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Growth Spurt! 18 Weeks (Baby #5)

I read somewhere that babies start to go through a growth spurt around 18 weeks, and I believe it - I've been feeling it this last week!  I don't think you can tell from the outside yet, but some of my symptoms make me think there is definitely some growing happening.

I'm suddenly tired again (but thankfully not nearly as tired as in the first trimester), and I have had a couple days last week when I felt nauseous.  I have never felt nauseous in the second trimester before, so I wondered at first if it was a stomach bug, but I dismissed that idea when it happened twice on separate days in one week.  Weirdly, I think I might have figured out that I feel worse when I drink milk - do people develop food sensitivities while pregnant?  This has never happened to me before!  I am crossing my fingers that it's not the milk because I love my dairy, but I have cut it out for a few days and will have a bowl of cereal tomorrow to test it out.  Whatever is going on with that, Baby is making his/her presence known!

Baby is still moving daily now, but the movements are pretty soft and down low.  Movements down low in my belly make me worry that baby is breech (Clarice was and I always felt her kicks lower), but if this baby is breech, he/she is comfortably breech.  I haven't had any backaches at all this pregnancy, which is unusual for me and so nice! Overall, this Baby has been very gentle with the pregnancy aches/pains/symptoms, and that has been a blessing.  I thought it might be harder being pregnant this time since I'm getting ever older, but this pregnancy has been easier than some of my others!  Now I'm just hoping for some stronger kicks from Baby in the next few weeks, because it's so fun to feel them from the outside.

Sitting here typing this post, I feel like I've almost felt a couple Braxton Hicks! They started around the middle of my pregnancy with Clarice as well, but I was kind of surprised to feel them anyway.  It's a good thing because my uterus is toning up for labor, but that still seems so far off (even though it's not that far off, actually - five months will fly by)!

Gender reveal party plans are in full swing now (we find out on July 3rd!), and we're going to have the party the weekend after the 4th of July.  So obviously we'll go with a 4th of July/Americana theme!  The 4th is in the middle of the week this year, so I think it'll work out just fine.  I'm going to be on the hunt for sparklers, because where we are they always sell out way before the 4th - and when I say we sell out, I mean every place I check in my state is out of sparklers and fireworks after a certain date.  If I can't find any, Baby and I will be taking a little trip across the state line!  

This week is also my birthday week, so we celebrated last weekend.  I always like being pregnant on my birthday!  It's just fun to celebrate with another little one along for the ride, and I feel blessed.

I know I promised a belly comparison picture this week, but I changed my mind and I'm going to save it for next week - along with all my symptoms, etc, and maybe even a little gift card for someone who guesses the gender right!  Stay tuned!

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Swing dress:
Kimono: Forever21
Pineapple Necklace: Christopher & Banks

First Baby Purchase - 12 Weeks (Baby #5)

It's Week 12, which means we are almost out of the first trimester!  This is particularly exciting for me this time around, since pregnancy fatigue has really knocked me out the last couple of months.  I'm really looking forward to (hopefully) feeling more energetic.  Please pray with me that my energy really does come back.  Some people have freaked me out by suggesting I'll be this tired all the way through this time, which I refuse to believe - think positive!

I've been feeling more productive over the last week, which has been refreshing.  I've realized that I really can't stay up past 9:00 PM with this baby if I want to be functional and in a reasonably good mood the next day.  It's almost impossible to get to bed by 9 every night, especially in the coming week because I have so many mom's nights out, and an end-of-year party for my church's mom's group.  My plan is to implement the same strategy I mentioned a couple weeks ago, which is to stumble out of bed the next morning when the kids arise  (i.e. at sunrise), stick in a movie, and stumble back to bed for another hour of sleep.  Perhaps I should feel bad about this, but I don't.  Not even a little bit.

This week I've been finding myself particularly excited about this baby.  I've been having days where I feel normal, and I almost forget I'm pregnant...and then when I remember, I grin at the thought of snuggling a sweet newborn all my own in a few short months!  It just strikes me every now and then how blessed I am to get to do this again, to greet a new little life, and feel a baby stirring in my stomach again, and hold a squishy newborn with a sweet head tucked under my chin again.  I'm excited!

Shirt: Target
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
Pants: Forever21
Sweater with snap buttons:  (affiliate link) 
(I just love Jane! They have so many cute things at a discount.)
Gold "chainmail" headband: Charming Charlie (referral link for $10 off $40!)

I'm particularly anxious to feel some tiny baby kicks, and I've been paying especially close attention to my lower abdomen lately.  The earliest I've felt baby movement is 14 weeks and some days, but I have acquaintances who claim to have felt their baby as early as 12 weeks.  It can't hurt to be extra attentive, right?

I made the first purchase for this baby recently, a sheet for the crib.  I'm afraid that sounds terribly boring, but it's a plush minky sheet.  A cozy white cloud of a sheet.  It will be lovely.

I'll add a stuffed animal or some other sweet toy that is appropriate for the baby box when I get some time to shop alone.  If I try to buy a toy for the baby with my munchkins in tow, I'll probably be talked into buying them each something, or letting them each pick out something for the baby, and that could get pricey!

And just for fun, here is all five babies at 12 weeks, in order (I believe you can click on the picture for a larger view):

I used to get excited around 12 weeks because I thought I was "showing".  Haha!  It's safe to say Baby #5's bump is beating them all!

My next appointment is at 15 weeks, and I'm so excited to hear baby's sweet heartbeat again!  

The Secret To The Perfect Chalky Heart (And Other Musings)

I started typing this post during nap time yesterday.  Nap time is a fight these days.  Wyatt and Gwen are old enough that it is really "quiet time", and I think Clyde is on the verge of giving up naps too.

Nevertheless, I typed a couple paragraphs and then set my laptop aside so I could go wash my hair before all the kids got up.  I barely made it out of the bathtub before they were all downstairs playing "shots" with Gwen's new doctor toys. I watched them for a while (apparently "bees in the ears" is a serious ailment), and then finally headed upstairs to make some real macaroni and cheese for dinner.

I got the cheese sauce started and then thought I'd edit a couple pictures
while it simmered, but I found my laptop in Gwen's room.  They named this post "bv6766t@TFAQEQAS1QW2wiIop".  I was tempted to leave that as the title to the post, but I thought it might discourage any of you from actually reading it.  We will be having a talk about playing with mommy's laptop.

My Haircut

As mentioned last week, I got a haircut and color this weekend.  A friend of mine from church is a hairstylist, but I've never made an appointment with her before - that is changing now!  I love the way it turned out!  This is the first time in a long time that I have not come home from a haircut and felt the need to pull out the scissors and fix something myself.  I am told my hair is very thick and very heavy, so choppy ends is frequently a problem - but the way she did my cut this time, the ends are not too thick at all and give me some oomph on top.

For the color, I went with blonde and red highlights again, but the red is a little lighter than the red I've done in the past.  I think I'm subconsciously wishing for summer.  I really like the way it turned out.  It took me a day to get used to the lighter red, but I think it's better for spring.  In the fall I'll probably go with a darker red again (or try something wild and crazy, like the colored hair I pinned).

A Non-Political Discussion Of Inaugural Ball Dresses

The other day I was walking through the mall, looking for gifts for my MOPS group for the Spring and picking up a birthday present...but I found myself eyeing the formal gowns in one of the stores' windows.  

You know how you sometimes read about community dances in historical novels?  I always have two questions: 1) Did they really have frequent dances like that back in the day, or is it just convenient for whatever fictional romance is playing out?  And 2) why are there no community dances or balls anymore?  If they exist, where are they?  I want to go; I want to dress up and go somewhere where waltzing occurs and inappropriate dancing is lacking.

All that to say, between the formal dresses in the window and the inaugural balls that I stayed up late to watch last Friday, I feel that an inaugural ball fashion review is in order.  

The First Lady and Vice President's Wife made great dress choices in my book.  There is something about a white dress on a First Lady that I always love.  And I think I even liked Mrs. Pence's pick just as much, if not an eency bit more, than Melania Trump's.  It just twirled so nicely!  

If I had to pick though, I think I would have gone with Ivanka Trump's dress for myself.  I love the glitz.

Have any of you been to a formal event since you graduated high school?  What did you wear?  It's a pity all the formal occasions have to be wasted on the questionable fashion choices of many high school students.

On Candy Hearts

Let's just talk ever so briefly about candy hearts, shall we?  Candy hearts get a bad rap.  They are accused of being "gross" and "chalky" and "hard as a rock".  Okay, maybe they are chalky.  But if you get the right bag of candy hearts they can actually be pretty good, especially with a cup of tea as you look ahead to the day of love.  So let me tell you the secret to not-gross candy hearts.

1) Don't get the mini candy hearts.  Those really are as hard as a rock, and you probably will break a tooth.  Especially if you already have some fillings.  Just don't do it.

2) What you are looking for is the Brach's Large Conversation Hearts.  Note I said "large".  Bigger hearts mean less of a chance you will break a tooth.  Which brings me to my third point.

3) The secret to a good bag of large conversation hearts is to find one that doesn't appear to have a lot of air in it.  Pick up the bag and shake it around a little.  If you can find one that looks vacuum sealed or where the candy hearts don't change position too much when you shake the's gold.  Buy that bag!  It will be full of nice, soft candy hearts.

4) Where do you find these good bags of conversation hearts you may ask?  I had to do an internet search because my regular grocery store doesn't appear to carry them anymore, and I found out that Target has them this year!  As if you needed another reason to shop at Target.  There you go.

(After you eat those hearts, you should check out my "worth the time" post last week for a great sale on Sonicare toothbrushes.  That's the dental hygienist in me coming out.)

Old School Blogger Shoutout

Today, I give you two old-school bloggers who are about to have a baby any minute...

Alexandria from Life Of Scooter - Scooter is Alex's cute little dachshund, but she writes about all kinds of things...including expecting baby #3!  Go look at her cute bump!

Ashley Robyn from With Grace - This is a relatively new blog to me, but Ashley is expecting her first baby, and I've been enjoying her reflections.  She hasn't posted in a couple weeks, but I'm thinking that might mean baby is here?  Go stalk her blog for a couple weeks and we'll probably have a baby announcement soon!

What I'm Drinking: Almond Sunset tea from Celestial Seasonings.  It's the right kind of tea to drink while eating candy hearts, in case you were wondering.

Hikes, Hurts, And Haircuts

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back to the rhythm of life after New Year's?  This week feels like the first "normal" week since before Christmas - and it's not even actually normal since we had a long weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I'm declaring today an honorary Tuesday, so this old-fashioned post is a day late (but not really, because it's an honorary Tuesday).

A Winter Walk

I am happy to report that our sickness last week was fairly short-lived.  I had about a day and a half of feeling miserable, and then I felt almost totally better the next day.  A couple days after we had all seemed to recover from our cold I was definitely feeling the cabin fever though.  So I decided we'd take a winter walk!  I see no reason why we can't still enjoy the outdoors in the winter (we just have to bundle up first).  I drove us all to a stream, and the kids had a grand ole time poking through the ice with sticks.  It was a short walk, but it was lovely.  I think we might do it again this week.

First Friendship Hurt

Today I sat down to type this with my bowl of mini wheats, Gwen sitting in the chair next to me.  Then I heard "Bobby* doesn't talk to me anymore."  I looked up, and she was looking at me with big, sad brown eyes.  She just looked at me, because I'm the mom and it's my job now to explain these things and make them better.  And my heart broke a little, and I didn't know what to say to my sweet little four-year-old with her first friendship hurt.

I remember the first time it occurred to me that my children were going to be hurt by their friends.  When Wyatt was about two years old, he made a little friend in his nursery class at church.  Every time I sent him in, his friend would grab his arm and include him in whatever the kids were playing.  I stood outside the nursery window and watched this once, and I just remember feeling that squeeze in my heart.  I was so happy he had a little friend, but I was also strangely scared.  What if his friend dumped him eventually?  What if the friend decided he liked playing with someone else more and Wyatt felt left out?

I've had my share of friendship hurts, but it's even harder for me to think about my kids being hurt.  I know it's the nature of the beast, so to speak.  You can't really venture out and make the good friends without also taking the potential for hurt that comes with it, but knowing that doesn't make it easier to watch your children as they take steps into the friendship minefield.  It's only a matter of time.  I just pray that they'll find friends who are good enough to make the risks worth it.

I looked at Gwen, grasping for words.  I mumbled something about little boys going through a stage where they only want to play with the other boys, and said "I'm sorry, honey."  It seemed to be good enough.  Now she's bouncing around Clarice's high chair and laughing, friendship woes forgotten.

I'm the one still sitting here thinking about it.

Hair Color and Cut

Moving on to something more superficial, this week is not only inauguration week (for which I've planned a whole little President unit study for our homeschool), but it's also haircut week!  For me, and for the boys (because I need to break out the razor and give them a haircut this week).  I still can't bear to cut Gwen's hair.

On Saturday I'm getting my hair cut and colored.  This is what it looks like now:

I think it looks fine now, but I'm overdue for a trim.  The shape is getting a little wonky, and I wouldn't mind an inch or so taken off (not too much because I want to grow it out a little for the summer, but we'll see).  The part I'm having a hard time with is the color.  I'll probably just get my usual blonde and red highlights, but part of me wonders if I should try something new.

What is "in" these days?  I rarely color or highlight my hair, and I am definitely not up to date on current hair trends.  I kind of do my own thing, at least thus far, but I am going to ask my hairstylist/friend if she has any ideas.  I kind of like these (ignore the purple and blue ideas, those are for if/when I get up the nerve someday - which is not today).

Brunette Friends, do you color or highlight your hair?  What's your favorite look?  Should I try something new or stick with the old stand-by?

I'll post an updated picture next week!

What I'm Drinking: Celestial Seasonings Coconut Thai Chai.  Think of a more summery spin on chai tea.  It's good!

Old School Blogger Shoutout:

Felicia at Behind The Yellow Door - My dear friend Felicia has jumped on the old-fashioned blogging bandwagon!  She wrote a post about her New Year's Goals, and I think I need to steal her book goal for myself (too many books, you know).

Bekah at Shafferland - Bekah is a newer blog friend, and I have really been enjoying getting to know her better through her blog!

*Bobby is not the real name.  But it seems like a great fake little boy name, right?

Winter Style: New Year's Eve Outfit

Does anyone actually go to New Year's Eve parties?

I've honestly never been invited to a New Year's Eve party, not even before I had kids with a bedtime before midnight.  What does one wear to a New Year's Eve party?

Well, this is what I'd wear.

(Some affiliate links below.)

We are actually thinking about having a New Year's gathering, we'll call it, this year.  I really want to have a game night, and isn't New Year's Eve a good excuse?  Especially with young kids, because we could do it early in the evening, have New-Year's-Eve type foods, and quit in time to get the kids in bed - and no one will think we're lame, because they will be leaving to put their kids in bed too.  See how that works?

And here I am, writing this ahead of time to schedule for the day before New Year's Eve, and I don't know if we're really going to get our act together enough to get some people over here! I should get going on it.

Earrings: ?? Probably Charlotte Russe, probably 7 years ago?  When I like an article of clothing or accessory, it stays with me.
Shirt: Forever21, bought when I was pregnant one of those times, because this is long and stretchy and can be bunched up to fit around a belly.
Sparkly Sweater: Forever21, and I had no idea how cute it would be when I ordered it a few years ago.  It's a winter holiday staple, whether we are talking Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's.  It's never leaving my closet.
Leather-paneled leggings: Target, a couple years ago.
Socks: Target
Boots: JustFab

Do you do anything special for New Year's Eve?

Winter Style: Cookie Exchange Outfit

Who has some Christmas events coming up in the next week?  Oddly, this year it seems everyone in my sphere tried to do all their gatherings at the beginning of December, expecting the middle of the month to be busy, which is actually leaving me pretty free for the next week and a half.  Which is perfect because I have a bunch of baking to do!  That is probably what I am doing as you read this, baking with the kids.  Trying to get ahead you know.

I'm calling this a cookie exchange outfit, because it's casual and it looks Santa-esque. Have I mentioned how much I love layering this time of year? The furry vests are just so fun, and especially around Christmas (but I wear them all winter too).

(Some affiliate links below.)

Once again, I like this outfit because it's Christmas-y without being too obvious.  Though I have no problem being obvious either.  See my Christmas shirt here.

Headband: Charming Charlie
Shirt: Target, a couple years ago.
Pants: JustFab - their jeans seem to fit me more consistently than any other store or site! I got sucked into their VIP club a couple years ago because of an amazing boot deal, and have yet cancel it.  They do have the best after-Christmas clothes deals and pre-summer shoe deals I've found.
Boots: Justfab

Any cookie exchanges (or other Christmas fun) this week?

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