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Jelly Rolls

No, I'm not talking about this kind of jelly roll:

Though that does look good.

I stopped by Joann's yesterday to buy some fabric. They were having an amazing sale, and I had several 50% off coupons, so I thought I'd take advantage of them.

That is a dangerous place when they're having a sale.

As I was walking through the store looking for my items, I saw this out of the corner of my eye:

It's called a Jelly Roll. It's a roll or 2 1/2" by 42" fabric strips.

How can you resist that?

I loved the color combination for this Jelly roll - it's called "Neutral Mediterranean". I want to make a quilt out of it. I'm not sure what room I'll use it in yet, but I love those fresh colors, so I'm going to find a place to use it.

Pretty, no?

Yay for Jelly Rolls!

P.S. A big congratulations to my friend, Amber, who just welcomed her sweet baby girl, Eden Grace, into the world on April 7th! Amber and I went through the same sort of problems getting pregnant, so I was thrilled when she got pregnant a couple months after I did! Her little girl was also born three weeks early, just like Wyatt, and she's doing well. So happy for you, Friend!
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