Summer Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce the winner of my summer giveaway!

Here's how it worked - I wrote down each entry in list form, then I went to to choose a random number. This is what gave me:

Which, when compared to the list, corresponds with:

Melissa from Little Mrs. Married!

Melissa, if you're reading this, go ahead and e-mail me your address - otherwise I'll be in contact shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered!


So we started rice cereal with Wyatt last Saturday (July 23rd).

We've tried giving it to him once or twice for the next few days, but he'd only eat two or three bites at a time. And it's questionable how much of those bites actually ended up in his stomach.

For the first two days he got pretty fussy afterward, and spit up most of what he managed to swallow.

I just kept telling him that the sooner he got the rice cereal down, the sooner he could have something good. Like sweet potatoes.

I fed him on Tuesday (the 26th) and it started out the same way. I'd scoop some of the mush into his mouth, he'd spit it back out. I'd scoop it back in. Repeat.

But then he started gumming the spoon. He had done this before (the poor boy is teething), but he really went at it this time, and I think he inadvertently swallowed some of the cereal in the process.

It was like a switch flipped. With the next bite he gummed the spoon again and swallowed again. And then with the next bite, he actually opened his mouth for more!

I just couldn't help but giggle as his little mouth opened like a baby bird waiting for food, and I chuckled as he'd grab the spoon and chew on it like there was no tomorrow. He got such a cute look on his face while he was eating, like he was concentrating. Eating is serious business, you know.

But he did give me a happy smile when I pulled out the camera a minute later! My boy has a killer smile, no?

We've had a breakthrough! Granted, as of writing this I haven't changed the resulting diaper yet, but it was so adorable watching him figure out how this whole eating thing works for the first time.

I think it's worth it (*ahem*), just to watch him learn something new.

Moms And Babies - Ashley

This week I'm featuring Ashley from Stealing Baby Kisses! I found Ashley's blog last year shortly before I found out I was pregnant - our due dates were a little over a month apart! I've loved reading about Ashley and her sweet boy through pregnancy and everything that comes after! Check out her interview to learn more about her!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Ashley. I am happily married to my husband of almost 3 years and am a stay at home mom to our miracle baby.

What's your baby's name and how old is he?

Brayden, 7 months old.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

Hmm... Brayden normally wakes up around 9:00 am. I nurse him and then he plays for a bit. Around 10:00-10:30 he eats breakfast and then he naps. We are still working on his naps, but he typically sleeps for about an hour. Then he's up to nurse with lunch around an hour later. Play time. I then try to tidy up the house, get dinner ready, or we go out to run errands. And then around 4:00 he's ready for another nap (about an hour). Nurse. Dinner for him around 6:00. Bath around 7:30. And he's in bed by 9:30. Most days he only naps 2x. Around 11:00 and then around 3-4. Some days he will take a 3rd one around 1:00, but it's rare.

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Loveable, Animated, Determined.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

Oh gosh, this is a hard one. There are many things that I love about being a mom. But I love that I will be able to teach him about the Lord and be the one to see him experience new things every day. Even simple things such as what sand feels like and what the ocean looks like. I don't take any of that lightly. It's a huge responsibility to be your baby's first teacher.

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

Well for me, nursing did not help! Bummer. :) But I would say what really helped me was to watch my snacking. Being home all day it was so easy to just mindlessly snack. As much as I could, I would force myself to sit down and eat. That right there cut out almost all of the snacking!

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

Make time before we go to bed to talk, sometimes watch a movie before we go to bed, etc. And not letting the excuse "I'm too tired" work all the time. You will always be tired as a parent.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

A sound machine that also projects light on the ceiling. We practically lived to the sound of our vacuum running for the first couple of weeks until we bought a sound machine. It worked great! And even if you don't use cloth diapers I would recommend a planet wise bag. It works great if you have dirty clothes to store while out and about.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

The other day I came home from meeting a friend for coffee and as soon as he saw me he stretched out his arms, started waving them and kicking his feet and laughing. He had never done that before. It was so precious!

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Have confidence in yourself. What worked for so and so, may not work for you and your baby, and that's ok! That doesn't make you a bad mom, and it doesn't make them a bad mom. Someone once told me "God gave you Brayden. You are the best mother in the whole world for Brayden." We pray every day for wisdom on how to raise our son, and so I absolutely believe that. I am the best mother for Brayden. And you are the best mother for your child(ren). So it's ok to have confidence in yourself. :)

Thank you, Ashley! Check out Ashley's blog to read more!

Little 'Ole Me? Featured?

Today I'm being featured by Maegan for her Summer Essentials Series! Hop on over to read my interview, and leave me a comment if you want to!

Actually please do leave me a comment. We all know that bloggers thrive on comments.


To Be Perfectly Honest Book Review

Well, it's been a while since I posted a review for the Blogging for Books program! The last couple of months have been so busy that I just never got around to requesting my next book, so a few weeks ago I logged back on and picked my next book.

When I was looking for my next book to read, "To Be Perfectly Honest" by Phil Callaway caught my eye. The description sounded very interesting to me - a guy decides to tell the honest truth for an entire year. As one of Callaway's friends says in the opening chapter, for a Christian "Isn't that a bit like giving up arson for Lent?"

His friend makes a point, since we should all work to live honestly anyway - but as Callaway began his "truth vow", it's apparent that there are many small ways where we may not be acting in an honest way without really realizing it.

The book is written in a journal format, with Callaway telling relevant stories from each day of his truth vow (sometimes he succeeds in being honest, and sometimes he doesn't). Callaway is a "humorist" and the stories are told in a funny (and honest) way. He pokes fun at different people he encounters in day-to-day life throughout the year - not in a mean way, but you should be aware that no one is safe.

There were a couple points where I wasn't sure I agreed with something Callaway said, but I could appreciate the humor in his observations. It takes alot for me to laugh out loud at something I read, and I found myself chuckling many times while reading this book.

The value in the book lies mostly in entertainment, but there were many lessons woven into his stories as well. I was especially struck by some of the creative ways he found to witness to others.

I also really appreciated how honest he was in writing about his thought life - those secret sins that aren't really put on display, such as pride, envy, critical thoughts, being judgemental, etc. I saw my own struggles in alot of the situations he described. He sums up the lessons he learned personally in the epilogue, and extends the truth vow deadline for another fifty years.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was humorous and light-hearted, even while dealing with some heavy subjects. I came away from the book feeling cheerful, and that's always a bonus to me!

Note: I was given a copy of this book for free by Waterbrook Multonomah Publishing Group for this review. This is my honest opinion of the book.

By the way, you should all go over and rank my review on the Blogging For Books website - mostly so they can see I'm doing my job and give me more options for books to review. And if you blog and want to recieve free books, take a look around their site while you're there!

Protecting Your Pictures

So for some reason I decided to google my blog name under Google Images.

Probably not a good idea, unless you want to totally freak yourself out.

A bunch of pictures from my blog showed up on Google Images. Now, I've never been overly concerned with this before, but it concerned me that pictures of my baby also showed up on Google.

So, being the obsessive rational person that I am, I decided to do what I can to protect my pictures.

Now, for me, this does not mean that I'm no longer going to post photos on here. I like posting photos - I think they make the blog more interesting, and part of the reason I blog is for my own documentation, which includes pictures.

There are a few things I've decided to do though. . .

1. Watermark my pictures. 

I use Photoshop Elements to watermark my pictures, using a custom watermark brush that I created using this tutorial.  

If you want to adjust the opacity of your watermark while editing in Photoshop, just click SHIFT-CNTRL-N (or SHIFT-CMMD-N on a Mac) to create a new layer, and then apply the brush to that layer.  Then you can adjust the opacity using the slider, or select a different style from the dropdown menu (I like to use "Overlay").

If you don't have Photoshop, is a great (free) photo editing site, and you can add a watermark using the text tool.

I used to transfer the images to Photobucket and copy the html code to put them in my posts. I liked using Photobucket, because you can make the pictures whatever size you want in your posts, and you don't have the data storage limits that Blogger has.

Then I started using Windows Live Writer (and later MarsEdit when I switched to a Mac), and I love it - these programs make it very easy to adjust the size of your pictures and move them around in your post, and then you can upload them all in one batch.  Though it uploads to Picasa, which may be a problem if I ever run out of photo storage, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Sidenote: If you are not familiar with html, and you compose your posts with the "compose" tab in Blogger, I highly recommend that you start practicing using the html tab. You can do so much with html once you figure it out, and the only way to do that is to practice! If you have any questions, please e-mail me, and I'll do my best to help (though I'm not an expert)!

2. Set all my albums in Photobucket and Picasa to private. 

 I just feel safer this way, and it shouldn't affect the pictures from showing up in your posts (though use caution, because I had trouble switching the privacy settings on one album and had to re-add all my photos to my posts after I had set it to private in order for it to work- yuck). By the way, Photobucket allows others to copy your photos to their albums unless you adjust your privacy settings so they can't.

3. Disable right click on the blog. 

 I read a post on Kelly's Korner, and she gave a link to disable right-click.  Can people still save my images to their computer if they want to? Yes, but I feel like it helps discourage that. Plus my pictures have the watermark, so people would still know they are mine.

Here is the link to the code for disabling right click - but don't go edit the html for your whole blog like the site says. Not only is it scary if you don't know html code that well (you could mess up your whole blog!), but it doesn't work that way - I tried it.  Just add a gadget under "Design->Page Elements" in Blogger, select an html gadget, and add the code into that and save. It'll do the same thing.

4. Disable left-click on my pictures. 

 I never realized it before, but Blogger and Photobucket add a link to your pictures when you upload them so that people can click on them and open them in a different window or see your Photobucket album when they click. I hate that.

To remove the part of the image code that makes it a link, you have to delete a section of the code. It's not as complicated as it sounds. I found a great tutorial on how to disable left-click on pictures in Blogger - check it out. You can always preview your post to make sure you did it right.

I so wish I had known that you can do this when I first started blogging, because of all the time involved in de-linking every picture on the blog. So if you're just starting out, I'd suggest doing this now if you're concerned with protecting your pictures.

5. Finally, you can edit your robot.txt file to tell Google not to file your images.  

This is easier than it sounds.  Take the following bit of code . . .

User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /

And then go to "Settings" on your Dashboard:

Then "Search Preferences":

Then click the "edit" button next to the words Custom robot.txt, select "Enable", and then paste the code into the box.  Don't forget to save your changes!

And wolla!  Your images won't show up in Google searches anymore (though a couple might sneak through here and there).  I decided to go this route because while I love sharing pictures of my family on my blog, I don't love it when my family pictures show up in image searches.  Now they won't!  You can read more about how to block specific images from searches here.

And that's what I've got! Any other things you all do to protect your pictures?

Bored With Dinner And Poll

I need your help!

We are stuck in a serious dinner rut. We've probably eaten the same four meals for the past two months, because they are quick and they are made of inexpensive ingredients that I have on hand. But I'm getting bored of those meals, and even though my hubby doesn't complain, I'm sure he'd appreciate a little bit more meal excitement.

Our four meals are spaghetti, burritos, honey mustard chicken, and chicken alfredo. They're good, don't get me wrong - but when you have them as often as we do, it gets old.

What do you ladies make often for your families? Any quick and easy meal suggestions (I don't do well with long prep times right now), that aren't too expensive?

I think I'm going to have to get into the whole meal-planning thing. I'd probably do better if I planned things out, instead of flying by the seat of my pants.


It's been a while since I asked a new poll question! I think my dinner-making difficulties call for a new one. Here are the stats for the last question on location (which was "Where do you live? Draw an imaginary vertical line on the map for the first three options.")

There were 53 votes split up as follows.

-Even with or East of Illinois: 21 (39%)
-Between the Western border of Illinois and the Western border of Wyoming: 16 (30%)
-Even with or West of Utah: 8 (15%)
-Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Peurto Rico: 1 (1%)
-Canada: 4 (7%)
-Europe: 2 (3%)
-Other: 1 (1%)

I expected that the majority would be out East, but there are more in the middle than I thought! And I think it's pretty cool that there is someone representing each region. I want to know who lives in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Guam (you don't have to tell me)! And "Other" - I'm dying to know where "Other" is. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Okay new question: How often do you cook dinner for you family? Vote to the right!


And one last bit of business - if you missed the post on Friday, I had to re-do the code for my blog buttons. Long story. So if you have grabbed a button in the past, please see the post below and update the code! Thank you!

Pesky Buttons - Update Please

So I'm having button issues.

If you want to know the truth, I accidentally deleted my Photobucket account. It's a long story.

Anyway, this means I had to re-upload my blog button images to Photobucket, and they have a new url. So the old button html's don't work.

Confusing, much? I know. Why do I go and fiddle with something that's working fine in the first place?

If you have grabbed my blog button or the Moms and Babies button in the past, kindly grab the new codes and update those buttons? Por favore? Thank you.

Just highlight the text and hit CTRL-C to copy.

Moms And Babies - Jenene

We're finally back with the Moms And Babies feature! This week I'm featuring my blog friend, Jenene from Prairie Girl Gone Coastal! I think Jenene was one of my first blog friends ever - I came across her blog and read one of her posts, and I just knew we were meant to be friends! She is such a sweet Christian lady, and I love reading her blog. Read on to learn more about her and her sweet little girl.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised on the Canadian prairies. In 2008 I married my American husband, Art, and I immigrated to the Washington coast. Now I am a 26 year old wife and stay-at-home mom, and by the time the 2012 election rolls around, I hope I can also call myself "American."

What's your baby's name and how old is she?
Sophia Grace, 4 months old.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

Sophia has a couple of early morning feedings, then she's up by 10.
She has a nice long playtime, so this is when I have breakfast and get ready for the day.
She naps around 11 or noon, so if I need to run some errands,this is when I leave to do so.
The rest of the afternoon is often spent with short feedings and short naps (I'm working on correcting this).
If it's a Monday or a Thursday, I Skype with my mom for a couple of hours right before Art comes home.
Art usually gets home by 4:00, and he and I take turns keeping Sophia entertained while we attempt to prepare dinner.
The evening is spent relaxing, reading, watching episodes of our favorite TV shows online, or going through Financial Peace University. Bedtime for Art is around 9:30, bedtime for Sophia is between 10 and 11, and I crawl into bed about 20 minutes later.

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Quiet, serious, content.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

How much it teaches me about my Heavenly Father's love for me. Every time I marvel at and rejoice over every little thing that Sophia does, I hear God whisper, "That's how I feel about you."

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

I'm going to give the typical answer: breastfeeding. But to be honest, I don't know exactly how much weight I gained during my pregnancy, and I don't know how close I am to my pre-pregnancy weight. So since I can't prove that I have lost any weight, I really can't give weight-loss advice. ;)

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

I think going through Financial Peace University has made our relationship stronger. It's nice to be able to talk about money (instead of fighting about it) and feel like we're in control of our finances, but it's more than that. We have shared goals, and we're working together to achieve those goals. We recognize that we have to make sacrifices, and we're learning to appreciate the little things, and enjoy a more simple life. I thought FPU would just help us with our budget so that I can be a stay-at-home mom, but it really has brought us closer together.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

1. A sling or some sort of baby carrier.
2. A swing and/or bouncy seat (I actually don't have the swing yet, but my mom is buying me one, and I'm hoping it will keep Sophia occupied for longer periods of time so I can actually get stuff done without her crying for my attention as soon as I break eye contact.)
3. A support group. Sometimes you have questions that need answers. Sometimes you need to know if your concern is valid. Sometimes you need advice, a place to vent, a shoulder to cry on, or just to know that someone has gone through/is going through the same thing as you. This could be your sister or mom, a friend who is also a mother, a church group, or my personal favorite, The Leaky Boob Facebook page. It's not just breastfeeding support, it's so much more.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

We went to a drive-in movie theater last month. I had never been to one before, and I really enjoyed it! It's the perfect date to go on with a baby. Baby can sleep while you two watch the movie, and if you need to nurse, you can do so in the privacy of your own car. Of course, we were up past 2 am, but it was worth it.

Any advice for first-time mothers?

It's okay to ask for help; you are not a failure for not being Supermom, and you weren't made to do this alone.

Thanks Jenene! Check out Jenene's blog to read more.

P.S. We had some picture issues, and the html code for the Moms and Babies button has changed - so if you've put the button in a previous post, it may need to be updated to work properly again. The html code in this post is the correct one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Baby Belly

Confession: Sometimes I miss my pregnant belly . . .

. . . But . . .

. . .Not when I'm holding my miracle baby.

Golden Summer Giveaway!

It's been a really long time since I did a giveaway on the blog. I think we're overdue. Say hello to my "Golden Days Of Summer" giveaway!

Here's what's up for grabs:

- The Postcard by Beverly Lewis. I read this book last summer, and I really enjoyed it! Great for plane rides on your way to vacation, days at the beach, or just for some back-porch-with-a-glass-of-lemonade-in-hand reading.

- A torquoise wallet from the Icing. Just because it's cute. Also good for beach bags. (I wish I lived near a beach.)

- Antique-looking gold bangles from Charlotte Russe. Bangles just say "summer" to me. I think it's because there are no annoying sweater sleeves to get in the way.

- Signature Vanilla Apricot body cream, body spray, and lip gloss from Bath and Body Works. I have the lip gloss in this scent, and it is yummy.

- A small notebook with a pretty cover. I think every blogger or writer should have one of these - I keep one in my purse so that when some blogging inspiration strikes me, I can write down my ideas and come back to them later. Alot of times when I don't do this, I forget my ideas, and those posts never get written! Sad.

Here's how to enter!

-You must be a public follower of this blog (meaning your picture must show up in the little followers box to the right).

-You must leave a comment telling me you're a public follower, and also telling me your summer vacation/staycation plans! I want to hear what you're all up to.

Additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each additional entry):

-Leave me a comment telling me what's on your summer playlist and/or reading list.

-Follow me on Twitter (@CallieNicole7) and let me know that you do.

-Include a link to this giveaway in a blog post, and leave me a comment with the link.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to limit this giveaway to people in the continental US or Canada - apparently I can't send liquids by airmail. I know. It stinks. I apologize to all of you who may live over the sea.

The giveaway ends Wednesday, July 28th at 11:59 PM.

Enter away!


I have many "sometimes" running through my mind.

Sometimes I wash my clothes, not because they are dirty, but in an attempt to make them fit better. Especially before an event that I deem important, when I want to feel my best.

Sometimes an iced hazelnut chai tea latte from Starbucks makes everything better.

While we're on the topic of Starbucks, sometimes I suspect that I could pour plain, 'ole Folder's coffee in a Starbucks cup, and it would instantly taste better, just by association. But then I go buy a latte, and I know it isn't true.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone in the world who has the phone number 012-345-6789. I bet nobody ever forgets their number.

Sometimes I get annoyed with Harvey, but then when I feel depressed he comes over and gives me a ton of sloppy dog kisses all over my face . . . and it's hard to get mad, because I know he's trying to make me feel better. But then he attempts to climb into my lap (he thinks he's a lap dog), and that beautiful bonding moment is broken yet again. I love him anyway.

Sometimes I try to pray, and I just can't articulate my thoughts. How glad I am that the Spirit intercedes for us with groanings when we don't know what to say (Romans 8:26)!

Sometimes (okay, actually it's every day), I look into Wyatt's sweet face, and the only thing I can do is just thank God for making us his parents. I love that little boy to pieces.

Sometimes Derek will bounce Wyatt on his lap and make him laugh, or surprise me by cleaning the kitchen, or suddenly grab my hand to pray with me when I'm feeling worried, and I think again about how lucky I am to married to a man like him.

What are your "sometimes" today?

Weeping And Rejoicing

This week has been exhausting for me.

Not so much physically, though we have been very busy. No, I'm emotionally exhausted. So much has happened this week.

Someone I know had a miscarriage.

Another announced their pregnancy.

Another friend got a negative pregnancy test again.

My dear childhood pen pal got engaged.

I read a blog post written by a lady who lost her baby in the third trimester.

A couple Derek and I are friends with welcomed their son into the world.

So much joy. So much pain. The contrast has never been so stark to me.

We are told in God's word to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). In my heart that's what I've been doing this week - but so many ups and downs. I honestly don't know whether to feel more happy or heartbroken.

It's times like these that my vision seems so clouded. The phrases "Thank you, Lord," and "Why?" are tangled up in my prayers.

Oh for the day when we shall "know fully", as 1 Corinthians 13 promises! When instead of peering through that dark glass we'll see everything plainly, as it is.

What a comfort it is to know that the same God who is pouring blessings this week on some of His children is also holding His struggling children by the hand! We are never alone, in the good times or the bad.

So this week, I'm crying with those who cry, and my heart is breaking for them. And I'm also laughing with those who laugh, praising the Lord for His faithfulness. And the two can be reconciled, because I can see God's hand working through it all.

"Weeping may endure for a night,
but joy cometh in the morning."
Psalm 30:5b

At The Farm

No Moms And Babies post today, I'm afraid - I'm working on rounding up some more ladies to be featured! We should hopefully be back in business next week, but until then, I wanted to recap our third wedding anniversary. I feel like this week has been all recap posts - this will be the last one for a while!

I really wasn't expecting to do anything for our anniversary on Tuesday, since we had our anniversary getaway over Fourth of July weekend. But Derek surprised me by taking half the day off from work and taking Wyatt and me out to dinner!

We went to this cute little "farm" in the middle of the city - they have a restaurant and gift shops and gardens to walk around.

(Wyatt was a little fussy because of getting some vaccines - poor guy. He did pretty well though!)

We ate alot of delicious fattening food, strolled through the grounds, and walked around the gift shops. Derek told me to pick something out for my anniversary gift (which I thought was so sweet), so I got a sachet for my drawers (to make my clothes smell good), and a Woodwick candle. I told Derek he needed to pick something out too, so he picked out a book that he liked.

And of course we had to get something for Wyatt, so I got him a bag of marbles! He'll have to wait a few years to play with them, but I loved marbles as a kid, so I figured he needs some too.

It was such a fun surprise, and we had a lovely time! Thanks for the anniversary date, Babe! Here's to eighty more!

Zoo, Anniversary, And The Fourth

Let me first say that we had a really nice Fourth of July. We ended up seeing both of our families on the actual day. Wyatt wore his "Born In The USA 2011" onesie and looked pretty much adorable (before it got all messy and we had to change him)!

We didn't, however, stay up for fireworks. Wyatt had a really long weekend away from home, and we wanted him to get some sleep - and there are no fireworks within 45 minutes of our house.

We packed alot of fun stuff into the weekend before the fourth though!

On fourth Of July weekend, Derek and I decided to finally go on our getaway that was delayed in February. Every year we go on a getaway for Valentine's Day, but this year Wyatt was born that weekend, so we decided to do an anniversary getaway instead! So we dropped Wyatt off at my mom and dad's house, and off we went.

We started out with going to a movie. We haven't been to a movie without Wyatt for several months, so it was nice to be able to watch without worrying about him. Though there were several times during louder parts of the movie when I thought "Why don't they turn the volume down - the noise is going to scare Wyatt," but then I remembered that we didn't have Wyatt with us! It was fun to be able to cuddle in the theater chairs together.

After the movie we headed to our hotel. We got a great deal on a four star hotel - it was nice! It was very family orientented (instead of business oriented) and it had a great pool area and several courtyards - Derek and I got a poolside room!

Derek in the lobby.

We went out and got some mexican food for dinner, and then came back and went swimming.

I noticed a little pouch on our bed when we got back to our room, and it contained a sleep mask, earplugs, and linen spray! I loved it.

The next day we were trying to decide what to do. We ran through all the touristy things we could think of, and we were having a hard time deciding.

You know what we finally decided to do on the last day of our romantic weekend getaway?

Pick up Wyatt and go to the zoo!

What can I say? We missed our little guy, and we like the zoo. So Wyatt had his first trip to the zoo that weekend!

After we were done looking around the zoo we bought Wyatt a little stuffed hippo from the gift shop. We named him Wally. I think Wyatt likes him - he chewed on his arm all the way home.

Of course our trip to the zoo was right during Wyatt's nap time, so he slept through most of it, but it was a fun day anyway!

We ended up wrapping up the weekend by going to my parent's house and roasting marshmallows.

We packed alot into the weekend, but it was full of quality time spent together, and that's always good!

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