The Happy 101 Award

Jessica at Semper Simply Blessed gave me the Happy 101 blog award! Thanks Jessica! Jessica has a really great blog, and I love reading about her adventures with her two sweet little girls!

To receive this award you must list ten things that make you happy, and pass it on to others.

Things That Make Me Happy:

1. The fact that Jesus saved me!

2. My sweet husband, Derek.

3. My family.

4. My dogs (I know, those first four were cheating).

5. Rain! I actually like rain when I'm inside. It makes everything feel cozy and warm, and then the smell outside afterward is amazing. plus I love the sound of thunder, so rain is a fun thing, unless there's an outdoor event planned.

6. Piano music. It makes me feel inspired.

7. Blogging! Of course. I have fun with blogging.

8. Babies! You saw this one coming, didn't you?

9. Chocolate makes me happy. It makes everyone happy. It's a scientific fact.

10. Sunshine, flowers, and chirping birds. Those are three things, but they all three go together in my mind.

I'm passing this one on to:

Kelly at Living The Dream - Kelly's blog is so funny - her posts usually make me laugh! She's light-hearted and fun.

Lauren at The Lucky Layman's - Lauren's blog is a great mixture of everything - I enjoy reading about all of the fun things she and her hubby do together, and her posts on her walk with the Lord are always thought-provoking.

LeAnna at Thoughts and Whatnots - She has a really fun personality, and it shows through all her posts! I really enjoy her blog.

And Jessica, I had one more award to pass out, but unfortunately it came from a blog that is now set to private, and I can't get the image! I was going to pass that one on to you, but now I can't. This is what happens when you procrastinate on these awards. So I'm re-giving this one to you instead, since my previous plan was foiled!

The Beautiful Blogger Award

This one goes to:

Jessica at Semper Simply Blessed - You're blog is always fun to read, and you and your girls are so sweet together. Reading your blog has been a blessing to me!

And that's it, my friends! I think I'm officially caught up, unless I missed an award, or unless I can get my hands on that one that I can't get now.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm off to a Women's Retreat with church. I've never been to a women's retreat, ever, so I'm a little nervous, but I think it should be alot of fun!

The Dreaded Closet

Do any of you have one of those places that you just dump things that you buy until you can actually use them? Or am I the only sloppy one?

When I buy something, such as a decorating item for the house, or a new swimsuit for the summer, or a book I thought looked good, I dump the bags into my closet until I need the item.

And no, I'm not a hoarder. Most of these things are items that I have plans for in the pretty near future, but I'm just not quite sure where to put them in the meantime. I just put them in there until I figure out exactly what to do with them. I'm just not very organized I guess.

I haven't had a chance to hang some of the pictures or put some of the pieces out, because some of them are for the basement when we finish it, and some of them I just haven't found the motivation to hang on the wall yet (I know, pathetic). Then I've bought some new items for our trip, like a few new summer shirts and a couple swimsuits, etc., that I won't wear until the weather is warmer. And then I have some books that I thought looked good, but it just takes me a while to get to them.

And where do all these items end up? The closet. I know I'm going to use all of them (I don't just buy stuff to leave in my closet, really). I just can't use some of them yet, or I haven't figured out exactly where I want to put them yet.

They can sometimes pile up when I'm not looking. I need to get a move on and actually finish what I started.

So my new goal? Stop being a waster of perfectly good items, and drag some of those things out of the dreaded closet! It would be nice to actually have some floor space in there again too.

Clothes will be put away in my drawers or hung in the closet!

Candles will be put out on the coffee tables or counters!

Pictures or wall art will be hung!

And books will be put on a bookshelf (as soon as there's one to put them on)!

Without further ado: Item Number One.

No, I didn't hide Ralphie away in the closet. I'm talking about the sign.

This lovely metal piece may look good in one of our bedrooms:

Or possibly above the door or a window in the basement, when it's finished.

The smaller words read "So much of what we know of love we learn at home." I thought it was pretty.

I do feel like I need to figure out something to hang with it though, because it's a little small to be hung by itself. It needs a grouping, unless it is hung above a door or window.

Hmm. What do you all think? Maybe I could hang it with a wall sconce and a candle, or some dried flowers. Now you know why I haven't hung this yet - I like it, and I want to hang it, but it needs something.

I'm sure I'll figure it out.

You know where it might be really pretty? With a group of pictures of Derek and me and our families. That would be nice wouldn't it? See, I never would have thought of that if I didn't drag it out of the closet and start brainstorming.

I think this is going to be a very productive post series.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Impulse Buy

Don't you just love impulse buys?

I don't love them when they turn out to be something I never use. But when they turn out to be fun, or they were the result of a sweet gesture from someone I love, I just can't help but enjoy them.

Derek and I are doing a Newlywed Sunday School class right now, and we're going through a Homebuilders study called Growing Together In Christ by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. It's pretty good so far.

One of the questions that was asked last week was how you can help your spouse grow spiritually. We were instructed to discuss that question with our spouses for a moment and then share about ways we can help each other in class.

Derek is the kind of guy who likes to spend some time reading at night before he goes to sleep. I'm the type who likes to have the lights off and be sleeping when I climb under the covers. Alot of times Derek reads his Bible at night before he goes to sleep. However, I can't really fall asleep when the light is on, so I usually bug him to turn the light off.

Through our little discussion in class, I figured one way that I can help Derek to grow spiritually is to learn to sleep with the light on. That elicited a few chuckles from the other couples in class, but I was serious.

Well, the other day we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at bed spreads, and as we were walking down one of the isles, Derek spotted this:

An Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone Sleep Mask!

He promptly snagged it from the rack and bought it for me. I thought it was pretty sweet of him to remember what I said in class and buy something to help me sleep at night when the light is on.

Here I am modeling it for you all. Cute, huh? It blocks out the light pretty well, and it smells faintly of eucalyptus and lemon too.

And that brings us back around to impulse buys.

I don't like impulse buys so much when I'm doing it, because then I usually regret it. But when someone else does an impulse buy for me? You've got to love that!

P.S. You know a good way to avoid impulse buys? Winning some cool stuff in a giveaway! I'm giving away a purse, necklace, and bracelet - be sure to enter!

Just 'Cause Giveaway!

Alright, my friends, it's time for another giveaway!

Why, you may ask? Just because I feel like it, and I found some really cute stuff to give away.

I bought these lovely giveaway items from The Icing, one of my favorite accessory stores. Here they are!

This lovely black, fold-over purse.

This long silver "coin" necklace.

This "coin" bracelet.

Here I am modeling the items:

Cute, no? I actually bought one of the necklaces for myself because I liked it so much, and I wish I had that purse. But I bought it for the giveaway, and I can't take it back now (though I seriously considered getting it for myself, but I had to get something for the giveaway). I am not going to keep it. No. It's too late now.

That's right. I have amazing self-control, yes?

Here are the rules:

1. Comment on this post to enter the giveaway.

2. If you are a follower of my blog you receive two extra entries! You have to be a public follower, with your picture showing up in the little follower box on the right.

3. If you tweet about the giveaway you get another entry.

4. If you mention the giveaway in a blog post, you get an additional two entries!

Please leave me a comment for each thing that you do so that I can be sure to give you the right amount of entries! You can pick any combination of the above to gain entries, but you must comment to let me know. I'm afraid I'll be gone this upcoming weekend, but I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 4th!

And I'm just going to throw in this Southern Cooking cookbook from, because I have it, and Southern food is purely American - you gotta love that!

Now just a quick update on recent events.

I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon and it feels like alot has been going on this week. I'm just ready for life to calm down a bit. We're having trouble with the new vehicle - it's leaking coolant, and Derek has to fix that and the brakes. It's not really a big deal, just a pain.

We're waiting for the sheet rock guys to come and do one more coat of texturing on the walls in the basement. It's looking really good down there! I'll post a video update soon.

We went to a Lincoln Day fundraising dinner for the Republican party in my county on Saturday. It was alot of fun, and I got to speak with my Congressman! Our Representatives to the state legislatures and our national Congressman gave speeches, and they had some really interesting stories about interactions with other congressmen and even the President (the interaction-with-the-President tales were stories of standing up to our President, and elicited much cheering).

It was pretty exciting. I even bid on a pack of books during the silent auction, but someone out-bid me by two dollars when I wasn't looking. I was pretty bummed, because there were some good books there. My dad won a different pack of books though, and he'll let me read them, so that's something!

Other than that, my house is falling apart, I have to figure out something for dinner, there are about a dozen things on my to-do list, and I have to wake up at five for work tomorrow morning and start another crazy work week, so overall I'm just feeling like life is out of control and way too busy. I'm so ready for a vacation.

Twenty-five days and counting . . .

Good luck on the giveaway, and I hope you all have a non-crazy, smooth, in-control Monday!

Babies and Being Content

I'm surrounded by pregnant women.

I don't know if there were always this many pregnant women around and I just never noticed before, or if there are really more pregnant women around me now than in the past.

I personally know eleven women who either are or have been pregnant in the last few months. Plus the two or three women I seem to see every time I go grocery shopping. Plus many pregnant patients that have come into the office within the past few months as well. Not to mention many different celebrities that I keep hearing about.

I'm telling you, I'm surrounded. This does absolutely nothing for the baby fever that I'm already plagued with, except to make it much worse.

It doesn't really seem very fair to have so many pregnant women put in my path right around the time that I'm starting to naturally think more about babies anyway, even though I can't even have a baby right now. It's like torture, considering the fertility issues I'm already dealing with. Sometimes it's downright depressing.

Last week, after a particularly depressing morning, I was wondering if I would ever even be able to have a baby in the future, and as I told the Lord how I was feeling a peace just washed over my heart. No other words or pep talks have given me that same sense of assurance, and I know it was a gift from God - that peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:6-7).

Since then I've been thinking about the multitude of pregnancies and babies that have been bombarding me as of late, and I realized that the Lord wouldn't put all that in my life at this precise time for no reason. When the same thing keeps hitting me over and over again it's most likely because the Lord is trying to teach me something.

I think I figured it out. The other day as I was mulling this over, this verse came to mind:

"For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."
Philippians 4:11b-12

Paul had been through many different kinds of persecution and trials, worse than anything most of us will experience, but still he was able to say that he had learned the secret to being content, no matter what situation he was in. I just realized as I looked up this verse today that he never really said what the secret was. Maybe it's one of those things that you can't really teach per say, but each person just learns it or doesn't learn it on their own.

However, I think contentment is one of those things that the Lord very much wants us to learn. He wants us to learn to be content and trust in Him, no matter what is going on in our life. Sometimes I think our trials or heartaches, or even something silly like being surrounded by babies at a time when you can't have one, are sent to us by God so that we can learn to trust Him and be content whatever the circumstances.

When that verse came to mind the other day, I knew the purpose in this was that very thing. I am not able to have a baby the way things are now, and there's no saying when that will change. I want to have a baby someday, and there are easily a dozen women around me right now that have the very thing I want and know I can't have yet. But I think I've learned to be content with my life, and where the Lord has me right now, in spite of that.

Rarely does learning some spiritual virtue come easily for me. It usually takes months or years of trial and error, of succeeding and failing, before I can make a good thing an actual habit so that it is just natural to react or think in the correct way. But somehow learning to be content in this situation came suddenly, without any practice or striving for it.

Maybe that's just the nature of learning to be content with your situations. It's not something that sneaks up on you through small, everyday successes, and then one day you wake up to find that you've largely obtained that quality, as it seems to work with patience or kindness. Contentment seems to be obtained through great inward struggles that build until you reach a point where suddenly it strikes you that God always has a plan and a purpose. Once you realize that, and actually believe it and trust God that it's true, then contentment is just a natural reaction.

In order to be content, you must first accept that God knows what He's doing, and He works all things out for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28), and then you must actively choose to trust Him - and once you've done that contentment is easy.

Sometimes I think it's easier to lean on the Lord and be content in the midst of the greater trials of life than it is to be content with small struggles or wishes that haven't come true. It seems easier to rely on His help for the big things, because you know He'll take care of you somehow, and you're already in a bad spot with no one to turn to but Him anyway.

But when you are hoping for just average, everyday things, like a baby or a better job, it's harder to trust Him, because the fact of the matter is He might not give you what you desire. He might say no. As Christians, we need to learn to accept that He might say no, but to also realize that even if we don't get what we're hoping for He still has a purpose that we may never understand, and He has good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11). Then we are able to rest in contentment.

It's not easy to get to that place, because you have to learn to let go of what you want and instead accept whatever the Lord has for you! But once you're there, you wouldn't go back to clinging to your own way for anything, because His ways are always better.

For me, that means letting go of my anxiety about having a baby and accepting that whether I'm able to have biological children or not, the Lord has a great plan for me, and it's better than anything I have planned for myself.

I'm not saying that the next time I go through a tough time I won't have to remind myself of what it means to be content. I suspect that I'll have to re-learn to be content, to a certain extent, with every trial that befalls me. But I also suspect that it'll get easier and easier to learn with each subsequent struggle, and then maybe someday I'll be able to say with Paul that I've learned to be content whatever the circumstances.


My plants are sprouting!

Miss Alyssa, my alyssum plant, is doing the best. Look at all those little seedlings!

And here is Miss Daisy and Fred, my daisy and tomato plants! Miss Daisy is the one with several little sprouts, and Fred is just starting to get that one little sprout!

They're actually growing! I'm so excited. Now I just hope Miss Sue the Sweet Pea, and Hubert the Sweet Pepper start to sprout too. But even if they don't, I'm still pretty happy about the other three! I'll keep you posted on their progress.

Car Shopping

Our poor van is no more.

It's had an issue for a while where it pulls to one side suddenly as you're going around a corner or whatever. Derek thought it was the sway bar, but then he replaced the sway bar and it didn't fix the problem.

Remember last weekend when Derek and I were working outside together? That's when he discovered this:

See that part there (at least I'm pretty sure that's the part)? It has a big crack in it. You can't see it in the picture, but it's there, trust me.

We were hoping that was just a little localized piece that Derek could replace. But no, that's part of the base frame of the car.

At first Derek thought that maybe he could get it welded back together, but it turns out that the base frame is aluminum, and aluminum doesn't hold very well when you weld it.

He looked into how much it would cost to replace it, and it would cost somewhere from $2,000 to $5,000!

I'm sorry, Old Friend, but you're just not worth that much money.

So basically we've been forced into purchasing a new vehicle.

It kind of stinks, because we have to go back into debt to do it. We were pretty much debt-free except for the house payments, and it felt so good. Rats.

But what're you going to do, you know? Derek has to be able to get to his work, and I have to be able to get to my work, so we needed to get something.

So on Friday we ventured out into the world of car dealerships to look at a few cars Derek found on the internet.

The first one was at a rather big, nice-looking dealership. It was an Isuzu SUV, and it was a pretty nice car, but Derek did his exam and found that it could possibly have an oil leak, and it looked like it was burning oil. We decided we better look at some other vehicles too before deciding.

We called on a Ford Escape, but alas, it was sold that very morning. So off we went in search of a Dodge Durango that Derek found on the internet.

We had to drive through a rather run-down area of town past alot of little dealerships. I told Derek that I didn't like these places.

We finally found the road that the elusive dealership housing the Dodge was supposed to be on. Finally Derek pointed out the dealership.

It had about fifteen to twenty cars parked out front. The building was rather small, made of brick, located right underneath a railroad track. Giant trees towered above the little lot, and a dirt road led around the back, to where a little house with peeling paint sat.

Derek reminded me that we're buying a car, not a dealership.

We got out of the car and Derek told me to lock the doors.

We walked into the little building. The inside was rather grimy looking, with several dusty chairs and a desk that was bowed in the middle. It reeked of smoke.

Even though our first impression was not good, the car checked out with Derek. It was dirty on the inside, smelled a bit like smoke, the windshield had a crack in it, and the brakes were shot, but you can clean the inside of a car, the cracked windshield would do until we could replace it, and my handy husband could change the brakes easily. Beside those fixable problems, the vehicle seemed solid.

We still weren't quite sure though and decided to check out a Land Rover at a different dealership. This dealership was small, but nice-looking as well. We took the Land Rover for a test drive and it checked out.

For some reason the inside was falling apart though - the glove compartment hinges were broken, and little compartment on the dashboard was just set in place, not secured, and the middle console lid had the hinges removed. Not sure what was up with that, but really they were all minor problems that could be fixed easily.

However, we found out that Land Rovers are English cars, which I was not aware of. Not that I hate English cars or anything, but the systems of English cars are arranged much differently than American cars, and to be honest, the arrangement doesn't really make sense. As in, you may have to take out the entire engine to replace a water pump or something like that.

So even though my hubby is brilliant when it comes to working on cars, he may not be able to fix everything on it just because of the arrangement of the parts. And that kind of worried me, because it may be expensive to take it to someone who knows about Land Rovers. Plus the parts are expensive. So I was a little wary of commiting to the Land Rover.

Derek called the mechanics we usually use when there's a problem on a vehicle that he can't fix himself, and they confirmed that the parts are expensive, and they usually don't take Land Rovers to work on - they refer to the Land Rover dealership for repairs on Land Rovers. They also said that from what they've seen, Durangos tend to last longer, and are much less expensive to repair.

So even though the Land Rover got much better gas mileage, we figured that the cheaper cost of any repairs or parts for the Durango, and the fact that Derek could fix most things on the Durango himself, probably made the Durango a better buy for us, even though the Land Rover got better miles per gallon.

So back to the dinky little dealership we went. I would never have imagined buying a vehicle from a place like that, but we got an incredible deal, and the car checked out with Derek's inspection, so what can I say?

So I'd like to introduce our new vehicle:

Model: 2003 Dodge Durango.

Color: Silver.

Interior: Gray.

Mileage: 93,000.

Perks: Tape deck and CD player, dual climate control, feels pretty snazzy.

Drawbacks: Brakes are shot, tires need to be replaced soon.

Price: $5,300 (not including taxes).

Derek did a little research after we bought the car, and he couldn't find another Dodge Durango for sale for less than $7,000. So we feel like we got a pretty good deal!

Goodbye, Good 'Ole Van. You were good to us through all these years.

Hello New SUV. May you be as good to us as Goldie was and last as long as she did.

Here's to a new car!

Chloe's Giveaway

I know it's rather late in the weekend, but I was just catching up on blog posts and say that my friend, Chloe, is doing a giveaway!

She's giving away a super cute re-usable shopping bag and a Barnes and Noble gift card. I admit that I don't usually use re-usable shopping bags, but if I win this one, I just might have to try it out. It folds up into a strawberry. How can you not love that?

Head on over there to check out the giveaway, and be sure to let her know that I sent you over there! Please?

Thank you. *smile*

Beautiful Blogger Award

I got the beautiful blogger award from JB's Cooking Lady at The Cooking Lady blog! Her blog has alot of great recipe and meal ideas, so you should check it out!

I'm afraid I'm rather short on time, because Derek and I are about to leave to go car shopping. Long story, and I will expound on it later. To recieve this award you must post seven interesting facts about yourself. So this is going to have to be a speedy seven facts:

1. I'm 5' 7 and 1/2" inches tall.

2. I've never colored my hair, or even done highlights.

3. I had really sloppy handwriting as a kid, but I think it's improved now.

4. I love wearing high heels.

5. I despise lima beans.

6. I like blue cheese crumbles on my salads.

7. I used to love Winnie the Pooh as a kid. Who am I kidding, I still love Winnie the Pooh, and I'm thinking about petitioning for Disney to release all the old Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episodes, because I want to share my love of Pooh with my children.

Alright, now I'm going to pass this one on to seven beautiful bloggers! Here we go.

Jessica at Called to Serve. I love reading about her life on her blog, and she's such an optimistic and encouraging person.

Chloe at Tryin' To Throw My Arms Around The World. Chloe is a newlywed, and her blog is inspiring and fun to read!

Rebecca at Making Memories. Becca is a nurse, and a really sweet person - I enjoy her blog!

Jenene at Prairie Girl Gone Coastal. She always has interesting things to say on her blog, but lately she's been posting alot about fitness, and she's totally motivating me to eat healthier!

Jen at The Life Accounts. Her blog is refreshing and I've been enjoying it.

Carlee at The Payton Periodicals. She seems like a really sweet and fun person, and her blog is fun to read as well!

Felicia at Lost In A February Song. Felicia makes me smile, and she thinks up some neat blog posts!

There you go! Enjoy the award ladies!

P.S. I'll be catching up on all your blogs as soon as I have a minute to breath today. I'm sorry I've been kind of MIA this week.

Good Book Recommendations?

Lately I've been trying to think of everything I need to get ready for our trip in May. I've bought a couple skirts and sun dresses, and a couple new swimsuits. On the list of things to get are sunglasses, sunscreen, possibly a sun hat, and various other items.

One thing I've been thinking about is what books to bring with me. I'll probably rent some from the Library, so in order to get them in time for the trip I'll have to put a hold on them pretty soon.

For vacations I like to read light, fast-paced books. Purely pleasure reading. I like Christian romances, I like mysteries, and historical fiction is good if it's fast-paced.

Last year I asked you all for ideas on what to read next, and you gave me some great ideas! So I'm asking again - does anyone have any ideas for good vacation reading? Any authors I should check into, or any specific books that captured your attention?

I'm looking forward to seeing what you recommend!

I'm afraid I haven't been posting much this week. This is a four-day work week for me, so I just haven't had much time, but you can still expect an award post on Friday. Happy Wednesday!

Plant Killer - That's Me

I have a black thumb.

You know, as opposed to a green thumb.

In layman's terms, I kill things. Mainly plants.

I think it would be such a cool thing to cultivate a little living thing from a seed to a full-grown flowering, fruitful plant. But alas, I've never had the experience.

You'll recall Ellie, my lovely Hibiscus plant from last year. Well, she died. I was actually pretty proud, because I was able to keep her alive through half the winter! But to be honest, it was more Derek than it was me.

Derek has a way with plants. He makes things grow and flower and live. He usually does all our planting and gardening, because he can actually make things grow. He can do what I can't.

He lives my horticultural dreams.

But, By George, I'm a determined person, and so I actually bought a couple packets of flower seeds and little starter kits for vegetables, and something is going to grow this year!

I'm sure the little things will sense how determined I am, and how much I love those little seeds and want them to live, so they won't be able to help but grow. Because plants can sense these things.

So this is what I have:

A Sweet Pepper plant named Fred.
A Patio Tomato plant named Hubert.
A Daisy plant named, well, Miss Daisy.
A Sweet Pea plant named Miss Sue.
An Alyssum plant named Miss Alyssa.

And I'm going to make them all grow, all by myself. Well, Derek can help me water, because let's face it, he's just got it and I don't. But I'm going to do most of the work myself.

The starter kits for Fred, Hubert, and Miss Daisy were interesting, because they came with this little pellet.

Then you were supposed to add water, and voila! Soil.

Derek took some pictures of me working with the soil and stuff.

I was working on my plants while Derek was working on our vehicle, and it was kind of nice to be working out there together one such a nice afternoon. I liked it so much that after I finished with the plants I grabbed some of my painting stuff and sat out there working on that for a while (which was good, because I've really been slacking on my painting stuff).

It was really just such a nice evening, and I hope my little plants actually grow, because I think I'd really enjoy gardening more. So come on Fred, Hubert, Miss Daisy, Miss Sue, and Miss Alyssa! You can do it! Grow, grow, grow!

(By the way, and tips for making things grow, or any tips for those plants specifically, would be very much appreciated!)

This Plus That

Fettuccine Noodles . . .

+ Chicken . . .

+ Homemade Alfredo Sauce (which is alot easier to make than I thought - here is the Homemade Alfredo Sauce recipe I used) . . .

= Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo . . .

+ Handsome Husband

+ Good Movie

= Great Night Together

The Purpose Of Crocs

Is there anyone else out there who thinks these are ugly?

I'm sure that statement just offended at least half of you. Please don't hate me.

Crocs are just one thing that I don't understand. I guess my problem is that I don't understand the use of Crocs. I could forgive the appearance if I understood the use.

They really aren't a fashion statement. Sure, they come in lots of colors, but so does every other type of shoe out there, and I think that whatever outfit you wear them with is instantly taken down a level on the formal/casual scale. And they just aren't appropriate to wear with certain articles of clothing at all.

I think they look really cute on little kids. I'm not sure why, but tiny Crocs for little feet are pretty cute, and they're probably easy to put on and take off too.

I know they were originally made for nurses, but in reality you can't really wear them if you work in a healthcare environment. They have holes, and that's a no no. What if you dropped dirty instruments, or spilled some dangerous substance? Wearing shoes with holes in such a situation is just asking for an injury. They probably make them without holes, and I guess that would be okay, but the holey versions aren't appropriate for a healthcare setting.

I think Crocs are appropriate for the beach - they could make good water shoes. But even then I'd rather go for the more aesthetically pleasing rubber flip-flop.

I'm not sure I understand the comfort argument. People say Crocs are comfortable - but they just don't look comfortable to me. I tried them on once as well, and I just wasn't impressed. Sure, they're lightweight, but I'm not sure if that makes them comfortable. Slippers are comfortable. Crocs, not so much. And I don't wear my slippers outside the house just because they're comfortable either.

Bottom line, I think Crocs are alright for kids under eight years old, and for the beach if you have something against flip-flops. But outside of those two uses I'm still in the dark.

Alright, so I'd like to hear your opinions. Someone, please explain Crocs to me!

Someday I'll probably end up inheriting a pair and completely loving them, and when that happens I promise I'll eat my words and post a retraction to this post.

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