Packing Can Be Dangerous

The last couple days I've been working on packing for vacation. It's much more dangerous than I originally anticipated.

I have ten bruises on my knees and shins (I counted), and my left big toe nail is covered by a band-aid after I bent it backward yesterday.

See, the weight limit for each bag on the plane is 50 pounds. So before we leave I pack everything we're going to bring, and I weigh our bags.

I don't have one of those fancy hanging scales though, so I just step on our home scale and weigh myself, and then step on it again with the suitcase, and I can get a pretty accurate idea of how heavy it is.

My arms, however, are still toothpicks, despite carrying a 16 pound baby around every day. So I can't just lift the bag off the floor with my arms, I have to lift, kick it up with my knees, and then once it's up I can hold it for ten seconds while the scale computes.

When you do this with a 60 pound bag, it can get dangerous. Hence the bruises and the torn toenail.

Don't worry though, I got our bags down to 45 and 41 pounds, so we should be good to go!

And I must say, Wyatt has been pretty patient with me the past couple days as I've been running around gathering items to wash or put in our suitcases.

My little laundry and packing buddy.

Vacay Question

Time for a new poll, I think!

But first, the results of the last one.

What is your current living situation?

-Own a house (owe no money on it). 1 (1%)

-"Own" a house (have a mortgage on a house). 30 (56%)

-Rent a house. 6 (11%)

-Rent an apartment. 9 (16%)

-Living with family/friends for now. 3 (5%)

-Live in a dorm, on a military base, etc. 0 (0%)

-Looking for a new place (apartment or house). 4 (7%)

-Other 5 (9%)

Number of votes: 53

The majority of you have a mortgage on a house. Twenty-seven percent of you rent.
I'm kind of curious about what "other" is for five of you - I tried to include every situation I could think of, but I knew I'd probably miss something, so that's why I included that option.

One {lucky} person actually does not owe any money on their house (unless that option was selected by mistake). Good for you! That obviously is the ultimate goal for most people, and you're already there!

Okay, new question! My vacation is swiftly approaching, so I want to know what your dream vacation would be. You can select multiple answers. I'm going to include an "other" option, but if you select that, please share your dream vacation below! This one is just purely for fun, so dream away!

You can vote to the right!

Seven Posts

Rebecca from Making Memories tagged me for this post! Basically, you look through your blogging history and pick a post for each of the following categories, then tag seven other people. This is a fun one - thanks for tagging me, Becca!

1) Your most beautiful moment.

Without a doubt, my most beautiful moment on the blog was when my son was born! It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life (along with marrying Derek).

2) Your most popular blog post.

The most popular as far as comments was actually the post where I announced Wyatt's birth! All the congratulations were so sweet.

As far as visits go, my gender reveal games post was pretty successful too.

3) Your most controversial blog post.

When thinking about what post to pick for this one, I realized I've actually written quite a few controversial posts! But the post about the potential abortive effect of hormonal birth control (which you should definitely check out if you are pro-life), and the post about why Derek and I don't celebrate Halloween stand out.

4) Your most helpful post.

I can't figure out if this means the post that was most helpful to my readers, or the post that I got the most help from. I always get great suggestions from you guys when I need help. The post where I asked you for suggestions on good books was really helpful to me - I still refer back to it when I'm looking for something to read! Maybe you guys will have to tell me which post on my blog that you found most helpful, because I'm not sure about that one.

5) A post whose success surprised you.

I get a ton of visits on the post I wrote saying goodbye to Charlotte Russe Refuge perfume! I really didn't expect that. I get at least a couple visits on that post every day.

6) A post that didn't get the attention you thought it deserved.

I wrote a post that was inspired by Anne of Green Gables, regarding how a person can influence others for good just by holding high ideals themselves. I've seen the truth of this from both sides - the influencer and the influencee. It probably didn't get much attention because I wrote it when I first started blogging, and I had maybe two followers? So yes, you should read it now.

Oh, I was just looking through my old posts, and the one about how my prayers are so superficial was one of my better ones too. Another one to read if you have a minute.

7) The post you are most proud of.

It's hard to choose one, but I'm pretty proud of the post where I discuss learning to be content when you want a baby and don't have one. Baby fever is pretty powerful, and it was quite a process for me to learn to trust the Lord for His timing. It was one of the most important lessons I had to learn (and re-learn), but the Lord was there holding my hand while I learned it. That's why I like that post.

Okay, now I tag Jessica from Called to Serve, Jenene from Prairie Girl Gone Coastal, E from E, Myself, and I, Natalie from Extraordinary Love, Ria at Life As A Wife, LeAnna at Thoughts And Whatnots, and Katie at The Amazing In The Ordinary!

Moms And Babies - Amber

This week I'm featuring my dear blog friend, Amber from His Grace Is Sufficient! Amber's blog was the very first blog I followed, and she was my very first follower. We've become good friends over the years, and last year I was thrilled to learn she was pregnant and due just a couple months after me! She is warm and friendly (even over the internet!), and I love reading her blog. Read on to learn more about her.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a 20-something year old wife to Corey and momma to Eden. Corey and I have been married 3 years but together for 7. I occasionally work for my landlady (who is also a church friend) helping in her home office a few hours a week and get to bring the baby with me. I'm hoping to built a clientele before too long and work on refinishing furniture pieces. It was something I planned to start last year, but I got pregnant (pregnancy and paint fumes don't mix well). I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things by the end of the year.

What's your baby's name and how old is she?

Our baby girl's name is Eden Grace and she is 4 1/2 months old!

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

Oh boy...this depends on if it's the weekend or weekday and whether I'm working or not. For the sake of keeping this shorter, I'll go with a non-working weekday. Eden is usually up between 7am and 8am. She nurses and gets a fresh diaper. We play in bed for an hour or so. I stick her in the rock-n-play and bring it in the bathroom while I shower and get ready for the day. By the time I'm done getting ready, she's usually hungry again. She nurses and then plays on her activity mat while I eat breakfast and try to catch up on blogs or pay bills online. She goes in her swing for a nap between 11am and noon. She usually sleeps for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. While she naps, I have some "me" time. This is typically when I read my bible/journal and then get to other "me" tasks. What I do varies but is typically one of the follow: making lunch and watching something on netflix, cleaning up the house and doing some laundry, take a nap of my own, and sometimes I craft. It really just depends. Once she's up (usually around 2), she's ready to nurse again. If I have any errands to run, this is when I do them. Otherwise we just have play time on the activity mat, I read to her, sing to her, etc. Just mommy-baby time. She will usually take another 30-45 minute nap between 3 and 5pm. Corey's work schedule can vary pretty greatly. If I know he's going to be home by 4 or 5pm, I'll wait to start dinner until he's home and can occupy her for a bit. Otherwise I bring her in the kitchen and stick her in the boppy while I work on dinner. If it's a bath day (we do baths every couple days at this point...we'll go to every day when she's more mobile), she gets a bath around 7:30pm. Once she's out, it's usually snuggle time with daddy while I fold some laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, etc. She nurses again and goes down for bed around 8:30 or 9, and then it's Corey and Amber time until we hit the sack around 10:30 or so. She usually wakes up 2 or 3 times during the night to eat before we start the whole process over again :) On the weeks Corey is out of town for work, the swing and carrier get a LOT of use!

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Determined, curious, loving

What's your favorite part about being a mom?'s hard to pick. I love pretty much every part of it. I guess my two favorite things are probably watching her learn new skills all the time and developing those skills, and I love to see her smile and laugh. Funny how one smile can just melt you!

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

I'm probably the wrong person to ask. I started pregnancy being underweight...I've struggled with maintaining a good weight my whole life (I have super high metabolism and borderline thyroid issues). I've always been about 10-15 lbs below a "normal" BMI. I gained about 35 lbs during my pregnancy, which was a good thing and felt really healthy. I had actually hoped to KEEP about 10 lbs of the baby weight afterward to put me in the "normal" range. I kept it at first, but I'm almost back to the pre-pregnancy weight now. I think it's probably because I don't eat as many calories as I should (supposed to eat 3000 a day to get my weight back up...which is basically impossible when you're running around the house with a baby!) and I nurse her. I know this probably sounds ridiculous to many of you, but it really is a challenge for me. Thankfully, I've been able to maintain a good milk supply thus far despite being a little underweight, but it's something I worry or get anxious about often and have to give it to the Lord!

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

The couple of hours between when Eden goes to sleep and we go to sleep is our time. Computers go off, phones get put on chargers in the other room, and it's just us. What we do varies. Sometimes we watch a movie or play a game. Other times we might bake together. Sometimes we'll make coffee and/or tea and sit and talk. And other times (not to get awkward on you all, but it's important to make time for this!) we go to the bedroom if you know what I mean. We also take advantage of her naps on the weekend to be intimate. I really believe that intimacy is key in maintaining a good marriage. I find that we bicker less, respect each other more, and generally just get along better when we purposefully make time for that aspect of our marriage. I got some excellent advice from a good friend right before I got married. She said "never say no to love-making." I will be honest in saying there are times I've said no, but because of what she said, I purpose in my heart to set my selfish desires aside and say "yes" to my husband as often as possible. I think our marriage is better because of that. We're both blessed by it. So even when I'm exhausted and just want to sleep from a long day, I know that my husband also needs me. I think it's even more important now because so much of my time is devoted to Eden that it can be easy to forget about him and being more than just a house-wife and mom; I'm also a lover.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

If you have a clingy baby like I do, you NEED a carrier of some sort. That thing is the only way I get stuff done around the house sometimes. I think another wonderful thing are the Aden & Anais muslin blankets. LOVE those. And she loves them too. They're lightweight enough for summer, but they work great as swaddlers, burp clothes, car seat covers, nursing covers, for putting on the floor for her to play on, etc. I use them for everything. Another thing are washable nursing pads. The disposable ones can get pretty pricey, especially when you are first establishing your supply and going through quite a few. I have both the Bamboobies and the Natural Organic Cotton ones and love them. And last, but not least, a swing. I guess not all babies love swings, but that is the only way I can get mine to nap.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

I'd probably have to say either our day at the beach or our recent play date. Eden LOVES the outdoors, so the beach was a blast for her. And I had a good friend and her baby boy over (he's a month older than Eden) a few weeks ago. We were sitting on the couch chatting, and decided to put the babies sitting right next to each other facing so they could interact. Her boy starting giggling. Eden started cracking up at him laughing, and then he laughed at her laughing at him...and on it went. It was a good 5 or 6 minutes of laughter and hilarity. She and I were laughing so hard we were in tears. Neither of us had seen our babies react like that to another baby, so it was really fun.

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Follow your motherly instincts. Seriously. Just do what feels right to YOU. Even though it's your first baby, it's like God put a built-in mommy mechanism. You know your baby better than anyone else, so stick with what you think is best for YOU and YOUR baby. What works for some moms/babies may not work for others. Also, I would say not to hesitate calling your pediatrician's nurse hotline. It put my mind at ease a few times when I was unsure about something to call and talk to the nurse. That's what they're there for. They're used to new mommies having questions and uncertainties. Finally, PRAY for your baby! When you're unsure about something, pray. When your baby is sick, pray. When your baby is fussing and crying for seemingly no reason...pray! Pray for their future spouse, for every little body part, for their dreams and thoughts, for the lives the Lord has planned for them, etc.

Thanks Amber! Check out Amber's blog to read more!

I Want To Visit Your Blog!

First of all, I just wanted to say hello to any new followers! I've noticed a few new pictures showing up in my sidebar lately. I tried to click through to your blog and say hello, but on some of your pictures I've noticed that you don't have your blog linked with your Google Friend Connect profile.

My profile for GFC had my blog link missing once upon a time, but I figured out how to fix it.

I figured that if you are taking the time to follow somebody's blog, it's because you'd like to interact with them and have them check out your blog too. (Unless you don't have a blog and are just following my blog because you like my posts, in which case I thank you!)

I went on a little hunt to try to figure out how you can fix this if you do indeed have a blog and would like people to be able to find it when you follow them through Google Friend Connect. I think I figured it out. Give one of these a try, and let me know if it doesn't work, and I'll see if I can figure out something else.

First, click on your picture to the right, and see (1) if your name is clickable and takes you to a page with your blog link, or (2) if your blog is listed under "My Links" under your name. If neither of those things are there, people can't click through to find your blog. There are two ways to fix that.

Fix # One

This switches your profile in the Follower box to your Blogger profile, instead of Google Friend Connect. I personally perfer this for privacy reasons, so people can't see my e-ail address or location like they may be able to with GFC.

1. Click on your picture in the Followers box to the right.

2. Sign in if you aren't already signed in.

3. Once you are signed in and have your picture up, click on "Settings" in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Another window will open. At the top it will say "Your Profile" and will show your picture and words that say "Currently you are using *blank* profile". Then it will say "Change".

5. If you have an active Blogger profile with a link to your blog, click "Change" and select "Blogger" as your profile. This should fix your picture for all the blogs you follow.

Fix # Two

If you want to use your Google profile instead, you'll have to link to your blog in your Google Friend Connect profile. Follow these directions:

1. Sign in to your Google account. Click on your username int he uper right-hand corner and select "Acount Settings".

2. Find the "Google Friend Connect" link under "My Products".

3. You want to make sure your blog is listed on the left-hand side of the page. If it's not, click "Add New Site", and add your blog.

4. Be aware that by doing this you are linking your blog with that e-mail address. Also be aware that if you blog with that e-mail address as your sign-in, your blog will proabably already be listed.


If those two ways just don't sound like fun to you, you could just connect with other bloggers the old-fashioned way and leave a comment letting them know that you are a new follower! Just make sure your blog is listed on your Blogger profile if you want people to be able to click through. Or make it even easier and leave a link to your blog.

I hope that helps! And if you are a new follower, and you have a blog, and I haven't stopped by to leave a comment yet, it's because I couldn't click through, because I always like to say hello to new followers and meet new bloggers. So please let me know if I haven't stopped by, and leave me a link to your site! I will visit as soon as possible (we're having internet issues this week, so it may be next week, but I will try stop by soon)!

A Three Hour Tour (Echo *A Three Hour Tour . . .*)

When I was growing up, we used to love watching Gilligan's Island. I like that kind of goofy humor, and everything used to be so innocent and fun. Not like TV shows today.

Gilligan and Maryanne were always my two favorites. My sister and I (ever the matchmakers), thought they should get together. We couldn't really make up our minds if Ginger should go with the Professor or the Skipper though.

My favorite episode is probably the one where they find "super seeds", and the vegetables they grow give them amazing abilities - Gilligan becomes super strong because his favorite vegetable is spinach, Mrs. Howell becomes hyper because she likes sugar beets, and I think it was Maryanne who got great eyesight because she likes carrots!

Of course, in many of the episodes, their attempts to get rescued are ruined by Gilligan. Poor Gilligan. It's not like he means to mess up. He's just trying to help.

This all came back to me, because I've been borrowing movies from my mom lately, and I borrowed an old season of Gilligan's Island.

Watching it as an adult, it struck me how many times someone finds them on the island, promises to help them get off, then gets off the island themselves but never sends anyone back for the castaways!

You know it must be intentional, because how do you forget that you met seven people marooned on a little island? They usually intentionally decide not to mention it, because it would somehow be detrimental to their interests if the passengers of the Minnow were rescued.

How can these people live with themselves, I ask you?

Though, if you had to be marooned on an island, Gilligan's would be the one. They have fresh water, plenty of food, a variety of animals, a volcano that provides hot water, natural gas, plenty of good fishing.

Not to mention you'd be marooned with the Professor, who can pretty much make anything out of the resources available on the island. You wouldn't be without a radio, because they rescued that from the ship. And fun stuff is washing up on the shore all the time.

Sounds like a great place for a vacation, really.

Did any of you watch Gilligan's Island, or am I the only one? What is your favorite old show?

P.S. Click on the pictures for the sources of the images. And if you are a Gilligan's Island fan, you should click on the second picture for an article on "What Gilligan's Island Taught Me About Life". I enjoyed it.

A Few Measly Pennies

Forgiveness is sometimes a hard thing for me.

I have no difficulty whatsoever forgiving someone who asks me for forgiveness. They are obviously sorry and know that they hurt me if they ask for forgiveness, so it's easy for me to forgive them then.

But it's really hard for me to forgive someone who hurts me and never expresses the slightest bit of remorse about it.

In these situations, each time I think of the offense, I get more and more frustrated. After all, I was clearly right, and that other person (whoever they may be), was clearly wrong, and don't they see how they've hurt me?

This frustration just festers, like an infected sore on my heart. Then the bitterness takes root.

Once the bitterness starts, it spreads like a cancer. It seems to me that at this point it is not just my relationship with the offender that is hurt - my whole outlook suffers.

Little annoyances or inconveniences that I would normally brush off with a smile suddenly irritate me to no end. Every little rude remark from a stranger sets me off, and I find myself complaining about all the rude people in the world, without realizing that when I snapped back I became one of the rude people.

I become a complainer, because when all the little irritations build up, I've got to get my frustration out somehow.

My relationship with the Lord suffers, because when I try to pray, I either can't focus or I find myself complaining to the Lord about so-and-so (I don't think He appreciates that).

What I've described above sounds a bit extreme when I read it back to myself. You must realize that this doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen every day. It's just an ever-so-gradual shift in my way of thinking, and after several months in this downward spiral, I realize where I've fallen. I realize what a crabby person I've become. And I realize this is not who I want to be.

How does this all come about from one little offense that should have been no big deal? It all comes back to selfishness. I get absorbed in my own hurt, I feel a little self-righteous, I take things into my own hands and refuse to forgive because it makes me feel better - not realizing that this self-absorbed, self-righteous attitude will gradually extend to every other situation I find myself in.

Not realizing that in the end, it's a poison to me.

Not realizing that of course that Lord would want to deal with that poison in my system before He takes care of the situation.

Bottom line: I've yet to find a verse that says you only have to forgive someone if they apologize first. In fact, I can think of plenty of examples in the Bible where the offended party forgives the offender before they ever ask for forgiveness. They are some of the most beautiful stories in the Bible, and some of my personal favorites. The story of Esau and Jacob, the Prodigal son, and Jesus and Peter come to mind.

I think if I really realized the weight of all that I've been forgiven, I wouldn't have a problem forgiving someone else - even if they never apologize at all.

Instead I become like that despised servant who was forgiven so great a debt by his master, and then had a fellow servant thrown in jail over a few pennies (Matthew 18).

It pains me to even write that sentence, because I don't want to be like that. And when I come to a point when I realize that I have been like that, there is only one thing to do.

Let go of those silly pennies. Ask the Lord to forgive me (again) for allowing that bitterness to take root in my heart, for not extending the grace that has been extended to me, for being self-righteous and selfish. And then change my attitude toward those who hurt me, and toward those innocent bystanders who have felt my anger without doing anything to deserve it.

When will I learn this lesson for good? When will I not have to go through this over every little offense that is not accompanied by an apology? I feel ridiculous to still be struggling with something like this. I'm so glad the Lord forgives me - if only I could more readily extend that forgiveness to others, instead of taking so long to realize what is happening.

Unforgiveness is such a sneaky sin. It sneaks into your heart when you aren't paying attention, and you barely realize it's there until it has grown out of control. And then it's painful to cut it out, but once it's out, things begin to heal.

I confess my sin to the Lord, and He helps me root it out. I take steps to change my attitude. I offer a token of renewed friendship; I practiced giving grace to an innocent bystander.

Little by little, I get back on the right track.

It feels so trite to say it now, but it is so true. Refusing to forgive someone really hurts them much less than it hurts you.

Moms And Babies - Katie

Today I'm featuring Katie from The Amazing In The Ordinary! Katie's blog is fairly new to me, but it's already one of my favorites - I love her insights into life, her walk with the Lord, and being a mom. Sometimes I read her posts, and it's like she's reading my mind - we must be kindred spirits! Check out her interview to learn more about her!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Katie, 23, wife to my military man hubby and momma to a 5 (almost 6!) month old baby girl. From the south, transplanted to the east by the military. I'm a stay at home mom. I'm also a follower of Jesus and I am striving to learn more and more about who He is and what it truly means to follow Him in my life.

What's your baby's name and how old is she?

I call my daughter Little Bug in blogland. Not her name in real life. Promise. :)

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

On a "typical" day (I'll let you other momma's decide just how often that actually happens for us!) Little Bug wakes up between 645 and 715. I feed her some breakfast, usually fruit and some cereal and give her a bottle. Quick breakfast for me, then I get ready for the day while she plays on her activity mat, and shortly after we may run some errands if I have any that need done. At about 10 she takes a 45 minute nap or so, and when she wakes up I feed her another bottle. Lunch for me, and we're off. I try during the next few hours to get out to a play date or activity just to have something different to do! (although that doesn't always happen!) Then we make it home in time for a bottle and nap around 2. As soon as she is in bed I wake up my husband (he works nights...for now.) and we get to hang out for a few hours. When Little Bug wakes up we usually play with Daddy until he has to leave for work, another bottle & some veggies in there somewhere around 430 and then dinner for me after. Then it's play time/crawling practice/reading time until bath/bottle/bed around 7. We usually start the bath around 7 and she's *usually* asleep by 8.

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

Happy, sassy, sweet.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

I just love everything about being around Little Bug and getting to help her learn and grow. It's so exciting to me! I love watching her smile, big slobbery baby kisses, "talking" with her, and seeing her love her daddy.

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

I actually wrote a whole post about it! To sum it up, if you don't feel like clicking, is don't eat like you're still pregnant, start working out hard as soon as possible, make time for working out (you can, promise. your child sleeps! I hope), eat right and think of it as being a good example to your child, and make your health a priority!

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

Keeping lines of communication open, even if what we have to say is ugly. We say it as good as we can, but even if it still comes out hurtful or messy, at least it's out there and can be dealt with! Finding time to laugh and play together. Also finding time and energy for romantic relations *ahem*.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

I think must haves change all the time! But right now I would say, a bouncer seat (helps occupy and fits in the bathroom so I can shower!), carseat toys, swaddles (for the early days), lots of burp rags, an activity mat and lots of patience. Sigh. I wish you could just buy patience!

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

I have lots of favorite moments watching my husband and my daughter interact. I love those moments as we never know how long he will be in the country, so I have to hold those in my heart for the times when he is far away. Outing would probably be when we took Little Bug to the aquarium. She loved watching the fish and it was the first time where it felt like we were out doing the big family outing thing!

Any advice for first-time mothers?

I'm not sure I'm the best for advice, but here goes! I would say to realize that you can't do everything you want to and that is okay. You will get around to it! Eventually you will get it together to get the cleaning done, but don't freak out if that day is not today! As long as your baby is taken care of, and next that you are taken care of, the rest will work itself out. My momma told me that when I had Little Bug and it helped me get rid of a lot of stress.

Thanks Katie! Head over to Katie's blog to read more!

Two Midwives

Do you ever read a story in the Bible and just wonder if you've ever even read it before?

I'm not lazy in my Bible reading. I've read through the entire Bible several times. So I know, no matter what story it is, I've read it before.

But it's amazing to me how different stories and different verses stand out to me each time I read it. I think it has alot to do with my life situation - I pay attention to certain stories more depending on where I am in life.

This is why it says that God's word is "living and active". The Bible will never become obsolete, and there will always be something new you can take away from it! I love that.

Oh, yes, but back to the story I'm sure I've never read before (that's not true, I vaguely recall it, but it never stood out before).

You know in the Old Testament, when the Hebrew people are in Egypt, and they become a great nation, and the new Pharaoh, who did not know Joseph, enslaved them? Then he decided he needed to start getting rid of the Hebrew boys that were born?

Well, his first plan to get rid of the baby boys was to tell two of the Hebrew midwives (whose names were Shiphrah and Puah) to go ahead and help the Hebrew women deliver, and then kill the new babies if they were boys, but to let the girls live.

I don't know what made him think they would actually obey those orders. I wonder if Shiphrah and Puah were Egyptian or Hebrew themselves? Anyway, the Bible says they feared God and did not do what Pharaoh ordered. (Can you imagine actually obeying an order like that? It makes me shudder.)

So Pharaoh called them and asked them why they didn't obey his orders (that would be so scary - after all, he could order that they be killed).

And they said something along the lines of "Oh, Hebrew women aren't like Egyptian women - they have really fast labors, and we don't get there in time to kill the babies."

Sounds a bit like a lie to me. But the Bible doesn't specify, so maybe that was actually true. Regardless though, Shiphrah and Puah didn't obey Pharoah's orders because they knew it was more important to obey God's orders.

Amazingly Pharaoh did not kill the midwives, the Hebrews continued to multiply, and God was pleased with the midwives because they feared Him and chose to obey Him over Pharaoh.

In fact, God rewards the midwives by giving them families of their own.

Now, isn't that a happy story?

I know the rest of the story goes on and horrible things happen before God delivers the Hebrews out of Egypt. But I like that in this facet of the tale, we have a happy ending on our hands. It's comforting to me to hear another example of God rewarding those who fear Him.

And He does reward us when we choose to obey Him - sometimes we can see those rewards here on earth, and sometimes our rewards don't become evident until eternity, but they are there nonetheless.

Are there any stories or verses that you've read lately that you had forgotten about?

P.S. The above is just a paraphrase of the story in Exodus 1. You should go read it yourself if you're interested.

Houses For Sale

So last week I found myself driving around our neighborhood and looking for houses for sale.

I love where we live. There are so many winding roads it's easy to get lost - and sometimes I like to get lost and explore a section of my town that I've never seen before. Not to mention our subdivision is beautiful in the summer time - aspen trees; sunshine; long, wild grass; flowers; birds singing, crickets chirping; the smell of warm woods. I love living in the country!

Anyway, I was having a lovely time driving around with the windows rolled down, Wyatt sleeping in the backseat, ice cold root beer in my cup holder, looking for those little signs that realtors put up. It's like a treasure hunt, following those signs down so many winding roads, and finally finding the house that they are pointing to. Then I'll grab a flyer, if there is one present, and go on my merry way, following the "clues" until I reach another house for sale.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? Are we looking into moving?

No. Sometimes I just like to look at all the houses and dream about the future. Plus I like to keep updated on what houses are going for these days.

I absolutely love our house. I love our piece of land - we have the trees and tall grass that I was talking about, plus a perfect area out back for our kids to play when they get older.

I love the vaulted ceilings in our living room, and our open floor plan. I love our brand-newly finished basement, with our big bedroom, new bathroom with the jetted tub, Wyatt's nursery.

I love tinkering around with ideas for improvements, getting my decor just so, or occasionally re-doing some of my wall arrangements. I love throwing up the blinds, opening the glass doors, letting the sunshine and air in while I dust and vacuum and make the house smell fresh. I love how quiet and peaceful it feels up here when the windows are open, and I can hear all the wilderness noises outside the window while Wyatt takes a nap.

But, I know that depending on how many kids we have, we may eventually out grow our little mountain home. I know that Derek would eventually like a garage or workshop where he can build furniture. I know Derek and I would both love to own more land someday.

I feel extraordinarily blessed where we are right now. I always dreamed of owning a house just like this one, in this town, and raising my babies here, and the Lord has granted all those desires of mine.

But sometimes it's fun to dream - not in a way that leads to discontentment, but just to imagine what the future might hold.

That's why I sometimes drive through the neighborhood and pick up flyers.

Living Arrangments?

Thank you to everyone who responded to the baby spacing question! Here are the stats:

Ideally, how would you like your *future* children spaced?

Just however they end up being spaced, it doesn't matter to me - 8 (11%)

Between 1 and 2 years apart - 21 (29%)

Between 2 and 3 years apart - 29 (40%)

Between 3 and 4 years apart - 9 (12%)

More than 4 years apart - 3 (4%)

I only want one child - 2 (2%)

Votes: 72

So the majority of you think somewhere between one and three years is ideal, which is kind of what I expected. But once again, we have a vote for every category! I like it when that happens.

Okay, in light of my faux house-hunting post today, I figured I'd ask a question about living arrangements. I tried to include a good variety of answers, but I gave an "other" option, just in case. You can also select more than one answer (but please don't select everything and throw the poll off - choose whatever describes your situation best).

Vote to the right!

Half A Year

My sweet boy is half a year old! How is it possible that it was half a year ago the doctor was placing him on my stomach and I was seeing him for the first time?


We took Wyatt swimming for the first time this month (July 23rd)! I can't get enough of his little swimsuit set. And his hat with the shark fin on top? Love! He wasn't too sure about the water at first, but we took him again the next weekend and he did wonderfully! The first day we spent most of the time by the poolside, and Wyatt took a little nap.


Wyatt just keeps getting stronger and stronger. He tries to crawl all the time, and he'll kick his legs and lift his stomach up off the floor in little push-ups, but he hasn't figured out how to coordinate the movements. It's fun to watch him try. He can sit up a for a few seconds at a time now, but he hasn't quite got the balance thing down yet.

Derek and I think it's so cute, because he'll alternate lifting his stomach off the floor with balancing on his stomach with his arms out to his sides and his legs in the air - it looks like he's trying to fly! It's so funny, because he'll kick his legs when he's balancing on his stomach, but when he lifts his upper body off the floor he doesn't kick his legs. If he can just figure out to lift and kick at the same time, he'll be crawling!

He's great at rotating 360 degrees though - he'll turn himself so he can see whatever is most interesting to him at the moment.

He is really into his toys lately as well. He's been interested in his toys for a few months, but I think he's really learning how to play with them now, instead of just looking at them and chewing on them.

Wyatt also officially discovered his feet this past month (July 22nd)! He grabs them all the time now.


His little personality is developing so much, and he is such a sweetheart. He laughs so easily now, and we love it! The other day I brought him upstairs and Ralphie was sitting on the back of the couch. All I did was bring Wyatt close enough to touch Ralphie, and he just burst out laughing! It was the cutest thing. He has been fascinated with the dogs, and especially Ralphie, this month. I think they'll be good pals.

Sometimes he and I will have giggling fits - he'll laugh, which will make me laugh, which makes him laugh again.

He smiles at everyone we see, and I always hear people whispering about how cute he is. He is such a cheerful baby, and all you have to do is say hello to him and he'll give you a big grin.

He gets so excited when Derek gets home - Derek doesn't even have to look at him, but Wyatt gets this big grin on his face when he sees Derek. He loves his dad.

On the day he turned six months I came home from work, and when I came over to greet Wyatt he made this little gasping/hiccup sound, like he was excited to see me. It made me laugh, and then he did it again, which made me laugh again. He did it several more times after that. Derek was watching the whole thing, and he said he could tell Wyatt was doing it on purpose to make me laugh! He's going to be a little ham!

Smart Boy

Just had to share this story, because it was cute, and I was impressed. We have this wooden block set, and the blocks come in a little wooden wagon. Derek and I were playing with Wyatt a few nights ago, but after a while we started to clean up and we put the blocks back in the wagon. Wyatt was on his stomach within reach, and he strained and reached to get one of the blocks off the wagon. Once he had one, he pulled it toward him and reached for another block. Soon he had several blocks right next to him, and he just kept reaching to get another one. He was trying to get them all back off the wagon! I guess he wasn't done playing with them. He's so smart.


We started Wyatt on rice cereal (July 23rd) and oatmeal this month. He's never too sure about the first bite - he makes this face like it's the grossest thing in the world, but then he opens his little mouth for more! He figured out how to close his lips around the spoon now, instead of just gnawing the food off the spoon. We're going to try carrots soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to that. I feed him or he gets a bottle about four or five times a day.


He still sucks his thumb when he gets tired, and it always makes me melt. It's so funny the way he holds his hand too - he always sucks his left thumb, but instead of curling his fingers in, he stretches them out, like he's grabbing his whole mouth. I wish I could explain it better, but it's sweet.

He usually sleeps somewhere around 14 hours at night (with one morning feeding somewhere between 4:00 and 6:00, but then he goes right back to sleep, so I hardly count that). He also takes an afternoon nap normally, but lately he's been skipping his naps, so by the time bedtime rolls around he can hardly stay awake to eat. I can't complain about him skipping naps though, because we sleep so well at night - I think it's a huge blessing. He usually goes to bed around 7:00 or 7:30, which gives Derek and me plenty of time together in the evenings.


He's growing so big! I can just tell. Unfortunately I couldn't set up his six month appointment in time for this post (here I thought I'd have a weight to report), but I can tell he's getting heavier, because it's getting harder to carry him around in his car seat. I'll update this post with his weight when I get it. He still fits into his 3-6 month clothes for the most part, but it won't be long until he gets too long for them. His feet are still size 1, and he is in size 2 diapers.

Update: We had Wyatt's appointment today, and he's 15 pounds, 13 1/2 ounces (25th percentile), 26 1/2 inches (50th percentile), and his head circumference is in the 70th percentile! He's a little smarty, and he's long and lean. The nurse measured him twice, because she just couldn't believe he had grown two inches in two months! She said that's quite a lot. But that makes sense, because that means he's grown about an inch a month since he was born. He's getting so big!

Baby Kisses

Wyatt started giving me kisses this month (August 1st). He has kind of been doing this since he was about four and a half months too, but they are more intentional now.

I just thought this picture was cute,
because it looks like he's giving his elephant a kiss!

Most recently, last week I was just sitting on the couch holding him, and he looked at me nose-to-nose, smiled, grabbed my cheeks, and pulled my face toward his open mouth. Then he proceeded to gnaw on my chin or nose, whatever reached his mouth first. I think once my chin was in between his sore gums it felt better to chew, but I just got the feeling that he meant it as a kiss. It was the sweetest thing. My face was covered with baby slobber, and I loved every minute of it!


My precious boy is growing up so fast - I love to see his personality starting to show! It's just weird to think we're halfway to a year old. Before I know it he'll be walking and talking, and then he'll be starting school, and then he'll be off to college, and then he'll be getting married. . .

I don't like to think about that yet. I'm just soaking up every minute with my precious boy while he's still my baby, while I'm still the most important lady in his life. Someday he'll grow up and get married, and his wife will be the most important woman to him (which is as it should be, and I pray for her too).

But I'll always have the joy of knowing I was the first lady in his life.

That's a special thing.


My Sweet Baby,

I cannot believe you are a half a year old! You are such a precious boy, and I love seeing how your personality is developing. You are something special, Sweetheart. I just look at you, and I can imagine the kind of man you will be become - a man who will be an encouragement to others, who will stand up for Truth, who will do great things. I know the Lord must have wonderful plans for you. I pray that you decide to serve Him and put Him first in your life always!

I love you, Snuggle Bug. You are my treasure.


Your Mama

The One Where I Lose Prizes

My blog friend Chloe (you know, that one I met in real life last year, so you know she's legit), is running the New York Marathon this fall.

Me and Chloe.
I've just been dying to use the Cinemascope setting
with the letterbox on Picnik - you like?

Yeah, I don't run at all. I get winded jogging to my car, a mere 20 yards from the back door of my work. I start to hyper-ventilate just thinking about running.

Kuddos to all of you runners out there, because I hate it. I'm told you hate it until you do it, then you love it. I have a hard time believing that.

Anyway, Chloe is running to raise money for the Children's Heart Project, which brings kids from other countries to America to fix congenital heart defects.

I normally don't post about giveaways on here, because I think people tend to skim posts about other people's giveaways. But, I'm making an exception today (1) because I love Chloe, and (2) because this giveaway is actually for a good cause.

She is holding a raffle on her blog to help raise donations. The minimum entry is five dollars.

Okay, I'm losing you. I can tell. Just wait, there's more.

After you donate five dollars on Chloe's fundraising site, you can submit all your entries and possibly win one of eleven (yes, eleven) great prizes! You'll especially want to check out the prizes if you are a mom or want to have a baby at some point. Lots of cute stuff. And since there will be eleven winners, your chances of winning are really good.


I hope you all appreciate the sacrifice I'm making by posting this, because as of right now, I'm winning all the prizes. But I'm telling you, because I want to help Chloe meet her goal!

Plus, it's just not as fun if you know you're going to win, so you need to give me some competition.

Click here to check out Chloe's raffle. All you need to do is give up a that grande decaf white chocolate mocha and pumpkin bread for a day (of course, I haven't ordered any of those recently), and you're pretty likely to win something.

But just so you know, I have dibs on the owl baby hat.

That's all.

The Forbidden Word

The air is just a smidge crisper. Kids are back in school, stores have their fall apparel out. I might have seen some yellow leaves on one of the trees during my drive home the other day. The hay is being cut and baled. All the early warning signs of fall are present.

And I haven't gone on my summer vacation yet.

Has the world gone mad?

Aside from this post, you will not see fall mentioned here until after my beach vacation. I want to feel summery for our trip, by George, and I can't let anything mess it up!

The word (*ahem* - fall) has been popping up around the blogosphere lately too. This is insane, I tell you - insane! It's only August, people!

*Cue mad-woman scream.*

I would ban the word from my reader if it was possible, but I don't think it is. Maybe you could all just make a note on your post titles? Say something like "Miscellaney Monday (Fall Mentioned)". Then I'll know to mark the post and come back to it after vacation.

I totally don't expect you to actually do that (though if any of you do, I will totally laugh out loud and probably read it anyway).

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know this post is completely out of character for me. I love Autumn - it's my favorite season, and I'm usually in a hurry for it to get here. Last year I even wished away the last month of summer, I was so anxious for Autumn to start (though that also had something to do with the fact that I was pregnant and wanted to get out of the first trimester).

But not this year. This year fall has to wait to start until after I get back from vacation, in the middle of September. And if leaves were not inanimate objects, I'd tell them that if they change and/or fall off the trees while I"m gone, I'll never forgive them.

Still, old habits die hard. I found myself eyeing the sweaters at the mall the other day, and I may or may not have bought some pumpkin bread at Starbucks yesterday.

It's madness, sheer madness.

Until after vacation, this will be a sanctuary for all things summer. I will be resisting the temptation to do or say any fall-ish things. I'm just letting you know now, lest you think I'm an Autumn Scrooge. Trust me, after the vacation recaps are written, it will be all fall, all the time around here.

But until then I have a Summer vacation to plan!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Moms And Babies - Kristy

This week I'm featuring Kristy from Our Little Hawk's Nest! I found Kristy's blog a few months ago, and I love reading her perspective on things since our babies are so close in age. You can learn more about her in her interview below!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi All! I'm Kristy. I am a Christian stay at home wife to a wonderful man and momma to our little girl Amaia. That pretty much sums it up but I also enjoy making usually healthy food for my family, reading, organizing, going on walks, getting a tan, drinking coffee and some light crafting on the side :)

What's your baby's name and how old is she?

Amaia Ruth will be 6 months towards the end of August.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.

I try to make our days somewhat "typical", but of course it doesn't always work out like that. Most days look something like this:

600AM // I get up with my hubby and make coffee, make his lunch, eat breakfast, read my Bible and pray until Amaia wakes up.
700AM-ish // Amaia wakes up anytime between 6:30 and 8:00. I feed her when she wakes up and put her right back to bed. She loves to sleep in and and some Saturdays and Sundays I sleep in too :)
9:30AM // Wake up Amaia to start our day together. Nurse her and play, go on a walk with friends or run errands
11:00AM // Nap for Amaia while I clean house, prep for dinner or do anything else that needs to be done.
1230PM // Nurse Amaia and try some rice cereal. We have been trying rice cereal on and off for about a month though and she is slowly but surely learning what do with a spoon and making a big mess while she learns :). After this we play or take a bath if necessary.
200PM // Amaia takes a nap while I work from home for a couple of hours
400PM// Amaia wakes up and I nurse her. Then she plays while I prepare dinner
500PM // Amaia goes down for a nap again while Adam and I have dinner together (if it is night that he home) or if Adam isn't home I just might take a nap too :)
630PM // Amaia wakes and nurses again. Afterwards we head out to bible study, church, hanging out with family or friends or other activities. The evening hours are not typically Amaia's best time of the day, so we try to keep moving to keep the lil' miss happy.
900PM // Amaia nurses and it is bedtime! She is champ at bedtime. We sing her "Goodnight, Sweetheart" as her bedtime song while she smiles up at us to sweetly and she (almost always) drifts off to sleep without a peep.

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality, what would they be?

SWEET (seriously I'm not just being a proud mama, this is the word everyone uses to describe her), sensitive, and observant.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

I love watching her grow and learn and discover the world around her. I guess that is the typical response to this question, but it's true. I also love that I get to be her teacher. I love the look on her face when she discovers that she can roll over or sit up by herself. She is so proud of herself.

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight?

Nothing that you have not already heard many times before :) Breastfeeding, eating healthy, staying active, etc, etc. I will say that I put really high expectations on myself in this area. I gained a lot more weight during my pregnancy than I thought was normal (45 pounds to be exact) and I was very eager (too eager) to lose it once I had my baby girl. I had always heard that breastfeeding makes you lose the weight and so I thought my body would be back to normal a couple months after giving birth. Ha! I think almost anyone that has had a baby knows that is just silly :) I think it was about the time that I stopped worrying about it that the weight started coming off more quickly. I am not completely back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but close now. I try to eat healthy for the most part, and I go on walks but I don't think it is a good idea to diet or workout a ton while still breastfeeding. I do think it helped that I worked out until the last week of my pregnancy. The only real piece of advice I have in this area is to remember raising a child in a practice in self-sacrifice that is totally worth it! Our culture acts like it is more important to take care of yourself and get yourself to the gym and wear cute clothes. Obviously it is good to take care of yourself, but children are wildly undervalued and such a wonderful blessing.

What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival to keep your relationship strong?

Well, we are extremely blessed to have both of our parents really close by and really willing to babysit! It's an incredible blessing to have babysitters that I know love Amaia just as much as we do. So we are able to get out a have dates sans Amaia a few times a month. We love to go out for breakfast or dinner or coffee and just talk. We also have two times a week (Thursday nights and Sundays) that are our family time. For the most part, we don't schedule anything else during these times. In short, we make time with each other a priority.

Also, in some ways having Amaia has made it easier to keep our relationship strong. We are both working harder than ever before. My husband has taken on a part-time job to support us and still comes home and helps around the house so much! I have so much respect and appreciation for how much he does for us and I think that goes both ways. Plus, it is just plain hard to be down about anything when Amaia is grinning at me.

Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?

Swaddle blankets with velcro! Those were a life saver for me. Personally, I was horrible at swaddling, my husband was way, way better at it than me. These blankets made it so easy. And in the first few weeks anything that makes getting your baby back to sleep in the middle of the night is amazing.

If you are breastfeeding a good pump. I was skeptical about this before I gave birth, because they are not cheap, but I would highly recommend it. I have a Medela and it has been wonderful. It helped us so much at the beginning because Amaia did not catch on easily to breastfeeding and now it allows me to have a bit of freedom and let her other family members bond with her during feeding times too.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?

This was a hard question for me. Any of the moments between my husband and daughter just make me melt. The other night Amaia thought that it was hilarious to touch my hubby's scruffy face. He kept putting her hand on his chin and she had us both cracking up with her. Those are the kinds of moments I just love.

Any advice for first-time mothers?

Be thankful, learn to go with the flow, and have a plan :)

First of all I think that is important to remember how much of an absolute blessing children are. Everyone tells you that parenthood is hard work and they aren't joking! This is the hardest job I have had in my entire life. The majority of the time I am so completely in love with my little girl that a doesn't bother me at all, but there are times when I get down or frustrated and that is when I have to remind myself what am amazing miracle it is that God is allowing me to raise and take of his little girl, that I have longed to be a mother for years and there are many, many other women that would love to be in my place right now. After that, I think it's good to have a plan before you actually have your baby. I read the book "Babywise" before having Amaia and that gave me a good idea of how to get her on a good, healthy schedule and how to know what she needed when. I think without it I would have been clueless. Lastly, you also have to go with the flow. I am a believer in schedules and routines. I think it is good and healthy for babies, BUT I am constantly trying to remind myself that babies are not robots (aka. you can't program them) and life is not always predictable.

Thanks Kristy! Check out Kristy's blog to read more!

About My Health "Issues"

So I realized a couple weeks ago that I never gave you all an update on my health. I think the last one was probably almost three months ago.

Can I just say that it's so weird to have health problems? I've been healthy my entire life, and then within three months I end up having pre-eclampsia, a torn meniscus, and a blood clot. It's bizarre to me. We're blessed to have pretty decent insurance, and to live in a country with good access to care.

Anyway . . .

The Knee

If you'll remember, in April I had to go through surgery to fix my torn meniscus in my knee. It was a huge pain, because I had to be on crutches for six weeks, and that isn't easy with a new baby to take care of.

Well, at the end of May I got the okay to walk without crutches again. I was so excited to walk and to be able to carry my baby! But I was bitterly disappointed to find out that I still couldn't walk without one crutch - I may have shed a few tears. I was just so looking forward to walking without assistance.

My doctor said it may be July before I could walk without any help, but it wasn't long before I was hobbling around without my crutch. I had an awful limp though, and my doctor wanted me to see a physical therapist.

I went to one appointment, but honestly my co-pays were pretty steep, and I couldn't afford to go again. But she stretched out the joint a bit and gave me some exercises, and within a week I was walking really well! There really is no accounting for how quickly I was able to walk without crutches and without a limp, except that the Lord healed my knee! I'm so thankful that He allowed my knee to heal so quickly!

The Clot

The second part of this whole thing was that after my knee surgery I got a blood clot in my leg. I was on aspirin for a couple weeks before they decided I needed to be on higher-power blood thinners (around the middle of May).

I was really worried about being able to feed Wyatt while on blood thinners, but they put me on Lovenox, which is safe to use while nursing. Unfortunately, it happens to be an injectable medication, so I have to give myself two shots a day. My stomach is all bruised and sore, and the injection makes my skin puffy, so it makes me feel flabby. I hate it.

They checked my blood clot twice since then, and each time it got a little smaller. But after this last visit my doctor decided I should go see a hematologist to make sure that I don't have a blood clotting disorder. I got the blood clot while on blood thinners, so they just want to make sure.

So I went to the hematologist and she did some blood work (which we're still waiting on), and said that since the blood clot isn't gone, I have to be on blood thinners for six months.

I was not happy about this. I am so over giving myself injections.

You have to understand that someone I know has had a blood clot in the past, and she hasn't had to go through anything I've had to do. Her doctor said it's pretty pointless to keep checking the blood clot, because alot of times they leave scar tissue that makes it look like it's still there even when it's not. Her hematologist also said that when the clot is below the knee (which mine is), you only have to be on blood thinners for three months.

Now, I know my primary care doctor hasn't dealt with a blood clot before, so it's been a learning experience for her too. I have to give her a little grace.

However, it makes me kind of upset that our doctors keep saying different things, because if I don't have to go through all this extra stuff, I'd rather not. And everyone keeps saying my blood clot is "so small".

The Plan Now

I'm getting a second opinion. Six months of shots in my stomach is alot different than three months, and I am so ready to be done! I'm hoping to be able to talk to this other doctor soon, and maybe he'll say I don't have to do these injections any more.

Anyway, you all could pray that (1) this new doctor will give me some good information, and (2) that maybe I can be done with the shots now. Also, even though I think it's unlikely, please pray that I don't have a clotting disorder, because if I do, it would mean my next pregnancy would be considered high-risk. Women with blood clotting disorders are more likely to have miscarriages, because a clot could form in the placenta and cut off nutrients to the baby.

Thank you in advance for your prayers! I'll do another update when I know something.

Last Week, This Week

Last week I read this book:


In three days. It was excellent - I really couldn't put it down. I never really thought about how abortion-clinic workers think, and after reading this book I'm not only still completely fired up about fighting for the lives of unborn babies, but I have much more compassion for those on the other side of the issue. So many of them are so deceived and lost.

Yesterday, I found this picture on Pinterest:


I was informed that it's fake, but I love it anyway. Wyatt used to stick his foot straight out of my belly like that, and even though we couldn't see an imprint of his foot through my belly, Derek and I could feel every little detail of that tiny foot - I could almost even distinguish his toes. We could tell his foot was just about an inch and a half long at that point. It was a beautiful moment, and I'll always remember touching that tiny little foot through my belly and marveling at how small it was.

Today I'm making these cupcakes:


I've decided I need to test out some recipes for Wyatt's first birthday party, and when one of you (I tried to go back and figure out who it was, but I can't find it now - speak up!) pinned these cupcakes on Pinterest I had to give them a try! Still deciding on a theme for his birthday party. I have a few ideas.

This week I have no plans except to watch the first season of The Mole which I got from Netflix!


I used to love this show. It's a reality show where the contestants do different stunts and such to win money, but one of them is secretly sabotaging their efforts, and the ultimate goal is to figure out who the "mole" is. Unfortunately they only have one season available; so I guess that just means I'll have to make sure I enjoy it while it lasts.

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