The Big Ultrasound!

So, we had our big ultrasound!  And we know what the gender is.  I'm still not telling you until next week, but I wanted to share the details of our appointment!

Derek took the day off on Wednesday so that we could go to the appointment and spend the day together, so we got up bright and early.  My dad came to my doctor's office to watch Wyatt in the waiting room while we went into the ultrasound.  My office has this no kids under 3 (or something like that) in the ultrasound room policy, which is slightly frustrating.  But it worked out since my dad was able to stay with Wyatt while we had our appointment (and it sounded like they had fun together out in the waiting room)!  Plus Wyatt would have probably got a little wiggly for an hour-long ultrasound anyway.

Before we went in for our ultrasound:


Wyatt with my dad.




We asked the ultrasound tech if she could put the gender images in an envelope for us so we could open it later at lunch.  We did that with Wyatt, and it was nice to be able to open it together more privately and celebrate, so we decided to do that again!  

It was so fun to watch during the rest of the ultrasound too, and with it came a sense of danger, because this baby was moving all over the place during the ultrasound!  We have a wiggle worm in there.  But the tech warned us when she got close to the legs area, so we were pretty safe.  It was so fun to see all the movement on the screen as the tech tried to take all the measurements!

Baby cooperated pretty well, and we got all the measurements we needed.  Our tech asked us to turn our heads so she could finally check the gender, and she had to jiggle my stomach a bit with the ultrasound wand to get the baby to move into the right position, but after a couple tries she got the right view!

All the baby's measurements looked right on track, and all the structures in the little body looked like they were forming perfectly!  We're so thankful for a healthy baby in there!  Here are a few pictures of our sweet baby!


Little profile:





Looking straight at Baby's face:




Sweet little foot, with five little toes!



And the tech turned on the 3D feature too, and we got some adorable views of our baby's face!  His/her little arm was over his/her head, and it was so cute.  





I'm pretty sure we make the cutest babies ever.  Just sayin'.  I can't stop looking at the 3D images, I think he/she is so adorable already!

After our appointment we had to make a stop at Walmart so I could scan the ultrasound photos onto a disk, and then went out to lunch together (my dad had already headed off to work).  We chose to go to Country Buffet, because we were all pretty hungry, and we hardly ever go there, so it seemed like a good place.

We got our food and then got ready to open the envelope!  i could hardly take it at that point.  It was so exciting!




Wyatt was so tired at this point, but he was hanging in there!




Derek was a lot more excited than he looks here, he just wanted to get to the opening but I insisted upon a picture!  I have to document, you know.

Then we opened it and found out the gender!  And that's all I can say.

But I will show you a couple pictures ( I blacked out all critical parts of the ultrasound in these photos, so don't even try to guess based on these . . .)





That last picture of Wyatt cracks me up!  I think he was wondering why we would interrupt his lunch if we weren't going to let him play with the paper.

After we basked in the glow of our news and finished our lunch, we went shopping for a newborn outfit for our sweet baby that we could use for the gender reveal on Sunday!  Derek and Wyatt were troopers and walked all over the malls with me until I found the perfect outfit, and I love to shop, especially for baby clothes, so I was in heaven.  

Then we went home, took a couple pictures which we will use to reveal the gender to you all next week, and collapsed on the couch.  It was a happy kind of exhaustion, and a great day!

Check back on Monday to find out what we are having, and get ready for a gender reveal party post next week!




"BaByQ" Gender Reveal Party Invitations!

When we decided to do another gender reveal party, I originally wanted to keep it more low-key, since this is the second gender reveal party we've done.  We decided to do a barbecue with close family and friends.  But then we decided I needed to do invites and games again, and I realized just how many close friends and family I wanted to invite, so the whole low-key thing went out the window!  What can I say?  I can't help myself.

However, I still liked the idea of making it more of a end-of-summer barbecue *slash* gender reveal party.  I've been wanting to do a barbecue this summer, and I thought combining the two would give it that more low-key feel that I was originally going for.

I knew, however, that I didn't want to put pressure on myself to make the invitations again like last time (I handmade gender reveal invitations for Wyatt's party), so I went on a quest for some invitations.  I originally looked into making them on Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, but that was going to cost me around 40 bucks!  No thank you.

I decided to do a little search on Etsy, and what should I spot but the perfect gender reveal party invitation.  Seriously.  Who would have thought that someone else would have decided to do a gender reveal barbecue too?


See?  It's perfect.

I ordered this invitation from a shop called PuzzlePrints.  It came as an image file, and then I printed it up from there.  

Originally the invitation was for a first-baby gender reveal, so I contacted the owner to see if she could change it up to reflect that this was our second baby, and also to see if she could include Wyatt in the invitation (though I wasn't sure how that would work, so I gave her an out in case she couldn't fit it in).  But she was able to include all the details I wanted and I think the changes she made were perfect!  

The owner of PuzzlePrints (Laura) was really easy to work with.  I was also surprised when I checked my e-mail shortly after ordering and already saw the completed invitation in my inbox!  I'm talking within the hour.  I was very impressed with how fast I got it, because it let me order the prints quicker (and the invitations were already going out late, so time was important).

I love the way it turned out!  I still had to pay to have the invitations printed (since I don't have a working printer in my house), but I think the total was much more reasonable for something so personalized.  It would be super-reasonable if you had your own printer!

I felt like the envelopes that came with the invitations when I printed them were a little plain , so I bought some scrapbook paper to add some pizazz.  This is the finished product: 



I was really happy with them!  Tip: When I went to have them printed I also included a sentence on the back saying "No gifts please, just bring yourselves!", because I forgot to ask Laura to add that to the front.  Because you don't want people to feel like they have to buy you something for a party like this, you know? That's what baby showers are for.  Just my thoughts on the subject!

If any of you decide to order an invitation from PuzzlePrints, Laura has offered a free thank you card printable with your purchase when you mention my blog!  PuzzlePrints has beautiful invitations for birthdays, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, wedding showers, wedding anniversary parties, baby showers, and of course gender reveal parties.  And she takes custom orders too, so I'm sure if you are looking for something a little different she could come up with a perfect invite!  Personally, I have my eye on her ugly sweater party invitations if we decide to have another one this year!

I'm so excited to have our "BaByQ" gender reveal party on Sunday!  Stay tuned for the details, coming next week!


DIY Colored Glass (and the BIG day!)

Today is the day guys!  Today is the day we find out whether we're having a boy or a girl!  Around the time you are (most likely) reading this, we will be sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office, getting ready for our ultrasound!  Please pray for a healthy baby (most importantly), and also say a little prayer that he/she will let us take a peek.  Because it would kind of put a damper on our gender reveal party if we didn't actually know the gender.

Anyway . . .

I've been talking a lot lately about the projects I've been working on around here, and a lot of the ideas I've gotten for projects are from Pinterest!  So I'm linking this up with Nicole's monthly Pinspired link party (which actually starts tomorrow, but I'm getting a head start).  It's where we all show off the projects we did that involved Pinterest in some way and tell how it went.  It's also good motivation to actually do some of those projects.

So you know those bottles I put in my living room?  That was a DIY project.  Below are the steps I went through.

Step One: Find some bottles.

I kind of had an idea in mind of what I wanted to do, so I went to the thrift store in search for some cheap glass bottles - and I wasn't disappointed!  There was a lot to choose from.  I would recommend to snag the pieces you want right away though.  I saw a bottle that I really liked, but I didn't buy it right away.  After I decided I just had to have it, I went back the very next day - and all the shelves where the glassware had been the day before were picked clean.  There were also middle aged men hunting through everything that remained.  It was like an episode of American Pickers: Thrift Store Edition.  I was seriously annoyed that one of these "pickers" seemed to have snagged that glass bottle.  Because it would have been perfect, you know.

However, I did manage to find some other bottles that would work, and the prices were all 2 dollars or under, so it worked out well.

Step Two: Color the glass.

I knew I wanted the glass to be colored though, so I found this tutorial for making your own colored glass.  I tried it and I was really happy with the results!

If you look closely you can see some of the brush marks where I painted the bottles (I did the blue and green ones - I just got lucky and found the purple vase at the thrift store). I think if you want to avoid having those brush marks you might try putting the mode-podge mixture inside the bottles instead and rotating it until it covers the whole surface.  You'll need a lot more mode podge with that method though, and it wouldn't have worked for my purposes because of the next step.

Step Three: Give fake water a try.

After I applied the mode-podge mixture and the bottles had dried to give them that nice colored-glass effect, I decided to arrange some flowers in them.  I bought a fake water kit from Hobby Lobby, and some flower stems, and got to work.

The fake water was really interesting to work with - it comes in a bottle and you just boil it until it's liquid, and then pour it into the vases/bottles and arrange your flowers from there.  Then the substance hardens into a gel and holds the flowers wherever you placed them.  I think it actually looks pretty cool!  And supposedly if you decide you want to use the "water" in a different vase, you just have to re-boil it and it'll go right back to liquid.

I will say that if you try the fake water thing, make sure to apply some sort of sealant over the flower stems (I just used mode podge again), because I guess the colors from the stems can bleed into the water.  So unless you are going for a muddy water look, sealing them is a good idea.

Step Four: Arrange, and pat yourself on the back!

Overall I'm really happy with the way my little arrangement turned out!  It fits right in with what I was going for, and it was fun to be able to personalize my living room decor a bit.

If you've done any Pinterest projects lately, don't forget to link them up on Nicole's blog tomorrow!


Don't you hate it when you accidentally click "Publish" instead of "Save"?

That's what happened on my last post "DIY Colored Glass (and the BIG day!)" which was supposed to post tomorrow. But I clicked that blasted publish button on accident, and now it's going to show up in all your readers today.

Then you'll click through to comment and it'll say "This page does not exist on Through Clouded Glass" or something like that. Then you'll all see it tomorrow, but you'll have already read it, so I will get very little comments on it.

*head smack*


The problems we bloggers deal with.

On My Second Baby



I am over halfway through this, my second pregnancy. My second baby is a mere 4-5 months from being in my arms.

The thought of that makes me want to cry, in a good way. I'm so excited to see that little face, to hold those little hands, to break out the teeny, tiny newborn diapers again.

At the same time, it's really hard to wrap my mind around it. I'm a mama to two children. I'm going to meet one of them for the first time in a few short months.

I remember that story of a parent wondering if they'll be able to love their second child as much as they love their first, and the response is that when a second baby enters the picture, the love isn't cut in half, it doubles. And it's a lovely sentiment, because it's true. I already feel it's true. I love this sweet baby just as much as I love my sweet son, and I feel bursting at the seams with it right now.

It's odd to have such a strong love for someone you know so little about, and it's no less mind-boggling to me the second time around. I don't even know the most basic thing about this baby yet - whether it's a boy or a girl. But I don't even care. This is my child. My second child. 

I look at my precious son, how he is developing his own little personality, then I feel the sweet punches and kicks inside my stomach, and the weight of this little one pressing against my side. As I soak it all in I wonder what this baby will be like.  It's such an adventure, the process of learning more about them even before we meet.


And always at the back of my mind is the thought of how easily I could have never had the chance of knowing this baby.

When you've been through fertility problems, you know (from personal experience) just how many things have to go right for a baby to be made and grow, and you can't help recognizing just how little control we have over any of it. You realize what a miracle every baby you are given is, whether biological or adopted, whether easily conceived or not, and you don't just know it in your head, you feel it in your gut. Because when you know how many things could go wrong it seems such an unlikely thing for any baby to be conceived, but God decides when to give life, according to His good plan.  I'm so glad He has a plan. 

I've been asked alot if I think this baby is a boy or a girl. And I still don't know. I honestly try to work really hard not to think one way or the other about that, and when I catch myself thinking too much in one direction I compensate by intentionally thinking about the opposite gender (and it has happened in both directions, boy and girl). I don't want to get any ideas in my head and potentially have shocked feelings if I end up being wrong. So I just don't guess.

I honestly want both. I love the thought of this baby being a boy. And I love the thought of this baby being a girl. I'm glad I don't have to pick, because I just couldn't choose. I'm glad the Lord chooses and I'm glad He already knows all about this sweet child of mine.

I can't imagine going through the whole pregnancy not knowing the gender though when I could know it. Because to me, it's fun to get to know my baby before they even arrive, and it's so much easier to get to know them when you know that most basic fact.

On Wednesday, that piece of the puzzle will fall into place. I'll know if I'm having another adorable baby boy, or if we'll be changing things up with a sweet baby girl. Then the adventure takes another turn. 


I'm so excited.


Old Wives' Tales

Okay, for all of you who are curious as to how this pregnancy compares to my last pregnancy, according to all the old wive's tales on gender?  Read on.

Craving salty/sour things or sweet things?

With Wyatt: I craved salty/sour things.
With this Baby: I've have been craving both.
Hands dry or soft?
With Wyatt: Didn’t notice.
With this Baby: No difference.
Sick or eating more?
I wasn't very sick with either of my pregnancies, maybe slightly more sick with Wyatt than with this baby.
Can people tell you are pregnant from the back?
With Wyatt: No.
With this Baby: ? I'm not sure.  I don't think so.  Not yet anyway.
Carrying High or Low?
I carried pretty low with Wyatt, and I feel like I'm carrying slightly higher with this pregnancy.  But if you want to see a side-by-side comparison, here you go:
This is me at 20 weeks with both pregnancies, Wyatt on the left, this Baby on the right:
I'll let you be the judge.  Though it feels just a little higher to me even if it doesn't look it.  I was already in maternity pants with Wyatt in that picture on the left.  This time I can still mostly make my regular pants work, like in the picture on the right.
Baby's heart rate over 140 bpm?
With Wyatt: It was in the 40-50's range throughout the pregnancy.
With this Baby: Started out much higher than Wyatt's (in the 60's-80's), but it seems to have evened out the last couple times we went in and was more in the 40-60's range.
Right or left side while resting?
Both sides with both pregnancies.
Clumsy or Graceful during pregnancy?
With Wyatt: Didn’t notice.
With this Baby: Clumsy.
Palms up or palms down (when asked to show your hands)?
With Wyatt: I can't remember for sure, but I feel like it was palms up.
With this Baby: Palms up.
Has the husband put on weight?
Derek hasn’t put on weight with either pregnancy.
Picking up a single key by the round side or skinny side?
With Wyatt: ? Can't remember for sure. Probably round side, because that’s the side I always grab first.
With this Baby: Round side.
Are the age and year of conception both odd/even or one odd, one even?
With Wyatt: One odd, one even.
With this Baby:  One odd, one even.
Chinese Gender Chart?
With Wyatt: One chart I tried said boy, and another said girl, so I'm not sure which one was the true gender chart.
With this Baby: Once again, one chart says boy, another says girl!  I think that definitely proves it in my mind that internet Chinese gender charts cannot be trusted.

And that about wraps it up!  If you haven't voted in the gender poll yet, you now have all the information, so vote to the left!


New Living Room

The first signs of my nesting came through earlier this year, when I decided to save my bonus money from work in order to re-do my living room.  Tough I don't think I can legitimately claim that as nesting, since it was before I got pregnant - but it was definitely time for some new furniture.

I neglected to take "before" pictures, but I used to have these coffee tables that had iron legs, and wood-and-glass tops.  The furniture looked nice enough, but it wasn't what I really wanted - I just got a deal on it back when I was trying to furnish my brand-new house before I got married.  After we had Wyatt I realized just how frustrating glass table-tops can be - there is just no keeping them clean.  

Before I  just had a few flower arrangments, and the occasional matching throw-pillow, and that was it as far as a color scheme goes.  I wanted a more unified color scheme, something cheerful and different.  So this is what I came up with:











Note the adorable toddler in that last picture . . . he completes the look, no?

I really like the way it turned out!  The colors are bright and distinct, and they all match (well, not exactly, but they go).  I feel like it gives it a more intentional, less we-just-got-married-and-are-using-what-we-have look.

I also did the colored bottles and pillow covers myself, and I like they way they turned out!  More on the bottles in a different post.

The next project is saving for furniture for the family room downstairs.  But that one won't be happening for a while - new baby coming, you know, so the kid's room takes precedence!



Button Swap?


What do you think of the new button?  Nice?

So . . . I've decided to try a button swap here on the blog!  I've never done anything like this before, so I thought I'd try it for one month and see how it goes.  If you are interested in swapping buttons with me, here is what I'm thinking:

1.  I'm just going to offer a button swap to people who are currently following my blog (as of this posting).  So If you're already a GFC follower, you are in luck!

2. If you'll grab my button and post it in your sidebar for 30 days, I'll do the same with your button!

3.  The only thing I ask is that buttons be 200 pixels in width and 150 pixels in height (or really close to that).

4. I'll only accept buttons for private blogs for the swap, no Etsy shop buttons . . . but if you are a current blog follower of mine and have an Etsy shop, let me know and I'll e-mail you a discount code for any size space you want!

5. I don't care how many followers you have, so if you have a smaller blog, don't be shy!

And if that all sounds good there are only two things to do:

1. Grab my button and put it somewhere in your sidebar.

2. "Buy" the button swap ad space under my Sponsor page (a 100% discount code will be provided, so you won't actually end up paying anything).  Then as soon as I confirm that you are actually a follower of my blog and that you have my button in your sidebar your button will show up to the left!

I'm only going to do five of these at a time, so if you want your button on here hurry and reserve your spot!  Buttons will show up in my left sidebar under my reader polls.  And of course, under any sponsors, but I don't have any at the moment, so your button will actually be pretty high up there!  If any of you decide to purchase a bigger space, your buttons will go above all the rest.


And I wanted to include the results of the last poll I did.

How did you originally find my blog? 


A link in someone else's post.
  10 (20%)
A link list/sidebar on someone else's blog.
  22 (44%)
A comment you left on someone else's blog.
  10 (20%)
Someone's Blogger profile.
  0 (0%)
  1 (2%)
A search engine's results.
  2 (4%)
  5 (10%)



I realized after I had posted the poll that I didn't have any option for if I found your blog . . . sorry about that!  Most of you found my little space through a link or button in someone's sidebar (see how nice those sidebar spaces can be for increasing readership?).  

An almost equal amount stumbled upon me because of a link in someone's post (thanks to those people who have linked to me in the past!), or from my comments on someone's post.  A couple people found my blog because of social media or Google.  And I'm very curious as to what the "Other" is for those of you who voted on that, but I'm guessing it might be some of those bloggy friends that I found first?  

Bottom line: You get more readers who stick around by interacting in the blogging community.  At least if your blog is similar to mine.  Am I right?

That was a fun poll for me, you guys, very educational!

Okay, button swap away!  If I used emoticons on my blog I'd put a smiley face here.

20 Weeks! Baby #2





I am 20 weeks pregnant this week (actually 20 weeks and some days pregnant)!  I feel like the belly popped out a little more, and I think I look more pregnant (unless I'm wearing a baggy shirt, then I can still hide it pretty well).  I've been feeling great, except for some back pain when I'm on my feet too long. And a lot of round ligament pain (I think it was mostly from the belly stretching, because it seems to have settled down some the last few days).

The baby is the size of a cantaloupe now - 6 1/2 inches and 10-ish ounces!  And doing a lot more moving while there is still lots of room in there, and I've loved feeling more movement.  Derek got to feel the baby move on August 15th!  But most of the movements aren't quite strong enough to be felt from the outside.

Over the next week baby will be working on developing taste buds!  Which I think is fun, because then they can start to taste certain foods that I eat.  I ate a lot of Mexican food when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and now he likes spicy food, and I've been wanting more Chinese/Japanese food with this baby . . . so I wonder if he/she will end up liking Kung Pau chicken and yakitori sauce?  We shall see!

I finally recognized that I am, in fact, nesting.  Derek has been trying to tell my I'm nesting for a couple months now, but I didn't think I was, because I wasn't trying to organize everything - I was just trying to get the house to look pretty.  But this past week I've realized that wanting your house to look perfect would actually still qualify, even if no organizing is involved.  

And I also realized that some of my "beautifying" projects actually were organizing in disguise.  So yes, I've accepted it now.  I think I actually "nest" throughout my whole pregnancy, and I just don't realize that's what I've been doing until later - that's what happened with Wyatt too.  It's okay though, because it's a powerful motivator, and the house needs that every few years, right?  

What am I going to do when I stop having babies and no longer have that extra drive to clean?  Don't ask me.  Maybe I'll have molded myself into a more organized person in general by then.

I've been pinning a lot of color schemes on Pinterest lately, trying to decide on the colors for this Little One's quilt.  This baby and Wyatt will probably end up sharing a room for a while (more on that in a different post), so I've been trying to see what I can come up with that doesn't clash too much with the colors in Wyatt's bedding.  And obviously the room will need to be repainted if it's a girl, but I think I already have a wall color picked out, should that be the case.

A week from tomorrow and we find out the gender of this baby!  I can't wait to see what we're having so I can start on all the projects I just mentioned!  Plus it makes it all so much more "real" when you know whether it's a boy or a girl.  We are doing a gender reveal party on September 2nd (so I'll have to keep it a secret for a few days), and then I'll let you all know after that!  More posts on the gender reveal party coming up next week.

Speaking of which, it's that time!  I'm putting a poll up in the sidebar so you can all vote on whether you think Babykins the Second is a boy or a girl!  I'm curious to see what you all think the baby is this time around . . . it was so fun to see the results with Wyatt.  So vote to the left!  I am going to do a post on how we fit with all the old wive's tales though, so if you'd rather hold your vote until after that, keep an eye out over the next week!

And a few more belly pictures (as always):



And with the big brother:








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