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DIY: Children's Room Wall Art

First off, I hope everyone had a nice, and meaningful, Memorial Day weekend.  I am so thankful for all the people who have given their lives in defense of our country - it's so important to remember their lives.  We owe so much to those fallen heroes and their ultimate sacrifice to protect and preserve our freedom.

We didn't do much of anything over the weekend except spend time together as a family.  Oh, and Derek and I squeezed in a date on Saturday! Our first since Clyde was born.  It was really nice.  And I didn't sit down at the computer at all, so today I thought I'd share a project I worked on when I decorated Wyatt's big boy room several months ago.  Creating these plaques was really easy, and I think they would be pretty adaptable to different colors and themes for any kid's room!

Last fall, when I was putting together Wyatt's new room, there was this awkward space right above his bed that I wasn't quite sure what to do with.  Most of the decorations from his nursery filled up the other walls, but I didn't know what to hang above his bed (it doesn't help that I get paranoid about things falling off the wall and onto my sleeping children, so anything really heavy or that involved glass was out).  

I kind of wanted to get some sort of plaque or printed art set for that space, so I looked into different types of nursery/kid's room art.  But everything is so expensive!  I didn't want to fork out $40+ just for a couple items to hang there, so I decided to make some myself.

This is what I did!

Step One: Get some wooden boards.  I asked my dad how he thought I should go about getting some little square boards for a project, and he said he had a bunch of wood lying around and offered to cut some for me himself (thanks Dad)! I asked him for three 8x8 inch boards (they are about a half inch thick).

Step Two: Paint and distress the boards.  I wanted to try out a distressing technique to make the paint on the boards look worn, and I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest, which I cannot for the life of me find again! Isn't that how it works?  So I'll summarize here.  

I painted the boards my base colors.  Next, I applied a thin layer of petroleum jelly in certain spots.  Then I painted with a different color over that.  I just used acrylic craft paint that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

After the second layer of paint dried, I used some sandpaper to take off the top layer of paint.  The petroleum jelly makes the paint come off easier!  Actually a little too easily, because I feel like some of the "distressed" spots looks a little chunkier than I wanted.  If you want a more natural distressed look, I'd recommend using q-tips to apply it more specifically.  For my purposes the bigger spots looked fine though!

Hint: Be careful after you apply the second layer of paint, because the petroleum jelly causes the paint to stay somewhat wet over the spots where you applied it - don't set it down on something that might stain!

Step Three: Create some silhouettes to trace onto your boards.  Next I had to decide how to decorate my plaques.  I wanted to do a transportation theme, because Wyatt is so into cars and trucks right now.  I found some silhouettes of a car, truck, and dump truck, and I tried to replicate them by sketching the shapes.  I used simple silhouettes, so it wasn't too hard.

Once I had my drawings the way I liked them, I laid them on top of the wood, and used a pen to trace the lines I had already drawn, pressing firmly so that it would leave the outline in the wood.

Then I just painted inside the lines.

Step Four: Hang your children's room art!  After all the paint was dry, I nailed hooks onto the backs and hung them up in Wyatt's room!

They work perfectly in that space above Wyatt's bed, and I am really happy with the way they turned out, and the total cost was . . . I think three dollars for the paint?  Not much.  They were pretty easy to make, and the simple shapes are perfect for a little boy's room!

Baby Boy Quilt

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

Clyde's nursery reveal is coming eventually - I'm trying to decide whether to add some name art to his walls before I write the post, but I thought I'd go ahead and share the quilt I made for him now!

I've made quilts for both Wyatt and Gwen, so I knew I was going to make a quilt for Clyde too.  I like making my own quilts/crib bedding, because I just usually don't find pre-made crib sets that I really like - this lets me pick my own colors and fabrics.  They don't turn out perfect by any means, but I'm not entering it in competitions or anything - I just do it for my babies!  I have fun with it!

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

I got the idea for this block-y quilt from this book.  I'm not really a traditional quilter (I wouldn't really call myself a quilter at all, really, I just make them when we are adding to our family).   I like big, chunky pieces because it's so much faster to sew together!  This book has tons of fun ideas for modern-looking designs.

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

I just sketched out how I wanted mine to look, figured out how big all the pieces should be, then I arranged them all on the floor before I sewed them together to make sure I liked the way it looked with the different fabrics and patterns.

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

After I put all the pieces together I took it to my old neighbor who does the actual quilting for me.  She picked this cool flame pattern, and I like the way it looks!  After I got it back from her I just folded the extra backing over the edges and sewed it down for the border.

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass

I really like the way it turned out, and it looks great in Clyde's nursery!

I feel like I should come up with a name for the final product, something more interesting.  "Baby Boy's Quilt" is a little boring - the colors actually reminded me of the beach, which may have influenced the theme I picked for the nursery. . .  

Maybe I'll call it my "Surf's Up Quilt".  Or "Anchors Away Quilt"?  Or maybe I'll steal the baby shower theme name from Ashley and call it my "Ahoy, It's A Boy! Quilt"!  Something like that anyway.

Beach-Inspired Baby Boy Quilt | Through Clouded Glass


I think it's safe to say that the last couple weeks I've been in a full-on nesting mode.  After my shower I just decided that the nursery must be ready, and it must be ready right now.  The house must be clean, and it must be clean now.  

It's weird how nesting strikes you at unusual times.  I'm not expecting the baby to come even in the next few weeks, but I just feel like I need to be ready.  It's been a very productive time, though not for writing.  When I have a to do list hanging over my head I find it hard to get up the motivation to sit down and write a post.  My house is happy, my blog is not.

I'm getting very close to finishing everything I wanted to complete, so I should be back into writing substantial posts soon!  But in the meantime, I thought I'd share my list of accomplishments with all of you.  Because I know you're just dying to know how I've been spending my days (I'm not a sarcastic person, but pretend that last sentence was in the much wished-for sarcasm font).

In the last two weeks I've:

1. Cleaned out the nursery, which had a lot of non-nursery items piled up in it.

2. Bought canvases from Hobby Lobby and created my own DIY nursery art.  Post coming soon.

DSC 2600blog

3. Went thrift-store hunting for a cheap lamp.  Painted said lamp.  Hunted for a cheap lamp shade for said lamp.  Total: $10

4. Sewed a blanket for the toddler bed that also resides in Baby Boy's nursery.  It actually ended up being more of a duvet cover, because when I sewed it together I wasn't happy with how the material was laying.  So I took one of our old, flattened duvets, folded it in half, and sewed it up inside the material.  So now it's this poofy, comforter-type blanket, and I kind of wish it was big enough for me to use.

DSC 2603blog

5.  Sewed a pillow case to go with said duvet cover.

6. Organized/washed/put away all the gifts I got at my baby shower!  Ashley also sent me home with some of the shower decorations, and they are currently being employed in the baby's nursery.  It's cute.  I promise I'll do a reveal post eventually.

DSC 2428blog

7. Cleaned out my computer desk and mail baskets.  This doesn't sound like a big deal, but trust me - it is.  The clutter was getting out of control.

8.  Ordered nursing paraphernalia.  Ordered the baby book.  Ordered crib sheets.  Ordered that sleep shirt I wanted for the hospital.

9.  Ordered a glider for the nursery.  We used to have a rocking chair in there, but I put it in Gwen's room when we moved her.  I just have this weird thing where I feel like each kid's room needs to have a chair.  I'm pretty excited about it, because it's pretty, and it looks comfy.

10.  Hung up a banner in the nursery.  I made it a few weeks ago - it turned out pretty cute.

DSC 2601blog

11. Met with the nurse at the hospital to discuss my birth plan.  A post about which is coming soon.

12. Met my new niece!  My brother and sister-in-law had their baby.  She's super-cute.  I am itching to go visit so I can hold her again.

13. Got caught up on the kid's baby books.  Started filling out the pages of the new baby's book.

DSC 2597blog

14. Wrote overdue thank you notes.

15.  Washed the car seat cover and blanket.  Now I just need to figure out how to get the car seat installed in the van.

16.  Finished reading and wrote review posts for several books.  I'm up to 19 books already in 2014!  What can I say, the book worm bug strikes again.

DSC 2607blog

17. Started cleaning the house.  Got distracted.  House got dirty.  Started cleaning it again.

18. Started packing my hospital bag.

And by the end of this week I'll be able to cross "Get my hair highlighted", and "Get maternity pictures taken" off the list as well!  After that, things will be almost ready - I'll just have to get the baby's quilt back and finish it, and get the glider put together.  Oh, and deep-clean the house.  Then we'll be set.

I'm also happy to report that most of this was done while the kids were napping or in bed for the night, except for the house cleaning.  It's so nice that they nap at the same time.  I'm already anxious about the day when I can't get them all down at once anymore.

Valentines Printable

This year I decided I really wanted to send out Valentine's to all of Wyatt and Gwendolyn's little friends!  There are a ton of homemade Valentine ideas on Pinterest, but none of them seemed quite right for me, so I decided to make my own.

I got these fun little airplane gliders (I think they came out to about 11 cents each?), and I made my own printable to go with them.

I painstakingly created that little paper airplane graphic myself (yes, I did).  I really like the way the valentines turned out!

For the actual valentines I just printed them out on some card stock, then cut them out and taped them to another piece of card stock with some cute wash tape.  Then I made little labels to wrap around the gliders.

I tucked it all in an envelope, and off they went.  We had a little hiccup at the post office (it turns out the airplanes were a little too thick - ah!), but the mail-lady let me stamp them all as non-machinable letters, and I think most of them got through to their destinations.

You can download these printable valentines here.  I recommend printing on card stock, or dressing them up with notecards and wash tape like I did!  Free for personal use only.  Enjoy!

DIY First Birthday Decorations

The birthday party preparation is in full swing!  We're having Gwen's 1st birthday party (just a small one, mostly family) on Sunday!

A couple weeks ago Wyatt and I sat down while Gwen was napping, and we worked on some decorations for her party.  It was a pretty fun toddler craft (not just for party decorations), so I thought I'd share it here.

I got this idea from our craft girls at our MOPS group - they gave a little talk about projects you can do with your toddler, which was helpful since I never think of these things on my own!  It's the same thing as the "stained glass" tissue paper projects that you see floating around.  

Basically I cut out some snowflakes, and I used a bunch of the paper scraps that I had left over from making Gwen's party invitations.  

I took a sheet of contact paper and had Wyatt stick the little pieces of paper on the sheet.  I just had him stick them wherever so he could put the pieces face up.  

DSC 0160editblog

Then we sprinkled some glitter on the paper (which he loved doing), and I framed his creation with a paper snowflake (with the middle piece cut out - tip from the MOPS ladies).  

We sealed it off with another piece of contact paper and I cut the snowflakes out.
Wholla!  Party decorations for Gwen.

DSC 0161editblog

This was a craft that Wyatt really liked to do (the kid can only take so much coloring), it was easy, and it looked really cool when it was all done!  I also think it's kind of special that Wyatt had a part in decorating for Gwen's party.

More pictures next week!

Ornaments And Christmas Treats

 A month or so ago I bought some clear plastic ornaments.  Honestly I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, I just thought it might be a fun project with the kids.

Well, after some research, I decided what we would do, and last week I sat down with the kids to make them!

I made these two because each represents one of my sweet kiddos right now.  

DSC 0164editblog

The train is for Wyatt.  Wyatt is so into trains this year - he couldn't stop talking about it as I was painting the train on!   

The penguin is for Gwen, because the other week I put Gwen into some new penguin pajamas and I showed Derek - she looked so cute in them.  Then he started calling her "Pen-Gwen" - get it?  So her new nickname is Penguin, which I think is adorable!

DSC 0147editblog

Then I made these glitter ornaments with the kids; handprints on them - yes, it was messy.  But it was also a lot of fun, and Wyatt loved helping me with the glitter!  


I copied the idea on this blog for the penguin ornament (except I also used glitter), and I used this tutorial to do the glitter on the inside of all the ornaments.

The mess was worth the memories!

In other Christmas prep news, today has been officially designated as my baking/Christmas-goody-making day!  I have had a few fall backs for Christmas goodies since we first got married, but this year I'm trying some new treats.  


Here is my list of things to make:

Watergate Salad - For Christmas dinner at my mom's.  The recipe I'm using is similar to this.  I have never made this before, but I'm told it's easy.

Breakfast Potato Casserole - My grandma's recipe - this will be for Christmas morning.  I'm just going to get it ready and put it in the fridge so we can just put it in the oven on Christmas.

Bacon Jalepeno Cheese Ball - I've never made one before, but my mom said she was making a cheese ball for Christmas, and I thought it was a great idea!  So I'm going to try this one.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies - Okay, this is one of the fallbacks, but it's one of our favorites so I wanted to make it again.  I'm adapting it this year though, because the recipe I have used in the past is too crumbly.

Carrissa's Chewies - My mom bought me this Rocky Mountain Sweet Shop cookbook, and these cookies are in there.  They involve coconut, chocolate chips, and almond extract.  Yum!

Blitzen's Bites - From the same cookbook above.  In which you pile cocounut, brown sugar, toffee bits, marshmallows, and almonds on top of graham crackers!  They looked good.

Rolo Pretzel Bites - I don't know who first came up with these since I've seen them on Pinterest and the Rolo bag, but it's genius!  

Some sort of popcorn creation - This is still in the works.  I just wanted to do something with popcorn.  I may end up coming up with my own creation.

Vegetables - I'm just going to cut up a bunch of vegetables for us to munch on.  Sometimes on Christmas I just get sweeted-out (my own term for having too much sugar in a 24 hour period).

Do you do a spread of Christmas goodies for your family?  

Ugly Sweater Gender Reveal Party Invitations!

Here is a peek at our gender reveal party invitations!  We decided to combine it with an ugly sweater party this year since we get to find out at Christmastime - it should be a lot of fun!

DSC 8756editblog

DSC 8765editblog

DSC 8772editblog


To make the invitations:

1. I used some blank cards - brown paper served my purposes.

2.  I took a basic t-shirt shape, traced it onto some scrapbook paper, and cut all the little "sweaters" out.  

3.  Then I got a big, thick needle and some colorful string and stitched around each sweater.  

4. I used mode podge to glue each sweater to the paper, and I swept a layer of mode podge over the whole front of the card to seal it.

5.  I designed the inside text using photoshop, then I had it printed on some semi-transparent paper.

6. I punched some holes in the cards tied the whole thing together with some red and white baker's twine!

I think they turned out pretty cute, and I'm really looking forward to our ugly sweater/gender reveal party!  Full party recap (and gender announcement!) coming next week!

Big Boy Room Reveal!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I'm probably off Black Friday shopping right now, but I thought I'd share a few pictures of Wyatt's finished room!  It took me so long to finish setting it up because I did several of the projects myself.

If you remember from a few months ago, I was trying to decide between a car theme or a construction zone theme.  I ended up ordering the construction zone bedding because I liked the colors better - it went better with the yellow walls so I didn't have to repaint, and Wyatt loves trucks!  

But the more I thought about it, the more I decided I didn't want to do a specific theme - Wyatt is into so many things right now.  Animals, cars, tractors, airplanes, trucks - he likes all of that.  So instead of a particular theme I just did a miss mash of things that I know Wyatt likes.  I really like the way it turned out, and I'm glad we kept the yellow walls because his room is so bright and cheerful!

DSC 9155editblogBigboyroomcollage1
DSC 9118editblog

DSC 9156editblog
DSC 9143editblogBigboyroom2
DSC 9154editblog
DSC 9152editblogcrop

The projects I did for his room:

-Derek and I got an old sewing table at the thrift store for six dollars, and I repainted it to turn it into a nightstand.  The nightstand was going to be tricky because the bed is so tall, so I was glad we found something that would work - and overall it only cost me $15!


-Obviously I made the felt circle banner, which I posted about earlier this week:

DSC 9114editblog 
 -I also just hung a string with mini clothes pins so We could hang some of Wyatt's art work in his room.  I cut out the letters of his name to hang too.  I think it will be fun to add some of his masterpieces to the string as he makes them!

DSC 9157editblog

-The biggest project was the plaques I made to hang on his wall!  I am really happy with the way they turned out.  I might post a little tutorial on how I did them soon, so stay tuned.


I bought:

-New bedding from Amazon.

-The book shelf and storage cubes from Target

Everything else I already had!

It was a bit of a process moving Wyatt into his new room - my little guy is not a big fan of change.  But he's to the point now where he'll go down in there pretty easily for naps, and with only a little work at night.  

I was going to get him a step stool so he could climb up in to bed - but WYatt can actually climb up there pretty well all by himself, and he has no trouble getting down either!  I was also going to get a guard rail since the bed is so high, but I didn't have one ordered yet when we moved him in there - so I just put a bunch of pillows on the floor and a couple pillows on the edge of the bed as a barrier - and Wyatt has had no trouble rolling off yet, so I think I'm going to hold off on buying the rail.

As far as whether he likes the room - he loves his truck bedding!  He always wants to lay on his "truck pillow" - the other pillows will not do.  He was also really excited about the plaques I made for his wall - he was watching me paint them and couldn't stop chattering about the car and trucks!  I think he likes it, he's just getting used to the big switch.  I'm glad I included so many things that he likes, because I think it makes him feel more comfortable in there to be surrounded by so much fun stuff!
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