's initials, and knitted sock monkey hats!  

DSC 0584blog

I was so touched that she would send such a thoughtful gift, so impressed with the quality of the pieces (you need to open an Etsy shop, Amanda!), and so excited to put the hats on my kiddos!  

So without further ado - my little sock monkeys. . .

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I love, love, love that they can match now with their adorable sock monkey hats!  So cute!  

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Wyatt definitely likes his hat - it's one of the few hats he will keep on his head for longer than two minutes.  And Gwen must like hers, because she didn't object!

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DSC 0620blog

Thank you so much Amanda!  I love them!  

I'm currently making plans for a matching towel picture too when we go to the pool this summer, so stay tuned . . .

4/52 - Oh, The Expressions

I feel like both of my kids have such expressive faces - even though one of them hasn't even smiled intentionally (that I know of) yet!  

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Gwen often gives this concerned expression - she scrunches her little eyebrows together and just studies things.  Though she'll sometimes make a similar face when she's unhappy, most of the time I think she's just concentrating and observing what's going on around her.  She's a very alert baby. I love getting to know her different little facial expressions, and I know that she'll just keep adding to them as she gets bigger!

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Wyatt has so many facial expressions, and I love that you can pretty much read his mind just by looking at his face.  He gets this facial expression when something isn't quite going the way he wants it to, and every time he does it just cracks me up!  He'll make this face when something startles him, or when he drops something, or when he can't find something - or sometimes I think he does it just to be silly.  He loves to make people laugh.  He makes me smile!

Almost Two

My Wyatt-Boy is almost two years old.

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There's been so much going on the last month, with Christmas and a new baby, that it has kind of snuck up on me.  I only have a few weeks left, and I will have a two year old.

Two years seems like a big deal.  Before two, you generally give your child's age in terms of months - 15 months, 18 months, 21 months.  But once they hit two?  They're just a two year old.  Or a two-and-a-half year old.  Or an almost-three-year old.

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And then before you know it they're three, then four, then five.  I can totally see how these years are going to start flying by!

But I can't think that far.  For now, I just need to hold my almost-two-year old.  

I need to remember all the sweet things he says - how I can understand so much of what he says now, how he's starting to speak in sentences - but also how sometimes he talks to me so seriously and I still can't quite figure out what he's saying.  

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I need to remember how he's getting so independent - how he scoots to the other end of the couch from where I'm sitting and looks so proud of himself for being a "big boy" - but also how he still gets upset sometimes when I leave him in the car with Derek or my mom while I run into the store.

I need to remember how he stretches his little arms out to grab the railing and tries so hard to walk up our (rather steep) stairs - but also how he still pauses at the top of the staircase, reaches his arms out, and says "up", because he'd still rather have me carry him down them.

DSC 0873blog

He's growing up.  But he's still just almost-two.  He's going to need me less and less, but for now, he still needs me.  

And while I'll encourage him to continue to be independent and learn new things, I'm going to hang onto the ways that he still wants my help too.  For as long as I can.

A Day Out - Success!

I have officially survived the first solo outing with two kids under two!  Yesterday morning I woke up early, packed the kids up, and headed off to MOPS.  It was a craft day and we decorated storage boxes for our kids' art - which will come in handy, because I already have a hard time throwing out Wyatt's "pictures", even though they're just scribbles right now.

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Afterward we ran a few errands.  First stop Hobby Lobby to pick up some decorations for my sister's baby shower (coming up in about a week!).  I followed my mom's advice and parked near a stray cart in the parking lot so that I could get both kids in it right away!  It worked wonderfully.

Then we went to the library and I picked up this book:


It's about a mix-up that happened with a frozen embryo transfer where one couple ended up carrying another couple's baby - I read the book written by the first couple, called "Misconceptions: One Couple's Journey From Embryo Mix-up To Miracle Baby", and I'm interested to read the perspective of the other couple involved.  Both books are page-turners, at least so far.

We picked up some lunch and ate in the car while I fed Gwen, which worked out nicely.

After that I stopped at Bath and Body Works and bought more hand soap.  It's one of those things I splurge and spend a bit more money on - I love Bath and Body Works hand soap.  Wyatt was so funny and kept taking bottles off of shelves, looking at them, and then carefully putting them right back where he found them, and I got lots of comments about how cute both my children are.

It was a bit harder taking the kids in where there were no carts, but Wyatt is good about holding my hand and I just carried Gwen in the carseat, so it worked.

We swung by my work to pick up my check, and saw my sister, and my boss gave me some cute gifts for Gwen.

DSC 0790blog

Then we went to the post office, and I bought some stamps.   I lifted Wyatt up so he could help me put the letters in the slot, and he loved it!

We went through the bank drive-through and headed home, and both my kids were tired out!  They're so cute, napping together in the back seat.



I declared the day a success, and I think we're up for a grocery shopping trip next week!  Slowly getting the hang of this . . .

2/52 - Big Eyes and Playtime


Gwen was wide awake here!

DSC 0553blog

Mr. Wyatt, playing with his truck.

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A Very Late Christmas Recap

 Every year we switch off holidays with each side of the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year it was my side of the family for Christmas Eve and Derek's side of the family for Christmas Day!  So on Christmas Eve we gathered up the presents and headed off to my parent's house.

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We ate a great dinner and then opened presents!  Wyatt got lots of good stuff from his grandparents and aunts and uncles (and Derek and I got some good stuff too).


After presents we played games together and it was a lovely time!  I also had my mom snap a family picture of us.

DSC 0912blog

We went home and got Wyatt all dressed in his new pajamas - so cute!  Then we read him a bedtime story and put him to bed.  I love tucking Wyatt in on Christmas Eve, it just feels special, and I know it'll be more exciting as he get older and can understand that the next day is Christmas!

DSC 0928blog


After we got Wyatt settled, Derek and I put all his presents out under the tree and then settled down to drink some sparkling cider together on the couch and talk  Derek and I do that together every year after putting out the presents, and it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve!

DSC 0988blog

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful layer of snow outside!  I was so excited to have a white Christmas!


DSC 0992blog

 We brought Wyatt upstairs, and I don't think he quite knew what to expect.


We opened out stockings while Wyatt ate breakfast!  Every year we go somewhere together to shop for stocking stuffers and try to avoid running into each other while we shop - this year we went to the mall!  Derek got me some shower gel, a bath fizzy, and nail polish for my stocking - I got him a card trick book, cards, chocolate, and a harmonica for his.  

After breakfast we took turns opening some presents with Wyatt!


We didn't get to all his presents that morning, but he really liked the presents we did get to open - a xylophone and several books!  Especially the xylophone - he played with that all morning - it was cute and we were glad he liked it so much!


Later we put him down for a nap and opened a few of our gifts.  I got Derek a couple shirts, a new shaver, and college football decals for his car.  He got me a skirt and sweater I wanted from Target, and Taylor Swift's new CD!  


We went light on our gifts this year because we decided to get a Nintendo Wii as a family gift!  We had a lot of fun playing with it the next day.


After that we got Wyatt up and got ready to go to Derek's mom's house for Christmas dinner!  We had a really nice time visiting, eating, and opening presents together, and Wyatt got to play with his cousins.  He loves hanging out with his cousins and it's always sad when we have to leave!


By the time we got home it was a little too late to open any more of Wyatt's presents, so we just read the Christmas story together and put him to bed.  Then Derek and I did our annual present-hunt - we hide a present for each other around the house to open on Christmas night! I think this will be fun to do with the kids someday too, when they're bigger.  Derek got us movie tickets (yay for a date night in the near future!), and I got him some more cologne.  

It was a lovely Christmas Day, and I was sorry to see it end.  It was nice though because Derek had the next day off as well, so we stretched Christmas out through the 26th!

The next day we slept in opened another one of Wyatt's presents - a wooden dinosaur puzzle!  He had fun figuring it out.


Then we went out to lunch, and came back and put Wyatt down for a nap - then Derek and I had a chance to try out our new Wii!

Later we opened the last of Wyatt's gifts after he woke up.  Poor kid, he was tired and I think a little overwhelmed with all the present-opening over the last several days.

DSC 0085blog

He perked up once we got his stocking stuffers open though - he loved his new slinky!

Dac2DSC 0115blog

Then he was tired out again and I got in some snuggle-time with my boy.

DSC 0083blog

We spent the rest of the evening eating dinner together and playing, and then it was time to put Mr. Wyatt to bed and wrap up the Christmas festivities for another year.  


DSC 0133blog

Got to have time to jump on the bed though.

DSC 0140blog

Tired boy and his blanket.

If you read Gwen's birth story you know how the rest of that evening went!  We had such a fun and special time celebrating Christmas with Wyatt this year though, and I wanted to make sure to get all of those memories down!

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