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I'm Glad She's A Non-Crawler

Almost anytime I go somewhere, someone asks me the ages of my kids.  I guess we are quite a sight, me with my three little ones trailing behind me and one in a stroller.  I answered, and Wyatt chimed in.

"No, Mom, Clarice is 7 months." (I told you we get asked the ages of our kids often.)

And I had to explain that another month had indeed rolled by, and she is eight months old now.

Time. slow. down.

She's Still A Baby, I Tell You

Sometimes life gets away from you and you realize that your baby daughter turned seven months old two weeks ago, and you never wrote an update for her.  Oops!  Life is busy around here right now, to say the least.  In addition to continuing to work on our home updates (we're getting so close!), it seems that every other day I have been driving into town for some activity.  Not so this week.  As Derek termed it, I am boycotting all events this week that aren't strictly necessary, just because I am in such desperate need of a break.

A Letting Go Month

I stood outside the nursery window at church last week, staring at my baby girl's face and trying to determine if she was actually crying, or just about to.  My Bible study leader caught me looking and assured me I was doing the right thing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't about to burst into tears right there.

Learning To Laugh

I was standing in the kitchen, making dinner and cleaning up, when I heard it.  A little hiccup-type sound.  Wyatt was laughing, and I was afraid Clarice was upset about something, so I rounded the corner to see Clarice on the couch, giggling at Wyatt's antics.

Clarice has laughed since about two and half months old, and it usually sound like a drawn out "huh/hee" sound.  But this time she hiccup-giggled along with it.  It's hilarious to watch her laugh, because it is almost like she doesn't know how and it surprises her when it bubbles out.  It grows from a "ha" noise to a gurgle-chuckle.  I can't even describe it, but I love it so much.

Dainty Little Feet

(Clarice's dainty little three-month feet.)

One of my favorite things about Clarice is her feet.  I just remember looking at her little feet when she was born, and they were so dainty.  One of my favorite things to do is put her in the baby carrier and grab those little feet with my hands.  They are so tiny, my palms just wrap around them.

I grabbed her feet a few days ago, and as I felt her delicate toes, I realized that her feet had grown.  Still dainty.  But now the arch of her foot doesn't nestle into the space between my thumb and finger quite the same way.

Obviously she needs to grow, but it doesn't stop me from wishing her feet would stay tiny forever.

A Year Of Surprises

Every year I write a recap post from the year before, and I think if I had to sum up this year, I'd say that this was the year of surprises.  Some of them were not-so-great, but most of them were good!  The first half of this year was just hard.  I had a lot of personal things to struggle with, and lots of things that didn't turn out the way I wanted them to - but even during that hard six months, there were brilliant spots of sunshine - like finding out we were expecting our fourth baby! This is our year, in a nutshell.

It Started With A Smile

The house was relatively quiet, which is a rarity these days.  The kids were playing nicely (ie. no one was crying or screaming at the moment), and I had just finished nursing Clarice.  She was laying on my lap, alert and content, and I caught her attention.  I started talking to her, and she studied my face. Then I saw it - a little crinkle at the corner of her eyes, a scrunched nose, and the most beautiful tilt to her lips.

My baby's first smile, on November 5th.  And thus we started Clarice's second month.

One Month Later

Have you ever had that experience where an event simultaneously seems so recent and so long ago?  That is how I am feeling right now thinking about Clarice's birth.  Has it really been a month already?  But at the same time, how is it that a month ago we didn't even know this little darling yet?  It seems like she has always been here!

Clarice's Birth Story

Natural Hospital Birth Story | Through Clouded Glass

To start out this birth story, you have to realize that I was pretty convinced this entire pregnancy that I wouldn’t be pregnant past the middle of September.  Both of the times that I went into labor on my own my babies were born before I hit 39 weeks pregnant.  On top of that, during the last month and a half of my pregnancy I had many Braxton Hicks and several days where I felt cramps, which is how both of my previous natural labors started.  I was sure my girl would be coming at the same time or sooner than Gwen and Clyde did.  

The last couple months of my pregnancy I was also psyching myself out about labor.  They say that once you see that baby you forget about the labor pain, but for some reason that wasn’t true for me after Clyde.  When I saw his face all that labor pain was instantly worth it, but the memory of it did not fade.  I remembered pretty vividly how badly it had hurt, and during the last month I found myself jumping at every perceived sign of early labor, mostly out of nervousness of what lay ahead.  

She's HERE!

She is HERE!

Clarice Adelaide was born last Wednesday at 6:34 AM!  We had a great, smooth birth and we are home now!  The kids are adjusting well, and we are all doing great! Miss Clarice is an easy-going baby (as so many of you told me late babies often are), and she is just beautiful.  We are treasuring these sweet little days as a new family of six!

Thank you all for your encouragement during the unexpected wait for our little lady to arrive - I am just so thankful for how the Lord worked out every detail of her birth, and she is every bit worth the wait!  We are so blessed.

Check back later this week for Clarice's birth story, and follow me on Instagram for all our daily goings-on!  I can't wait to share more in the weeks to come!
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