How To Explain The Gospel To A Four Year Old

(Forgive me for using springtime pictures in the summer - this is my boy in April.)

When I was six years old, all the girls in my class had seen the Little Mermaid - except me.  My mom had yet to screen that very popular movie, so I really had no idea how to play the Little Mermaid when I visited a new friend’s house.  Her basement was the ocean, and she of course, was Ariel, singing her six-year-old lungs out on the “rock” at the top of the stairs.  When it was my turn to be Ariel, I did not know the mermaid’s songs.  I still have no memory of what I sang instead, but I’m pretty sure the other girl could tell I hadn’t seen the movie.

That visit with a friend I (who I rarely saw again) stands out in my adult memory now - let’s be honest, largely because of the Little Mermaid game that I didn’t really know how to play.  How embarrassing! (Except not really, because I didn’t care that much about the Little Mermaid.)  But it also stands out because of something my friend said.  Don’t ask me how we got on this subject - I think either me or one of my siblings must have asked her if she was saved.  And my friend said she was saved, because every night she asked Jesus to come into her heart.

God Bless America (A Patriotic Coloring Book Review)

I have been a fan of the adult coloring trend ever since I first heard about it, and whenever I get an opportunity to review a coloring book, I jump at it.  I was excited to get God Bless America: A Patriotic Coloring Book because 1) it's summer, and all the patriotic illustrations are fitting with patriotic holidays like the 4th of July, and 2) it's an election year, so what a great time to remember all the things we hold dear in our country!

How Important Is It To Teach Your Kids The Books Of The Bible?

When did you learn the books of the Bible?

I am willing to bet that most adults who have the books of the Bible memorized learned them as a kid.  Kids are such sponges! It's so much easier to memorize lists of information like that as children.

I think I was probably four or five years old when I learned the books of the Old Testament.  I went to VBS at a little mountain church, and there was a teenage girl there with an acoustic guitar and long brown hair who sang the Bible books song every day.  I have no idea who she was, but I can still almost see her in my mind.  I hope wherever she is, the Lord blesses her for her service at that VBS, because it has served me well to have the books of the Bible memorized, and it all started with that song.

The Valley Of Dry Bones (An Audiobook Review)

1.5/5 stars.

I requested The Valley Of Dry Bones audiobook from christianaudio for Derek and I to listen to on vacation.

Before I jump into this, I have to say that I have read books by Jerry Jenkins in the past, and I have enjoyed them.  He is most known for co-writing the Left Behind series, and I read another series from him that I enjoyed.  He typically knows how to keep a story moving, and I like that.  But unfortunately, this book is not representative of his books as a whole, in my opinion.  I just have to say that first.

We Can't Pay Our Own Debts (All The Missing Girls Book Review)

I recently started listening to “What Should I Read Next?”, which is a podcast by Anne Bogel (otherwise known as Modern Mrs. Darcy).  I've been enjoying it - it's the perfect podcast for book nerds!  She puts out a summer reading guide every year, and this year I picked up a few books on her list to check out.  All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda was one of them, and I gave it a try because the story sounded interesting.  It’s a secular book, and I find that reviews of secular books need more breaking down than Christian books, so here we go.

A Summer Reading List For Homeschool Moms

This fall we will start homeschooling Wyatt for kindergarten.

I was homeschooled myself, from 4th grade through high school.  I wrote a series a few years ago about my experience as a homeschool student and why it was good for me (you can read all the posts here).  Homeschooling has become more and more popular since I was a kid (some estimates say it is growing by 2-8% annually over the last several years, with 2.3 million children currently being homeschooled in the US), and there are resources galore!

But that doesn't make the idea of teaching your own children at home any less overwhelming.  In fact, when I first started trying to prepare for homeschooling my kids a few years ago, I got a little stress-paralyzed (name that movie!).  There are so many resources these days that it is difficult to narrow it down and figure out what to read, where to start.

How I Am Marking The Years (A Gift Idea For Moms)

 (Note: I received the keepsake bracelet featured in this post from Teresa at The Keep Collective in exchange for an honest review.)

Do you have a way of marking the years?  

This month is my birthday, and I’ve been thinking a lot about different ways of marking the passage of time.  I think of myself five years ago on my birthday, and my life looked totally different.  Even my attitude was different!  You know how they say you don’t know how much you don’t know?  I don’t think that’s completely true.  I’m on my way out of my twenties, the decade of the “know-it-all”, and I realize more now how much I used to think I knew, but I really didn’t.  There is some wisdom in knowing what you don’t know, and not pretending you do know what you can’t, and I’m slowly learning that.

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