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Gwendolyn At 18 Months

DSC 5455blog
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My Sweet Gwendolyn is 18 months old!

I feel like she has started to look so much more grown up in the last couple months.  I look at her now, and I can just see hints of what she will look like as a girl.  She is still my baby in so many ways though.

Gwen is in size 3 diapers, 18 month clothes, and she is in size 5 shoes.  We just went to the doctor the other day, and she weighs 22 pounds, and is 32 1/2 inches tall!  

Gwen has been saying so many words lately.  I probably won't even be able to remember all of them, but in addition to the words I listed last time, she says banana, bible, Jesus, Clyde, Harvey, Ralphie, door, ball, yeah, windy, cookie, cracker, nap, potty, diaper, water (as in rivers and lakes, not to drink), toast, Grandpa, flower, "pop a wheelie" (guess who taught her that one) . . . I know I'm forgetting a few.  She repeats a lot of our words!

She also has her own language of sorts - the cutest "word" she has is when she asks for water.  When she's thirsty she'll move her tongue back and forth over her lips and make a water/bubble kind of sound.  It's hard to explain, but it's adorable when she does it!  I can also tell she understands a lot - I'll ask her questions, and she usually will answer by nodding yes, or shaking her head no.  She follows directions pretty well too.  It's amazing to me how much they understand at such a young age.

Her personality is just the cutest.  She is such a sweet girl - she smiles all the time, and loves to have the attention on her.  She loves it when people tell her she's cute.  She is great at sharing and taking care of Clyde.  She also has some "spunk" to her - but it's just the right amount of spunk.  She has no proper sense of danger, so I have to keep an eye on her, but when I tell her no she still just grins at me and then obeys.

Her favorite thing in the world right now is her blanket.  It's so funny to me, the blanket she chose - she has so many fuzzy, super-soft blankets, but she picked the most basic (and the biggest) one she had to be THE blankie.  She gets distressed whenever I have to wash her blanket, and she must have it to sleep.  If she hurts herself, or is upset in any way, she will call out "blankie!" in this desperate little voice.  Her word for blankie still sounds like "dain-dee" sometimes, but it is starting to sound more like "dain-det" other times.  It makes me a little sad, because it is so cute to hear her calling out for her "dain- dee".

She has never been much of a smuggler, but every now and then she'll have a rough day, and she'll just start crying for no reason.  Then I'll pick her up, and she'll just sit on my lap and snuggle under my chin.  She fell asleep like that a few weeks ago, and it was so precious.  She hardly ever does that, so when she does I try to take full advantage!

I have to tell this, because it's so cute - we went to the pool this week with my mom and sister, and my mom brought vanilla wafers (which the kids love).  So Gwen got herself a vanilla wafer, but Jethro (my sister's son, who is the same age as Gwen), indicated that he wanted one too.  So she gave him her cookie and went back to get herself one.  Then she proceeded to make sure Wyatt had a cookie, then she gave Jethro another cookie.  I thought it was so cute how she was making sure everyone else had one too!  She has such a sweet little heart, and I love seeing her choosing to put others first like that.  She is growing into such a beautiful little girl, inside and out.


My Precious Gwendolyn,

Baby Girl, I can't believe you are already a year and a half!  You are growing so fast.  I love seeing the person you are becoming - you are such a darling girl.  You have the type of personality that people are drawn to, and everyone can't help but smile around you. You brighten everyone's day.  I think one of my favorite sounds is your giggle - it comes from way down in your stomach and just bubbles out, and it makes me want to giggle too!  I am so glad to have you as my daughter, precious girl.  Your middle name is perfect - you are a gem.  Perfect and unique and wonderfully made.  

I love you more than all the jewels in the world.


Lovely Staycation

Well, we're "back" from our staycation!  It ended up being a lovely week.  We got to do a lot of the touristy things we have been wanting to do for a while, and we just spent time together as a family.

We went to the zoo.

IMG 2984blog

We went on a movie date (thanks to Derek's mom and dad watching the kids for us!).  We saw Maleficent, and it was actually better than I was expecting.

IMG 3133blog

IMG 3135blog

We visited a petrified "forest" - fossils of giant redwood stumps!  It was interesting, and the kids liked being able to run around.

IMG 3300blog

IMG 3362blog

We had a lovely 4th of July.  I have been reading a book called "The Soda Fountain", and I followed their recipe for blueberry syrup and made us some homemade blueberry sodas!

IMG 3402blog

Waiting for fireworks later that night.

IMG 3514blog

We wrapped up our staycation with a relaxing day at home, complete with a trip to our neighborhood park and a movie night with a fort (built by Derek).

Staycations never sounded like that much fun to me, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it!  We got to do a lot of fun stuff together, and just relax.  It was definitely just what I needed after the week before!

These are just a few of the many pictures I have from the week - request to follow my photo blog to see the rest over the next couple days!

(Note:  If you are a new follower, I have a separate photo blog for pictures of my kids.  It's just an effort to hide pictures from search engines, but I love showing off my cute kiddos, so please don't hesitate to submit a request!)

The Lost Dinosaur Pictures (And My Birthday)

This last weekend was Father's Day, but we also celebrated my birthday!  Even though I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from the weekend (can you believe it?  I was so upset), I still wanted to document.

On Saturday Derek had plans to take us out for my birthday, and he started out the day by taking the kids to buy me presents.  He let them each pick out what they wanted to get me, and he said Gwen pointed to a pack of batteries and said "mama!".  So AAA batteries were my first present.  I think we need to work on Gwen's present picking skills!  Honestly, it was pretty cute though.  Then my next gift was a beautiful necklace that Wyatt picked out for me!

Image 9

Clyde and I had a nice morning getting ready, and he gave me the biggest smiles, which I love!  Then we took off for town to get an upgrade on my phone.  I am very excited about it.  My iPhone was a 4 with 8 GB, and it was getting really slow.  Now I have a 5C with 32 GB!  It is impressive how much faster it is, and the camera is way better quality!

After my upgrade and a hurried renewal of my driver's license online (I forgot that it was expiring!), Derek took me to the new Trader Joe's.  We just got one around here.  My goal was to find a pear vinaigrette that I had tasted before, but of course they were sold out.  So we splurged on pear ginger tea, cookie butter, dark chocolate, orange muscat champagne vinegar, and a basil plant instead!  They have a lot of neat stuff there.  We're just going to have to go back at some point for my pear vinaigrette.

Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 6 20 34 PM

Next we went and picked out a cheesecake for my birthday cake, then got Japanese food for dinner.  We picked out a couple movies at Best Buy, but we ended up watching a Jim Gaffigan comedy routine and eating my cheesecake after we got the kids in bed.  It was a lovely evening.

The next day the kids and I made Derek a Father's Day card, and gave it to him with a homemade coupon for one item of his choice that I would buy for him!  Yes, it's kind of cheating.  But I wasn't sure exactly what he wanted, and it's hard shopping with three kids.  He thought it was a good present though.

We went to church, and then afterward we went to see some dinosaur tracks!  Yes, there are actual dinosaur tracks in some of the rocks in our area.  And this is where I wish I had not lost all my pictures, because I had dinosaur track fossils and dinosaur bone fossils to show you!  And pictures of Wyatt and Gwen with the dinosaur fossils!  Argh.  And pictures next to life-size dinosaur models.  Argh again.

(Me with my wonderful dad!)

Anyway, it was a nice birthday celebration and Father's Day!  My only wish is that I didn't lose my pictures!  It happened when I tried to restore the old backup of my phone, and I've searched the Cloud to no avail.  Oh well.  You can visit my photo blog (request an invite to the right) or follow me on Instagram for the ones I still have!

THE COLD, And Other Ramblings

I've been a little MIA this week, and that is because the kids and I have a horrible cold!  Not just a head cold, more of a head+chest congestion+achy muscles kind of cold.  And of course we all had to come down with it at once.  I really don't know what I would do if Derek wasn't here right now, because I've been feeling miserable.  As in sit-on-the-couch-without-sleeping-thinking-about-how-miserable-I-feel miserable.  Thankfully we seem to be on the downward slope, as evidenced by the fact that I am actually typing out a blog post!

Aside from The Cold, not much has been going on.  We went to a doctor's appointment for Gwen on Monday and I made the mistake of not letting her bring her blankie in.  I just don't trust those medical building floors.  She cried the whole time, and wailed "dain-dee" (which is how she pronounces "blankie"), and collapsed on the floor whenever I required her to walk, while other patrons stopped and laughed about how I have my hands full.  One lady actually offered to help me to my car.  That's how pathetic and frazzled I looked.

My mom says that I should cut her blanket in half (because of course she picked the biggest blanket she had as the blankie), and I think after the doctor's office incident I just might do it.  That way she can take the one piece in, and I can give her the other piece in the car while I stash the contaminated portion to wash later.

I also wanted to let you all know that I have adjusted my photo blog concept a bit.  I found out that Blogger apparently has a limit on the number of readers you can have for a private blog - bleh! So I made my photo blog public, but just hid it to search engines.  I don't want to link directly to the blog from here, so I'll still have you fill out a request form if you want access, and then I'll send you the link (see the button on the right for the request form)!  I'm hoping this will make it a little easier for you all to follow as well. If you already requested to follow it, I sent you an e-mail, so check your inbox or e-mail me again!

(Clyde, looking adorable at the park last Saturday.  This was before The Cold hit.  Also, I'm in love with his hat.)

Oh, and we'll probably go to the zoo on Friday with my mom and sister - I'm glad I finally have a day nailed down, because Wyatt has been bugging me for weeks to go back to the zoo.  He keeps talking about the "elephants", and "giraffes", and "peacocks" (imagine the ends of each of those words going up, as in a sing-song voice).  Usually the conversation goes something like this:

Wyatt: "We're going to go to the zoo!"

Me: *laugh* "You want to go to the zoo?"

Wyatt: "Um, okay, sure."

Me (realizing my mistake): "Oh, we can't go to the zoo today, honey."

Wyatt: *silence with a horrified look* or *whimpering that evolves into crying*

Me (in an effort to avert an incident): "We'll go to the zoo soon though, okay?  We'll go soon."

Wyatt: "Yay, we'll go to the zoo soon!"

My friends, "soon" has finally come.  I had to push off "soon" too many times.  Any more promises of "soon" and the first "soon" will turn into a lie.  I already feel guilty about it, so it's this Friday for sure!  I think The Cold should have left us by then.

What have you all been up to this week?

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Maternity Photos With Clyde! Part Two

I am so excited to share the second half of our maternity pictures with you!  Danae and Scott are so good at interacting with the kids, and they got so many great ones of all of us together!  I love the way they turned out.

CM3 044blog

I'm posting the rest of the pictures on my photo blog, so head on over there to see them!  And prepare for a ton of cuteness - the kids were really cooperating and the pictures turned out so good!  I love to have readers follow along!

The Watched Pot And All That

Hey everyone!  No baby yet.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I had a round of false labor on Monday.  I had contractions about 10 minutes apart for four hours!  It was exactly how my labor with Gwen felt at the beginning, so I thought for sure this was "it".

I called my mom and Derek and they drove home to be with me.  Around midnight they convinced me that I should try to get a little rest, so we went to bed.  The contractions did continue for another hour and half or so - I know because I'd wake up with a contraction occasionally.  But they didn't get any stronger, and by morning they were pretty much gone.

I have never had false labor contractions before.  I don't like it.  I hope it doesn't happen again.

I've been feeling pretty much normal since then, and instead of obsessing and planning about when I'm going to go into labor, I decided to treat the rest of this week like a normal week.  I'm coping much better now.

I even scheduled some posts for next week even though I had been hoping to start the week off with a baby announcement.  But the watched pot never boils, and if I act like I'm not going to have the baby this week, then I'll be more likely to have the baby this week, right?  At least it seems like that's how it works.

I will say that the false labor mentally prepared me even more to have this baby here.  I can actually picture it now, I can imagine the weight of his little body in my arms, I can almost feel his little head snuggled under my chin.  I am ready.  Now if my body will just cooperate, we can do this thing!

Anyway, now that I've updated you on the littlest little's antics, I posted a couple pictures of Wyatt and Gwen on the photo blog.  I can't believe how big they are getting!  Also, it is so hard to photograph toddlers.  Wyatt's "cheese" face definitely looks fake, even if he does sit still long enough for me to capture it.  And Gwen will still look at the camera and smile, but she is constantly moving.  I chased them around the house for a while to get these!  They definitely keep me active, those ones!  Anyway, hop on over there to see their beautiful smiles.  Also, Wyatt looks so grown up these days.  *sigh*

Cake Smash

G 1 Year 075blog

Happy April Fool's Day!  It might have been funny for me to do a fake "I'm in labor!" post today, but then I always think it's not so funny when you find out I'm actually kidding.  Those kind of jokes are more fun for the prankster than for the . . . prankees?  I like sticking to jokes that are funny for everyone.

I've got nothing.  So instead I'm going to share pictures from Gwen's one year old cake smash!  Even though she's 15 months old now.  Can that count as an April Fool's joke?

Anyway, I do have Gwen's cake smash photos up today!  And they are cute, cute, cute.  Little Girl loves her some cake.  Go to my photo blog to check it out!

One And A Quarter

(For a picture overload of Gwen over the last couple months, click through to my photo blog!  I just but a few photos in this post of her little outfit, there are lots more here.)

My sweet Gwendolyn is 15 months old!  

I can't believe how much Gwen has changed since she turned a year.  She is growing so much every day!

A fun thing has been seeing how she has learned to walk!  She is a very good walker now, and follows us everywhere.  It's so funny to me to watch her walk around, because she is still a baby in a lot of ways - it's just funny to see such a tiny little girl walking around.  She toddles, and carries things that are bigger than her (like the step stool from the bathroom, or large stuffed animals), and she tries to run.  She really does live up to her nickname and reminds me of a penguin sometimes, because she'll walk really fast with her arms held straight behind her.  It cracks me up!  I think her learning to walk so well, so fast has a lot to do with her trying to keep up with Wyatt.  It's adorable.

She has several words now - I think we are up to twelve words?   "Hi", "Mama", "Dada", "thank you" (which sounds like "dee-doe" - she only says it when she is handing me something.  Both of my kids say thank you when they want you to take something away from them), "up", "out", "arm", "drink" (which sounds like "deek", and is usually accompanied by her reaching her hands out and opening and closing her fingers - that's how she lets me know she's thirsty), "cheese", "dog" and "doll" and "duck" (which sound exactly the same, but I know she's trying to refer to each thing individually).  And I think that's it.  Most of the time she gets away without talking because Wyatt does a lot of the talking for her, so I'm trying to make her say things herself more.

Those are all the words she says, but there are a lot more words that she knows.  It's amazing to me, because she keeps surprising me at how much she understands me.  The other day Derek told Wyatt to grab his shoe, but before he could respond Gwen ran over and got his shoe for him!  I also asked her for a kiss the other day, and she knew exactly what I meant and gave me a kiss right on my cheek.  It was so precious.  There have been other times when I tell her something, and I can just tell that she knows what I'm saying.

Favorite toys include cars, her purse, the push car we've had since Wyatt was little, and her glow worm.  She is especially attached to her glowworm.  She loves to turn it on, and then she'll sway back and forth to the music it plays.  She also gets a huge grin if you sway with her to the music!

She got her first two upper molars at the beginning of March, and I think she's working on her lower ones now.

She is still so funny about "no" - whenever I tell her no to something, she laughs at me, and then she obeys.  I kind of love that she thinks it's fun to listen when I say no!  The only time she gets mad when I say no is when she wants something to eat and I tell her she can't have it.  Then she cries.

I love, love, love the baby kisses.  Gwen is such a little girl - she loves to give kisses.  She presses her lips together and says "Mmmm" - occasionally finished off with a "wah".  She also knows how to blow kisses now, and it is just so adorable to see her little fingers all splayed out as she presses her hand to her mouth.  She is really good at waving goodbye to people now, and she loves to get attention.  She smiles at complete strangers and says "hi" (still her favorite word).  It makes me kind of sad when people don't say hi back, because her face just falls!

Lately she has been sitting still with me more, and she was fallen asleep on my lap several times.  She usually doesn't do that, so I just soak it up when she does.  I want to enjoy those times when I can get her to settle down next to me, because she is usually on the go all the time.  There have been a couple times when Derek has been gone that I have sneaked her into bed with me, and she just curls up with her head against my shoulder and falls asleep.  I love feeling her little breath against my collarbone. When the new baby comes it will be harder to have her sleep in bed with me, so I love every time we get to do that now.

She still loves her blanket (she has to have it when she sleeps), and I think it's so funny because when she gets sleepy she sucks her thumb - but not in a traditional sense.  She more just hooks it into the left side of her mouth, and it cracks me up!

She has the funnest little personality, and she is always laughing and playing.  When I was looking for her outfit for her one year old pictures I had to nix all the things that were more pastel-colored, because it just didn't seem to fit her.  She is just such a bright, happy girl, so bright colors fit her better.  I think that still holds true!  She brightens up everyone's day with her happy little personality, and I love it!


Miss Gwen,

You are growing so fast!  I can't believe how much you have changed in this past month.  There are so many little things that make you "you", things that I love about you.  

The little gap between your front teeth when you grin.  The way your hair curls, and that impossible rats nest you develop on the back of your head (sorry baby girl, you got that from me).  Your tiny little feet - they are so small and delicate.  The way your face looks in the morning when you first wake up - cherub cheeks and squinty eyes.  Your chubby little baby legs and rounded tummy that make you look so much younger, even as you are running around the house like a "big" girl.  

The way you want to do everything that Wyatt does, how you follow him around all the time.  When you run over to your daddy with your arms stretched above your head so he'll pick you up.  The way your face lights up when you see someone you know. How you lay your head against my shoulder when you have a rare shy moment.  Your lips pressed together in that funny way when you give me a kiss.  

I want to remember all these little things you do right now, Sweet Girl.  You will continue to change and grow, and I know I will love every new thing I discover about you through the years, but I don't want to forget these sweet details - how you were at 1 1/4 years old.  You are so precious to me.  I love you, my Doll Baby.



Gwen's One Year Photos!


This is a little sneak peek of what we wore for our family pictures for Gwendolyn's one year session a couple months ago!  I'm finally getting around to posting them.  These aren't our exact outfits, but they are similar.  Head on over to my photo blog to see all of Gwen's one year old pictures!  

Update On Gwen

DSC 1262editblog
(Please request to follow my photo blog and then click here to see more pictures of my sweet girl!)

Even though I'm no longer doing monthly updates for Gwen, I wanted to post on some of the things she's been up to!  It seems like so many new things have been happening with her this month.

The biggest thing is that she has learned how to stand up! On the 6th she stood up for a good 10 seconds all by herself, and then a few days later on January 9th she all of a sudden figured out how to push herself up from a sitting position to a standing position.  It was so weird because it all happened in a matter of days!  She's been standing for longer and longer periods of time - the other night I was putting the kids to bed, and I came back into the room and she was just standing there, as casual as can be!  We usually clap and tell her good job, and she gets this huge, proud grin on her face!  Then she sits down.  

Since we've been clapping so much while she's standing she learned to clap her hands, and she's really into it now - it's one of her favorite things!  She has really gotten into peekaboo, and thinks it's so fun.  The other thing she loves to do is shake her head "no".  I think she thinks it's some sort of game - I tell her no, and then she shakes her head and laughs!  She usually listens and stops doing whatever she's doing, but I'm not so sure it's from obedience as it is from distraction by "the no game".  One of these days I'll have to make sure she knows that "no" is serious, but I don't have the heart to yet.  It's too cute to watch her get excited about shaking her head.

She got another tooth in in the last few weeks!  Her upper left lateral incisor.  Also, can I just say that I love the gap between her two front baby teeth?  I think it's adorable, and so Gwen.

She has formed a serious attachment to one specific blanket.  The other day I had to wash it and she was distressed the whole day.  She would not nap until we gave it back to her.  It surprises me that she picked that blanket, because somehow I thought she would gravitate toward her softest blanket, but it has to be that one.  It's pretty cute.

She has been giving kisses more and more.  When she wants a kiss she presses her lips together (actually it's more like pressing her lower lip over her upper lip), and then she goes "mmmm".  It's so cute, and she'll do it at random times, wanting me to kiss her.  I love it!  Sometimes she'll lean in to give me a "kiss", then lean back, then do it over again - it's our little game.  I love it so much!

She  learned to say "uh-oh" on January 2nd, adding to "mama", "dada", and "dog" ("da").  She also started saying "doll", but it sounds exactly like her noise for "dog"!  I know she means doll though, because she is referring to her dolls when she says it.  "Duck" may also be a word, but it sounds like "doll and "dog" too, so I'm not sure.

She is still really into cars and rumbles her lips for a car noise, but she has also started showing an interest in her dolls!  She gets a big smile on her face when I give her one of her baby dolls, and she loves her Glow Worm (which kind of looks like a baby doll).  In fact she seems to be forming a little attachment to her Glow Worm too.  It was the only thing that calmed her down at all that day I had to wash her blanket.  I think she likes it so much because it lights up and plays music.

On Sunday the 19th she took two steps without any assistance!  I can't believe how fast she is picking this up.  It's what comes from having a big brother to keep up with I guess.  She'll be walking before I know it.

My Baby Doll girl is growing up.

Winter First Birthday Party!

 Last weekend was Gwen's first birthday party!  As I've mentioned previously, I went back and forth on themes for a while.  Having a birthday right after Christmas makes it a little tricky to me - I wanted it to be wintery and fit in with the season, but without being Christmas-y.

I finally settled on a "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" theme!

For those of you who are not familiar with the song, it's from The Sound Of Music, and you can read the lyrics here.  

I tried to incorporate as many of the things from the song into her party as I could!  We had:

-Brown paper packages tied up with string.

-Whiskers On Kittens, Bright Copper Kettles, and Warm Woolen Mittens candles, from Yankee Candle (which I already happened to have).

-Snowflakes "that stay on my nose and eyelashes" (actually they just hung from our chandelier and her birthday banner).  I made the mosaic snowflakes with Wyatt several weeks ago.

-Sleigh bells, which I strung along with the balloons and spread onto the table for decorations.

-Schnitzel with noodles (otherwise known around here as Chicken Noodle Soup - I was just trying to think of something with noodles in it).

-Crisp Apple Strudel muffins (which I thought were going to be a disaster when the first batch flopped - thank goodness for the mason jars to make them look pretty!  I just baked them straight in the jars).

-The weather even played along and we had a "silver white winter" that will eventually melt into spring!


Overall it was a really fun and easy theme to do, and I'm really happy with the way everything turned out!  

If you have any questions about any specific elements, let me know.  Aside from Gwen's birthday banner, I made the rest of the decorations, invitations, etc.

DSC 0115blog

DSC 0120blog

DSC 0906blog

DSC 0959blogBday5
DSC 0933blogBday2DSC 0941blogBday4Bday6DSC 0974blog

DSC 0979blog

DSC 1010blogBday3DSC 0948blog

We had a really nice time, and Gwen especially enjoyed her birthday cupcake!  It was nice to be able to celebrate our sweet girl with our closest family and friends!


Punch recipe here.

To see cake and present pictures, head on over to my photo blog.

(If you aren't a follower of my private photo blog you'll have to request an invitation here first.)

Gwendolyn Is One Year Old!

DSC 0127editblog

(A sneak peek of Gwen's 1st birthday party invitations!)

Miss Gwen is officially a one year old!

DSC 0620editblog

DSC 0626editblog

This last month has been so much fun - I feel like she has just grown by leaps and bounds in one month!

-Her four front teeth are coming in nicely, and they make her little grins that much cuter (if it was possible for her to get cuter).

-Her hair seems to be growing in thicker all of a sudden, and this month we did her first pigtails!

DSC 0087editblog

-Playing peek-a-boo.  We've played it in the past, but she re-discovered it in the grocery store the other day and couldn't stop giggling.  It was so cute to see her lift her little blanket over her head and then drop it back down over and over again.

DSC 0180editblog

-She has gotten even more comfortable cruising around furniture, and she has stood for several seconds by herself!  I need to find her some good shoes, because I think she feels a little unstable still, like Wyatt did.  But she is very mobile and gets into everything.

-She learned to say "dog" this month, which really sounds more like "da".  It's cute!

DSC 0816editblog

-She got a little play makeup/vanity set for Christmas, and the other day I showed her how to use the powder puff and lipstick.  She just lit up, and she started trying to put the lipstick on me, and rubbed the powder puff all over my face!  It was one of those moments where I was just so glad to have a little girl - what fun we're going to have as she grows!

-She likes to copy everything Wyatt does, and cars are still some of her favorite toys.

DSC 0350editblog

-She's developed a new love for stuffed animals!  We went to the zoo to see Christmas lights, and she got really attached to this sloth stuffed animal, so we were sneaky and bought it for her birthday - she loves it!  I caught her talking to it, and moving it's arms the other day - it's so cute to watch her playing get more and more "sophisticated", so to speak.

DSC 0660editblog

-She loves using a sippy cup, and since she turned a year I've been giving her more of the same food we eat, since we're past all that allergy stuff.  She loves it!  She wants to do the same things she sees us doing, and she gets upset when I don't let her try a certain food.  She's growing so fast!

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-She is growing out of a lot of her 12 month clothes, but she's still a little small for a lot of 18 month clothes, so we're in a weird middle spot.  She's in size 3 diapers, size 3 shoes.

-We are in the midst of teething, and it's been really rough on her.  Wyatt never had that hard of a time with it, but she does.  It amazes me how she seems to know that the medicine we give her makes her feel better.  She calms down as soon as we give it to her because she knows she'll feel better soon!

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-We celebrated our first Christmas with Gwen, and she loved opening her presents!  She wasn't even interested in the paper, she knew that there were toys and other fun stuff underneath it!

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-Gwen's personality is just so sweet, and she just seems so much more grown up to me all of a sudden.  I still call her my "Baby Doll", but it struck me the other day that she is seeming less like a baby and more like a little girl.  It's bittersweet - I'm always sorry to see the sweet baby days going, but then there are moments (like with the makeup) when I know that we have so much fun ahead of us too!

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My Sweet Baby Girl,
You are a year old!  I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone.  I turned around the other day and realized your baby days are on their way out.  I treasure every moment with you, Sweet Girl, and I've loved every minute of these baby days with you - it makes me sad in a way, to see them go.  But then you grin at me and try to put makeup on my face, or share your bottle with me, or kiss your stuffed animal, and I know that we have so many more precious times ahead of us - and they are going to be so much fun!  I love watching you grow and learn new things.  I love watching your personality develop with each passing day.  I so look forward to being able to teach you more about Jesus as you start understanding more this next year.  You are growing up, and I will love every minute of all the years we have ahead of us!  But still know, Gwen-Girl, that at the same time, you will always be my baby.  I love you so much, Baby Doll, more than I can ever tell you.

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