The Stork Is On The Way

Note: Please don't mention anything about this on Facebook just yet if you know me on Facebook. Gracias!

Well, my labs came back.

I have a mild to moderate amount of protein in my urine. My liver proteins are still okay, but I have more uric acid in my blood again, indicating my kidneys aren't functioning the best.

My doctors consulted with each other and decided that I'm probably just going to get worse. And I'd agree with them considering my blood pressure has been creeping up again today.

We're 37 weeks today as well - full term. I knew there was a reason I wanted to have everything done by 37 weeks.

We're headed to the hospital. They're going to give me a "ripening" medication tonight and induce me in the morning. We'll most likely have a baby by Saturday.

Please pray for me!

Hospital Packing List

Since I very well might be in the hospital again within the next week or so, I thought I'd post my hospital bag packing list. Plus I had a "dry run" at the hospital last weekend, so I know some of the things to bring that I forgot the first time.

What To Bring To The Hospital

Toiletries (makeup, toothbrush, facial cleanser, etc.)
Curling iron
Shampoo and soap
Hand lotion/body lotion
Nursing clothes
Pads (nursing and regular)
Comfy pajamas
Lounge set and pretty pajamas (for when I have visitors)
Outfit to wear home
Books to read
Video Camera
Gum (I just feel like I'll want some gum)
Baby blanket
Going home outfit for baby
Baby hat
Baby booties/shoes
Baby book (so they can put his footprints in it)
Phone charger
Cell Phone

For Your Husband:

Snacks (Derek only gets one free meal in our hospital)
Change of clothes
Books/Stuff to do

I'd recommend packing all these things, even though you may not need all of it if it's just a straight-forward delivery. But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you could be put in the hospital anytime in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and you may not be going home with your baby on the outside, or you may be staying several days before you deliver your baby. It's best to be prepared.

For those of you who have had a baby, anything else you'd recommend? Or if you haven't had a baby yet, is there anything else that you think you would bring that I missed?

158/94 mmHg

I am not in the hospital! I just wanted to post a quick update from my doctor's appointment.

I dropped off my 24 hour urine test and I guess we won't know the results until tomorrow. Rats. I was hoping to know today.

My blood pressure was 158/94 (yikes!), but it was lower when they had me lay down. My mom made the connection for me that this is why they have me on modified bedrest. Point taken.

There was protein in my in-office urine sample. My doctor ordered a repeat of my bloodwork again.

Someone will call me with results tomorrow, and then I can give you all a better update. For now I still don't have a definitive diagnoses.

Baby did great on the non-stress test though, and I'm still 1 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced!

More to come when I actually know something.

Aviator Baby Hat

I've been debating over the past few months about whether to get a baby hat for our newborn pictures.

I think baby boys are especially adorable in hats, but honestly it is so hard to find a cute hat. I found a ton on Etsy, but the prices ranged from 15-30 dollars, plus shipping, and I guess I'm just a bit stingy with my money. I couldn't decide whether to drop the money on a cute hat for our little guy's pictures, so I just did nothing.

Then before I knew it, it was too late to order a hat from Etsy before he was born anyway, because there would need to be more time to make one. So I just figured I wouldn't do the hat thing at all.

But last week I had an extra long lunch break, so I decided to take a trip to GAP to see if I could get these jeans that I saw on sale there.

I didn't find the jeans, but I decided to take a quick look at the clearance baby items. And guess what I found?

Only the cutest little hat I've ever seen! It's a leather, aviator-style earflap hat, with furriness on the inside and little teddy bear ears on top.

Oh my, I just melted. It pretty much combines everything I liked about all the different hats I saw on Etsy in the cutest way possible.

And it was on clearance, with an additional 30% off, so it only cost about $5.50.

How could I say no to that?

A few hours later I was headed into the hospital, and I stashed the hat in my hospital bag. It was kind of fun during my stay to think about how cute he'd look in the little hat if he had to be born over the weekend, and I was glad to have found it before everything happened.

We've got a going home outfit, and we've got an adorable hat.

All ready for him to be born now.

My Trip To The Hospital

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern about my stay in the hospital! I'm home for now, but we're still not sure what's going on. Here's the story.

Real quickly, my ultrasound on Wednesday went fine - I had plenty of fluid and my baby boy was measuring in at about 5 pounds and 14 ounces! A nice size. So I guess my small uterus measurement is probably just due to the way I'm carrying the little guy.

After a perfectly normal day of work on Friday, I headed over to my doctor's appointment for the last of my two week check-ups. I had a spacey moment and totally used the restroom without leaving my urine sample. Whoops. I figured it wasn't that big of a deal though.

When I got weighed, the nurse said I had gained another three pounds in the last two weeks! My goodness, and that was when I was trying not to over-eat. I guess it means Babykins is growing though, which is a good thing. I knew the weight could come on quicker during the last several weeks, but gracious, seven pounds in four weeks?

Anyway, she took me back and took my blood pressure. It was 120/100 mmHg. A normal blood pressure is usually less than 120/80, and my blood pressures are typically on the low side. So that lower number was pretty high for me.

They thought that maybe I was just anxious or something (but I never get anxious at the doctor's office), so we proceeded with the appointment. My doctor did a swab and checked for progress - I'm about 1 cm dilated and 50-60% effaced, which she said was a good place to be at this point in my pregnancy, because my body is preparing for labor.

She also commented again on how low my baby's head is. I asked her if she thought I'd go late, or be on time, or go early - she said she definitely didn't think I'd go late, so that made me happy.

Then, at the end of my appointment, she took my blood pressure again. It was 130/90. Still somewhat high, and significantly higher than my normal.

She was going to check to see if there was any protein in my urine, but I told her that I didn't leave a sample. So, she decided since we didn't have a sample to check, and my blood pressure was much higher than my normal, she'd send me to the hospital so they could get a urine sample, do some blood work, and monitor my blood pressure for a little bit. She didn't seem too worried, but she wanted to be safe, and she said that if everything was fine I'd be out of there in a couple hours.

So off I drove to the hospital. I will admit to stopping to get a book at King Soopers. Of course the one day I have to be stuck down there for a couple hours I didn't bring a book.

When I got there they checked me in, and a nurse came to get me with a wheel chair. I felt wierd riding around in a wheelchair when I wasn't even in labor, but I guess they didn't want me exerting myself.

I left a urine sample, and my nurse proceeded to draw my blood and hook me up to a blood pressure cuff, a monitor for my contractions, and monitor for the baby.

She took my blood pressure, and it was still high enough to be concerning. The cuff was set to take my blood pressure every fifteen minutes, and it continued to climb upward (and I wasn't anxious at all - I really wasn't, so I'm not sure what was going on).

She asked me a bunch of questions, at which point I also realized that I hadn't urinated much all day - less than normal, for sure. I told her so.

She tested my urine sample for protein and it was high. As in the highest it could be for that particular test.

When you have protein in your urine and high blood pressure, the concern is that you might have preeclampsia. It's a condition in which your body reacts to the placenta and your blood pressure rises. The cure is to deliver the baby.

She still had to run the tests on my blood to confirm it though, so we had to wait for those. In the meantime my blood pressure was still high - my highest reading was 150/107 mmHg. Yikes!

The nurse talked to me a bit and tried to prepare me for the fact that we might be delivering the baby over the weekend. From the way my urine looked and my blood pressure readings, everyone thought we might have to induce at that point.

Derek arrived at the hospital at this point, and he was so worried. I was just glad to have him there, just in case.

Apparently I was having contractions anywhere from 3-6 minutes apart the entire time as well, but I couldn't feel them at all. The doctor told me later that they were just Braxton-Hicks, because if I was really in labor I'd be able to feel them. They told me when I was having one and I felt a little pressure under my belly button, but it honestly didn't feel any differently than when the little man presses his bottom against the inside of my belly. That was the only one I felt, and they calmed down later.

Then my results came back, and my liver proteins were not elevated. They were normal. My uric acid was elevated, which might suggest my kidneys were having a problem, but they decided to do another urine test.

So I left another sample (after drinking a bunch of water), and that result came back with only trace amounts of protein in my urine. But my blood pressure was still high.

Basically, since I had conflicting symptoms, they weren't sure what to do. Finally my doctor came in to talk to me. She explained all my results to me and said that they'd like to gather more information and keep me for 24 hours for observation. They were going to repeat the blood work, monitor my blood pressure readings, and gather my urine for 24 hours, then re-test it.

She said they didn't want to jump the gun and induce me too early if they didn't need to (even though she assured me that 36 week babies do very well, and his size was good), but she didn't feel comfortable sending me home with my blood pressure readings the way they were. So they'd monitor me and send me home Saturday night if everything came back fine, so they could try to get me to 37 or 38 weeks before delivery.

They moved me to another room, put a "hat" in the toilet to catch my urine, and monitored me for another couple hours. During that time my blood pressure dropped down to 119/76 - which is a normal reading. Confusing, confusing . . .

I learned after the fact that my dear blog friend, Brittney, felt led to pray for Derek and me right around the time my blood pressure started to improve. Coincidence? I don't think so. Prayer is powerful! Thank you Brittney, for following the Holy Spirit's leading and saying a prayer for us!

Also, I must say, I loved sitting there with the monitor for the baby wrapped around my stomach, just listening to his little heart beating in the background. It was special.

They came in once at 2:00 AM to take my blood pressure, and it was 105/60. That's more like my blood pressure normally is.

They woke me up at 6:00 AM to re-draw my blood. Then they took my blood pressure and it was 130ish/80ish (sorry, too many numbers - I can't remember them all).

They took it again a few hours later and it was perfectly normal.

Poor Derek had to sleep on an incredibly uncomfortable couch. He woke up and since I was doing fine, he headed up to our house to let the dogs out and get a few things for me. Thankfully I didn't need him to get alot of stuff because my mom had suggested I have my hospital bag ready to go for my doctor's appointment - I'm glad she did, because I had clothes and toiletries, which made the whole experience so much nicer. Derek brought me the laptop, phone charger, a change of clothes, and a few baby items (just in case).

I spent the day reading, playing with my new iPod, reading blogs, and watching TV. The nurse came in periodically to put me on and off the monitors, take my blood pressure, and gather my urine.

My blood work came back perfectly fine, so they were pretty sure that I could probably go home that night.

I had more sporadic contractions when I was hooked up to the monitor, including a "big" one, none of which I could actually feel. It's good to know that my uterus is practicing like it should, but I'm starting to wonder how far into labor I'll get before I can feel them - hopefully quite a ways! A girl can dream, can't she?

Derek and I hung out together all afternoon, except for a couple times when he ran out to get food or a movie. When they had me on the monitors, my little guy's heartbeat filled the room as I watched the snow fall outside the window. I loved that part of it - it was actually nice and cozy and peaceful.

My blood pressure started to sneak up a bit during the day - my highest was 146 for systolic and 91 for diastolic. It hovered around 135ish/84ish during the afternoon.

After 7:00 PM they came in and took my urine off to the lab. Derek and I got ready to go, because everyone was pretty sure we'd be okay to go home that night, but we ended up waiting about 2 1/2 hours for the lab results.

My nurse finally came in and explained what was going on. Apparently the nurses who were monitoring me all day recorded that I put out about 1550 mL of urine. But the lab only reported recieving 900 mL of urine. So 600 mL disappeared somwhere between my room and the lab, and they have no idea where it went.

My doctor was really upset when they told her, because the fact that they didn't test all my urine for the 24 hours makes the entire test inconclusive. According to the 900 mL that they recieved, there was a significant enough amount of protein in my urine to diagnose me with mild preeclampsia. However, since they don't have all my urine for the 24 hours, I may not have preeclampsia - they just don't know.

Apparently my blood pressure readings were moderate enough though that my doctor felt comfortable sending me home, so on Saturday night we were able to leave the hospital. Derek and my mom were pretty worried about me though - Derek said he'd almost rather they keep me there, since they don't know for sure if I have preeclampsia or not.

I have to reapeat the 24 hour urine test at home and bring it in to the lab on Wednesday, and then head over to the office for an extra doctor's appointment. If the results come back and I do have protein in my urine, and my blood pressure is still high, then they could definitively diagnose me with preeclampsia - and I'm not sure what would happen after that.

I'm finishing this on Sunday night, and my blood pressure has been around 130-140/80-88 today - which is still up there. My feet aren't puffy any longer though, so that has to be a good sign.

My doctor told me to monitor my blood pressure twice a day and come in if it's 150/90-100, or if I have any unusual swelling, headaches, blurred vision, pain in my side, etc. She also doesn't want me to work this week, and I'm planning to try not to exert myself too much.

All that to say, I still don't know what's going on, and we may be delivering the little guy sooner than we thought if my results don't come back clear on Wednesday. If I do get re-admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, I'll try to write a quick post to let everyone know.

In the meantime, I'm glad to have a couple extra days to straighten up the house and hopefully finish up a couple things on the list before I go back to the doctor, or before anything else happens.

Don't worry though, I'll still take it easy until I go back in on Wednesday. And I guess we'll just see what happens! Continued prayers are appreciated - I'm more worried that something about this whole thing will hurt my baby boy, and I just want him to be safe.

A regular pregnancy update and belly picture are coming up soon!

I'm In The Hospital

I had a little blood pressure scare yesterday, and they are keeping me here for 24 hour observation. They briefly thought we might be delivering Babykins last night, but then my blood pressure started to stabilize, so he's still in there! And my doctor says he's doing beautifully. I'll post more details later. Prayers appreciated!
I tell you though, it's been so nice to have all your blogs to keep my mind busy while I'm here. My iPod came just in time!

Goodbye Nano, Hello Touch

The iPod has arrived!

I ended up leaving a door on the front door of the house for our FedEx guy, asking him to leave the package in the car. I figured that way no one would be able to see an Apple box sitting on my doorstep and steal it.

It turned out the box didn't even have any Apple logos on it, so it might have been safe after all, but it was better to do it this way for my peace of mind.

The iPod I broke was a fifth generation iPod Nano. And I loved it. It had a nice big screen, it played video, it had a video camera - it was lovely. And I kind of liked the little clicky wheel too. I wanted to order another one just like it.

However, much to my horror, when I went to order another one last week, I found out that Apple had released a new version of the Nano. This thing:

I saw these in Walmart, but I thought the Nano display was just broken, or being replaced or something - what happened to the rest of it? Then I did a little more research.

Apparently Apple thought it would be a good idea to squeeze the Nano down to one inch square, and make it a touch screen.

No more video camera.

No more large screen.

No more clicky wheel.

Just this little thing that looks much too much like the Shuffle to me. And who wants to try to do anything on a touch screen that small?

Needless to say, I was very upset.

I immediately started to see if there was any place still selling the fifth generation Nano.

I didn't have much luck.

There were a few websites still selling them. But somehow the same exact thing I got for Christmas last year was now selling for anywhere from 40-70 dollars more than what Derek paid for it.

Gracious, if I was going to have to pay that much more than what I was expecting for the old version of the Nano, I might as well upgrade and get a refurbished 32 GB iPod Touch from the Apple website for almost the same amount.

So that's exactly what I did.

Hello, brand new spiffy iPod!

I'm pretty excited to try out the whole "apps" thing, since I've never had an opportunity to before.

I tell you, I'm always several years behind the rest of America on this stuff . . . anyone have any good app suggestions?

I'm going to have fun playing with my new toy until Babykins decides to show. It should keep my mind busy for a while!

As a sidenote, the new model of Nanos are selling on Amazon for anywhere from 70-100 dollars less than the old model. If that doesn't tell Apple they made a mistake, I don't know what does.

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The other night Derek and I watched a movie called Agenda. It is a documentary produced by Curtis Bowers.

Many people in America, especially Christians like myself, are unhappy with the direction that we are headed, not only politically, but also culturally. The culture in America is entirely different now than it was 50 years ago, and not in a good way.

There is more crime today than ever before. Most people are more concerned with saving the earth than saving unborn babies that are dying every day. Congress has attempted to classify any words spoken against the homosexual lifestyle as a "hate crime". Promiscuity is actually encouraged among our children, and 40% of babies born in 2007 were born to single mothers.

When you look at the good 'ole "Leave It To Beaver" days, and then you look at our culture today, it's just baffling. Where did we go wrong?

I think there is a strong spiritual warfare component. One of America's greatest assets has traditionally been the morality of it's people and the fact that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. And I'm sure Satan just hated that, so it makes sense that our basic value and morality system would be the first thing he'd go after.

Agenda addresses our cultural shift and examines the influences that have led to it. Curtis Bower provides some startling evidence of how the agenda of the Communist party is behind the shift in our culture, and how they have used many popular political movements to facilitate that shift and ultimately weaken America. It also showed the connections between the Democratic party and left-wing ideology to the socialist/Communist agenda (and I know how controversial that statement is - you just have to watch the documentary).

If you are at all concerned with the way our culture seems to be headed, I'd highly recommend seeing this documentary if you get a chance. It will not only open your eyes to things that you may not have thought of before, it will also get you thinking about practical ways to fight against this shift.

Some of the researchers and authors interviewed suggested that one of the most powerful things that we can do for our country is to pray. I know I don't pray enough for our country and it's leaders, but I was inspired to make more of an effort to fight this war with prayer. The power of prayer really is our best defense against a spiritual attack such as the one we are facing today, and I hope after watching Agenda you will be inspired to pray more as well.

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Baby Books, iPods, and Ultrasounds

Our boy's baby book came in yesterday!

I was having a terrible time finding one that I really liked. And for some reason, all the Babies-R-Us stores around here seemed to be out of the baby books that I was considering. So I ordered the book online.

I get nervous ordering things online sometimes, because I never know how they're going to send the package. There have been instances where the package never made it to our house. Supposedly when the package is marked as "undeliverable" the money gets credited back to your card, but I've never remembered to check if that's actually the case, so I could possibly be losing money when I order things online.

Well, I didn't lose money this time, anyway - I'm so glad that it got here! This is our little man's baby book:

Cute, no? I can't wait to start filling it up with baby milestones!

Today we are off to the doctor's office for my ultrasound. If you remember from my last pregnancy update, my uterus is measuring small for what they would expect at this point, so they want to do an ultrasound to check his size and the fluid levels. I'm not really worried about Babykin's not being healthy - he moves way too much! I don't have time to be worried about him. But I am slightly concerned about my fluid levels. So if you all could say a prayer that everything looks alright, that would be great.

If there's anything drastically wrong, I'm sure I'll know today and I'll post an update. But if everything looks pretty normal, I won't know anything else about the ultrasound until Friday, because that's when I see the doctor. Sometimes it's frustrating how the ultrasound tech can't just tell you things herself - you know she knows what she's looking at, but she's not allowed to say anything about the results to you.

Derek took the day off to come to the ultrasound with me, and I'm glad. It's always special to get a glimpse of our baby together.

Going back to the packages not getting to my house thing . . . I went ahead and ordered a new iPod.

I wasn't going to, but then we had my work shower last week. And my boss (who is pretty much amazing) bought us one of the more expensive items on our registry! I was kind of stressing about coming up with enough money for everything before, but I don't have to worry about that anymore!

Anyway, y boss's gift freed up some money for a new iPod. It's supposed to come in on the specific day Derek and I were hoping it wouldn't come in. The day no one will be here this week. I'm hoping the FedEx guy will just leave it by the door, and I'm hoping no one sees an Apple box sitting there and steals it . . .

More on the iPod to come.

Diaper Bags

Before I even got pregnant, I somehow got signed up to receive free issues of American Baby magazine.

A piece of advice: if you are at all prone to baby fever, don't do that to yourself. It just makes it ten times worse.

But then again, if you have baby fever, the first thing you would do is sign up for the free baby magazine subscription that is dropped in your lap, so this warning is pointless really. I know that.

But I digress . . .

In one of the issues that came out before I got pregnant, they had an article about all the different styles of diaper bags that are available to today's mothers. There aren't any limitations anymore - you can buy a diaper bag in any shape, size, color, or style.

As I looked at my future options, I realized right away which style I would be going for. I really liked the diaper bags that didn't look like diaper bags. They looked, in fact, like fashionable purses instead. I figured that would be a great option for a diaper bag, because then when my kids were grown and I didn't need a diaper bag anymore, I would still have a cute, purse-like bag that I could use for other things.

Nevermind the fact that these diaper bags were designer diaper bags that weren't exactly cheap - I decided then and there that I had to have a just such a diaper bag if and when I had a baby.

Honestly, I never would have been able to justify spending the money on such a pricey diaper bag, but then . . . I won a giveaway for credit to an online store, and I knew exactly what I would spend it on!

So, several months ago I purchased this diaper bag, the Sweet Pea bag from Amy Michelle. And I love it!

It comes with a handy little changing pad, internal and external pockets for bottles, stroller attachments, multiple compartments, and a quick-release pacifier holder! It's pretty fabulous. Here I am modeling it:

It's also fairly large, but a friend of mine gave me another fabulous Carter's diaper bag that's smaller for those quick trips to the store.

Cute, no?

With not one, but two great options, I'm pretty much set in the diaper bag department!

Now I just have to figure out what exactly to put in them . . .

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