Two Midwives

Do you ever read a story in the Bible and just wonder if you've ever even read it before?

I'm not lazy in my Bible reading. I've read through the entire Bible several times. So I know, no matter what story it is, I've read it before.

But it's amazing to me how different stories and different verses stand out to me each time I read it. I think it has alot to do with my life situation - I pay attention to certain stories more depending on where I am in life.

This is why it says that God's word is "living and active". The Bible will never become obsolete, and there will always be something new you can take away from it! I love that.

Oh, yes, but back to the story I'm sure I've never read before (that's not true, I vaguely recall it, but it never stood out before).

You know in the Old Testament, when the Hebrew people are in Egypt, and they become a great nation, and the new Pharaoh, who did not know Joseph, enslaved them? Then he decided he needed to start getting rid of the Hebrew boys that were born?

Well, his first plan to get rid of the baby boys was to tell two of the Hebrew midwives (whose names were Shiphrah and Puah) to go ahead and help the Hebrew women deliver, and then kill the new babies if they were boys, but to let the girls live.

I don't know what made him think they would actually obey those orders. I wonder if Shiphrah and Puah were Egyptian or Hebrew themselves? Anyway, the Bible says they feared God and did not do what Pharaoh ordered. (Can you imagine actually obeying an order like that? It makes me shudder.)

So Pharaoh called them and asked them why they didn't obey his orders (that would be so scary - after all, he could order that they be killed).

And they said something along the lines of "Oh, Hebrew women aren't like Egyptian women - they have really fast labors, and we don't get there in time to kill the babies."

Sounds a bit like a lie to me. But the Bible doesn't specify, so maybe that was actually true. Regardless though, Shiphrah and Puah didn't obey Pharoah's orders because they knew it was more important to obey God's orders.

Amazingly Pharaoh did not kill the midwives, the Hebrews continued to multiply, and God was pleased with the midwives because they feared Him and chose to obey Him over Pharaoh.

In fact, God rewards the midwives by giving them families of their own.

Now, isn't that a happy story?

I know the rest of the story goes on and horrible things happen before God delivers the Hebrews out of Egypt. But I like that in this facet of the tale, we have a happy ending on our hands. It's comforting to me to hear another example of God rewarding those who fear Him.

And He does reward us when we choose to obey Him - sometimes we can see those rewards here on earth, and sometimes our rewards don't become evident until eternity, but they are there nonetheless.

Are there any stories or verses that you've read lately that you had forgotten about?

P.S. The above is just a paraphrase of the story in Exodus 1. You should go read it yourself if you're interested.
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Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

LOVE THIS!!! How cool of you to point it out in such easy terms... the reality is OBEDIENCE is so worth it!! Thanks for sharing, Callie. You are a joy :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

we actually discussed a portion of this at church this past week. :)

Kelli Herrington said...

What I love about reading and sharing is that we can all read the same verse but have different ways to describe it and I love how you pointed out that in a horrible story you found the positive. I need to apply that to life. Thanks girl and have a great week.

Lauren said...

Obedience can have such incredible rewards, so thank for sharing! I think so often I gloss over some of those stories, reading them simply as words & sentences instead of truly thinking about what God is trying to say! Thanks for pointing out such a simple lesson!

Melissa said...

I had forgotten about this one too. How awesome! :)

Dove of Snow said...

Boy did I need that encouragement today of all days! If you get a chance, stop on over at my blog sometime soon. I posted a thoughtful post today....and I want to share! And thanks for sharing the Bible story -- God's Word is alive and I can understand how you can read something that you've read many times, and yet still, a new truth will be found! Amazing!

Unknown said...

WOW! I am totally going to have to read this story now, how interesting and wonderful!

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