Hospital Packing List

Since I very well might be in the hospital again within the next week or so, I thought I'd post my hospital bag packing list. Plus I had a "dry run" at the hospital last weekend, so I know some of the things to bring that I forgot the first time.

What To Bring To The Hospital

Toiletries (makeup, toothbrush, facial cleanser, etc.)
Curling iron
Shampoo and soap
Hand lotion/body lotion
Nursing clothes
Pads (nursing and regular)
Comfy pajamas
Lounge set and pretty pajamas (for when I have visitors)
Outfit to wear home
Books to read
Video Camera
Gum (I just feel like I'll want some gum)
Baby blanket
Going home outfit for baby
Baby hat
Baby booties/shoes
Baby book (so they can put his footprints in it)
Phone charger
Cell Phone

For Your Husband:

Snacks (Derek only gets one free meal in our hospital)
Change of clothes
Books/Stuff to do

I'd recommend packing all these things, even though you may not need all of it if it's just a straight-forward delivery. But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you could be put in the hospital anytime in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and you may not be going home with your baby on the outside, or you may be staying several days before you deliver your baby. It's best to be prepared.

For those of you who have had a baby, anything else you'd recommend? Or if you haven't had a baby yet, is there anything else that you think you would bring that I missed?

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Unknown said...

I think your ready to go. I hope he comes sooner rather than later. I am eager to "meet" him now

Emily Powell said...

I've started to make a list and I read once you're six weeks out you should be packed and ready to go! My list also includes: bath robe, cute house shoes, all chargers, my own pillow, and note pad to track feeding, pooping, sleeping.

Anna said...

That looks like a great list! The one thing I would add might be a night nursing bra. They have them at Target, or any type of soft, comfortable nursing bra would work. You'll definitely be nursing at night, and it's nice to have one because then you can use your nursing pads, in case your milk comes in while you're in the hospital (mine did).

Anonymous said...

I plan on taking some snacks and drinks this time. After not eating all day, and giving birth at 7:00 pm I was starved. And what did they feed me? A mini coke, and peanut butter sandwhich. I was dying of thirst from not having anything real to drink, and they bring me a peanut butter sandwhich. I chewed on that thing for hours it felt like. So this time around, I'm defiantly bringing some food of my own.

LeAnna said...

You are going to be one stylin' mama ;) Don't forget the usb cables that connect your camera/video camera to the laptop! I forgot those this last time. The hospital will provide you with pads, so that ought to save you some space in your bag. I also always take my own pillow, washcloth(colored so it doesn't get mixed up w/ hosp. laundry) and bath towel. But I do that when I go to hotels, too. I hate washing my face with a rag that's been places I know nothing about...and the hosp. towels are so dinky...

Same for hubby, pack his pillow and a wash cloth, even a blanket from home. Can you tell I don't like using public blankets/pillows?? ;)

Unknown said...

Ok I am printing this off right now and stealing it! :) hope you don't mind!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Good list, Callie! I'm so excited for you!
Just a few comments:

Comfortable underwear - You may (very likely) find yourself wearing the mesh boxer-brief-type things the hospital gives you. There will be a LOT of stuff coming out of you (sorry if TMI) and you may just want to stick to what the hospital provides so you can toss it when you're done in the (very likely) case of stains. However, I did bring my own panties, too. Just never used them.

Sports bra (to sleep in) - You'll get max 4, probably 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, and you'll be feeding your little boy on either side of the sleep. You may find that you never get a chance to put the sports bra on. (But still take it just in case.)

Pads - The hospital will give you a bazillion giant ones to take home with you, but I still brought some of my own, too. Just don't fill your bag with too many.

Comfy pajamas, Lounge set and pretty pajamas (for when I have visitors) - I have some friends that got pretty for visitors. I, on the other hand, was worried about ruining my clothes with all the blood going on, so I stuck to sweats and a nursing tank top.

Anonymous said...

I think you're all set,although the curling iron will definately not get used. I have had 2 kids,and trust me,there is no time to do your hair,not to mention you will be too exhausted.

Laura said...

Hi Callie, I've been checking your blog to see how you're doing. I know I would definitely want to have a water bottle, maybe something with a straw or something that's easy to suck (not a nalgene where you might spill it on yourself). Also, does the hospital provide diapers for your baby?
I'll keep praying for you and I can't wait to see him whenever he does come!

Amber said...

Good list! I'm probably going to steal it in 6 weeks or so when I start packing my bags!

Ashley said...

Yep, definately ditto-ing on the pillow - I don't think I'd like those hospital pillows! Plus it just makes it feel more like home with your own pillow, right? Sounds like you'll be prepared!

Diana Hill said...

I hope you don't mind me "copying" your packing list! I totally forgot about needing nursing bra's and nursing pads! The only thing else I am packing is a big jar of Lansinoh breast cream!

Melanie said...

Sounds like your ready to go! I've also heard to bring your own pillow..but to make sure its discernable from the standard white hospital pillows else they may get them mixed up..don't want to loose it! Also some warm fuzzy socks and pony tail holders (if you have long hair like me) would be a must!

MrsErvin said...

I really liked having my nursing cover in the hospital. You never know when a dr. or visitor will walk in so it's nice to have a secure way to feed the little bubba if you have company :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you already had written all these posts! And I will have to remember to buy a pair or "pretty pajamas" lol

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