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23/52 - My Little Thai Babies

A friend of mine teaches at a Christian school in Thailand.  She comes home each summer, and the last two summers she brought these little Thai outfits for my babies.  I was so happy Wyatt still fit in his, so we had a little photo shoot with my Thai-dressed kiddos!  I think the photos turned out really cute. 

DSC 3908blog

DSC 3945blog

DSC 3838blog

DSC 3822blog

DSC 3765blog

DSC 3741blog

21-22/52 - Smiles, Etc.

21/52 - Picture Perfect Smiles!

(And they even match clothes!)

DSC 3435blog

DSC 3433blog

22/52 - A Snack And A Flower Headband

DSC 3591blog

DSC 3529blog

19-20/52 - Morning and Goofing Off

19/52 - First Thing In The Morning

DSC 3014editblog

I open my eyes and see Gwen.

DSC 3040blog

I go in Wyatt's room and catch him reading his books.

DSC 3081blog

This is just a random, cute picture of my kiddos watching a Praise Baby together.

20/52 - Goofing Off

DSC 3261blog

Miss Gwen learned to roll over from her back to her stomach this week!

DSC 3284blog

Mr. Wyatt playing with his cars and looking mischievous.  My boy is growing so fast.

18/52 - Picnic

Last weekend we went on a picnic for my grandma's birthday - it was a little cold though.  Miss Gwen wasn't too thrilled.


DSC 2864blog

DSC 2868blog


Mr. Wyatt, on the other hand, thought the whole thing was great fun!  I was running all over the place trying to catch him!

DSC 2879blog

DSC 2928blog


We ended up heading back to the house for the rest of the celebration, but it was fun seeing my two year old having the time of his life, and the contrast of my four month old pouting.  Ah, kids!

17/52 - Around The House

DSC 2476blog

DSC 2502blog

Just hanging around the house this week - Gwen started to show an interest in her floor gym, and Wyatt made a phone call to my mom when I wasn't paying attention!

DSC 2594blog

DSC 2607blog

I love these ones of my kids smiling - sometimes my favorite pictures aren't always technically perfect, but they capture a perfect little moment in time, like the peak of a smile.  And I love them for that.

16/52 - With Dad

"Dancing" with Gwen.

DSC 2308blog

DSC 2311blog

"Driving" with Wyatt.

DSC 2386blog
DSC 2359blog

15/52 - Hair


This week I wanted to get some pictures of my kids' hair - Wyatt's thick, messy blonde mop, and Gwen's wispy, soft hair with a bald spot in the back.


DSC 1796blog

DSC 1818blog


And I thought I'd throw in a couple smiling pictures for good measure, and just because my kids are so cute!


DSC 1837blog

DSC 1844blog

14/52 - A Walk Outside

DSC 1722blog

DSC 1728blog

DSC 1735blog

DSC 1763blog


I was looking through these pictures and it hit me again that these kids are mine.  That little boy calls me "mama".  When that baby girl cries, she wants me.  Could I be any more blessed?

13/52 - Egg Coloring

DSC 1175blog

DSC 1180blog

DSC 1183blog

DSC 1195blog

DSC 1196blog

DSC 1199blog

DSC 1202blog

DSC 1214blog

DSC 1216blog

DSC 1220blog

DSC 1231blog

DSC 1236blog

DSC 1241blog

DSC 1242blog

DSC 1244blog

DSC 1248blog

DSC 1275blog

DSC 1260blog

DSC 1261blog

DSC 1285blog

DSC 1287blog

We had such fun with egg coloring this year!  Wyatt was so interested in coloring the eggs with crayons, dropping them in the dye, and putting stickers on them - it was fun to watch.  And Gwen just sat there and watched and looked cute!  It was fun.

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