(Or as Wyatt learned to say in response to the question of how old he is: "Twooooo!") 

Two years ago, this sweet boy was placed into my arms.

DSC 0546blog

He stuck out a pouty lip, gave a tiny little cry, and Derek and I fell in love with him right there!

DSC 0690blog

It crazy to see how much he's grown in the last year!  Also, I can't believe I have a two year old. It feels so weird to say that.  The other day I went to buy him some shoes at Target, and they didn't have his size in the baby/toddler section anymore - I had to check out the little boy section to find some.  That's when it hit me.  To me, I'll always look at him and see my baby, but in reality he's really not a baby anymore - and I'm not quite sure when he turned from a baby into a little boy.  It snuck up on me.

DSC 0252blog

Here's the stats:

Height:  About 34 inches, I think.

Weight:  To be determined at his two-year checkup, but I'm guessing about 28-ish pounds (actually Wyatt and I had a good time trying to get his weight on the home scale - he thought it was great fun!).

Diaper size: Size 4.  We're still doing cloth too, but he's in disposables at night.

DSC 0075blog
Shoe size: Size 6.  Ah!

Favorite things: Horses, tractors, and cars.  We spend much of our day talking about these things!

DSC 0395blog

Favorite toys: Tractors, his light-up cars (they also sing - I think Derek and I have the songs memorized now), and his horses (he has a complete farm set up with a barn and farmers - he loves it).

DSC 0552editblog

DSC 0185blog

DSC 0652blog

Favorite book:  It's not really a book so much as just Bible stories in general - we read one of his Bible books every night, and he loves to look through the pages when we're done.  I think we need to broaden our selection though, because we've read the same books so many times!

DSC 0132blog

Favorite music:  Wyatt loves music in general, and his favorite is The Donut Man - especially the Good Shephard CD.  He loves animals, so all the sheep noises in that one are fun for him! On January 9th we were riding in the car and he sang "hallelujah" with one of the songs - it was the first time he sang along to a song, and it was so precious!

His favorite bedtime song lately has been "Jesus Loves Me" - he'll rock back and forth while Derek and I sing it to him, and he sings some of the words with us ("Bible", "Jesus", and "so").  He looks so proud of himself for knowing the words, and it's adorable!

DSC 0100blog

Favorite song: Jesus Love Me.  We sing it to him every night, and he'll try to sing along!  He knows the words, and he'll remind us about his "song" if we forget!

DSC 1011editblog
DSC 0937editblog

Favorite food: Cheese - anything with cheese.  He always eat spaghetti.  Crackers and raisins are a favorite snack.  And of course cookies, but you didn't hear that from me.

DSC 0666editblog

Favorite outdoor activity:  Swinging.  He loves the swing.  And I feel so bad because the rope broke, so we haven't been able to use our swing for a while!  I think I need to get Derek to fix it this week.  He also just likes to walk around outside with me, and he gets upset when I say it's time to go in.

Favorite indoor activity:  Bubbles.  Oh my goodness.  I've never see a kid get so excited about bubbles!  It's so cute.  We'll do this more outside too when it gets warmer!  I took a ton of pictures of his facial expressions when we bring out the bubbles the other day, but I'll save those for a separate post.

DSC 0375blog

Favorite article of clothing: Shoes. He loves putting his shoes on.

DSC 0265blog

Blanket or teddy bear?  He has a favorite teddy bear, but he is definitely a blanket boy - he won't sleep well without his blanket (it's not good when we forget to bring it with us)!

DSC 0240blog

Bedtime:  We usually start getting him ready around 7:30 or so, and he goes down at about 8:00 PM.  We read him a bible story, brush his "teef", get him a drink of water, pray together (he folds his hands when we pray and says "amen!" - still working on keeping his head bowed in between though!).  After that we settle him down with his "danket", and sing him his song, then it's bedtime kisses and lights out.

DSC 0590blog

DSC 0697editblog

Favorite movie: Yes, I let the kid watch TV before two years old!  Even though I said he wouldn't . . . but only an occasional half hour.  Anyway, his favorites are his Praise Baby movies, though we've started to expand to his Little Angels ABC's movie too.

Kisses:  Wyatt's kisses have always consisted of him leaning his head toward me so I can kiss him, or pressing his cheek against my lips - that's what he does when I ask him to give me a kiss!  I think it's adorable.  He'll also give actual kisses where he'll purse his lips and kiss my face, but mostly it's the lean-kiss. He always grins when I ask him to give me or Gwen a kiss, and then he'll lean in!

DSC 0648blog

Big Brother Update:  Wyatt has adjusted really well to being a big brother.  The other day he finally got over his shyness and gave Gwen a kiss!  When he "kisses" Gwen he walks over to her and presses his cheek against hers, and then makes a kiss noise when he backs away - it's so cute!  He gladly obliges when we tell him to give Gwen a kiss, and he'll also randomly walk over and kiss her head when he feels like it.  I love watching him take care of Gwen, and if he doesn't know where she is he'll look all over until he finds her.  He's such a good big brother, and I feel so blessed that the transition has been easy for him.

DSC 0197blog
DSC 0680blog
Miscellaneous:  My sweet boy is so much fun!  I love that we get to have actual conversations now (even if they are short and to the point).  He's talking so much - I stopped counting his words/phrases.  He has a lot.  Sometimes he'll say something, and I had no idea he even knew that word or phrase.  He's full of surprises!

DSC 0519blog

Also, have I mentioned that I love his eyes?  I love the color.  They're mostly brown, but they are a lighter brown and have a little bit of green - so technically they are hazel.  I just think they are so cool.  I finally got this picture - I didn't edit it at all, that's just his eye color . . .

DSC 0581blog

And his smile just lights up a room and brightens my day!  

DSC 0542blog

He still loves to talk on the phone, so we try to let him say hello to his grandparents when they call.  It's so cute!  I really want to get it on film.  He'll also still pretend to talk on the phone occasionally, and I love it.

DSC 0701blog

He is just a sweetheart, and I am loving these days together.  He's like a ray of sunshine, and I can't remember what it was like to not have him here!  I feel so blessed to be this little boy's mama, and I thank God for giving him to us!

DSC 0221blog
My Wonderful Wyatt-Boy,

You are just amazing to me, Wyatt!  I can't believe it's been two years since I first saw your sweet face.  You've changed so much since that first moment, and I love seeing you grow.  You constantly impress me with how much you are learning!  

You also have such a sweet personality - I love how you are so happy, I love your laugh, I love your fun-loving side and your serious side.  I love that you show concern for other people.  I love how you enthusiastically proclaim "Oh noooooo!" when someone gets hurt, or when something goes wrong.  I love how you reassure yourself and others that "It's okaaaay".   You are such an easy-going little guy, and you love to laugh.  You still laugh at all my silly antics, and I love making you smile.  

I think it's so interesting how you love music so much, and you still calm down when I sing to you.  I think it's adorable when you bring me a movie you want to watch and say "Here you goooo." (You always draw out the last syllable in these phrases).  I can hardly resist putting the movie in, because you are so cute when you ask, and I love our snuggle time on the couch.  I love how excited you get about simple things, like bubbles, or swinging, brushing your teeth and spitting in the sink, or reading a "Bible stowy".  You point out every car, balloon, cow, and horse you see, and I think it's adorable.  

You are at such a fun age, sweet boy, and even though I know I'm going to love every stage you go through, I'm soaking up every minute with you right now.  You are my sunshine boy, my "bugaboo", and I love you so much, Wyatt.  More than I could ever explain to you.  I hope you always know that.

Your Mama

6/52 - My Little Sock Monkeys

One of my best blog friends, Amanda from A Sweet Serenity (who I am determined to meet someday!), surprised me this week by sending a package for Wyatt and Gwen!  

DSC 0582blog

Amanda is so talented, and she sent us beautiful hooded bath towels that were embroidered with Wyatt and Gwen's initials, and knitted sock monkey hats!  

DSC 0584blog

I was so touched that she would send such a thoughtful gift, so impressed with the quality of the pieces (you need to open an Etsy shop, Amanda!), and so excited to put the hats on my kiddos!  

So without further ado - my little sock monkeys. . .

DSC 0632blog

DSC 0638blog

I love, love, love that they can match now with their adorable sock monkey hats!  So cute!  

DSC 0604blog

Wyatt definitely likes his hat - it's one of the few hats he will keep on his head for longer than two minutes.  And Gwen must like hers, because she didn't object!

DSC 0619blog

DSC 0620blog

Thank you so much Amanda!  I love them!  

I'm currently making plans for a matching towel picture too when we go to the pool this summer, so stay tuned . . .

Me - Postpartum, Round Two

 Stretch marks?  Check.

Stretched out belly skin?  Check.

Linea nigra and baby weight that just won't go completely away?  Check, Check.

Sweet baby to snuggle?  Check, Check, Check!  

And she makes it all worth it!

This week I had my postpartum check up with my doctor, so I thought it would be a good time to write a little post-baby update on me.  If for nothing else than my own records.  I find myself trying to remember where I was at this point after having Wyatt, how much weight I had lost, how I felt, etc., so I thought it would be good to record it after Gwen too.

DSC 1248blog

Recovery was actually a lot smoother after Gwen than it was with Wyatt - I didn't tear quite as much, and I didn't have all the added complications/yuckiness that comes with pre-eclampsia this time.  I felt pretty much back to normal within a few days of giving birth, which was a huge blessing!

We also got the hang of nursing a lot quicker this time, I think because I knew what was not supposed to happen based on my experience with Wyatt - so instead of letting it get really bad before seeking help, we corrected our issues within the first week, and it's been pretty smooth sailing.  I'm so glad, because with Wyatt we didn't really get the hang of it until he was about a month old, and it added a lot of stress to any outing where I'd have to feed him in public those first few weeks.


Overall, the weight has taken a bit longer to come off this time though.  With Wyatt I do remember that I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight by the two week mark - I haven't kept as close tabs on it this time, but at two weeks I did have a good five pounds to go. I  know that now I am now down to within a couple pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, which I'm pretty happy with.

IMG 0524blog

This was me at about two weeks postpartum.  

And for comparison . . .

DSC 0334blog

This is one of the more flattering pictures of me the day after having Gwen.  

See, it went down pretty fast.  To all you pregnant people - it's normal to leave the hospital looking pregnant!  Don't freak out.  Public service announcement of the day.


I actually feel like I look thicker around the middle now than at two weeks, weirdly enough.  I always feel the best about my post-baby body when I'm two weeks postpartum, for some reason, and it goes downhill from there.  I was reading through some old posts and I have proof that I went through this same thought process with Wyatt.  It's probably just in my head.  My jeans say I'm skinnier now, so I guess that's what counts, right?

I'm feeling a lot more "gushy" this time than I remember feeling with Wyatt, even though according to my records my stomach is measuring an inch smaller than it was with Wyatt at this point.  But I feel chubbier than I remember feeling last time.  Go figure.

I attribute the gushy feeling largely to the fact that this time I'm on Lovenox injections.  Do you all remember that blood clot I had two years ago, after my knee surgery?  Well, because I have a history of deep vein thrombosis now, I have to be on blood thinners postpartum - you are more likely to get blood clots in your legs after having a baby, just because of all the hormonal changes, so I'm on it preventatively.

DSC 0741blog

Lovenox comes in separate little syringes for each dose, and every night I have to swab off my stomach with some rubbing alcohol, pinch some of my belly fat to the right or left of my belly button, and give myself the injection.  

I end up having a lot of little pinpoint bruises all over my stomach at any specific time, and I firmly believe it makes my skin puffy - which in turn makes my whole stomach  area look puffier, and makes me feel flubbery and chubby.  I remember feeling this same way when I was on the shots the first time, so I'm hoping my stomach skin will shrink back down quicker once I'm no longer pumping fluid into it every 24 hours.  My last shot is today, thank goodness!

DSC 0743blog

(Yes, that sharps container is way overloaded, which is a no-no - I'm not too worried about a surprise safety inspection at my house though.)

I've been doing workout videos since a couple weeks postpartum, so aside from the puffy skin issue, I feel pretty good.  I've noticed that my knees have started to bother me when I work out though, so I'm going to dial it back a bit and maybe do more low-impact stuff for a little while  - I don't want a repeat of that knee fiasco that happened when Wyatt was 2 months old.  I have been told by my orthopedic surgeon that I have "loose joints" anyway, and pregnancy and postpartum hormones just make your joints even "looser", so I figure I better not push it.

I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy jeans, except for a few of my "skinniest" pairs - but I'm not worrying about it yet.  I think I'll fit back into it within a couple more months, probably, as long as I don't over-do it on the sugar intake.

DSC 0220blog

So generally, I'm doing great, and I'm just looking forward to getting off these stupid shots and hopefully letting my stomach skin heal up!  I also went shopping the other week, and bought some new skinny jeans and tops - post-baby shopping trips are so fun!  Nothing else better to make you feel put together than some flattering new outfits (because let's face it, your old clothes just don't fit the same until several months postpartum)!

P.S.  If you haven't voted on my poll in the sidebar, you have three days left!  That is all.

An Adoption Story

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from my blog friend, Bridget, telling me about her friends Emily and Tony who are adopting two girls from Africa.

Tony and Emily

I've mentioned before that adoption is something that weighs on my heart - it's not something that we can do right now, but I love the idea of adoption, especially for Christian couples.  

When the Bible speaks about "looking after the widow and orphan" (James 1:27), I think that applies not only to couples that welcome these orphans into their homes, but to those of us who can't be involved so directly - we should still find ways to help the fatherless and the widow.  So when I had the opportunity to help Emily and Tony get the word out about their adoption, I jumped on it!   I may not be able to adopt myself (at least right now), but I love the idea of being able to support other Christians who are adopting.

I checked out their blog, and was impressed with how they both actually write on it!  A lot of times couple's blogs don't actually turn out to be written by both people (nothing wrong with that, just sayin').  I skipped back in the archives and read their story from the beginning, and there are so many ways that it was clear to me, even as just a reader, how God is orchestrating this family being brought together.  

We Love You

So I asked Tony and Emily if they'd write a guest post for me, telling a little bit about their adoption process.  Here they are to tell you a little more about themselves and their girls!


Emily and I have known for several years that adoption was in our future. We had no idea how soon in the future it would be, but we both knew it was clear that God was telling us our family would grow in that way. We can remember talking about it in simple conversation years ago and it slowly evolving into something more concrete. We officially started the adoption process on paper this fall, September 5, 2012. To be completely honest...that seems like just yesterday to me. We started with a TON of training and quite a bit of paperwork. Two things we had heard would be reoccurring throughout the adoption process.

Huge questions came up when we first realized that our time to adopt was now. Where do we adopt from? International? Domestic? Black? White? Asian? Hispanic? Boy? Girl? One child? Two children? A baby? A teenager? These are all legitimate questions and when you're not sure where to begin those are just a few that will wander through your mind! We saw so many facets to adoption that it was overwhelming to even start the process. Emily and I felt that our first big hurdle was to decide whether to adopt independently or with the help of an agency, but even before that was answered...where do we adopt from?

We were able to decide early on that international adoption from Africa was on our hearts, but how in the heck do we decide what country? Well...we started to look at different countries and talking about them, but never wanted it to feel like shopping. We'd look up a country, do our research and see if we would get a sense that our child was there. Then we'd move onto another country, rinse and repeat. We relied on God nudging us toward one country and finally that happened. It came up in casual conversation by me saying to Em, "What about (insert name of our country)?" A couple of seconds went by and she responded, "Yeah...I could see us adopting from there." We prayed about it, again did our research, talked about it and that one kind of stuck. We never moved on. Fortunately for us, Emily and I are part of the Orphan Care Ministry at our church and we have a LOT of resources through the adoptive families involved there, so we immediately reached out to some of our connections with "our" country in mind. We asked several people many questions surrounding adoption, but our main goal at that time was to decide whether we should adopt independently or through an agency. Ok, ok...I'm's Emily to finish off our story.....or at least the continue it!

Tony's right when he talks about all of the questions we had. Even now, with as much progress as we've made, we still have many unanswered questions. However, today we can share that we have the answers to all of the questions Tony listed above. Today, we know that we have have not one, but two daughters! They live in East Africa (name of country must be withheld from all social media platforms until they arrive home). We know they are black and we will have the experiences of a trans racial family. We know that our international adoption is being completed independently (that's a whole other post on it's own!). We know their faces, their names and we know that they're ours!

Shortly after making contact with our children's home, we received the referral for one child, a 2-year-old girl. We were told that she was sweet, shy and has a chronic health condition, but with the love and care of a family she would flourish. We were asked to pray about it, because "maybe she's your daughter." And what do you know...she is! Once we accepted the referral we were given her name, a photograph and some more basic information. We began to fall in love. In the days that followed we ask more questions and I couldn't seem to get settled until we knew more about her birth family. Tony felt the same. The answer to one question changed everything for us. She has a sister. Not only does she have a sister, but this little girl (at the time not living at the children's home) was also in need a family's care. That is when our family got a little bigger. We have two daughters! Our oldest is 8-years-old. She is very lovely, healthy and kind of grown up for her age. 

At the start of our adoption we didn't have a clue about the things bigger and better than our plans that lay ahead. If we had, would it have seemed like too much? Even with only a small amount of hindsight we are able to see that this story had to unfold in this way. The four of us are meant for each other. Everything so far has aligned to allow for these two girls to become ours. Some new plans on our end have had to be set in place; medical plans, education plans and financial plans. A few special exceptions have had to be made for us by folks on the other end as well. However, each new curve in the road is building our faith and each word of encouragement and helping hand blesses us in ways we'd never imagined. We can't wait for the two halves of our family to finally be together!


I was so touched reading about Emily and Tony's adoption journey, especially about how open their hearts were to receiving both of their girls into their family - I can't wait to see updates on their blog of the four of them all together!

Emily and Tony are getting so close to being able to bring their girls home!  They are in the process of getting ready for a month long trip to East Africa, and after that they get to come home with their two beautiful daughters!  I'm looking forward to following their blog through this last exciting step in their adoption.

Love makes a family  adoption

Adoption in general is so expensive, and I'm excited  for this opportunity to be a part of Emily and Tony's Valentine's Day fundraiser.  From now until Valentine's Day they are asking people to consider donating 14 dollars toward the last of their adoption costs.  If you were touched at all by their story would you prayerfully consider donating to their adoption?  This is a great opportunity for those of us who are not adoptive families to still "look after" the orphan by helping two specific orphans finally join their family!

If this is something you would be interested in supporting, you can donate by clicking the button below - you can also donate anonymously if you prefer that.  If you'd rather send them a check, instead of donating through a website, please send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to get their address for you.  And be sure to stop over and follow their blog to keep updated on their story as it unfolds!

Give here botton

5/52 - Little Hands

DSC 0186blog

DSC 0140blog

Clothes, Poll, Etc.

So, it's been a while since I updated the sidebar poll!  A couple months ago I asked you all when you start listening to Christmas music.  Here is how the results break down:
All year 'round! Am I supposed to stop?
  5 (11%)
Whenever I start to feel "Christmas-y", usually in the fall.
  12 (27%)
Not until after October 31st.
  6 (13%)
After Thanksgiving, and no earlier!
  19 (44%)
I'm not really a Christmas music person.
  1 (2%)


Votes so far: 43 
Poll closed
Overall, there were more of you who listened to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I was surprised by how many of you are strict not-until-after-Thanksgiving people!  I tend to listen to Christmas music whenever I feel like it in the fall, but I usually at least try to push it off until after October 31st - and then I only listen to generic Christmas music, and I save my favorites until after Thanksgiving.  That's just me.  
And you non-Christmas music people . . . I don't even know what to say . . . what do you listen to in December?  I am flabbergasted.
Anyway . . . new question!  I think I may have asked this before, but it was a long time ago, so I'm asking again.  How long have you been reading this blog?  Vote to the left.
Okay, so it's been a long time since I hopped on Top Baby Blogs  I'm not sure what made me think of it the other day, but I went to check it out again, and . . . I'm off the board.  I must have missed the last stat reset.  
I really don't mention it here because I want to be the top blog or anything (I'm realistic - it ain't happening, and I don't mind) - and I think it's annoying when people ask for votes too often.  But I've met some great blog friends through Top Baby Blogs, so I'd at least like to be listed.  
I think I need three votes to show up on the board?  So, if its not too much trouble, would you mind clicking through and voting for me?  

Vote For Us @!

Gracias!  And let me know in the comments if you are on TBB, because I'll toodle on over and vote for you too!
And just because - I bought some mint skinny jeans the other day!  I've been eyeing them for a long time, but obviously I wasn't going to buy any last year while pregnant.  But since I'm not pregnant anymore, I searched high and low and found some that I like here!  They fit nicely.  
When I finally get a chance to wear them I'll post a picture, but for now I've been looking at how I would want to style them, and I realized I really like this whole chiffon, flowy, relaxed blouse trend this year.  At least it's a trend on Forever 21.  
These wouldn't all necessarily go with my mint skinnies, but here are a few that I like:
45309487 05

43973554 06

30186732 08
25101600 03
Cute, no?  And mostly items that would hide the post-baby bulge nicely.

Do you own any colored skinny jeans?

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