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And It's A . . .

Baby GIRL!

We are so excited to be adding another little GIRL to our family!  

Stay tuned for a post about our ice cream social gender reveal party!

Healthy Baby - 22 Weeks #4

This week I am 22 weeks pregnant!  And yes, we know the gender!  I’m not gong to spill it until next Monday though, so stay tuned...

Our anatomy ultrasound went well, except for an odd ultrasound tech - but Baby Four looked great!  There were a couple structures they couldn’t get a good look at, because the baby was curled into a little ball way down low.  I thought it was so funny to see how this baby was laying, because basically he/she was laying sort of transverse, sort of head down, and facing down.  Baby Four was curled up with arms and legs tucked in, but he/she was moving the entire time - just moving arms and legs in little circles or tiny stretches!  The hands were balled into little fists too, so Baby kind of looked like a tiny little professional boxer, dodging and jabbing.  It was so cute!

In addition to the positioning, I also found out I have an anterior placenta - which explains why I wasn’t feeling as much movement.  Baby was moving constantly, but I couldn’t feel most of it because of the tight tucking in and placenta.

I have to do another ultrasound next time I go in, just so they can look at the aortic arch and spine a little better - and hey, I’m not going to say no to seeing my baby again!  But everything looked great, and we are so thankful for a healthy baby!  Heart rate was (if I remember right) around 155 bpm.  I’ve gained about 9 pounds so far, which is right about on track.

I am feeling good, though I have definitely been getting more lower back pain the last couple weeks - and I wonder if it has something to do with the way Baby was laying.  All my other kids were in a nice head down position at their anatomy ultrasounds, so this one is doing his/her own thing.  It probably also wouldn’t hurt to get a chiropractic adjustment - my back muscles actually cramped up on my right side the other day to the point where I couldn’t move without pain.  My brother had to come over to help me get the kids out of the car (we just got home), and I had to lay on the couch for an hour before it finally felt normal again.  So an adjustment might be in order.

I have been feeling the baby move way more ever since the ultrasound, which makes me think maybe he/she changed position (or maybe just got bigger).  I am so glad, because baby movement is my favorite part of pregnancy and it is finally starting to pick up!  The movements are mostly really low down, but I have felt a few nudges above my belly button too, so I’m not sure what Baby is doing in there. I felt like I could almost feel a couple kicks from the outside, which is exciting!  I’m hoping Derek can feel the baby soon.

The kids are being so cute about the pregnancy, as always.  Wyatt will randomly comment about how my tummy is getting bigger, and Gwen points sometimes and says “There’s a baby in der.”  Clyde has no clue what is going on, but he gives me kisses all the time (he is my kissiest baby to date), and sometimes if I’m laying on the couch he’ll kiss my tummy, which is adorable!

Preparations?  Nothing new for the baby’s actual arrival, but we have our gender reveal part coming up on Saturday!  Though I am starting to worry about how it will go.  I was so excited to do an outdoor party at a park this time around, but for the last 2-3 weeks it was been raining almost every day - so I am praying that we don’t get rained out!  I’m crossing my fingers that we won’t get any major weather that day and can proceed as planned.

Maternity Outfit Details:

Jean jacket - Target (similar style)
Black lace top - Forever 21
Necklace - A gift from my MOPS secret sister, Lindsay!  So I'm not sure where. (similar style)
Patterned trouser pants - Target
Black sandals - Payless, a long time ago (similar style)

And can I talk for a minute about this spring/summer's fashion and say that I am so glad there are so many stretchy waistbands? I wasn't sure about the whole palazzo/lounge pant trend at first, but then it occurred to me that these pants are perfect for pregnancy.  So comfortable, and hopefully I can get a bit more use out of them next summer too!

I will have the big announcement up on the blog next Monday, but if you haven’t had a chance to vote on what you think the baby is, you can fill out the form below!

Someone who gets it right will be getting a Starbucks on me, just for fun.  I’m excited for everyone to know!  It’s been challenging avoiding baby conversations and watching my words so I don’t let it slip!

Check back next week for the news!

Why I Am Not Going To A Birth Center

Why I Am Not Going To A Birth Center | Through Clouded Glass

This pregnancy I was this close to trying out a birth center.

My thought was that I have given birth naturally twice before, so I could do it again, right?  And I've heard lots of good things about our local birth center.  And it would be cheaper, probably half the cost of a hospital.  All good reasons to check it out.

So I called and realized that there is a required orientation before making your first appointment.  I registered, Derek and I worked our schedules out, dropped the kids off, and we drove to the birth center.

We parked.  It was dark.  We walked across the street to a little building that looked like it used to be a motel.  We went with the flow of traffic into a room crowded with pregnant women and their support people.

The person who greeted us was friendly, and the presentation was informative.  We went on a tour of the birth center, I asked a couple questions, and I returned home without returning my paperwork.  I had to think.

And I thought about it.  For a week.  I called my insurance to see how much was covered, got the all clear.  I talked about it with my mom.  And I thought about it.

And I decided to go with the hospital after all.

It's not because the birth center made me nervous in case there was an emergency, because their procedures and transfer times seemed very cautious and efficient.  It wasn't because I didn't like the lady who gave the presentation, because she seemed fine.  It wasn't because I thought I might want an epidural, because I know I don't need one.

It was because every time I thought about the birth center, I felt torn.  A large part of me thought it would be fine, and I'd have a fine experience, and I'd save money.  But there was just a little, tiny part of me that felt uneasy.  I can't quite pinpoint why.

I might be in the minority, but I actually like hospitals.  Many people feel like they are so cold and sterile, and they smell funny.  But I like sterile - maybe it has to do with working in a healthcare field, but it makes me feel comfortable.  I like white halls and bright lights - it makes me feel cheerful, and as if the place is clean.  I like hospital smells - they remind me of giving birth to my babies.  I have only good memories in hospitals.

When I thought about whether I would rather give birth in a hospital environment, or in the bedroom-like environment of the birth center, the hospital won for me, hands down.

When you give birth in a birth center, you go home right away, within 4-6 hours.  This could be a definite advantage.  There would be more peace.  We could sleep in our beds.  We could relax in our own home.

But I know myself, and I know it would be hard for me to relax at home.  I would be worried about dishes, and dogs, and I'm afraid those first days with my precious baby might feel like any other day of my life.  There would be less interruptions by nurses and visitors, but it's kind of fun to have so many people coming in and out of your room, fussing over your beautiful baby.  It started to seem like going home so quickly, though perhaps more restful, might also be rather anti-climatic.

And I realized that as silly as it might sound, hospital births are just my style.  I like hospitals.  I like my doctor.  It started to feel like the birth center wasn't my place, and the midwives weren't my people.  I want to look back on this, my last birth experience, and know that it was as good a fit for me as it could have been.

So to the hospital we shall go.  And ever since we made that decision I haven't felt a twinge of unease, so I know it's right.

Is it the trendy decision?  Maybe to some, but not in my circles of friends.  The birth center is a popular choice in my little corner of the world, and a few even dare to suggest that going with an OB and giving birth in a hospital is a poor choice.  But this, like so many things in raising children, is not a right or wrong sort of issue.  There are things that are absolutes for raising healthy children, and there are things in child-rearing that are up for debate.  I think part of growing up is sometimes throwing the trendy new thing out the window, and being brave enough to confidently move forward with what you know is the right choice for you.

If the last four years of motherhood has taught me anything, it is that the onslaught of trendy things does not stop after your baby is born, and everyone has an opinion.  Motherhood has also taught me that if you let everyone else try to make these choices for you on subjective issues, you will probably be miserable with all the trying to measure up.  When you pray about it, and think about it, and know you are making the best choice for your unique personality, and your unique family - then you should proceed with confidence.  No one can make you feel inferior with your consent, even the ones who seem to be actively trying.

So we are just not birth center kind of people.  And that is okay.

Slowing Down (18 Weeks Baby #4)

Before I started writing this pregnancy update, I looked up information about the baby at 18 weeks pregnant.  I haven't remembered to do this every week this pregnancy, and it was so cool to realize that baby is 5 1/2 inches long.  That is just head to rump, not counting legs.  That's huge!  It's cool to think about, because I haven't checked the baby's size for a while.  I think last time I checked, the baby was only a couple inches long!  This is also the week that Baby Four can start to hear me, and he/she can start to sense light from outside the womb.  It's so cool to think about how the baby is big enough to start to get to know me in utero.  It's amazing to think about how God is knitting all the details of this little baby together as I type!

I am feeling good the last couple weeks!  I have been a bit more tired, but nothing like the fatigue I had in the first trimester.  I still have had no real second trimester food cravings or aversions this pregnancy, which seems a little unusual, but it's nice to be able to eat everything.  A couple pairs of pants got a bit uncomfortable to wear in the last couple weeks, and I used the rubber band trick for the first time, so I know baby is growing in there.


This week a couple of my symptoms seem to be different than the gender I was originally guessing, so I will no longer be shocked if my boy/girl guess is wrong.  It's confusing, having gone through pregnancies with both boys and a girl, because I feel like I can make a pretty educated guess now, but I might not be right!

Speaking of the gender, Derek and I have spent the last week brainstorming ideas for our gender reveal party, and I think we're going to have it on the weekend of May 30th (tentatively).  Which means I'll have to keep the secret for a couple weeks after we find out.  I hope I can do it!  I am always afraid I will accidentally let a "he" or "she" slip.  I did pretty good with Wyatt and Gwen, but I did let the secret out to one person on accident with Clyde.  I'll just have to keep thinking in terms of "the baby", and not get not any long conversations with anyone for a couple weeks!

The first part of this pregnancy has been such a whirlwind, and we have had so many things going on in our family, that I haven't been able to take the time to enjoy it.  But now all the major stresses are over, and I've been able to slow down and notice more things about this pregnancy.  I finally have time to enjoy it, dream about our baby a little, and look forward to the rest of my pregnancy!  I love being pregnant, and I want to cherish every minute of this time with my littlest little.  I am so grateful for a healthy little one thumping around in my belly!

I'm wearing a lot more dresses/skirts this pregnancy.  Here are my outfit details:

Dress: Goodwill (similar pattern/style).
Sandals (which you can't see very well): Target (similar style)
Earrings: I've had these so long, I don't remember! (similar style)
Bracelet: Got these through a MOPS jewelry exchange. (but I like these too)
Slouchy Bag: Target (similar style)
Nail polish: Essie (Penny Talk)

(Derek snapped this of me running from the car, trying to avoid the rain!  It's a good thing we take belly/outfit pictures on Sundays. It was snowing at our house yesterday, but it was only raining at our church building, so we took some pictures there after the service!)

Getting' Bigger? (16 Weeks #4)

"Mama, is your tummy getting bigger?" 

-Spoken by Wyatt this week.  And yes, I do believe it is!

Right around 15 weeks, the belly seemed to just pop out more.  I think I have definitely popped quicker with this baby!  Fourth babies will do that, I guess.  I am around 17 weeks now, and I feel like the stomach has actually settled back in a bit since these pictures were taken, but it is still becoming more and more obvious that I am pregnant (as opposed to just putting on a few pounds).

I felt this baby move earlier than the others, right around 14 weeks, and I felt those flutters every other day or so for the first week and a half.  Then they stopped for a few days, and I effectively freaked myself out before my doctor's appointment last week - but baby was looking fine, with a heartbeat around 150 bpm.

Since my doctor's appointment I have been feeling the baby move every day!  I can tell the kicks are getting stronger, but still not strong enough to feel from the outside yet.  I can't decide if I am feeling this baby more because it's my fourth pregnancy and I know what to look for, or if it's because this baby is bigger than my others were.  I have gained about 4-5 pounds so far.

I don't have any real food cravings or aversions.  Watery things have been tasting extra good though, like fruit or Sonic slushes.

Our 20-week ultrasound is less than a month away!  I am so excited about finding out the gender, and I have a pretty good guess about what I'm having.  With the other three I tried to stay pretty neutral, just in case my guess was wrong, but I'm probably 90% sure this time.  I'll be surprised if I am wrong because the symptoms seem pretty clear to me, but I will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl!  I don't have a preference either way, I'm just excited to know for sure!

I need to get moving on planning our gender reveal party, and unless I can get my act together and come up with my idea this week, I may have to make you guys wait a couple weeks after May 15th to find out . . . spending on when I can get the party scheduled.  I'm working on it though!  It's just hard to come up with original ideas for a gender reveal party when you have already planned three others.  Derek and I need to discuss and figure out what we are doing.  I am leaning on keeping the party simpler this time, since the rest of my life feels so crazy right now.  We'll see how it turns out!

(You can see our other gender reveal parties here: First Gender Reveal Party and games, Second Gender Reveal Party and games, Third Gender Reveal Party.)

I haven't planned a whole lot for the baby's corner yet, since I kind of have to wait until I know the gender - but I'm pretty sure he/she will be sleeping in the corner of our downstairs family room until Clyde gets big enough to share a room with Wyatt.  If we tried to combine rooms right now, I don't think anyone would sleep.  It's not ideal, but we'll make it work! Eventually all the kids will be sleeping in rooms, but this is probably the best solution for now.  I have ideas swirling in my head for how to make the baby's corner cute and cozy.  I'm sure I'll post pictures when I get it put together!

Still able to button most of my pants, which is a relief, but I don't know how much longer that will last!  I'll probably have to start using hair ties and belly bands soon, but so far I'm holding out!  Here are my outfit details this week:

Army-Inspired Vest: Maurices (similar style)
Floral Shirt: Pink Blush Maternity (similar style)
Mint Skinnies: Target (similar style)
Nude-Colored Shoes: Target (similar style)
Silver Chandelier Earrings: Target (similar style)

T-minus 24 days until we find out!  

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Fourth Baby - 14 Weeks

DSC 0407blog

How am I feeling?  

I am feeling not pregnant at all, and hence I have been worrying about whether the baby is okay.  I always feel this way between 13-16 weeks. I am out of the first trimester, so all those annoying, but reassuring, symptoms are gone, all my clothes still fit, and it's too early to feel the baby move yet.  I am just looking forward to some baby flutters!  I thought I felt something the other day, but it only happened once, so I'm not sure if it was baby.

On a happy note, my energy is back!  I think I accomplished more last week than I did during the entire first trimester.  Which is a good thing, with all the Easter and Clyde's first birthday party stuff coming up over the next couple weeks!

As for cravings - the only thing that consistently sounds good is still vegetables.  I also had a bowl of spaghetti this week that tasted better than any spaghetti I have ever had in my life (and the sauce was from a jar, no less).  Food has been generally disappointing though.  Something will sound like it might be good, but then I try it and it's just. . . okay.

DSC 0400editblog

How is baby doing?

Baby is 3.5 inches from head to rump (or about 5 inches from head to toe).  That is a big, little baby!  I look at my stomach and have a hard time believing there is a baby that big in there already.  Baby #4 is busy growing peach-fuzz hair and maybe sucking his/her thumb.  I even found this cute video of a 14 week old baby clapping their hands.  So adorable!  It is just incredible, what unique little individuals babies are, even at such an early age.

As for my baby specifically, I am pretty sure he/she is tucked back in my uterus pretty far.  Between the heartbeat sounding so quiet last time and the fact that I am not having trouble buttoning any of my pants yet, I think he/she is hiding toward my back!  So I wouldn't be surprised if it took a little longer to feel movement, but I'm still hoping for something soon.

Update! I take that back, as I was editing this post, I felt a little nudge in my lower abdomen, and I am almost positive it was the baby!  Oh my goodness, I love that feeling.

DSC 0420blog

What have I been doing for baby prep?  

I haven't been doing a whole lot to get ready, since Derek is still working on remodeling our upstairs bathroom.  The house is a wreck!  I was wanting to buy the crib a month ago, to get a head start, but now I'm glad I didn't because it would be buried beneath tile, and bags of grout, and bathroom fixtures.

DSC 0449blog

What am I wearing? 

Still all my non-pregnancy clothes, and I probably will be for a while.  I am stocking up on maxi dresses!    I am thinking they will be nice and airy for being pregnant during the summer (I have heard the horror stories), and I can wear them when I'm not pregnant too.  I am going to try to avoid buying maternity shorts if at all possible.

Dress: Forever 21 (similar style)
Cardigan: Target (similar style)
Earrings: Target (similar style)
Belt: Forever 21 (similar style)
Shoes: Target (similar style)

DSC 0410blog2

Next appointment in two weeks!
Linking up here (even though I'm cheating just a little bit on the stripes theme - this is more of a chevron print…)

Goodbye, First Trimester!

I am 12 weeks pregnant, as of Monday!  Even though I think 13 weeks is officially out of the first trimester, I'm saying 12 weeks is close enough so I can allow myself decaf coffee again.  Oh coffee, I've missed you…

This has probably been my most tiring pregnancy so far, but on the flip side, the nausea has been almost non-existent.  I really only start feeling ill if I haven't eaten in a few hours - so I just snack a lot, and I've been good to go!  By about 8:00 or 9:00 at night I am about to fall asleep where I stand.  No late-night projects for me lately, but I am hopeful my energy will come back now that the second trimester is right around the corner!

We went for my 12 week appointment yesterday, and the nurse had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat at first - I was just about to freak out internally when I heard it, but it was so quiet!  I am assuming baby was just swimming as far away from that annoying probe as he/she could.

The funnest part of our visit was hearing Wyatt talk about the "new baby".  First I should say that we told him about the baby after our first ultrasound, and he was so excited - he started saying "Yeah!  And the baby's going to crawl, and he's going to walk, and we're going to have LOTS of babies"!  I said there is only one, but there will be four of them total!  He has been so cute about it.

Yesterday, before we went in, Wyatt said "Mama, are we going in to get the new baby?", and I told him that no, the baby has to stay in mama's stomach for a while longer.  He then started talking about how the baby is "swimming in the water", and how my stomach is going to get bigger.  He saw a brochure that had a silhouette of a pregnant woman with the baby's silhouette in her stomach, and he was fascinated. Then he started talking about how the baby needs to keep his/her eyes closed and go to sleep in my tummy.  It was so cute!  I'm not sure Gwen quite understood everything he was saying, but she also liked the brochure picture, and they were both interested in listening to the baby's heartbeat.  I think this is going to be the most fun pregnancy as far as the kid's reactions go!

Heartrate is 153 bpm, and apparently I haven't gained any weight, so I've been instructed to eat more calorie-rich foods.  I probably haven't been eating as much as I could, but nothing sounds good.  When I finally land on something that sounds like it might hit the spot, I try it, and it just doesn't taste good.  Eating is just not fun right now.  Unless it's vegetables, but those aren't exactly calorie-rich.  Maybe I just need to make salads and slather them with fattening salad dressing.

I have felt little fluttery feelings the other day, but I'm thinking it was probably not the baby because that is really early to feel anything.  But you can bet I'm on the lookout for any movement!  I think I felt Clyde around 15 weeks, so maybe this baby will be slightly sooner (a girl can hope).

Next appointment is in April 13th, and then in the middle of May we find out the gender!

First Trimester Update

So I am finally getting around to writing a first trimester update!  After we found out I was pregnant, I didn't have many more symptoms that I wasn't having at the start - just tired, slightly sore chest, and having to use the bathroom more often. By five weeks I was feeling pretty normal again.


Between six and seven weeks I started to feel a little queasy, but this pregnancy hasn't been too bad as far as nausea goes!  As long as I snack throughout the day, I feel fine.  I only really start to feel sick if I haven't eaten in a while.  I've always been blessed to not have much morning sickness, and this time pregnancy has been the easiest yet.

6weeksbaby4 2blog2

Around eight weeks I started just feeling - I don't know, rounder?

8weeksbaby4 6blog2

And this is me at ten weeks (I am eleven weeks now).  I feel like the stomach just sticks out a little more - it's just bloat at this point, I'm sure.  But I haven't gained any weight according to my scale, so I know things are shifting because of baby!  I always think of those orange circus peanut candies at weeks ten and eleven, because that is just about the size of the baby right now!  So just imagine me holding one of those.

10weeksbaby4 28blog2

Right now, I am feeling pretty good - mostly just very tired.  I think I am more tired this pregnancy than any of the others, and I am sure that is in part because of chasing three other kiddos around!  I have started to get a bit of sciatica, mostly after I work on Fridays.  I feel twinges and pressure that feel like ligaments stretching or pulling - and I'm sure that's what it is, because I imagine all that starts earlier in a fourth pregnancy.

People have asked me if I think it is a boy or girl, and I have been evaluating my symptoms.  With the boys there were a few distinct symptoms, and then with Gwen there were a few distinct symptoms, and unfortunately this pregnancy is giving me mixed signals.  My nails are horrible right now, and I think generally salty things seem better than sweet things - and that seems to be pointing to boy.  But then with both the boys my chest hurt a lot more, and there are other symptoms that are a bit TMI for a blog post seem to be pointing toward girl.  So I don't really know!  I am curious to see what you all think!
I have another doctor's appointment next week, so I'll give an update on heartrate then!

10weeksbaby4 14blog



I am having a hard time believing I am writing this right now.

I am pregnant!

When I found out, I was in shock for a little while.  I can't believe we have another surprise baby on our hands, and I am so excited to meet this new little life!

As a little background, since Clyde was born Derek and I have been talking about whether to try for one more baby or not. We weren't sure, so we agreed to wait until Clyde turned a year old and talk about it then.

Right before Derek started his new job, I started working out again, after months of procrastinating.  I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred for the first time in a long time, and I was feeling it, especially (so I thought) in my abs.  My whole lower stomach area was really sore a couple days after my workout.  I just attributed it to the Shred, until Derek made a comment later about it - and then it occurred to me that I might possibly be so sore because I was ovulating.

The next day my soreness was completely gone, which made me wonder.  I took my temperature the next morning, and it was definitely high - so I knew that I probably did ovulate.  But I didn't think much more about it until a couple days later, when my chest started hurting a little bit.  My chest never hurts as part of my pre-menstrual symptoms - I only ever get that symptom when I'm pregnant.  I knew there was a chance I could be pregnant, because our preventative method might have failed, but I thought it was unlikely.  Surely symptoms wouldn't actually start that soon, right?  It had only been about 3 days since I ovulated.

But my chest kept hurting, I had to use the restroom more often, I felt tired, I felt emotional, I was dying for some chocolate peanut-butter ice cream.  I felt pregnant.

I bought a few pregnancy tests, and I took one at 9 days past ovulation, because the test supposedly could give a result that early.  But it was negative, so I decided to try again in a couple days.

I decided to take another test on11 dpo, and I was convinced that I was going to get a positive.  I really felt pregnant, and even though I was trying to remain neutral, I hadn't been able to help thinking in terms of four kids for the past week.  I looked at the two types of tests I had.  One would be about 53% accurate at 11dpo, and the digital one would be 87% accurate at 11 dpo.  I was hoping to save my digital test, but I figured more accurate was better, so I took it.  And I sat there and waited and prayed while I watched the little clock icon blinking at me.

And I finally looked down and saw the word "No-".

I felt a surge of disappointment.  I tried to take the test at face value, because 87% chance of being accurate seemed pretty good to me.  I couldn't believe I had fooled myself into thinking I was pregnant when maybe I wasn't after all.

It was a MOPS morning, so I got the kids up and dressed, and headed out.  We stopped at the grocery store for some breakfast, and I bought another set of pregnancy tests - that other 13% kept running through my mind, and I knew I'd want to take another one in a couple days, just in case.  I bought myself a Venti coffee at Starbucks, because if I wasn't pregnant I might as well enjoy my caffeine.

I settled in my chair at MOPS, and I let Wyatt stay with me since he kept insisting "I want to sit wit yoooou today, Mama".  We ate breakfast, and then listened to one of our mentor moms give a devotion.  I looked at the 1/3 of a Venti that I had left, and suddenly that coffee seemed like a really stupid idea.  What if I really was pregnant?  I ended up throwing the rest away.

For the craft that day, we made a bird nest necklace, with wire and beads.  Typically you make a necklace with the same number of beads as kids that you have.  I stared at the bowl of beads and debated about how many beads to take.  I took four and tried to hide them from my group, until I realized that a few other people added more beads than kids too.  I told myself one of the beads could be for Derek, but I knew if I wasn't pregnant I would never wear that necklace.  It just felt wrong not to include four beads.


On the drive home my mind was running a hundred miles an hour.  What if I was pregnant?  I should probably take a test the next day so I could properly shield myself while taking x-rays at work.  I felt on the verge of crying all the way home, and I was having a hard time convincing myself that all my symptoms were due to PMS.

The last five minutes on the drive home I started feeling really anxious.  I'm not even sure why, but my stomach hurt.  I felt like I couldn't breath.  I was shaky.  I was wondering if maybe it was partially because of the caffeine, and it was affecting me differently because I was pregnant.  I have never felt so weird before, and I tried to take deep breaths.

I parked at home and slowly gathered my things together to bring inside before I got the kids out, but I just felt weird.  I looked down at the grocery bags, and I saw those pregnancy tests I had bought.  And suddenly I knew I had to take one now, even though it was the middle of the day.

I told the kids I would be right back to get them, rushed in the house, and headed straight to the bathroom.  I glanced at the pamphlet and saw that these would be 96% accurate at 11 dpo.  I took the test, and sat there and stared at it while it developed.

And very slowly, a faint second line appeared.

I was pregnant!


I burst into tears, because I was so happy, and also a little scared.  I was shaking still, but I brought all the kids in, fed them lunch, and got them down for a nap.  Then I sat on the couch in shock for a couple hours.  I just couldn't believe I was pregnant!

Waiting all afternoon until Derek got off work was torturous - I was making myself sick with the waiting, and trying to decide how to tell him. I decided to just tell him on the phone, instead of waiting until he got home, because I was still feeling anxious and shaky and weird.  I couldn't wait that long to tell him!  I knew he wasn't expecting this at all.  I tried to call him several times but I just kept getting voicemail, then finally he called me back.

I asked him how his day was, then told him "I'm pregnant", and immediately burst into tears again (thank you, pregnancy hormones).  He said "Well, I guess we're having four kids!", and after the initial shock wore off he told me he thought this would be a really good thing!  He has been so excited about our little peanut ever since!

Derek really wanted to tell his mom right away, so I called my mom and dad too.  I sent my mom a text with a picture of the necklace I had made that day.  I told her I wanted to show her this necklace I made, and I said there was a bead for each of my kids.

"Oh, that's so cool, honey!" she said.  "What's the fourth bead for?"

"There is a bead for each of my kids."

"But there's four."

"I know."

"Are you trying to tell me something?"

Then I told her and burst out crying again (are you noticing a pattern?).  She was excited for us, and put my dad on the phone so I could tell him.  He joked "What are you doing to me - I'm going to have to buy a bus!".

I got the kids in bed, Derek finally got home, and he brought Qdoba for dinner.  He gave me a hug, and we talked, and ate dinner in bed while we watched "The Celebrity Apprentice".  It felt like the perfect way to celebrate.


We had an ultrasound on February 16th, and it worked out perfectly because Derek had President's Day off!  We got to see our little jelly bean for the first time.  I was looking for that heart fluttering on the ultrasound screen, but the ultrasound tech moved around so fast that she had me worried. But then I saw that little flicker! What an amazing feeling that is, to see your precious little baby's heart beating.  The heart rate was 163 bpm for those of you who want to start gathering evidence for your gender guess!


(Getting ready to go in and see our baby!  It snowed quite a but that day, but there was no way I was cancelling our ultrasound.)



(The tech gave us a 3D image, and I thought it was so cool!  Look at that little baby!)

My due date is September 27th, and it just amazes me how the Lord made the decision about a fourth baby before we had to!  I am so glad He did, and I could not be more thrilled - I always wanted four, and the Lord decided to grant that desire of my heart!  This baby was planned by Him, and He orchestrated everything in His perfect timing to bring this little one into existence.

My plan is to keep this pregnancy as low-stress as possible and just enjoy every minute of it, since this baby will probably be my last one.  Shortly after I took my test that day, I feel like the Lord reminded me about my word for the year - simplify.  I want to keep things simple this pregnancy and just soak up every little milestone, every little kick.  I keep thinking about who this new little life will be, and I feel like the most blessed girl in the world! We are so excited and happy about our fourth precious gift!

Bump updates coming soon!

Another Little Arrow

We are adding one more little arrow to our quiver!  Baby #4 coming September 2015!  

Check back soon for more details!
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