Good Friday

Today I sit here looking out the window at the fog that has settled in the fields in front of my house. All week it has been beautiful, sunny and warm, something that is very unusual for this time of year. But today the fog that started as wisps around the distant mountains has gradually spread until I can no longer see them, or the sky.

Today is also Good Friday. A peculiar name, considering that two thousand years ago, what happened onn this day must have seemed far from good. Jesus, the one who was to fulfill all the prophesies from the Scriptures, was beaten by the very people the Jewish people had hoped He would deliver them from. He was scorned and ridiculed, and forced to walk up a long, dreary road, with the cross to which He would soon be nailed, His blood marking the way He traveled. It was a dark day, when all hopes seems to blow away, like the smoke from an extinguished candle.

Those of us who know the story also know that because He was God, death could not keep it's grip. The very next Sunday the empty tomb was discovered, and they knew He was alive. That is the glory, the joy, the power of God that all the events of this Passover week point to, at least to those of us who know who He really was and choose to follow Him. On such a day, it seems sunshine and warmth should wash the day in light.

But today, I think of the day He suffered. The day His blood marked the way to Calvary. The day He died. There was no joy for anyone present on that day; and I know they must have been grieving over the way He had to die. Today I think it is appropriate to put aside the triumph that would be His on Sunday, and focus on His death. Focus on the way He had to die; and most importantly on why He had to die. For everything I ever did, or ever will do wrong, He hung there, suspended only by the nails in His hands. When I think of His sorrow, His suffering, all because of me. Suddenly it seems that the weather today is just right; the soggy, weary, sorrowful countenance of this day reminds me that saving His children wasn't a happy affair.

But I know that regardless of the weather, the Son will shine on Sunday.
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