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And in other blogging news, I have a mom/baby feature in the works . . . more on that to come. If you have any questions you'd like to ask new moms, please let me know!

Mm'kay, that's all for now! I may or may not be off to watch the royal wedding that I DVR'd (*ahem*). At least until we have to leave for my doctor's appointment this afternoon. Prayers for good news about my blood clot are appreciated!

I hope you each have a fabulous weekend!

Wanting To Snuggle

One day a couple weeks ago I had Wyatt in his bouncer, and he started crying.

Now, he had been a little fussy because of some air problems that week as well. I knew he must have air problems, because when I would pick him up he'd still be unhappy, and he'd arch his back and scrunch his face like he was in pain. I'd usually have to spend some times rubbing his back, bending his knees, and trying to make him more comfortable before he would settle down.

I figured the notorious air bubbles had returned again when he started to cry, so I unbuckled him and picked him up, expecting to have to do a little work to make him happy again.

Not so. As soon as I picked him up he stopped crying, curled into a little ball, and nuzzled his face against me.

In my head I was thinking that perhaps this is what they talk about when they say that babies can learn to manipulate their parents and make them do what they want them to do. I wondered if maybe I shouldn't fall for it.

But there he was with his little face snuggled against me, almost instantly sleeping contentedly, and I just couldn't bear to put him down.

Who am I kidding? I can't resist my snuggly baby.

You got me, Baby Boy. You got me.

More Newborn Photos!

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of the newborn pictures! These are from our session with Scott and Danae when Wyatt was two weeks old. Let me know if you would like their information!

Sidenote: I made the blue blanket in the picture below, but it's not quite done yet (we just hid the unfinished part). I thought I'd have three more weeks before Wyatt arrived to finish it, but the Lord had other plans!

I love the way the pictures turned out! Here are my favorites.

Amazing Clotting Ablities

I've never even been to the hospital as a patient before this year (well, unless you count when I was born). Now it feels like I get to go every week as a patient.

So, I've been having this ache in my leg since Saturday. It kind of felt like a muscle cramp. I was slightly concerned about it, because I know that I'm more at risk for blood clots right now. And my mom (who has had a blood clot before) told me it feels like a muscle cramp.

So I call my orthopedic doctor yesterday, just to check. And guess where they send me?

Off to the hospital I go for an ultrasound. I'm telling myself that most likely it's not a blood clot, because I've been on injectable blood thinners all week. And who gets a blood clot while on blood thinners?

Apparently, I do. My blood must have some amazing clotting abilities.

Blood clots in your legs are dangerous, because the blood clot can dislodge and move to your heart, lungs, or brain, possibly causing a heart attack, pulmonary embolism (when a vessel gets blocked in your lungs), or a stroke.

Thankfully mine is small and in a smaller peripheral vein, so it's less likely to cause problems.

I'm on aspirin for the rest of the week and I have to keep my leg elevated. Then I have to have a second ultrasound to see if my blood clot is still there. If it doesn't dissolve, I'll have to be on blood thinners for three months.

Please pray that when they do the second ultrasound my blood clot will be gone! I'm afraid if they put me on the blood thinners for three months I won't be able to feed Wyatt anymore, and I'm just not ready to give it up. So if you all could add me to your prayer lists, I'd appreciate it.

And just in case you are wondering, this is how I get my blogging done now that I'm a mother on crutches:

I know. I'm talented.

First Easter As A Family

We had a lovely Easter! I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

We colored eggs on Saturday, but Wyatt wanted nothing to do with it (this is what happens when we go the entire morning without a nap).

Random pictures of the process . . .

The lovely eggs we dyed! Derek and I made one for each other, and I made a couple for Wyatt's Easter basket too.

Wyatt's first Easter basket!

Contents: Two Bible story books (Derek and I each wrote a note inside them), Peeps (because every Easter basket needs some Peeps), a ball cap, a blue ball, and two hard-boiled eggs that I colored for him.

Wyatt in his Easter outfit with his basket! I made those shoes he's wearing for him, but he only wore them for this picture because they were a smidge too small. More on that in a different post.

Family picture!

We had Easter dinner at my mom's house and watched "Tangled" after dinner. This is Derek and me on the couch (the place that I live right now - the couch, that is).

My mom and dad with the Easter basket they gave Wyatt - I love the camo!

One more family picture!

A pretty good first Resurrection Day as a family, I think!

Posts For Resurrection Day

I always like reading the Good Friday and Easter posts this time of year. Jesus's death and resurrection is something that should be remembered well and celebrated with gusto for those of us who believe in Him!

The meaning behind Resurrection Day is just as significant as Christmas, or more so - because without His sacrifice, we could not be justified, and without His resurrection, we could not be saved.

That's pretty big.

Here are some good posts from some blogging friends of mine. Enjoy!

"God keeps reminding me - of what value is my bitterness, impatience or resentment in light of the cross?" -Chloe, In Light Of The Cross

"And then I had an epiphany. I realized that there is no adequate response. There is no way we could ever begin to express our gratitude or try to give something in return that would even be close, and that to try to muster up the right feelings or emotions is just trying to earn grace." -Anne, Good Friday

"Although our hearts should be intentional on praising God every day for this grace He provided through Jesus' sacrifice on the is a day that we should reevaluate our hearts and truly consider if we are living grace-filled, thankful lives for what our sweet Savior did for" -Cait, Not Just Any Friday

"As a mother, this Easter means something different to me. I think of Jesus' mother Mary, watching her perfect child as He walked carrying the heavy cross in which He'd be crucified on. I cringe just at the thought of her pain and watching her son suffer knowing that there was nothing she could do to prevent what was to happen." -Meghan, in an untitled Good Friday post.

"I reflect on my brokenness and his sacrifice today...and tomorrow I sing praises in honor of his resurrection and that he is alive! Death could not claim him and the tomb could not contain him - and now we too are victorious over it as well." -Page, Carried To The Table

I hope that you each take time this Resurrection Day to reflect on and celebrate the incredible love and grace our Savior has shown us!

There is nothing more beautiful to be found in life than that.

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed.

Recognizing The King

"When Princess Elizabeth and the Duke Of Edinburgh were married in 1947, many of the streets and parks of London were crowded with people, including royalty from all over the world. King Faisal II, the twelve year old king of Iraq, was there as well, but was not dressed in his finery. He was more interested in the prancing horses. When he pushed his way through the line of policemen to get a better view of the stallions, he was handled roughly. The next day an apology was printed in the papers, saying "King Faisal, we didn't know who you were."

I read the above story in a book entitled, Almost Empty: An Inside Look At The Passion Week by Stephen Davey. The story was shared after a discussion of some of Jesus last words, when he said "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23:34)

The story made me think. Little King Faisal was treated roughly because they didn't know he was the king.

When Jesus was crucified, the people who did it did not know that they were killing The King of Kings. He was not dressed in His heavenly "finery". He looked like any other man.

When the policemen of London realized their mistake, they were repentant because they had treated the young king is such a way.

It makes me wonder, did any of those who were there at the crucifixion later realize their mistake? How did they feel? Did they cry in prayer to our Lord and repent because "King Jesus, we didn't know Who You were."?

Whether or not those who actually did the deed realized their mistake, they were not the only ones guilty. I am guilty. So are you. Each one of us put Jesus there on the cross with our own sin. He died to pay for it. We may as well have put the nails in His hands ourselves.

The difference is, King Faisal had no control over how he was treated and probably made a fuss about the treatment he received, because he knew he shouldn't be treated that way as a king.

But Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him - he was in control of it. He chose that horrible mistreatment and torture in order to save us when we couldn't save ourselves.

What incredible love.

I'm sure King Faisal probably had to go through some sort of process to prove that he really was the king. Jesus also proved His true identity by coming back to life on the third day after his death!

Have you recognized Jesus for Who He really is? Have you received His forgiveness for the sins that put Him on that cross?

I don't know how King Faisal reacted to the apology in the London newspaper. But I know how Jesus reacts when we come to Him with a repentant heart for what we have done.

He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west and welcomes us with open arms.

Just some food for thought on this Good Friday. May you all have a blessed Resurrection Day!

Amazing Love! How can it be? That thou my God shouldst die for me! -Charles Wesley

Boy Clothes

Before I went and damaged my knee, I got Wyatt a bunch of adorable clothes! I tell you, I'm almost more excited about buying clothes for Wyatt than clothes for myself lately. It's so fun to dress him in all his cute little boy clothes.

There are all kinds of clothes in sizes 0-3 months or 3-6 months for little girls, but the boy's side of the baby department is usually a little limited. It's not easy finding cute baby boy clothes - you have to search a little bit. Here are some of my recent finds!

I found a coupon for 20% off Gymboree and Crazy 8 (which I hadn't heard of before, but they have a ton of cute stuff), so I decided to check out their baby clothes online. Luckily, they just happened to be having an amazing sale, so I got some cute clothes for Wyatt for pretty good prices!

I got a pair of baby jeans (distressed - they are so cute), a pair of lined baby jeans (great for the cold weather right now), a little sweater vest, and some shoe-socks (they're socks that look like little shoes).

Here is Wyatt modeling the distressed jeans and sweater vest. I tell you, I melt.

I also got this little whale sweater at Baby Gap for four dollars when I was shopping with my friend, Laura, the other day. Good eye, Laura!

I don't have many clothes for Wyatt that are appropriate for summer, so when I saw these items, I couldn't resist.

This little overall outfit was too cute. . .

Plaid shorts, beach bum t-shirt, and little blue sandals? Can I hear an "Awwww"?

A pair of cargo jean shorts and a ball cap (which will hopefully fit him soon, because I love baby ball caps).

I got all the above items from Babies R Us, except for the cargo shorts. I got those from Target.

And, of course, we can't forget his Easter outfit from Kohl's, which he'll be sporting this Sunday (we are going to church - I'm not missing out on our first Resurrection Day as a family).

I have a thing for sweater vests.

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