Four Gaping, Painful Holes Where They Used To Be

That's what I have after this morning. Yes, the surgery is over, and everyone tells me I am doing surprisingly well! I think it's just because that Vicadin is amazing stuff, but I do tend to recover quickly from dental procedures.

I woke up this morning and had to remind myself not to eat or drink anything. It was torturous. I was getting hungry by the time we got down to the oral surgeon's office. I wasn't allowed to eat because I got IV anesthetic. More on that later.

We arrived at the office, and I admit that I had a few butterflies. It didn't help that we ended up having to wait in the lobby for a half hour past my appointment time. By the time they brought me back I was pretty calm though.

They brought me back to this rather cold surgery area, and they had me sit down. We just jumped right in, which was surprising to me, because I was expecting some of the preliminary stuff. Before we started I told them my current weight, because I didn't want to get too much general anesthetic - not a good thing. Like I said previously, I tend to over-estimate my weight on health histories - don't ask me why, I guess so that they don't look at me and think "She is definitely not that light," or something.

So they laid the chair back and one girl covered me with a ton of blankets, one girl secured a blood pressure cuff around my arm and then started sticking monitors on my shoulders and rib cage, and the doctor put a little clippy pulse monitor on my finger. The assistant made me feel good by telling me how tiny I was (I don't think I'm tiny, but I like it when people tell me that I am, even if it isn't true).

Then the machine behind me kept making these obnoxious beeps. After the doctor had secured the nasal hood for nitrous oxide over my nose, he moved the finger monitor to my thumb. More obnoxious beeping. Apparently they couldn't get a good heart rate on me because my fingers are too cold. That doesn't surprise me - my fingers are always cold - I don't get the best circulation in my hands. They've been that way for forever. So he rubbed my fingers a few times, piled a few more blankets on me, and secured the monitor again. It must have improved somewhat, because we finally proceeded.

Next he tied a turnacut around my arm and told me to make a fist. Then he told me to let my arm hang down and slapped my hand a few times to get a good vein. Then he inserted the IV - it hurt, but I'm good with needles, so not a biggy.

Finally we were ready to begin. He told me they were starting the general anesthesia, and it would come on gradually. I didn't feel anything for a few minutes, but suddenly I felt a burning sensation in my thumb. It spread to my fingers and started traveling up my arm. I was a little freaked out by that - I've never gone under before, and I wasn't sure if it was normal. But when I told him that my arm hurt he said it was okay, it was just the medication.

He said the ceiling would start to move. And it did. It started moving back and forth. He told me I could go ahead and close my eyes, and I did - the rest is gone from my memory. I vaguely remember a few pulls and tugs, very slight pain on the lower teeth, and then I was awake again. They asked how I was doing, and I said I was good. Apparently Derek was in the room again at this time talking to the doctor, but I have no recollection of that. I remember hearing the doctor's assistant giving Derek the instructions on my medications, but now when I try to remember what she said I can't - I was still kind of out of it.

One thing that I thought was funny was that I had local anesthetic to numb up my enitre mouth, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to keep me calm, and general anesthesia to knock me out - that's a lot of chemicals running around in my little body! No wonder I was out of it.

Finally I started becoming a little more alert - and once I was more alert, my first instinct was to start crying. I have no idea why, because nothing hurt, and I wasn't uncomfortable. I just wanted to cry. Somehow I managed not to cry, even though everyone kept asking if I was okay. My sister reports this same reaction when she had her teeth out - I think it was just a side effect of the medication. After a few minutes the urge to cry went away.

I was pretty dizzy - they had to hold my arm and support me while we walked to the back door. During this whole thing my mouth was stuffed with gauze and my entire mouth and tongue was numb - but that wasn't stopping me from talking. I was talking alot I think. While Derek went outside to pull the car around and the nurse was stadning with me (again asking if I was alright), I must have been talking way too much, because she told me that I should try not to talk too much.

Again, that didn't stop me. I talked alot to Derek in the car. He said he thought I was cute, because even though I could barely formulate proper words, I was still talking alot and making jokes. I think I must have sounded hilarious - I could barely understand myself.

I was a little uncomfortable because I couldn't swallow. I think my throat was a little swollen, because I tried and I just couldn't swallow. It went away after a half hour or so.

We made a few stops around town before we headed home. We had to get frozen fruit at Sam's Club, books for me at the library, and bananas and clam chowder at Walmart. I was being rather high-maintenance; Derek had to go into each place twice just getting me everything I wanted. He came out of Sam's Club with frozen strawberries and blueberries so he can make me smoothies (he's so sweet), but I wanted mixed frozen fruit for my smoothies, and somehow it seemed like a really big deal that I didn't have mixed fruit (I think the effects of the medication weren't quite gone yet - it's really not that big of a deal). He was so sweet and went back in and got me my mixed fruit. Thanks Babe!

Derek also bought me magazines - This Old House magazine (which has been really interesting to read) and In Style (which I always look at in the check-out line, but have never really had a copy of). Thanks again Honey!

After taking that dumb antibiotic pill (that's a whole other story - I'm bitter about the antiobiotic, because it will mess with my birth control pill, and I'm not happy about it), which I had to take on an empty stomach, I fell asleep on part of the way home. Then Derek stopped and bought me a pomegranate Jamba Juice smoothie because he wanted me to eat somehting (it was 11:00 AM by then, and I still hadn't eaten) and take my pain pill (which needs to be taken on a full stomach). It's working really well - I'm no longer numb, and I still feel no pain. Once again, amazing stuff! It's actually about time for my next Vicadin though . . .

Since we got home I've been watching TV and reading my magazines, alternating between gauze stuffed in my mouth and drinking an amazing mocha latte iced drink that my mom bought me from our local coffee shop. Thanks Mom!

My sister was here for a while, and she's coming back again later bearing movies! We'll watch movies and read magazines together. Thanks for keeping me company, Rach!

I have alot of great supportive family - they make the experience almost fun!

One last thing - I got to keep my teeth!!!! They are so cool - Even though they are kind of bloody and have tissue stuck to them still. But they are fascinating! This is what I do for a living, People - I'm actually very glad that I find it fascinating, or my job would be miserable! I'll try to clean them up a little and take a picture.

So that was my lovely wisdom tooth extraction/sedation/pain medication/magazine/non-coherent adventure of the day! All of those are first for me, by the way. Here is the journey documented in pictures.

Me before the surgery.

Derek and me being nervous.

Me after the surgery - I think my cheeks are a little swollen.

My swollen throat and bloody gauze. Hope that doesn't gross any of you out.

My Jamba Juice.

Me enjoying my magazines.

My super-cool teeth! Aren't they neat?! They look just like my model teeth from school - I'm keeping them! Once again, hope it doesn't gross you out!

I Need A Vacation!

I woke up with a headache this morning.

I've had several joints pop in the course of the day so far, and it's only lunch time.

My nose keeps running. Not sure what's up with that - I don't have a full blown cold, but I've had a runny nose for a few weeks. Allergies? But I've never had allergies before.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning.

My eating habits and body weight are out of wack. I'm alternating between uber-healthy and sweet goodness.

I'm having a lot of blond moments today.

I need a vacation!

Wordless Wednesday

This is my sister and her boyfriend (left), my brother and his wife (middle), and me and Derek (right).
I switched pictures from earlier today - I looked bad in that other one, but I didn't have time to change it this morning! This one is much better.

Terribly Random

I'm feeling terribly random today, so this will probably be a terribly random post.

["Shout out" to my new follower, Emily! I wanted to comment on your blog, because your dogs are adorable, but for some reason I can't comment - so I'm hoping you'll just see this post instead. I'll try again soon.]

First, I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day! Mine was nice - we went to a family picnic on my husband's side of the family, then bought Batman: The Dark Knight and came home and watched it. I hadn't seen that movie in forever, so it was fun to watch it again. Derek has been wanting to get it for a long time, so we decided to use the rest of the fun money for this month to get it. I'm glad we did.

I took a walk this morning, and I on my walk I thought I would take a couple pictures of our house. I love where we live - it's a rural area, and the subdivision we live in is quiet and safe. Perfect for walking. So these are pictures of our driveway, and of our house. Forgive the paint - Derek says he wants to repaint the house, because apparently that paint is awful. Derek is great at making the outside of the house look great, while I ask "What's wrong with it?" On the other hand I keep the inside looking good while he asks the same thing.

I'm going to walk to the mailbox later and see if my new workout DVD came in. I'm following Katie (and didn't you get it too, Brittany?) and trying out Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout DVD. Everyone says it's great, and I think I've seen about as many improvements as are going to happen with my old DVD. You need to get a new one every now and then to work out new muscles, or the same muscles in a different way, you know?

If any of you think of it, I would appreciate prayers this coming Friday. The day has arrived for me to say goodbye to four members of my body, namely the wisdom teeth. I was hoping to keep them around, but back in February the tissue around the lower right one became swollen and achy - and a month later the other one did the same thing, so it's time to let them go I guess. Rats. I will keep you updated on my surgery. I get to have general anesthesia, so I probably won't remember anything, but I'm a little nervous about "going under". I never have before. I decided I will weigh myself that morning before surgery and tell them my precise weight before they figure out the dosage of anesthesia - I usually over-estimate my weight on health history forms, so if I don't tell them my current weight, they will probably give me a couple pounds-of-body-weight-worth too much. And too much general anesthesia is not a good thing! I want to wake up when the surgery is over.

Finally, I followed Jessica onto this website called "A Virtuous Woman", that's kind of like Facebook, but for Christian ladies. It looked kind of fun, so I thought "Why not?". If you all decide to join too, you can request to be my friend on there - my "name" on there is Callie Nicole. Didn't want to give my real name, because I'm a little paranoid about doing that on public websites, but this way all my blogging friends can still find me!

Freedom Isn't Free

Memorial Day is not about the three-day weekend.
It's not about the picnics.
It's not about the camping.
It's not about the parades.
Today is a day to remember the sacrifices of those who have fought and died to protect our precious freedem that we enjoy in this country. Let's remember that today and also remember to thank our God for the freedom He grants us, and pray that He will continue to allow it to be preserved.

Freedom Is Not Free
By Kelly Strong

I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it,
and then he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform
So young, so tall, so proud,
He'd stand out in any crowd.
I thought how many men like him
Had fallen through the years.
How many died on foreign soil?
How many mothers' tears?
How many pilots' planes shot down?
How many died at sea?
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?
No, freedom isn't free.

I heard the sound of TAPS one night,
When everything was still
I listened to the bugler play
And felt a sudden chill.
I wondered just how many times
That TAPS had meant "Amen,"
When a flag had draped a coffin
Of a brother or a friend.
I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.
I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea
Of unmarked graves in Arlington.
No, freedom isn't free.

More Day poems and songs at Memorial Day Tribute.

Goody Two-Shoes Anyone?

Did any of you have a rebellious stage? I think I'm probably unusual, because I never had the famed rebellious stage. Oh, there was a period of time when I probably had more of an attitude (from about 12-14 years old, I believe), but I never rebelled. I never turned my back on what I knew was right - I never purposely watched certain kinds of movies, listened to certain kinds of music, liked certain kinds of boys, acted in a certain way, or changed my appearance in order to rebel.

Quite the opposite actually - I think I was probably perceived as the goody two-shoes or killjoy. I remember one specific instance where this became abundantly clear.

I was at a girl's Sweet 16 birthday party, and this girl got a car for her birthday. One of the birthday activities was actually washing the car I think. It was pretty much the center of the whole party.

Of course she wanted to take us all on a ride in her new car, right? Which I was fine with. Of course I was thinking her mother would come with us, because the birthday girl didn't have her license yet, just her permit.

Having the mother along was no problem to my mind. Does anyone else see a problem with that? Apparently I'm not the norm, because the birthday girl didn't want her mother along (I'm thinking "Why not?"). Instead she wanted to go driving around the neighborhood with just her permit and no licensed driver in the car. To my horror, everyone readily agreed to the plan, because "there are never any cops in the neighborhood". Now I ask, just because you won't get caught, does that make it right?

The plan was in place and everyone was getting ready to go. In my head I was sighing, thinking that I better make my move. I announced that I wasn't going to go. Everyone stared at me.

"Why?" Birthday Girl asked.

"I don't think my mom would want me to go," said I. A carefully crafted excuse - my mom had prepared me for just such a situation and told me I could blame it all on her. See, it's not me who doesn't want to go, it's my mom who wouldn't want me to go. An attempt to make it slightly easier for me to go against the tide. Looking back, it probably made me seem like even more of a goody two-shoes; but it was easier to say that than "Are you nuts? I'm not going to put my permanent record at risk just to ride in your car!", which is what I was thinking.

"Well, why wouldn't your mom want you to?" Birthday Girl persisted.

Fine, make me spell it out, I thought. "Because you don't have your license yet, and we could get in trouble for not having an adult in the car," said I.

"But we won't get caught. There are never any cops in our neighborhood." Birthday Girl was determined not to let me ruin her Sweet 16 joyride.

"But not getting caught doesn't make it the right thing to do," another girl piped in. Well, thanks, I was thinking, but I could have used that five minutes ago, when everyone was gaping at me.

See what I mean? I was the killjoy. Nobody went driving around the neighborhood after that.

I think at that time I was a little oblivious to the rebellious stages of the other girls I knew. I think because they tended to hide their rebelliousness around me. I was really popular with mothers in general; not so much with the girls I realize now. I was always really nice to the girls that I knew, and I tried to be friends - but alot of them didn't care to be friends with me, because I just didn't have that rebellious bent.

At the time it was really frustrating and hurtful to feel shunned as I sometimes did. But I realize now that while I may not have been the girl to be around at the time, my life has turned out alot better as a result as my lack of rebellion. While many of those girls I used to know are still recovering from their personal rebellions, or even still in the midst of a rebellion, I've moved on. I was blessed to be able to finish college early, get my dental hygiene degree, meet and marry a wonderful Christian man, own a house and live in a wonderful small town, and have a generally good reputation (which is worth an awful lot). Many of those things I may not have if I had a rebellious period in my life.

So even though it may have made me unpopular, and I may have missed out on the thrill of the moment a few times, I really don't regret not having a rebellious stage - I think my life turned out better because of it. Not perfect, because there isn't anyone who hasn't experienced trials, but I think I avoided alot of unnecessary heartache by being that "goody two-shoes", and just trying (though sometimes unsuccessfully) to live a life that would be pleasing to God. And if you can please God, that makes it all worth it, don't you think?

One Hundred - Yay Me!

This is my 100th post! It seems weird that I've posted that many times - I don't even remember all those posts!
In honor of the 100th post, I've decided to steal Jessica's idea and share a list of 100 things I would like to do before I die. Some of them will probably never happen, but it will be fun to look back at my list in few years and see what I've done so far.
Making this list made me realize how many cool things I've already had the oppurtunity to experience in my life so far. It made me feel really blessed, and it allowed me to be crazy and dream a little. You all should try making a list of "Things To Do Before I Die" sometime, and I recommend to really shoot for 100 things, because it makes you really search your brain and come up with cool stuff. So . . .

One Hundred Things To Do Before I Die
1. Raise a family.
2. Own a dacshund.
3. Got to Hershey, Pennsylvania.
4. Go to Italy with Derek.
5. Knit an afghan.
6. Get my Bacholor's degree in Microbiology.
7. Name a new species of bacteria after myself.
8. Rebuild a classic car.
9. Try geocaching.
10. Do aother painting (for those of you who don't know, I used to paint when I was younger).
11. Learn the flute.
12. Adopt a child (if it's the Lord's will).
13. Own an orange tree and make it grow without killing it.
14. See a play on Broadway.
15. Shop in New York.
16. Grow old and wrinkly with Derek.
17. Really be a June Cleaver mom/housewife.
18. See my children accept Jesus as their Savior.
19. Work on a conservative's political campaign.
20. Spend a significant amount of time becoming an expert at skiing one winter.
21. Learn to play tennis.
22. See an Elvis impersonator.
23. Homeschool my children.
24. Get a French manicure.
25. Go on a cruise.
26. Spend one night on said cruise dancing with my husband.
27. Own our own house (really own it - as in owing no money on it).
28. Visit Prince Edward Island and see the house that inspired Anne of Green Gables.
29. Stay at a super-fancy hotel near Niagra Falls for at least one night.
30. Stay in shape, even when I'm old.
31. Lay outside on a warm summer night and count stars with Derek.
32. Help someone in a crisis.
33. Really find my spiritual gift and a way to use it for the Lord.
34. Read all of C.S. Lewis's books.
35. Take a class on fencing.
36. Celebrate out 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii.
37. Own a pair of red high heels.
38. Volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center.
39. Let my hair go gray.
40. Spend quality one-on-one time with each of my kids at least every few months.
41. Own a beach house.
42. Teach a Sunday school class again.
43. Go tubing down a river.
44. Get a pair of roller-skates.
45. Go spelunking (with a guide of course).
46. Research my family tree.
47. Make a scrapbook.
48. Watch a lumberjack competition.
49. Take a cake-decorating class.
50. Own 10-plus acres of land.
51. Learn to do "latte-art".
52. Take our kids to Disney World on vacation.
53. Host an afternoon tea.
54. Play Barbies with my girls.
55. Tour a castle in Ireland.
56. Climb a tree with my boys.
57. Never get a cavity ( I currently have no fillings in my mouth, and I would like to keep it that way).
58. Visit the Smithsonian.
59. Visit the Library of Congress.
60. See the Statue of Liberty in person.
61. Have a library in our house with a rolling ladder.
62. Taste some real southern sweet tea.
63. Find a conche shell on the beach.
64. Own an RV.
65. Get Lasic eye surgery.
66. Bake a ham.
67. Have a milkshake and hamburger ready when one of my sons has a crisis.
68. Window shop and talk with my daughters when one of them has a crisis.
69. Go para-sailing.
70. Visit Seychelles.
71. Have a home theater.
72. Make the perect chocolate cake.
73. Own a truck.
74. Buy a Beach Boys CD.
75. Have an all-day Star Wars marathon.
76. Visit Alaska.
77. Spend a day at the zoo with some little kids (hopefully mine).
78. Ride an elephant.
79. See a Redwood tree.
80. Ride in a hot-air balloon.
81. Stay in an all-inclusive beach resort in the Carribean.
82. Go snorkeling.
83. Go on a helicopter ride with Derek.
84. Go on a sleigh-ride at Christmas time.
85. Write a book.
86. Learn to make a vase or something on a potter's wheel.
87. Build a snow fort with Derek.
88. Throw a New Year's Eve party.
89. Ride in a limosine.
90. Get my concealed weapon permit (I probably wouldn't carry a gun with me, but it would be good to have my permit - I'm a big right-to bear-arms advocate).
91. Make home-made ice cream.
92. Go to a symphony orcestra concert.
93. Go on a vacation to Australia.
94. Get a little black dress.
95. Take swing-dancing lessons with Derek.
96. Swim in a lake.
97. Catch a firefly.
98. Ride in a snowmobile.
99. Try a chocolate "soda" (although here we call it pop).
100. Go to a professional football game.

And there it is! My One Hundred! Let me know if any of you do this list too - I'd like to see what you would all like to do before you die!

Wordless Wednesday - Prettiness

Just some prettiness! And yes, that beautiful orange flower is my hibiscus! It's still alive. I think I want to name it, because plants who have names are healthier, right? Any suggestions?

A Healthcare Disaster Waiting To Happen

Lately there has been alot of talk about healthcare reform on Capitol Hill. They try to make it sound like reforming our healthcare system will be a good thing - everyone gets free healthcare, everything is hunky-dory, right?
Wrong! Obama is trying to make our healthcare system more socialized, like Canada's system or any Eurupean country. What some people may not realize is that goverment-controlled healthcare translates into ridiculously long waiting lists for medical care, so long that many people die while they are waiting for treatment. It also means the government gets to decide exactly what care you are going to get - if a patient is too old, or the odds are against them, or the medication they need is too expensive, the patient doesn't get that treatment.
I recently found out that in Canada they have a law against patients actually paying out of pocket for the treatments they need. They are forced to wait on the list, and even though many patients would glady fork out the money for the medication or surgery they need to relieve their pain or even save their life, they are forbidden to do so. Many of the patients who find themselves in these terrible situation actually end up crossing the border into the United States to get their treatment, because here they can pay and get the treatment they need right away. Our doctors are allowed to be doctors and acutally give the patients the treatments they need.

When patients from countries with socialized medicine are having so much trouble with their country's healthcare system that they end up coming to America for their treatment, why in the world would we want to change our healthcare system so that it is the same as the failed systems of other countries?

The American healthcare system right now is about as close to perfect as any system is going to get - if any industry should be dominated by private companies and fueled by competition, it is the healthcare industry. Competition and making a profit is what drives our medical knowledge forward and results in advances in medical science that end up saving lives. Medical care may be expensive, but the fact is that patients in our country usually do get the care they need, and in a timely manner; unlike countries with socialized healthcare, we don't have waiting lists for treatment for terminal illnesses or limitations on what treatments a patient can actually recieve.

I recently found this wesite that has alot of good information on what's going on in Washington in regard to healthcare. You can sign up to get updates by e-mail on this issue, and gives you a list of your local elected officals so you can e-mail them and tell them what you think. The website is for the organization Conservatives for Patient's Rights (
There is also another website associated with Conservative's for Patient's Rights that has several good interviews with patient's who have suffered as a result of their government-controlled healthcare, as well as interviews with doctors and other people involved with the medical feild speaking about the problems with the systems. The videos are really interesting, I encourage you all to go watch them Here's the link :
This is a serious issue, guys, and if Obama gets his way it will result in a much lower quality of life for all of us. Take a look at the website, and maybe send an e-mail to representatives - this is too important to just do nothing.

The Execution of the Plan

Derek and I had a great day together yesterday! It was nice because on Wednesday he had to go to his training all day, and on Thursday I drove to my work and was gone most of the day. But yesterday Derek only had to be in training until 10:30 AM, and we got to spend the rest of the day just hanging out and doing fun stuff! Sidenote: I had to take a picture of this house - it was halfway underground!

After spending some nice relaxing time in our hotel room, we packed everything up in the car and checked out. We decided to go to the old fort structure first, and Derek and I figured out that we think the bird sanctuary is actually on the same hill as the old fort, because there were benches everywhere for observing. I didn't get any bird pictures though.

The fort.

My handsome husband.


Derek and Me pretending to be cold by the fireplace.

Next we took a walk down mainstreet and looked at the shops. We got some scent chips, which are little wax chips that have different scents. You can mix and match them to make different fragrances, then you melt them in those little wax melters with a tealight candle underneath them. They smell really good! I got a mixture called "Antique Garden". I love floral scents for the summer.
We also stopped at an old-fashioned candy store and bought a bunch of rarities. I love old-fashioned candy! My favorites are the grapefruit slice candies - they are really good!

After that we stopped at the great little pizza place and each got a personal pizza! Mine was made with chicken, sun-dried tomatos, and artichoke with sun-dried tomato pesto instead of traditional sauce. Mmm!

Finally we headed back over to our side of town and we went to see "Star Trek". I don't think I qualify as a Trekkie, but I do like the movies, and I used to watch the TV show. I thought the movie was pretty good, but the ending was different. I don't really want to ruin the movie for anyone who is planning to see it, but I was expecting everything to be corrected at the end of the movie to the way it was supposed to be, and it wasn't. So it left me slightly flabbergasted. That whole description is rather cryptic, but you all will know what I mean if you've seen the other movies and then you go see this one. I did like how they included alot of the phrasing and subtleties from the originals though!

Finally we came home where our dogs were waiting for us - I missed them while we were gone! It was kind of sad that our little trip had to end, but it's good to be home too.

The Plan

Well, our time in the hotel is limited - we have to check out by 2:00 PM, and it's about 11:15 AM. Derek and I plan to enjoy ourselves and do some sight-seeing before we head home! Here's the plan:

1. Hang out at the hotel a little longer and be lazy.

2. Head out and walk around some of the shops on main street.

3. Buy some old-fashioned candy and scent-chip thingys. I will explain in a subsequent post.

4. Have lunch at this great little pizza place by the river.

5. Hike up to this old fort and take pictures.

6. Try to find a bird sanctuary we heard about.

7. Get some ice cream.

I will post pictures soon!

A Mini Vacation

Today I am writing from a hotel room! Derek had to go on a training for his job (he works for our county), and they booked him a hotel room for this conference thing, and I got to go too! I still have to go to work tomorrow (which I am not looking forward to), but it doesn't matter, because this is still like a little mini vacation for me and Derek, one where we don't have to pay for the hotel! We're here for two more nights. I packed a ton of food too, so we wouldn't have to buy too much food.
Derek has to go to trainings pretty much the whole day, but we still plan on having fun and doing some sight-seeing in the evenings, and on Friday afternoon. I'll try to take a few pictures of our trip while we're here!
Well, I'm off to sip lemonade and read by the pool! Just thought I would update you all on my status.

Wordless Wednesday

Tea Time

So now that Mother's day is over I can share with you all one of my marvelous discoveries! I couldn't tell you before, just in case my Mom decided to read my blog - I didn't want her to find out what her present was!

For Mother's Day I decided I wanted to buy my mom a teacup. Not a regular teacup, but an antique-looking teacup. My mom has a little corner of her house with a teacup rack, and she's been wanting to find another teacup and saucer for it.

I looked everywhere for a teacup that looked like an actual antique teacup. I couldn't find anything! Regular stores just don't sell teacups and saucers these days.

Thankfully that same day that I was searching high and low for a teacup, my sister and I met our friend Angela for a Blizzard at Dairy Queen, and I shared my Mother's Day idea. Angela told me about an antique mall store and said they had all kinds of old china, including teacups.

So the next week after work I ventured out and found the antique mall, hoping to find a teacup. And they had all kinds of teacups scattered throughout the store - just like I was trying to find! The teacup and saucer sets ranged anywhere from four dollars to thirty dollars. I found my mom a really pretty hand-painted one. She liked it when I gave it to her!

In the process I also found one that I really liked, and I couldn't pass it up! My mom had bought me a teacup and saucer set for me when I was about twelve for our annual Christmas tea. It was always so fun to drink out of that teacup when we went to the Christmas tea all dressed up! So I thought it would be fun to get another one.

The one I bought for me is this hand-painted China "Geisha Girl" teacup. I found the cup first, but after a little searching, I actually found a saucer seperately in one of the piles of dishes in the store - it looked like it matched the teacup perfectly, so I bought them to use as a set!

Every girl should own an antique teacup and saucer at some point in their life. Just my opinion.

My new teacup.

Isn't the painting so intricate?

And this is my first teacup. I love the shape of the cup. This is still probably my favorite set; so many good memories with this teacup and saucer!

A Mother's Day Note

Dear Mama,

What can I say? Any words would be insignificant when compared to everything you have done for me.

You were there to help me with my school work when I got overwhelmed on our first day of homeschooling. You are the best teacher and the smartest lady in the world.

You were there to wake me up late at night, make us a cup of tea and cookies, and spend some time reading with me. You are my reading night buddy.

You were there to teach me about Jesus and lead me to the Lord. You are my spiritual parent.

You were there to help me learn how to eat in a healthy way before I even had to worry about watching my weight, and you let me know that it was okay to occasionally cheat on our diets together. You are my nutritionist.

You were there to build my character, correct my wrong attitudes, and give me advice. You are my counselor.

You were there to help me figure out what I would do for a career, and you helped me figure out a plan B when I was afraid I hadn't made it. You are my career and life coach.

You were there during those dreadful years when I thought I was ugly and no guy would ever want to date me. You are my beautician and the best cheerleader a girl could need.

You were there before I ever met my husband to teach me how to cook, clean, run a house, and be a good wife. You are my home economics teacher.

You were there to help me figure out what I wanted for the wedding and do it within budget! You are my wedding planner.

You were there to teach me the proper way to build a relationship with my future husband. You were my marriage counselor before we were even married, and you still are.

You were and are there to hold me when I am hurt by those who I thought were my friends. You are my best friend.

There are so many things you are, Mama, besides just a parent. You are a major reason why I am who I am today. I will always be proud and forever grateful that you are my mom. Happy Mother's Day!

Yours Always,


Summer, Perfume, and Hibiscus Plants

The sun is shining very brightly outside today. It's really beginning to feel like summer where I live. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to lather on some sunscreen, put on a much anticipated summer outfit, and go do something outside.

I live a little higher in altitude, so the leaves aren't quite out yet by my house. But I work at an office that is lower in altitude, and it was gorgeous yesterday! The leaves were almost all out, and some of the trees were flowering. The grass is getting very green, and it's all making me in the mood to go to a barbecue party, or take a walk around the lake in town with an ice cream cone. Do you know what I mean? If any of you lived near me I'd say let's go get an ice cream and see a movie or something.

The hibiscus plant hasn't died yet, so I guess that's a good sign! Though some of the flowers are dying. But I read that some of the plants only have flowers for a few days. Derek had a brilliant idea to use a spray bottle and spray the leaves, since tropical hibiscus plants are used to a more humid climate. Today's a watering day, so I'll have to try to practice getting the right amount of water. You're not supposed to give it too much, and I tend to go a long time without watering my plants, and then overwater. Not with my dear hibiscus! I'm going to be very conscientious and do a good job. It will NOT die!

When summer weather starts to roll around, I start to think about getting a new perfume. I like getting a nice fresh scent for the summer months. However, I've already spent some money on summer clothes, and I'm determined not to spend any more money until after my birthday in June. I'm hoping for some birthday money, then maybe I'll use that for a new perfume. I actually like a couple scents I found at Kohls, but I don't have the names - they were nice and floral a fresh though. I love floral scents, or "ocean breeze" type fresh scents.

In the meantime, I plan on using a perfume the Derek bought me on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I have a good amount of it left, and it's definitely a summer fragrance! I'm fond of anything tropical-ish in the summertime, and this is really nice stuff - I love it! It's called Passion Pineapple by Forever Florals Hawaii, and it was made in the Aloha State! I think I may actually order more of it from the website when I run out, since I can't really make a quick trip to Hawaii to pick some up. Some of their other stuff looks lovely too. You all should check out their website! Here's what the website says about Passion Pinapple:

"The pineapple, long known as a symbol of hospitality, warmth and welcome, perfectly captures the spirit of the aloha from our islands. Juicy and fresh fruity pineapple scents are accented with an exotic combination of island passion fruit and passionflower to give this glorious fragrance a warm, sun-kissed nature."

Now does that not sound heavenly?

Any of you have a favorite summer scent?

The above image was taken from

Wordless Wednesday

The best day of my life!

A Piece of the Tropics

I bought a hibiscus plant! I think I'm crazy. That's right, Me, Callie, who kills every plant she touches, bought a hibiscus plant! I'm really hoping I can make a go of this one.
It was amazing when I found the plant. I thought I'd look for a little pot and some seeds so that I could practice not killing things. But low and behold I see these trees with orangy-yellow flowers, and upon further inspection I realize they are hibiscus trees!
Now, ever since our honeymoon in Hawaii, anything that reminds me of the tropics is pretty much something I love. I live a long way from the tropics, and I've always liked tropical things, but especially since our honeymoon they just remind me of vacation.
So of course I had to take a look at the price tag and see how much a hibiscus is going for in the Rocky Mountain region. And low and behold - I couldn't believe my eyes! Twenty-five dollars! Twenty-five dollars for a three foot tree! Twenty-five dollars for a piece of island paradise! I couldn't resist. So I come home with a plant that I'm just hoping, hoping, hoping, I won't kill.
All you green-thumb people, I desperately need your help! How do I go about not killing a plant? Advise would be appreciated, and I'll keep you all post on how it's going - if I can keep this thing alive, then there is hope for anybody!

Good Books, Please? And Thank You.

Calling all bookworms, I need an idea for my next book to read! I just finished The Count of Monte Cristo. It was a good book, but the ending was different than I expected it to be. I'm not sure if it was different in a good way, but it wasn't in a bad way either; I have mixed feelings. Have any of you read the book? Do you know what I'm talking about?
Anyway, the last few books I've read have been mystery/suspense types, so I'm kind of in the mood for something light and romantical. Anyone know of any good, clean, Christian, romantic books? I need ideas, and you all are my best resource! You just can't tell by the back of the book sometimes, you know? I'm more into lighthearted, somewhat comical romances, rather than the heavy, tragedy filled romances, but I'm willing to try any type if it's clean and really good. Suggestions please!

Proving Our Quality

"'Now look here Sir!' He turned, facing up to Faramir with all the courage he could muster. 'Don't you go taking advantage of my master because his servant's no better than a fool. You've spoken very handsome all along, put me off my gaurd, talking of Elves and all. But handsome is as handsome does we say. Now's a chance to show your quality.'"
-Samwise Gamgee speaking in The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien

Have you ever read The Lord of the Rings? The above excerpt from The Two Towers always says something to me, particularly that last line. "Now's a chance to show your quality."

The other night in Bible study we were studying in Philipians, where Paul is talking about sending Timothy to the Philipians. One of the recomendations that Paul mentioned about Timothy was that he had proven worth (Philipians 2:22). That phrase srtuck me and made me think of this part in The Lord of the Rings.

There is something about the thought of proving our quality that appeals to me. It somehow seems noble to try to act in such a way that we prove what we are made of. I don't think aspiring to be someone of proven worth is a bad or selfish thing, because it is mentioned in the Bible as a favorable quality in Timothy.

I knew there was a reason I always liked that part of The Lord of the Rings, when Sam challenges Faramir to prove his quality by acting honorably in regards to the Ring. Faramir does indeed pull through and decides to let Sam and Frodo continue on their mission, instead of giving in to the temptation of power and taking the Ring for himself. Faramir was faced with a choice, a choice that would show his quality, and he chose in such a way that proved that he was of a high quality indeed.

Everyday we are faced with choices that will show our quality. Do we choose to do the good that we know is right? Do we choose to act in a way that shows good character and godliness? Do we choose to put others before ourselves, to act in a way that pleases God instead of ourselves?

Let's endeavor to choose in a way that proves our quality to be of the very highest.
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