24/52 - Rough Day

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It's not always sunshine and roses around here.  But I wouldn't trade one day, not even the bad ones.

Joyce And Bob

I can still picture them clearly.  She was petite, short blonde hair, glasses.  He was about my height, bald. Both of them with wrinkles and other signs of age.  Both of them always wearing a smile.  

The always looked at each other like the other person was the most captivating person in the room.  He wore an "I love Joyce" button on his sports jacket.  She wore and "I love Bob" button on her dress.  I don't ever remember seeing them without their buttons.  They went everywhere together.

We ran into them a few times around our little town, and I remember one time distinctly.  Our family was out for pizza, and they came into the restaurant.  We said hello and chatted for a couple minutes, and then they went to sit in the corner booth, and we continued on with our meal.  But I glanced over at them and saw them holding hands across the table.  And Bob was singing to Joyce in the middle of Pizza Hut.

One thing that stands out to me now as I think back over it was how Joyce treated Bob.  When he sat across from her, singing her a love song in a public place, she didn't act embarrassed.  She just looked at him with a smile on her face, and listened while he showed her how much he loved her by singing her a song.  She recognized what he was doing - he was showing her his heart.  And she showed him how much she appreciated it by just listening.

Not all men are going to show their love by wearing buttons or serenading their wives in restaurants.  But usually they'll have little ways they show you they love you.

Derek will sometimes give me an over-the-top compliment or brag on me in front of our family or friends.  Sometimes he'll empty the dishwasher and try to wash out the sink just the way I like, among many other things.  But sometimes I find myself brushing off the compliments, or noticing how he forgot to empty the drain trap in the sink, instead of taking these little efforts for what they are - his way of trying to show me that he loves me, and he's thinking about me.

I don't want to brush off the little acts of love.  When he compliments me, I want to smile and grab his hand, or give him a kiss on the cheek.  When he takes time to clean out the sink, I want to notice, sneakily clean out the drain trap, and thank him for doing a great job.  I want to remember to let him know that I notice, that I know what he's doing, and that it means the world to me.

Just like Joyce did for Bob.

23/52 - My Little Thai Babies

A friend of mine teaches at a Christian school in Thailand.  She comes home each summer, and the last two summers she brought these little Thai outfits for my babies.  I was so happy Wyatt still fit in his, so we had a little photo shoot with my Thai-dressed kiddos!  I think the photos turned out really cute. 

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Favorite Personality Trait




I hate these kind of questions because they make me narrow my answer down to one trait.  

There are a lot of personality traits of Derek's that I like, but one of the ones that came to mind is that he is so friendly and can carry on a conversation with anybody.  Even if he doesn't have that much in common with them, he can ask good questions about things they are interested in, and he is genuinely interested in talking with them about things that they like.

This was obviously a good thing when we first started dating, because it made it easy to talk on our first few dates - no awkward silences.  And I still appreciate this so much because I sometimes tend to feel awkward and quiet in new group situations, but Derek is great in new groups and so it helps me to feel more comfortable.  It's just one of the areas where he balances me out.


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(Me and Derek when I was pregnant with Gwendolyn.)

P.S. I'm guest posting over at Tiffany's blog today about how being a mom has changed me - go check it out!

Stories About My Boy


I'm not doing month updates about Wyatt anymore, but he's been changing so much in the past couple months!  He's had a speech explosion, and we can have little conversations now, and he does cute things all the time - I'm loving this age!  I just wanted to write down a few of the things that I don't want to forget about this time in our lives.


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Wyatt is so into cars right now, and when he talks about his "carses" is cracks me up!  I think he got the plural of "carses" from "horses".  He loves both.


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My sweet blog friend, Melanie, sent us a package a couple months ago with headbands she made for Gwen and foam letters spelling out Wyatt's name for the bathtub!  He loves them, and it's been a great way to teach him the letters in his name.  He quickly learned to name all of them and put them in the correct order on the bathtub wall.


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When we started teaching Wyatt animal noises we taught him the noise a moose makes (kind of a grunting sound), but what we didn't teach him was the sound a deer makes . . . yet somehow he figured it out.  Now when he sees the deer in our neighborhood he says a "meh, meh" noise like he's trying to do a deer call - I'm thinking maybe he got it from a hunting show?  I don't know.  You can tell he's a mountain boy.


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Chocolate milk is his favorite drink right now, and his favorite snack is "chocolate toast".  He will often dig the nutella and bread out of the cupboard and bring them to me, asking for "chokah toest" (think Canadian accent).


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We went to the park several weeks ago as a family, and there was this cute little girl there - she was three years old, but a little shorter than Wyatt.  She kept following Wyatt all around the park, trying to get him to play with her.  At one point Wyatt was standing there and she came up and started talking at him - he just gave his shy smile, pursed his lips, grabbed her hand, and started walking with her toward the slide mid-sentence.  It made Derek and me laugh!


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When we're driving in the car Wyatt calls out things that he sees.  A couple months ago he spotted some flowers while I was driving and kept saying "Look, Mom, flowers!" until I looked and said he was right!  Now he does that with everything - tractors, trees, deer, birds, trains.  Each time he does it he acts like it's the coolest thing he's ever seen, and he will insistently point it out like he doesn't want me to miss it!  


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I think it's cute how he always wants to point the flowers out to me.  We were in a parking lot one day and he looked around and couldn't find any, so he says "Where'd the flowers go?"  We also drove by my uncle's memorial the other day after my family had put some flowers up.  Wyatt spotted them and pointed them out to my mom and me, and then as we drove away he waved and called out "Bye bye flowers!"  It was sweet.


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Derek and Wyatt ran to the store a couple weeks ago, and they went through a car wash.  We don't go through car washes that often, and it scared Wyatt - he started crying and Derek was trying to comfort him.  When the doors opened as the car wash was ending, Derek said "Look, we're all clean now," and then he asked Wyatt if the car wash was scary.  Wyatt said "That was scary," and then all the way home he kept saying "Scary, scary.  All clean!  Scary . . ." over and over again - poor little guy couldn't stop talking about it!  Now we have to be careful when we say the word "scary" because if Wyatt hears he will look around and try to figure out what we're talking about.


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Lately Wyatt keeps calling out to things.  If he sees a horse, or bird, or deer, or anything like that he'll say "Come horse!  Come here horse!" while slapping his hand against the side of his leg.  He's been paying attention when Derek calls the dogs.


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Wyatt really loves Winnie the Pooh (aka: Pooh Bear, aka: Pooh Pooh Bear) right now, and we were watching an episode the other day before his nap.  Tigger had the hiccups, and Wyatt kept laughing and hiccuping and hopping all over the room.  He copied every single thing Tigger did in the entire show.  I think we know who his favorite character is!


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Wyatt loves listening to his Donut Man CD, and he knows the words to all his Bible songs!  I love that the truth is soaking into his little heart even at this young age.  The other day Derek and I were singing one of his songs (because they are abnormally catchy and get stuck in our heads), and when we paused Wyatt started singing the next line!  His favorite song right now is the "angel song" (All Night, All Day).  He requests it every night before he goes to sleep, and it's adorable when he tries to sing along.


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For "I love you", Wyatt says "La, loo".  It's the cutest thing ever.  Derek took Wyatt with him to run errands the other day while Gwen and I stayed home.  Derek says when they pulled out of the driveway Wyatt called out "La-loo, Mama, bye bye, la-loo!" and kept waving and blowing kisses!  It melted my heart, and made me feel loved.


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The other day I got home from a baby shower, and Wyatt came up to the door as I was coming in and said "Is that mom?", then "Hi mom" when he saw me.  Later Derek called him to go upstairs and he came over and knocked on my door and said "Comin' Mom?" before he went upstairs.  


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Lately if I've been running around, doing too much around the house during the day, Wyatt will come over to me and say "Sit with me?", and he isn't satisfied until I sit down on the couch and cuddle with him for a few minutes.  How can I say no to that?  I love that he reminds me to slow down when I need to.


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He just has the cutest little personality, and I'm loving this age!  He says and does the sweetest things, and I just love the little person he's becoming.  He's already seeming more and more like a little boy and less like a toddler, but I don't want to forget all the sweet things he does right now.  I don't want to forget these precious days with my boy.

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Humble Orthodoxy Review




When I received Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris in the mail, I was surprised at how small the book was - I was expecting a full-size, full-length book, and instead found a little "pocket" book with four chapters.  But I have to say, those four chapters pack a punch!

In Humble Orthodoxy, Harris presents the idea that we, as Christians, need to be both humble and orthodox - and to have one without the other is not honoring to God.  We need to be humble in our presentation and attitude about biblical truth, but not so "humble" that we do not stand for the truth of God's Word.  We need to be orthodox, but not arrogantly, because orthodoxy isn't about how "right" we are and how "wrong" others are - its about taking God's truth directly from his Word and standing for it in a way that brings glory to God, not glory to ourselves.

Through every chapter of this book I felt convicted.  I probably tend to lead toward the side of being too arrogant in my orthodoxy than being too humble, and I've always known that I needed to be careful not to be too arrogant in my stand for God's truth because I could see how wrong it looked when others were.  But this book made me really think about my own heart attitude about biblical truth and how I present that to others.  It made me want to do "humble orthodoxy" better.

I especially enjoyed Harris's description of Heaven in the last chapter, and how he thinks we'll all spend the first ten thousand years apologizing to each other for the way we treated each other in our disagreements.  I think that's probably true, but it also made me want to work on making sure I have less to apologize for.  I want to remember that good theology is not about me - it's about God, and what is true about Him.

I'd highly recommend this book.  It wouldn't take more than a couple hours to read it front to back, but it'll have you thinking and make you want to live out your faith in a way that will bring more glory to God.  There is a lot of value packed into this little book!  Definitely worth the investment.

Note: I received this book for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

21-22/52 - Smiles, Etc.

21/52 - Picture Perfect Smiles!

(And they even match clothes!)

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22/52 - A Snack And A Flower Headband

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