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Baby showers can be so much fun - I love being able to celebrate a brand-new life with my family and friends who are expecting!  However, sometimes buying for a baby shower can be challenging.  It seems like there is always at least one duplicate gift (despite the registry), and I'm always hoping my gift isn't one of them!

As a general rule, I like to buy mostly practical things for first time moms, because I know when I was pregnant with Wyatt I was hoping to receive all the practical items we needed so I could spend my own baby money on the fun stuff.  But when I put together a baby shower gift, I still like to throw in an extra little gift - and if it's something unique (that won't be duplicated by someone else), all the better!  I've got three ideas for you today.

1. A Car Mirror.  This is something that I always tell new moms to get before they have their babies, because for some reason no one ever thinks of getting one beforehand.  I just remember putting my teeny, tiny baby in that huge carseat, and putting him in the backseat of the car, and being stressed out the entire way home because I couldn't see if he was okay back there!  Was it new mom paranoia?  Yes, but even as a more experienced mom now, I still appreciate being able to see my baby with those rear-facing car seats.

(Can we just take a minute to say "aw" over itty bitty Wyatt?  
Can't believe that little guy is four years old.)

2. Lip Balm.  My favorite one to get new moms is the lip salve from Bath and Body Works, because it is thick, and it smells really good.  I didn't realize before I went into labor how dry your lips can get - slow-breathing for hours will do that to you.  I was putting on lip balm every few minutes during my first labor, so I made sure I had a good, thick lip balm for my other labors.  I love to throw this into a baby shower gift, because almost every gift is for the baby, so this is always a nice surprise for mom.

3. A Book For The Baby.  Some baby shower invitations ask you to bring a book as part of your gift, but if the invitation doesn't specifically ask for books, there usually aren't many books in those gift bags.  And there is almost no chance of you giving the same book as someone else!  Grab your childhood favorite to add to your gift - or if you need an idea, I really enjoyed "Mommy Loves You So Much" from Tommy Nelson!  Each page has adorable little animal babies doing things with their mommies.  To me, this is the perfect book for a baby shower gift, because what new mom doesn't dream about all the things they will do with their baby once they arrive?  The rhymes on each page are so sweet, and the simple daily activities that are described will apply to any mom and baby.

What are some of your favorite things to give at baby showers?  I'd love to get more ideas!

Note: I received a copy of "Mommy Loves You So Much" from tommy Nelson in exchange for a review.  This is my honest opinion!

Slowing Down (18 Weeks Baby #4)

Before I started writing this pregnancy update, I looked up information about the baby at 18 weeks pregnant.  I haven't remembered to do this every week this pregnancy, and it was so cool to realize that baby is 5 1/2 inches long.  That is just head to rump, not counting legs.  That's huge!  It's cool to think about, because I haven't checked the baby's size for a while.  I think last time I checked, the baby was only a couple inches long!  This is also the week that Baby Four can start to hear me, and he/she can start to sense light from outside the womb.  It's so cool to think about how the baby is big enough to start to get to know me in utero.  It's amazing to think about how God is knitting all the details of this little baby together as I type!

I am feeling good the last couple weeks!  I have been a bit more tired, but nothing like the fatigue I had in the first trimester.  I still have had no real second trimester food cravings or aversions this pregnancy, which seems a little unusual, but it's nice to be able to eat everything.  A couple pairs of pants got a bit uncomfortable to wear in the last couple weeks, and I used the rubber band trick for the first time, so I know baby is growing in there.


This week a couple of my symptoms seem to be different than the gender I was originally guessing, so I will no longer be shocked if my boy/girl guess is wrong.  It's confusing, having gone through pregnancies with both boys and a girl, because I feel like I can make a pretty educated guess now, but I might not be right!

Speaking of the gender, Derek and I have spent the last week brainstorming ideas for our gender reveal party, and I think we're going to have it on the weekend of May 30th (tentatively).  Which means I'll have to keep the secret for a couple weeks after we find out.  I hope I can do it!  I am always afraid I will accidentally let a "he" or "she" slip.  I did pretty good with Wyatt and Gwen, but I did let the secret out to one person on accident with Clyde.  I'll just have to keep thinking in terms of "the baby", and not get not any long conversations with anyone for a couple weeks!

The first part of this pregnancy has been such a whirlwind, and we have had so many things going on in our family, that I haven't been able to take the time to enjoy it.  But now all the major stresses are over, and I've been able to slow down and notice more things about this pregnancy.  I finally have time to enjoy it, dream about our baby a little, and look forward to the rest of my pregnancy!  I love being pregnant, and I want to cherish every minute of this time with my littlest little.  I am so grateful for a healthy little one thumping around in my belly!

I'm wearing a lot more dresses/skirts this pregnancy.  Here are my outfit details:

Dress: Goodwill (similar pattern/style).
Sandals (which you can't see very well): Target (similar style)
Earrings: I've had these so long, I don't remember! (similar style)
Bracelet: Got these through a MOPS jewelry exchange. (but I like these too)
Slouchy Bag: Target (similar style)
Nail polish: Essie (Penny Talk)

(Derek snapped this of me running from the car, trying to avoid the rain!  It's a good thing we take belly/outfit pictures on Sundays. It was snowing at our house yesterday, but it was only raining at our church building, so we took some pictures there after the service!)

If The Shoe Fits - I Liked It

I think my favorite Christian romance stories are the ones where the two main characters have known each other for a long time, and one or both of them start to realize they have feelings for each other.  I don't know why, maybe it's just the added suspense, but I like reading how those stories play out best.

If The Shoe Fits by Sandra D. Bricker is a story about Julianne Barlett, a lawyer who is looking for her Prince Charming - and she thinks she has found him when she sees a strayer rescuing a dog from a busy highway.  But what she doesn't realize is that her real Prince Charming has been right there under her nose for years.

This book was written from a humorous perspective, and there personalities of the characters were fun and quirky.  I really liked how the author had a couple side plots going on, so it wasn't all focused on two characters.  I like when authors can show the main characters in a community instead of in isolation, and I thought Bricker did that very well. At times I got a little irritated at Julianne, because she seemed so dense when it came to romance, but that was part of the charm.

One thing I didn't like was that though Julianne was supposed to be a Christian, finding a Christian man to marry didn't seem to be high on her list of priorities - no kind of alarm was really sounded when she found out the guy she was dating wasn't a believer.  If you are looking for a role-model type romantic book for younger readers, that might be something to discuss further.

Still, I really enjoyed this book.  The characters were funny and interesting, and I felt like the story developed at the perfect pace.

I have no idea if there is a second series in this book, but I wish there was, because there was a rivalry between Julianne and another female lawyer that was never really resolved - and I think it would be interesting to see that play out in another book.

If you want some light, fun beach reading this summer, this is a great one to check out!

Note: I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

Getting' Bigger? (16 Weeks #4)

"Mama, is your tummy getting bigger?" 

-Spoken by Wyatt this week.  And yes, I do believe it is!

Right around 15 weeks, the belly seemed to just pop out more.  I think I have definitely popped quicker with this baby!  Fourth babies will do that, I guess.  I am around 17 weeks now, and I feel like the stomach has actually settled back in a bit since these pictures were taken, but it is still becoming more and more obvious that I am pregnant (as opposed to just putting on a few pounds).

I felt this baby move earlier than the others, right around 14 weeks, and I felt those flutters every other day or so for the first week and a half.  Then they stopped for a few days, and I effectively freaked myself out before my doctor's appointment last week - but baby was looking fine, with a heartbeat around 150 bpm.

Since my doctor's appointment I have been feeling the baby move every day!  I can tell the kicks are getting stronger, but still not strong enough to feel from the outside yet.  I can't decide if I am feeling this baby more because it's my fourth pregnancy and I know what to look for, or if it's because this baby is bigger than my others were.  I have gained about 4-5 pounds so far.

I don't have any real food cravings or aversions.  Watery things have been tasting extra good though, like fruit or Sonic slushes.

Our 20-week ultrasound is less than a month away!  I am so excited about finding out the gender, and I have a pretty good guess about what I'm having.  With the other three I tried to stay pretty neutral, just in case my guess was wrong, but I'm probably 90% sure this time.  I'll be surprised if I am wrong because the symptoms seem pretty clear to me, but I will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl!  I don't have a preference either way, I'm just excited to know for sure!

I need to get moving on planning our gender reveal party, and unless I can get my act together and come up with my idea this week, I may have to make you guys wait a couple weeks after May 15th to find out . . . spending on when I can get the party scheduled.  I'm working on it though!  It's just hard to come up with original ideas for a gender reveal party when you have already planned three others.  Derek and I need to discuss and figure out what we are doing.  I am leaning on keeping the party simpler this time, since the rest of my life feels so crazy right now.  We'll see how it turns out!

(You can see our other gender reveal parties here: First Gender Reveal Party and games, Second Gender Reveal Party and games, Third Gender Reveal Party.)

I haven't planned a whole lot for the baby's corner yet, since I kind of have to wait until I know the gender - but I'm pretty sure he/she will be sleeping in the corner of our downstairs family room until Clyde gets big enough to share a room with Wyatt.  If we tried to combine rooms right now, I don't think anyone would sleep.  It's not ideal, but we'll make it work! Eventually all the kids will be sleeping in rooms, but this is probably the best solution for now.  I have ideas swirling in my head for how to make the baby's corner cute and cozy.  I'm sure I'll post pictures when I get it put together!

Still able to button most of my pants, which is a relief, but I don't know how much longer that will last!  I'll probably have to start using hair ties and belly bands soon, but so far I'm holding out!  Here are my outfit details this week:

Army-Inspired Vest: Maurices (similar style)
Floral Shirt: Pink Blush Maternity (similar style)
Mint Skinnies: Target (similar style)
Nude-Colored Shoes: Target (similar style)
Silver Chandelier Earrings: Target (similar style)

T-minus 24 days until we find out!  

(I'm also linking up herehere, here, here.)

A First Boo-Boo (And Giveaway!)

Kids get bumps and scrapes all the time, too many to count, but I will always remember the first time Wyatt scraped his knee.

We were having a day at the zoo, and I had Wyatt in a stroller.  He was right around three years old (I know, how did we get to three years old without a scraped knee in the first place?).  Wyatt would walk part of the time and ride in the stroller part of the time.  He saw something he wanted to take a closer look at, and he jumped up as the stroller was moving and landed on his hands and knees.

I spotted the little scrape right away, but Wyatt didn't react at all to falling down, so I didn't want to bring attention to it.

A little while later we stopped at a table to eat the lunch I had packed.  I pulled out bags of pretzels, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Wyatt, and I put it on a napkin in front of him.

All of a sudden he burst out crying and told me he didn't want his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He pointed to the little scraped part of his knee and said "The peanut butter and jelly hurt my knee!"

Apparently he didn't notice the pain until we sat down, and the scrape did kind of look like strawberry jelly!  It was so cute, and I tried not to laugh as I gave him a kiss and got him a damp cloth for his knee.

We didn't have this book at the time, but if we did it would have been perfect to read that night as we talked about his hurt little knee!  "God Bless My Boo-Boo" is a sweet rhyming book about how Mom and Dad take care of their kids when they are sick or hurt, and how we can pray to God and know He is with us even when we are hurting.

The illustrations are of adorable little animal families, and my kids love those kind of books!  It's great for the preschooler age group especially.  My kids love any books that involve animals, and these illustrations are perfect for showing those times when someone is hurt or sick without it being alarming.

I love the message of this book, because it reminds kids that we can turn to God when we are sick or hurting.  Sometimes I even need that reminder to pray with the kids after they get hurt - because I want them to know that God is the Great Physician who can heal our hurts!  If you have little ones, this book is a cute one to check out (you can also preview it here)!

Do you remember the first time your child got an injury?


Tommy Nelson is offering one of my readers a copy of "God Bless My Boo-Boo"!  I am going to hold the giveaway on Instagram again - if you don't follow me over there, now is a good time to start!  Click here or look me up @CallieNicole7.

Rubber Duck Birthday Party!

Last weekend my baby turned ONE year old!  We threw a little party for him on Sunday, just for close family and friends.

I'm not sure what made me decide on a rubber duck theme - it just came to my mind one day and seemed perfect.  It turned out to be a really good choice, because it is so easy to make rubber ducky-themed decorations and food!

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Duck Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

Here are all the details:


-Rubber Ducky Cake.  My sister is into cake decorating, and she made this adorable cake for Clyde's party!  I thought it turned out perfectly, and it really was the centerpiece for the theme/decorations!

-Smash cake.  Also my sister.  It was the cutest little cake!

-Pudding cups.  I just bought clear plastic cups, made six boxes of Jello pudding, and dyed them blue, then stuck a rubber duck on top.

-Cookies.  I used Pillsbury's Blue Raspberry cookie mix and frosting, which I bought at Walmart.  Then I burned an entire batch, so I made my own blue raspberry jello cookies using this recipe.

-Punch.  I mixed one bottle of Welch's Chillers Blue Raspberry drink with two bottles of lemon-lime pop.  I added a packet of blue raspberry Koolaid mix, just to intensify the color.  Then I three some rubber duckies in on top!

-Popcorn.  I used blue raspberry jello and this recipe to make the jello popcorn.

-Sandwiches.  Just tuna fish, cut with a rubber ducky cookie cutter.


-Picture banner.  I printed out the monthly pictures of Clyde that I have been taking and hung them with baker's twine and mini clothespins.

-Rubber duck banner.  I used scrapbook paper and the rubber ducky cookie cutter as a stencil.

-Chalkboard.  Made at one of our MOPS meetings this year!  It even matched my color scheme.

-Paper fans, balloons, streamers. Bought them on Amazon - they have so many color choices!

Other Details
-Water bottles.  I used scrapbook paper and washi tape to match them to the party color scheme.

-Bow tie.  I made that bow tie for Clyde, and I also made a matching bow tie for Wyatt and hair bow for Gwen.  They turned out so cute!  There are whales on them, not ducks, but it matched the colors (and whales…water…ducks - it works right?).

-Ten Little Rubber Ducks book.  This is the book on which I based our party color scheme (royal blue, teal, yellow).  I got a copy for Clyde and had all our party guests write birthday messages inside!

I am really happy that the rubber ducky theme randomly came to mind, because it was simple and easy to pull off!   It took a little while to make the food, but that was the hardest part - the decorations came together really easily.  This was an inexpensive theme to work with, and it turned out really cute!

If you want to share, here is the pinnable image!  For more inexpensive party ideas you can check out my group Pinterest board "Great Party Ideas" (or comment if you are interested in contributing to it!).

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party | Through Clouded Glass

For more family pictures at the party, check out my photo blog (or subscribe to my newsletter - I'll send out links)!

Clyde At One Year Old! (Plus One Year Photos)

I got a treat for you today guys - in honor of Clyde's first birthday this past weekend, I thought I'd share some one year old pictures on my main blog!  I usually post all my pictures of the kids on my photo blog, but this is a special occasion.  We are going to get some professional one year old pictures taken with my friend Danae (she always does such a fantastic job), but I decided to use Clyde's birthday as an excuse to practice my own photography skills, and I like how they turned out.  So I am sharing a few of my favorites of my adorable boy - prepare yourselves for the cuteness!

You can still see the rest of the photos on my photo blog (I'll send out links in my next newsletter, so sign up if you haven't already)!

Clyde is officially one year old!

The last month has been so fun, and Clyde has changed so much.  He now crawls on his hands and knees everywhere, instead of his belly crawl, and I'm kicking myself because I don't think I ever got a video of the belly crawl.  He still pulls himself up on the furniture all the time, but no standing or walking by himself yet!

He has been talking so much more this month - he tries to copy the words we say, and he calls me all the time by saying "Ma-MA!" (emphasis on the second "ma").  His other favorite words are still "dada", "dog", "hi", and "yeah".

We started giving Clyde more table foods this month, and we introduced some of the foods you are supposed to avoid until a year, like dairy.  He loves eating "real" food!  He has started eating so much more this month.  It's so funny to watch him, because when he eats he just stuffs things in his mouth as fast as he can.  I'm just amazed at how quickly he jumped into eating table food.

He is really developing a little sense of humor, and he likes to play games with me - like peek-a-boo.  Sometimes he'll shake his head back and forth while I'm talking to him because he thinks it's funny!  When he starts laughing hard it is so cute - it's kind of like a shout-laugh, the kind that comes from your throat and that place behind your ears, if that makes sense.  It sounds just like every baby laugh sound effect you might have heard, and it's adorable!

I think one of the cutest and funnest things that he started doing this month was that he started singing.  I wasn't there the first time he did it, but Derek was, and Clyde started trying to sing along to "Jesus Loves Me" in his little baby language - but he was kind of carrying the tune!  I couldn't believe he could start singing that young, but we sing "Jesus Loves Me" every night, so it shouldn't surprise me that he figured it out.  It warms my heart to think that is the first song he ever tried to sing!

He also started giving kisses this month - he blows kisses pretty well, and the other day I picked him up and he just leaned over and kissed my shoulder (the closest part of me to him) three times!  Three little open-mouth kisses with the "mah!" sound!  It was the sweetest moment.  He is generous with his little kisses, and I love every single one!


Baby Clyde,

My boy, you are almost not a baby anymore!  I can't believe you are one year old!  This last year has been such a blessing with you in it, Sweet Boy.  You are such a sweetheart, and you make me smile every time I see your happy little face.  It is amazing how quickly you are learning new things, and it is so fun for me to watch you learn.  It makes me look forward to this next year with you even more - all the things you will learn, like walking, talking, and singing (more).  Most of all I'm looking forward to watching you learn more about Jesus, Clyde-Boy.  My deepest wish is that you and your siblings will come to know Him too.  I am so grateful He gave you to us, that He chose me to be your mama.  I'm the luckiest lady in the world.

Love you always, Sweet Boy, and I can't wait for all the future birthdays I get to spend with you!


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