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Georgie Bea At Three


My Sweet Georgie Bea,

You are sleeping on my lap as I type this, the letter for your 3rd birthday. You are breathing softly, your eyelashes brushing your cheek, and it reminds me of the days when you were a tiny baby. How are you three already? And a delightful little three-year-old you are.

You love Minnie Mouse, and Blaze And The Monster Machines. You often stop in your tracks when you spot my nails painted and declare “I wike your nails, Mama. They’re so pwetty!” You love snuggling with me before naptime still.  Sometimes you will remind me if I forget. “Mama, I wanna snugga you,” you’ll say, staring at me with your big brown eyes.

You have perfected the sad eyes, but you only pull them out when you want more time with us or maybe for a special treat. If we have to tell you no, we will explain why to you, and you always respond with a compliant, “Okay, Mama.” You are very concerned about being left out or having to wait too long, but you don’t demand your own way once we explain. You are the easiest-going three year old I know.

You love pink and princess things, but sometimes your interests also surprise me. You point out trains wherever you see them, and you also like big trucks. Horses are always exciting. 

You greet the moon whenever you spot it, and in that five minutes right before it’s pitch-black outside, you will gasp and exclaim “Mama, wook, it’s so pwetty out dere!”  When I was getting ready for hunting season, you confidently declared “I’m going to be a hunter too!” 

You have a sweet tooth, but generally you are pretty easygoing about food. You’ll eat anything that isn’t “hot” (spicy). You’re always doing silly little things to make us laugh, like chewing your food on double-speed. Once I asked you if you liked your bowl of soup, and you didn’t respond as you kept your eyes on mine, raised your spoon, and made a noisy slurp then laughed. We all chuckled with you! You are such a fun little girl.

My favorite moments are when I have left the house for some reason - maybe a grocery shopping trip or just to get the mail- and as soon as I walk in the door you rocket around the corner and shout excitedly “Mama, You’re home! I missed you, Mama! I wuv you so much!” It makes me smile and hope you never stop. From the time you were an newborn you’ve added so much fun and joy to our days, my sweet girl. I wish I could freeze you right here. But every month you grow and say more cute things, and develop cute new habits, and reveal more of your adorable and funny personality. And then I’m excited to see what’s to come.

 I love you more than all the leaves in all the mountains in all the world, my sweet girl. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Love Always, Mama

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