18 Ways To Wear Mustard Yellow Leggings

A month ago my friend let me borrow some mustard yellow leggings (they may have been of a certain brand that is "all the rage" right now).   She said something about not being sure how to wear them, and I told her I thought a lot of things could go with yellow leggings - and I put together a few outfits to prove it to her and myself.  I may have gotten a bit carried away!  But I thought I would share my outfit ideas with you all, in case you too wonder how to pull off colored leggings for everyday wear.

(In this whole process, I realized how many things I have that really would go with this color - so I may have bought myself a pair of mustard yellow leggings.  They may have been from Forever21.  Because I would like the $4 price tag.)

So I give you...eighteen ways to wear mustard yellow leggings!  Yes, eighteen.  I told you I got a little carried away.

Late Summer/ Early Fall Ideas

Autumn Ideas

Winter Ideas

I think there are a couple formulas to making colored leggings fit into an interesting outfit:

1. Use a neutral-colored top (like white, grey or black) that covers your behind as a base, and then layer interesting pieces over that (like coordinating scarves, patterned kimonos/cardigans, jackets/vests, pretty jewelry).

2.  Wear a multi-colored patterned top that coordinates with the leggings.  Notice I said coordinates.  The great thing about patterned tops is that it doesn't have to have mustard yellow in the pattern for you to pull it off.  As long as the colors don't clash with yellow it still works.

I hope this post is helpful if you have been wanting to hop on board the colored legging-train!

Do you own any colored leggings?  What tips do you have for how to wear them?

What Do You Want To Teach Your Kids About Friendship?

Do you remember the very first friend you made?  Are you still friends with that person?  I am curious because I made my first friend in first grade, because we found out we were reading the same books (which I'm sure surprises none of you who read this blog regularly).  Unfortunately the friendship didn't last beyond the beginning of third grade, but that's another story for another day.  

Seeing my own kids making friends now has made me think harder about what kinds of things I want to teach them about being a good friend.  What makes a good friend?  What can you do to help your kids treat their little friends well?  

I'd love to hear your answers to these questions.  Personally, Proverbs is like a handbook for friendship to me - there are so many principles there for all kinds of relationships, including friendship.  I wrote a post that is up over at Tommy Nelson featuring some of my favorite Scriptural principles for friendship - and how to teach those to our children from a young age!  

Check it out, and please let me know what you try to teach your kids about friendship in the comments below!  I'd love to hear!

Woodland Tea Party (First Birthday Party!)

At the end of September we had Clarice's first birthday party!  I have probably been planning and mulling over this party more than most of the other ones I've thrown, and I picked my theme months ago when I ordered our gorgeous invitations.  Despite all my mental planning, I didn't actually buy anything else until a week before her party, but I am happy with the way it turned out!


Tissue paper flowers: I made them from a kit that I got on clearance at Joann's - they were so easy!  You could easily make them without a kit, and maybe one of these days I'll do a post (or find one already written) to show you how.

String of balloons: The best idea I ever got from Pinterest.

Lemon drops and tea cups: The tea cups I have had for a while - whenever I find a pretty on in an antique shop I snag it, so they were perfect for my "tea party" vision.

Rose-shaped dessert mints: My mom made these for Clarice's party with an old family recipe!  They fit in perfectly with all the decor.  Thanks, Mom!

Tea pot: I've been wanting one anyway, so when I saw this Pioneer Woman tea pot at Walmart, I figured this was the perfect excuse to buy it!

Milk bottles with chalkboard tags:  I bought some extra milk bottles, because these are my favorite cups for the kids - if they leave them around the house, they kind of look decorative!  I added some chalkboard tags with these little cut-outs that I found at Hobby Lobby for $3.

Chalkboard: My attempt at hand-lettering!  Don't laugh.

Water bottles: I got some scrapbook paper that looked like aspen tree bark to replace the water bottle labels, and I taped them on with pretty washi tape.  The mint-colored tub I already had (Hobby Lobby).

Punch: Cranberry juice and Squirt.  It's simple and very good.

White cabinet: Can you believe I won that in an Instagram giveaway?  It was very exciting.

Small "dot" banner: Minted!

"Happy Birthday Clarice" banner: Minted!

"Sips" and "Treats" table signs: Minted!

Cupcake toppers: You guessed it - also part of the Minted party kit I received earlier this year!

Cupcakes: I made those, strawberry cake mix, store-bought strawberry frosting.  Keeping it simple.

Jello Popcorn: See recipe here, minus the peanuts.

White chocolate leaves: I made those with Almond Bark chocolate and some leaf molds.

Flowers and Aspen tree candle holder: Hobby Lobby.  I just loved the candle holders when I saw them, and it was very convenient since I could use them for Clarice's party too!

THE CAKE:  All caps, because I am so proud of it!  My sister made this cake - isn't she amazing?  All I told her was that I wanted an "aspen tree stump", and the cake turned out better than I even imagined!

Glitter candle: I saw it on another Instagram account, and when I tried to find it again later to look at her DIY, I couldn't find it!  So I just winged it and used Elmer's glue and glitter to cover a "1" candle.  It worked out nicely.

Banner cake topper: I got the little triangle cutouts at Hobby Lobby and strung them between two paper straws that I already had.

Clarice's birthday dress: I found it on Taylor Joelle last year, and it just happened to work perfectly as her party dress!

Headband: I bought it from this shop.

So there you go!  A year's worth of mental planning, and now it's over.  It's a little sad really - where did the last year go?  HOW IS MY BABY ONE?!   It's cliche, but it really does go by too fast.

On The Election

I believe some of you follow me on Twitter, so it will be no surprise to you that I am pretty into politics.  I typically find the whole thing exciting and interesting, and I love to analyze.  My love for following the political process has eroded some over the past week though.  I think it is starting to get frustrating or overwhelming for a lot of us.

I had written this in a different way when I first published this post, but I'm trying agin because I don't think I explained myself very well the first time.  Right now I see a lot of argument among the Christian community about whether it is morally right or wrong to vote for Trump.  I don't know what each person's specific reasons are for wanting to avoid voting for Trump, and God knows everyone's heart, but I did want to just share where I am coming from on the matter, to possibly encourage those who may need it.  The thing that I am remembering this election is that I do believe we hold some responsibility for what happens to the country as a result of how we did or didn't use our vote.

The thing is, even a choice not to act has consequences.  And as Christians, if the country becomes completely godless because of the church's inaction, do you think we will be rewarded for that?  Do you think we can escape responsibility?  I don't believe we can.  Unless we are actively fighting against evil, we are complicit in it.  When God judges our nation by giving us over to our own choices, don't we have some part in that judgement, in bringing the nation to this place by doing nothing when we might have tried to prevent it but remained silent?  Our hands will not be clean.  

I have to choose, I have to take a stand for, or against, one of the two inevitable directions the country will go, because I don't think as a part of this nation we will escape moral responsibility before God for what we may have allowed.

All of that, believe it or not, was an introduction to an article that I REALLY want my brothers and sisters in Christ to read, especially if you are on the fence.  Eric Metaxas is such a good writer, and says everything much better than I can.  He expressed my feeling about the whole sorry thing so perfectly.  Please read here:

"Should Christians Vote For Donald Trump?"

(Some people seem to be having trouble with the link, so I linked to a Tweet wth the link instead because clicking through that way seems to work.Click through my tweet here.Oh, technology.

And just to end with two things that I think we will all agree on as sisters in Christ - first, when we stand before God's throne someday, those of us who believe in Jesus's sacrifice for us on the cross will have HIS righteousness - and that covers any way we may get it wrong in this election too.  And second, no matter who wins next month, God will always be sovereign over what happens, and that will always give me comfort.

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