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35/52, 36/52 - Campfire and Snack Time

35/52 - Campfire

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36/52 - Snack Time 

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Happy weekend!

Gwendolyn At Eight Months

I can't believe Gwen is eight months old!

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Gwendolyn is still in 3-6 months and 6-9 month clothes, so we're still making her summer clothes work.  I'm never sure what size to buy her for fall clothes though, because she grows at such crazy rates - at the beginning of the summer I wasn't sure if we were going to make it until the end in the same clothes, but they still fit!  She's in size 3 diapers and size 2 shoes.  Her feet are so delicate and skinny - I love it.

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Gwen is still taking maybe four bottles during the day and usually at least two at night.  We also feed her baby food twice a day right now, and she loves it - she gets upset if we forget to feed her one of her meals.  We keep adding new foods in gradually, and she seems to like everything, but I think we've decided that peas don't agree with her.  She threw up a couple times this month after eating peas.  It was so sad.

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Sleep - oh my goodness.  For this entire month Gwen has been waking up 2-4 times per night.  She hasn't slept through the night once since she turned seven months old, and I have no idea why!  I've adjusted her daytime schedule, tried feeding her more baby food during the day, tried weaning her off feedings at night.  None of it is working, and it's almost worse sleep than when she was a newborn some nights. 

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At first I thought it was a combination growth spurt and teething, and I still think that's probably right, but no teeth have popped through yet.  And I'm just trying to remember how long growth spurts usually last.  After a whole month like this I think she's gotten into the habit of waking up in the middle of the night, so if she wakes up sooner than 3 hours I'll give her some water in it, and then she usually goes back to sleep.

I remember Wyatt going through a really rough sleep patch around 7-8 months too, so I'm just waiting for it to pass.  This last week seemed like it might have been slightly better as far as sleeping goes, so maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

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She sucks her thumb when she's tired!

She is still getting up on her hands and knees, but instead of crawling she just kind of lunges forward onto her stomach and then gets up on her hands and knees again - and she moves all around the house that way!  It's so cute and funny.  She has figured out how to move her knees forward, but she hasn't figured out how to walk her hands forward yet.  So the lunge-crawl it is for now!  I love it.

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Wyatt and Gwen still have a great relationship, but since Gwen has been getting bigger I have to keep reminding Wyatt to still be gentle - he wants to play with her a little too roughly sometimes.  Another year and they'll be able to chase each other around!  Wyatt also started wanting to feed Gwen her food this month.  I just turned around one day and Wyatt was giving Gwen bites of his applesauce, so I let him feed her two jars of her baby food.  It was so cute!

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She babbles a lot, but I've been trying to help her figure out different consonants, and she'll make the "mamama" sound now - I can't wait until she figures out that that's me!

We also went swimming for real for the first time this month - as in, Gwen actually got in the water (8/18/13).  And she loved it!  I think the trick is finding a warm pool since we went to a hot springs.

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She has the sweetest personality, and I feel like her sense of humor is developing - I started playing peek-a-boo more with her this month, and she thinks it's so funny.  She smiles any time someone talks to her or smiles at her - she loves attention.  She laughs when I kiss her feet or tummy.  Sometimes she'll be playing on the floor and I'll say hi to her, and she'll get this big grin and lunge-crawl as fast as she can toward me.

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She is still touching people's faces, but not as much as last month.  She did, however, give me a big slobbery baby kiss the other day (8/26/13)!  I was kissing her face on the couch and playing with her, and she grabbed my cheeks, grinned, and pulled my face toward her mouth to give me a kiss!  I think this one was definitely more of an intentional kiss, and it melted my heart.

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My Sweet Doll Baby,

Gwen-Girl, you are growing so fast!  I love what a sweet personality you have, and seeing you begin to develop a sense of humor is such a blessing.  Your laugh is a precious sound to me - it just bubbles up from somewhere in your belly.  When you laugh, you laugh with your whole body, and I love that.  

I talked about how rough sleep has been for you the last month, Sweet Girl, but there is one thing that I love about waking up with you in the middle of the night.  For some of your feedings I'll make you a bottle and just bring you back to bed with me.  I'll lay you on your side facing me, and I'll prop the bottle up on my neck and snooze while you finish eating.  But then after you are done with your bottle, you are so sleepy and warm.  I'll take it away, and then you usually lean into me and put your hand on my chest, or on my shoulder, or on the side of my face, and you'll fall right asleep.  During the day you are always on the go, so these times of snuggling you at night are so sweet to me.  I'll miss that someday when you never wake up in the night anymore.

I love you Sweet Baby.  You are so beautiful and unique and outgoing.  I love having you as my daughter, and I am so glad God gave you to me.  I'm so glad I have you.

Love you always,


32/52 - Mom And Me and FMKC LinkUp

The theme for this week's linkup is Mom and Me!  So basically any posts with pictures of you and your kiddos will qualify.  I decided to cheat a little and use these pictures for my Project 52 pictures for the week and for the From My Kid's Closet linkup!  Clever of me, no?

I haven't had any good pictures taken with me and the kiddos in a while, so I had Derek take some new ones on Sunday!

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Shirt: Target

Pants: I want to say Kohl's.

Shoes: Gift from my mom.  I like them because they look like Converse, but I think she got them from Walmart, which is a-okay with me!  No way I would pay full price for real Converse shoes when Wyatt will outgrow them in a couple months.

Hat:  Gymboree.  Wyatt loves wearing his hat lately, I think because it looks just like the hats his dad wears!


Dress and Bloomers: Children's Place on clearance last year!  I found out we were having a girl and I wanted to get something for her.

Bow: Target.

And we went sans shoes because I didn't have any that matched.  Shoes is on the list of things to buy for Gwen's fall wardrobe.


Dress: Target.  I bought this maxi dress at the beginning of the summer, because I loved that it had sleeves, and the top part is loose enough that it's nursing friendly!

Shoes (that you can't see): I didn't get a picture of the shoes.  But they were neon coral sandals, and they cost me $8 at Forever 21!  I think that's pretty good for shoes.

Earrings (that you can barely see): Tiny little spikes from Forever 21.

Wow, and would you believe it that Wyatt's outfit was the most complicated this week?  That's what happens when Gwen and I wear dresses, I guess.  Nice and simple!


Okay, go ahead and review the guidelines here and link up your posts below!

Also, a quick announcement - both Allison's and my schedules for the fall are looking pretty crazy, so we decided to put the linkup on hold for now.  It will most likely be back in a few months.  Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, and be sure to follow Allison's blog for future news about the linkup (and you should follow her anyway, because her blog is amazing)!


31/52 - When They Aren't Looking

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10 Places To Buy Baby Headbands

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Gwendolyn has quite the headband collection going!  I just love buying her headbands - I feel like her outfits aren't complete without a headband.  It's like icing on the cake.  Thankfully she hasn't started pulling them off yet - I'm crossing my fingers that she won't!  I started her young (around a week old), so I'm thinking she just thinks it's normal to always be wearing a headband all the time.

I have shopped many different places for her headbands, and today I thought I'd share with you where her collection came from! I've gotten most of her headbands from 10 specific places.  What a nice, round number.


Sevin Designs - This shop has sweet,simple headbands, and one thing I love is that from the moment I got them I could tell they were really high quality and well-made.  I used these headbands in some of Gwen's newborn pictures, and they were perfect!

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Sweet Lovely Creations - Remember the peacock headband I used in Gwen's newborn pictures?  This is the shop I got that from.  She has a ton of beautiful "statement" headbands, like ones you could use for photoshoots, and lots of them include feathers, which I love!  The prices are also pretty good for so much detail.


3 Lovelies Bowtique - I love this shop for Gwen's everyday headbands - I got her several shabby flower headbands for a very good price here!  You can get 6 headbands for $11.50 - that's unheard of.  It basically because of this shop that I have a headband to go with every one of Gwen's outfits - she offers a ton of colors, and they were affordable enough that I could buy all the ones I wanted!

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Ellura Sage - This shop has simple, classic headbands.  My favorites are the flower headbands (Gwen sported one in her 7 month pictures recently), and her lace rosette headbands (very unique).

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Lola Rose - I got this adorable yellow headband for Gwen's six month pictures from this shop.  I love it.  It has flowers, feathers, lace, and chevon - pretty much everything you could possibly want in a headband!  I'm going to give you a sneak peek at her session so you can see (full 6 month photo shoot coming soon!).  Lola Rose has tons of other headbands that I think would be gorgeous for photo shoots, so I'll probably be checking it out again in the future!

G 6Mo 094 Artblog

Harts and Roses - Tons of headbands for everyday wear and photoshoot-worthy headbands too.  I bought a Christmas headband for Gwen from this shop, just in case she was a before-Christmas-baby, but she wasn't so she'll probably wear it this year instead.  Harts and Roses also sells barefoot sandals, which I think are completely adorable for baby girls!

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Ruby and Sue - Love this shop.  When I was a girl I remember reading a Mickey Mouse book, and Minnie and Daisy were looking at all their bows, trying to decide which ones to wear - they had all kinds of different colors and patterns. That's what this shop reminds me of.  Basic, classic bows, but in a ton of different colors and patterns!  I got Gwen's 4h of July bow here, and I will definitely be shopping here again.

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Sassy Baby Essentials - This is where I got Gwen's head wraps, and I love them!  I'm thinking I may end up ordering a couple more in different colors for the fall.  The head wraps stand out to me, but she sells a ton of other baby accessories too, and different style headbands - plus the owner is really sweet.  When I ordered from her I got randomly picked and she threw in a few baby clips and an extra glitter headband for no reason!

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My Girl Creations - I actually won a headband from this shop in a giveaway.  Lindsey offers unique fabric flower clips and elastic ribbon headbands to go with them, so you can mix and match.  She was also amazing to work with, and when I wanted to order an extra headband to go with the headband I won, she threw it in for free!  Definitely one of the sweetest shop owners I've worked with, and she has an amazing selection.  I'm pretty sure the headband I got from this shop will be featured in our Christmas card photos this year, so stay tuned.

DSC 6315blog

Target - And finally, one of my favorite places to get headbands - Target!  I don't know if it's just my local Target, but along some of the sides of the aisles they have cute baby headbands for really cheap - anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50 a piece.  Or the orange one, that I bought for $5.  Great deals!  I'm not sure if they have them online, I would recommend checking your local store.

DSC 0787blog


And those are the main places I've gotten headbands for Gwen (at least the places I haven't mentioned on here before).  

Girl Moms, do your daughters where headbands?  Where are some of your favorite shops?  Please share!

Gwendolyn, Seven Months

We're on the downhill slope to one year!  Gwen is seven months old!

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She's growing as always, but I think we've been between growth spurts this month.  We moved her up to size 3 diapers in disposables (we're still doing cloth, but we use disposables sometimes and at night).  But all her clothes and shoes are still fitting really well.  

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(Smiling at Grandpa)

Her hair is definitely getting long though!  I feel like you can't really see it in pictures because her hair is usually laying against her head, and it's so lightly colored, but it probably 3+ inches long on top.  It will curl sometimes, and I feel like she looks just like a Gerber baby!

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She has started getting up on her hands and knees this month (7/11/13), and rocking back and forth.  Now she inch-worms her way around the living room - she'll get up on her hands and knees and lunge forward, and then do it again until she gets where she wants to go.  She's getting so close to crawling!  She reaches for everything and is always trying to grab at our food.

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We started putting her in the church nursery, and she does pretty well - she cries a little at first, but then she's happy.  The ladies in the nursery always fuss over her and talk about how smiley she is.

She also is really fascinated with faces all of a sudden, and she will reach out and touch the face of whoever is holding her.  SHe doesn't grab, just gently touches with her little fingers - it's so sweet.

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We've tried lots of new foods this month, including squash, pears, and mixed vegetables.  She also got her first stomach bug, and we had a couple nights where she threw up her dinner - her little sobs after she threw up were so sad.  It broke my heart!  Thankfully it only lasted a couple nights.

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She's gotten really attached to her blanket, and when we lay her down she grabs the fabric and pulls it up to her face, then she bends her legs and rolls over and sticks her thumb right in her mouth.  It's so cute.  She's been sleeping a lot better this month, thanks goodness!  She still has rough nights every now and then, but generally she's sleeping through the night again.

We also went swimming this month, but Gwen was not a big fan of the water.  So we mostly just hung out by the side of the pool!

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I keep wondering if a tooth is going to pop through because sometimes she'll be fussy for no reason, but so far there is nothing.  Wyatt got his first tooth at eight months, so I'm expecting it any day - but then I didn't get my first tooth until eleven months, so it could be a while yet.  Her little gummy smile is so cute though!  First tooth smiles are cute too, but I figure I better enjoy the gums while I can.

DSC 5575blog

She loves her toys, and she gets so focused when she's playing.  It's cute!

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As always, she just loves Wyatt - if she must choose between watching me and Derek or watching Wyatt, she'll pick Wyatt.  We actually had Wyatt help us take her seven month stuffed animal pictures, because she kept trying to see what Wyatt was doing!

The other day we were sitting on the living room floor and I had the TV on - a song came on the TV, and Wyatt grabbed Gwen's hands, started bouncing up and down, and said "Dancin' Gwen!  Dance!"  It was adorable!  I thought it was such a sweet brother/sister moment.

DSC 5915blog
(Dancing with Gwen.)

DSC 6015blog
(That's Wyatt hand, feeding her "Gwen's gween beans" as he calls her food!)

She's gotten more snuggly, and I'm loving it!  She's fallen asleep in my arms and laying on my chest in bed a couple times this month.  That never happens - she usually has to be laying down with her blanket to go to sleep.  I think nursing was enough snuggling for her before, but now that we're done she wants to cuddle with me other times.  I'm just enjoying it!  She's a wiggle worm, so who knows how long it will last.

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My Precious Gwendolyn,

Gwen, you are such s sweetheart!  I can't believe we're closer to your first birthday now than we are to the day we first met you.  You are such a precious addition to our family, sweet girl - it's hard for me to remember what it was like when you weren't here! 
You always have a smile for us, and you brighten our days with your little giggles!  Your laugh is so deep, it comes from down in your tummy and just bubbles out - one of my favorite sounds.  You are such a pretty baby - you remind me of a baby doll, with your sweet, delicate features.  

I love the way you have to have soft fabric against your cheek when you are tired.  I love it when you get sleepy and you bury your little face in my neck.  I love how you laugh when I kiss your feet!  I love watching you and your brother playing together.  You two are my greatest earthly gifts.  

I am such  blessed woman, to have you as my daughter.  The other night I was laying in bed and had just finished giving you your bottle, and I laid you down on top of my chest.  You surprised me by snuggling in, sticking your thumb in your mouth, and going to sleep.  And I just thanked God again or giving you to me.  I love you, Doll.

Your Mama
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