Our Baby Shower

My baby shower went really well! My sister and sister-in-law and my two cousins threw the shower for me, and they did a great job. Lots of cute blue and green decorations too!

We've had two real snow storms this year so far (very mild winter for us), and of course one of them had to be on the day of our shower, so there were several friends and family that couldn't make it. We still had a good turnout though, and I was so thankful that the family and friends who were there were able to make it! So if any of you are reading this, thank you - it meant alot that you made the trek through the snow to be there.

Here's a couple pictures of me at the shower - did I not tell you how the belly looked alot bigger on Sunday? It's weird how much his position can affect the shape of my belly. So yes, Sunday was a large day.

We played the string game - where all the guests made a guess as to how big around I am with string. It was funny to see all the guesses! We measured me with a string that was my actual size to see who won.

The winner!

And we couldn't not do the classic melted-candy-bar-in-a-diaper game. Mmm, lovely! I'm told when candy bars are melted into a diaper the resulting mixture is actually very realistic looking . . .

And my niece Ashley and my friend Ashley won by guessing the correct candy bars for the correct diapers!

And my favorite - unscrambling a list of baby words in 3 minutes.

It was my favorite because I won! I think it's because I had all those baby words floating through my head anyway because of all the baby preparations. I got 16 out of 20 and I won on of the awards - a Dairy Queen gift card!

And of course lots of presents - the majority of my "to-buy" list is now able to be checked off! We got our crib, stroller and car seat combo, a baby swing (swings in two directions), our audio/video baby monitor (a really nice one - it looks like a cell phone), a diaper pail and liners, a bouncer chair, a changing pad for our changing table, and lots of clothes, books/toys, bath stuff, medical stuff, and other miscellaneous baby items!

I also thought it was pretty cute, because my sister got Babykins a onesie that says "My aunt is the best!", and Derek's sister got him a onesie that says "My aunt rocks!" It made me laugh!

My aunt also made me this nursing cover - I think it's really pretty!

And my grandma made us a diaper cake! It was so cute, I was sad to take it apart to bring it home - it's going to be hard to disassemble it in order to use the diapers!

My sister-in-law brought the cake, and it was so cute - it had a little blue carriage on it and the words "Welcome Baby {Last Name}".

Overall, we had a wonderful time, and everything went really well! I'm so grateful for my wonderful family and friends who made the baby shower special!

Now I'm looking forward to sorting through all our gifts and organizing them in our nursery! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

P.S. Thanks to my friend, Ashley, for taking pictures for me too! This post would be pathetically lacking in pictures if it wasn't for you!

Baby Preparations And 32 Weeks

Thirty-two weeks! Eight weeks to go! Gracious, it seems so close when I put it that way.

For the past couple weeks we've been quite busy with baby preparations. We've finished the baby dresser, painted the changing table, and set up the crib (okay, Derek really did all those things). We've also cleaned out the bathroom cabinets, cleaned out my junk drawer, and totally cleaned out and re-organized the kitchen cabinets (I did all that).

This week things on my list include sorting through and organizing the baby stuff we have, making a list of things we still need to get, researching vaccines, try to find a pediatrician (I haven't even thought about that stuff yet), a doctor's appointment, and our Birthday Wishes consult at our hospital. It's going to be a busy week.

I'm feeling good. I can't walk as much as I used to without getting a little tired. I've had a couple leg cramps at night. Other than that, I feel the same as I did throughout the second trimester. Supposedly you're supposed to feel more tired in the third trimester, but I guess I haven't hit that wall yet.

Babykins is doing good! He should be about four pounds by now, and somewhere form 17-19 inches. He still move all the time, and I love it. Sometimes his bigger movements even hurt me now - as I type this he keeps pushing his little body over to the right side of my belly, probably poking me with a foot or some limb on the left side - and it hurts a little bit! But I like it. Supposedly baby's don't really flip head up or head down anymore, they just rotate on their axis - but I don't think I believe that. He moves my stomach in such weird ways sometimes that I think he must be doing somersaults in there - no other movement I can imagine makes sense.

Of course our maternity session and shower were this past weekend! The shower was alot of fun - I'll do a recap post sometime this week.

Our maternity went really smoothly, and I can't wait to see the pictures! I think they're going to turn out really well. There should be a preview up soon, and then I'll show you a few! For now, I just have a couple belly pictures we took at home for the 32 Week update.

The shape of the belly really changes every day now, depending on where the little man is sitting. When we took these pictures, it was a small day. It sticks out much further on other days - as you'll see in the baby shower pictures, coming soon!

Random Baby Thoughts

I have baby on the brain this week. I apologize if I'm bombarding you all too much with pregnancy-related posts.

Most of my thoughts for the last couple days have been related in some way to baby and/or pregnancy. I think it's just because my whole weekend is full of baby events, and I'm really looking forward to it. These are some of the things running through my head:

Random Baby-Related Thoughts

1. Our maternity photos are being taken tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to it. Some friends of ours from church, who also happen to have a photography business, are doing them for us, and I'm really excited to see how they turn out! They've done a lovely job on other maternity sessions. I'm a little stressed though about whether Saturday will be a bad hair day or not though - my hair is so unpredictable.

2. My baby shower is on Sunday! Not only will it be fun to be the center of attention for a day (hey, what can I say, I'm a ham), but I'm so looking forward to seeing all my family and friends again.

3. I'm also looking forward to taking inventory of our gifts on Monday and determining what I still need to get. Then much of January and February will be spent filling in the gaps. I'm such a planner, it's been killing me not knowing what I should buy and what I should wait to buy - that dilemma will soon be behind me!

4. I'm planning on spending much of next week organizing the nursery. Then I just have to work on finishing some decorative touches . . .

5. I think my body and baby must know exactly when I hit a new week in the pregnancy. This whole week I've been feeling smaller than normal, and then the day I hit 32 weeks, BAM! The belly pops out more. I'm feeling quite round now. Pictures coming next week.

6. When I stand up straight and look down, I can no longer see my feet. Now if I want to check to see if my toe nail polish is chipped, I must lean forward ever so slightly. Not that I wear toe nail polish, because I even have troubles taking off my shoes these days . . .

7. I think this pregnancy has been unusually asymptomatic lately, except for this expanding middle of mine. And the little man's constant kicking (which you know I love). I'm quite okay with having a largely asymptomatic third trimester.

See? Not a single non-baby thought. Don't worry, this won't become a weekly occurrence . . . I do think about other things too . . .

A Peek At The Nursery

I'm not going to show you everything we've been up to with Babykin's room, but I thought I'd just give you a few sneak peeks. It should be completely finished within another 4 weeks or so, and then I'll do a reveal post.

It involves these two paint colors . . .

These fabrics . . .

And several weekends of hard work for Derek and me . . .

Okay, that's all you get for now. More on the nursery to come . . .

Maternity Top Shopping

I decided to go shopping for some maternity tops last week. The shirts I have that fit well right now are pretty limited, and the belly is only getting bigger . . .

I knew there would be some after-Christmas sales last week, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some deals on some tops and hopefully find a shirt that would work for our maternity photo session (coming up this Saturday)! So I grabbed some money I had held aside, and off I went.

I got some pretty good deals! Here is what I ended up with.

From GAP I got:

This lovely purple maternity top for $5.50 (normally $29.50):

I saw this shirt online and thought it was cute, but I really didn't expect to find it on sale for that much!

This denim maternity skirt for $20 (normally $49.50):

It actually fits more like a denim pencil skirt, and I've been looking for a cute maternity skirt since the beginning, so I was pretty happy to find this for a reasonable price! I think it's a good investment piece, because I most certainly will wear it for the next two months and all through future pregnancies as well - it'll get alot of use.

From Old Navy:

This maternity peasant top (only I bought it in green) for $8 (normally $19.50):

Peasant tops can be kind of iffy with how they look on my person, but this one was cute!

I checked out one more GAP store on a whim, and I found a shirt that I think will work quite well for our maternity session!

Empire Scoopneck Maternity shirt:

Scoop neck, rouched sides, nice airy material . . . just what I was looking for. It wasn't on sale, so I didn't get a great deal, but it was just what I had in mind, so I'm glad I found it!

I generally don't have too much luck with maternity clothes, but I'd say it was quite a successful shopping trip!

The Junk Drawer (Cue Ominous Music . . .)

My husband lost his keys.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I may have had something to do with it - Derek never loses his keys. I'm trying to think of where I might have put them.

I spent the night at my parent's house on Sunday evening (Derek was refinishing our dresser, and I didn't want to be around the fumes), and then I went shopping with my mom. When I got home I saw this on the counter:

Half of the contents of my junk drawer were scattered about. I knew Derek must have been looking through it for his keys this morning.

I'm so proud of myself, because instead of opening the drawer and sweeping all that stuff back in (which I was quite tempted to do), I started sorting through it instead. You know, in an attempt to organize that dumping ground called "Callie's Junk Drawer", the depths of which haven't been plunged in the 2 1/2 years that we've been married.

There's all kinds of good stuff hiding in there that I forgot about. The things I found included:

-two bottles of hand sanitizer
-Several card games
-a lint roller (always handy)
-a bottle of antibiotics that I never used (not sure what to do with that)
-our old camera that broke over a year ago
-a peeler
-two keys (I have no idea what they open)
-various bookmarks
-a spool of white thread
-a small bottle of bubbles

See? Lots of good stuff.

Now I get to check the junk drawer off the areas of the house that need to be organized. The next hidden areas of unexplored junk to be tackled? That would be the laundry room cupboards (it's been over a year since we organized those), the bathroom cabinets (haven't been touched since we got married), and the kitchen cabinets (not junk, but they desperately need to be reorganized).

If I can get those three areas in shape, I'll feel really good about my usually pitiful organizational skills.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. And hopefully I'll find Derek's keys somewhere amid the chaos.


This time last year, Derek and I weren't even sure we would be able to have a baby, and now I am nearly eight months pregnant with our first child.

This time last year we weren't sure where the Lord was leading us as far as Derek's career goes, and now Derek has a job as a treasurer with alot of potential for the future.

This time last year we didn't really have many married friends, and now we've been able to connect with many other married couples and build friendships.

This time last year we were trying to think of where we'd like to go with the vacation money we had been saving, and now we know that we may not get to go on a trip this year (but it's okay, because we'll be pretty busy with a brand new baby).

This time last year we were living in a two bedroom, one bath house, and now we live in a house with a brand new finished basement and double the square footage.

So much can change from one year to the next.

This time last year, Harvey was a crazy dog with way too much energy and a propensity to chew up all my things, and now . . . well, he chews up my things less frequently. And he's slightly more calm.

This time last year, I was working in a great dental office for a great dentist - and I'm still working in that same office, just with slightly less hours.

This time last year I was furiously pounding out recap blog posts and thinking up topics to write about through the new year - and I think someone pushed the replay button, because I'm doing the same thing this year.

This time last year I was thinking back over all the recent family gatherings and feeling thankful, and I find myself feeling much the same way as I look back at the gatherings of 2010.

This time last year I was dreading taking down the Christmas decorations and procrastinating as long as possible, because I love them. And this year I'm still dreading taking them down and I'm thinking of how long I can reasonably keep them up.

This time last year I was married to the man of my dreams, and so thankful to call him mine - and as I type this, I think the only difference is that I love him even more now.

So much can stay the same from one year to the next.

But even though some things can stay the same for a while, as I reflect on all the things that have happened in this past year, how things have changed, and how they will continue to change in the future, I'm reminded that nothing ever stays the same forever in life. Even those things that are fairly consistent don't stay exactly the same indefinitely.

A truly firm foundation can be so hard to find. Everything on earth is volatile and changing, even the things that seem as if they wouldn't change.

Beautiful rural areas can be destroyed through natural disasters, or they can be built up as civilization creeps outward. Relationships and feelings grow or whither. Children grow up. People can change or let you down or die. Even in my own life the things that I listed as being relatively the same as last year have changed in small ways and will continue to change in the future.

The only thing in existence that truly never changes is our Lord.

He knew we need something constant in life - and that is why He never changes. He is always the same, from one year to the next, from one decade to the next, from one age to the next. Oh, how awful to live a life without Him, searching for some sort of temporal foundation that crumbles, when the Solid Rock is ready to be found at any time!

This time last year, the Lord was sovereign, He held the world in His hands, yet He still cared about my worries and problems, enough to give me peace and assurance when I needed it. And He hasn't changed at all.

May this year be full of good changes for you. But more than that I pray that this year your life would also be anchored by the only true constant.

May you enjoy all the changes that life brings this year, but in the midst of life's uncertainty may you also come to the Solid Foundation that is only found in Christ, Who alone is unchanging.

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