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30 Days Later . . .

Last Monday my 30 Day Challenge ended!  Here are the rest of the outfits.

DSC 3313blogpost




Some days I forgot to take pictures so I would just take two the next day, and somewhere along the way I must have miscounted, so you all get a bonus outfit!

DSC 2978blogpost

DSC 2972blog

I had to include Gwen in one of these, so I dressed her up in her matching skinnies for the day!  

You know how when you wear a coordinating outfit with your kids everyone seems to point it out, and then you just kind of laugh and say "Oh yeah, we do match!" because you feel a little awkward admitting you planned it?  No, that's just me?  Well, I decided to change things up and readily admitted that I planned for Gwen and me to match, and all the teenage girls and sweet old ladies at the store thought it was great!  

Anyway, here is what I learned.

-I really can do a lot more with my clothes, and it's not as hard as I thought it would be.  I didn't have too much trouble coming up with outfits, except for the last few days (hence why a couple of the outfits are a little too similar).  I'm thinking if I ever do this challenge again I'll include shoes though, just to make it a little more challenging.

-Accessories really are important.  They are the main way you can change an outfit up.  I think I need to invest in more scarves.

-I really do like my clothes.  I liked everything I picked to be part of the challenge, but after I was done I looked at my clothes and felt like I had so many options!  I really do have a lot of nice stuff, and I think I can think of more ways to wear what I have now.

-I probably could have less stuff.  I've been systematically cleaning things out the last few months, because I had so much that I just didn't wear anymore, but I feel like I still have a lot.  I think I'll be purging again at the end of summer.  If I don't wear something all season, there really is no need to keep it.

This was a really fun experiment overall, and I'm glad I tried it!


Note: Several of you asked about that green polka dot shirt I wore in some of my outfits in my last post - I got it at Forever 21 on clearance. I think it was suppose to come with a belt, but I like it better without one anyway!  Let me know if you want to know where I got anything else!


30x30 Update

DSC 2416blog copy

 I'm officially halfway through my 30x30 challenge!  You can read more about it here, and see the first two outfits in the challenge.  Here is what I've come up with so far:


30x301 copy30x302copy

30x303 copy
30x304 copy
DSC 2855blog copy


Things To Note:

These aren't the order that I wore the outfits, because I couldn't remember the order, so I just threw them up there at random.

Yes, those are slippers in outfit #6.  I call it my I-just-want-to-read-and-be-lazy-so-let-me-throw-on-a-scarf-and-call-it-good outfit.

It's been cold a lot, so the sweaters have gotten more use than I wanted them to.  Especially that coral-colored one in outfits #3, 5, and 11.  It's actually very versatile.  I think more colored cardigans might be on the list for the fall.

So far I feel like it has been going pretty well.  I haven't felt like it's been that hard to come up with outfits, at least so far.  And Derek says he likes it because I take a lot less time to get dressed.  I guess having limited options helps cut down on my decision-making time!

I've decided that 30 pieces of clothing is really a lot of clothes.  I now understand how Stacy and Clinton can think thirty-ish pieces can comprise a whole wardrobe.  I almost feel like it would be more of a challenge if I had to cut the number of items down even further, but that might just be me being cocky - I still have 15 days to go.  

On my original post, Laura mentioned reading the book "7" by Jen Hatmaker, and that the author only wore seven items of clothing for the entire month - now that would be a challenge!  It has me curious to read the book now.  I've heard good things.

There were a few days where I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to wear a certain outfit, and I ended up styling it a couple different ways depending on my mood, the weather, etc.  For example:



It was cold out and I wasn't liking the belt so much, so I ended up wearing the second outfit.



Same thing happened here.


You might notice that some of the pictures are more blurry than others, and that's because when Derek isn't home I have to take some of them myself using the timer on my camera, so the focus is a bit off.  It's been fun though, because Wyatt watches me take the pictures, so he sees me running back and forth between hitting the button on my camera and posing against the wall, and he started following me and standing against the wall too!  It was so cute.  Hence, he has made an appearance in several of the do-it-myself shots.


DSC 2796blog

DSC 2837blog

DSC 2435blog


I guess the hand-on-hip pose is the thing to do for these pictures!  (I wish I was better at posing myself - I don't know what to do with my arms.  I feel awkward.)

One day after his bedtime story Wyatt ran out into the living room saying "One more time!", and I realized he wanted to take more pictures!  Apparently it's great fun.  So we took another one (those clothes are not part of my thirty pieces - it's one of those lounge-around-the-house exceptions).


DSC 2781blog


It's so much easier to do this when Derek is home to take pictures!  He even posed for one while I was checking my settings one day.


DSC 2851blog2

His serious, I'm-so-cool model face.


DSC 2850blog

And the Derek we all know and love!


I think I need to get Gwen in on some of these pictures in the next couple weeks - she's the only one who hasn't made an appearance!  I'll do a final recap when the thirty days are over, so stay tuned.

30x30 Challenge

A few weeks ago I found a blog.  A fashion blog.

Now, usually I don't read fashion blogs, because they mainly make me want to go out and buy all the cute things I see while reading.  And that's not very friendly for my wallet.  But a few weeks ago I found a blog called Putting Me Together - I read her tabs and she said that she started her blog in 2011 when she realized she had created a lot of "one hit wonder" outfits.  Once she realized that, she went on a mission to create a "mix and match" wardrobe for herself.

And instead of just feeling like I needed to run out and buy a bunch of new stuff, I felt inspired to find ways to wear my current clothes better.  And then I looked in my closet, and I realized something.
I'm not very creative with my clothes.

I've got a lot of clothes, guys.  Granted, a lot of them are things I got on sale or clearance racks, but still - there is no earthly reason why I should ever look in my closet and think I have nothing to wear.   But I do.

DSC 2331blog
(My first outfit of the challenge.)

When I started to think about it, I realized I have so many clothes because I also have a closet full of "one hit wonders"  - outfits created with individual pieces that I only wear one way.  So every time I get tired of the outfits I usually wear, I go out and buy something new, instead of trying to figure out how I can use something I already have in a different way.

As I looked through some of my pieces I realized that I have done a decent job of buying things that I can wear in multiple ways - so many of my pieces are fairly versatile.  But I get stuck in my rut and end up wearing the same ole' outfits, the same ole' way.  

DSC 2401blog
(Second outfit for church yesterday.)

All this to say . . . after thinking about it, I decided to try a 30x30 challenge.  If you haven't heard of it, this is a challenge where you choose 30 pieces of clothing, and that's all you wear for 30 days.  I think it'll be fun to force myself to use a limited number of pieces in more creative ways.

DSC 2405blog

So here is what I have:
5 pairs of pants
3 cardigans
3 jackets
3 skirts
2 dresses
14 shirts

DSC 2328blog

Things I am not counting as part of my 30 pieces: undergarments (obviously), layering tanks, pajamas/work-out clothes, scrubs, accessories, shoes, bags, and winter coats (in the event that I might need my winter coat in the next 30 days).  Also if any special circumstances arise in which I need to wear a specific item (like for work or something), I may make certain exceptions, but I'm not anticipating any events for which I'll have to break the rules.

What I'm hoping to get out of this:  I'm hoping to get some good practice at using my clothes more creatively to create outfits.  I'm also hoping to gain some knowledge about what pieces are really good for a mix and match wardrobe, and what pieces are more difficult to incorporate, so I can take that knowledge and apply it to my future shopping trips.  Hopefully this will also open my eyes to any gaps in my wardrobe, make me appreciate the clothes I do have, and help me to figure out which pieces I could do without.

DSC 2399blog

Along the way I'll either do periodic update posts where I'll show you all what I've been wearing, or if that gets to be too much I'll just do one big recap at the end.

I started this past Saturday, so the end date will be May 19th!  Wish me luck!

P.S.  Am I the only one who feels like I have too many clothes?  Vote in the poll to the left!
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