Flirtation Walk (A Book Review + Vlog)

4/5 stars.

I have enjoyed many of Siri Mitchell's books in the past, so when I saw her new one was up for review I was excited to read it!

In Flirtation Walk, Lucinda Pennyworth comes to Buttermilk Falls to start a new life after her con-man father dies.  She meets Seth Westcott, a cadet at West Point, and finds herself drawn to him as an honest, upstanding person - which is ironic, since Seth finds himself trying to lower his grades and accumulate demerits in order to be assigned to the cavalry and rescue his sister who is trapped at Fort Laramie.

Roots And Sky (A Video Review)

3/5 stars.

Oh, why do all the books I read have to give me such mixed feelings lately?  I wanted to love this book from start to finish, because the start was so good, but I just couldn’t love it all the way through.


It has been a long time since a memoir resonated with me the way Roots and Sky by Christie Purifoy has.  

Why I Pick Birthday Party Themes Early ($150 Minted Giveaway)

Disclaimer:  This post on planning for a first birthday party is brought to you in partnership with, and contains affiliate links.  I was given credit to order products to review for this post.   All opinions are my own.

When I was growing up, we didn't have birthday parties every year.  There are a few birthday parties that I specifically remember, filled with balloons, streamers, and organized games.  But so many years we just stayed home, maybe had a friend or my grandparents over for dinner and presents.  Looking back now as a mom myself, I think my parents struck the perfect balance.  Birthday parties were fun and special, but we didn't expect a big party every year.

Why You Should Read What Your Kids Are Reading

I was excited to review The Illustrated Compendium Of Animal Facts because I used to love books like this when I was a kid. I have always been interested in learning about animals and biology, and this book looked like a fun one for my kids when they get a little older.

All About Our Home Renovation (With Grit & Grace)

Last year at this time my husband and I were dead-set on moving.

He had just started a new job a few months before, and was also working on his master's degree.  We were thinking that it wold be nice to be a little closer to his work so that he could make it home earlier in the evening, and honestly, I was just ready for a change.  We have been in this house since we got married, and it just felt like it wasn't an ideal fit for our family anymore.  My wishlist was for a house closer to work, closer to our church, and that had a little more space for our family.

3 Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves (For Snowy Regions)

As I sit typing this post about my spring wardrobe, it is snowing outside (not an April Fool's joke, I promise). This is not unusual where I live.  For years I was so puzzled about why people like spring, because I associate the season with cool days and mud from all the melting snow.  We have gotten blizzards in May before, and let me tell you, you do not know snow until you have experienced a wet, springtime snow.  It is the best snowman-making material there is, if only I was actually in the mood to build a snowman.

How To Salvage A Holiday Disaster (An Easter Story)

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday.  I opened my eyes, and as so often happens lately, I had to lay in bed for several minutes to let the sleep clear out.  I feel like I used to be able to just jump out of bed the minute I heard little feet pounding on the floorboards above my head, but lately I wake up every morning feeling tired.

Right now we are working on a major house renovation.  When we first decided to do this, Derek would tell people that it was a major renovation, and I would wave my hand at that statement.  It's not major.  It's just new paint, new trim, and new floors.  Not a big deal at all.  So thinks someone who has never actually done a major house renovation.  Because those three things are definitely major.

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