Aviator Baby Hat

I've been debating over the past few months about whether to get a baby hat for our newborn pictures.

I think baby boys are especially adorable in hats, but honestly it is so hard to find a cute hat. I found a ton on Etsy, but the prices ranged from 15-30 dollars, plus shipping, and I guess I'm just a bit stingy with my money. I couldn't decide whether to drop the money on a cute hat for our little guy's pictures, so I just did nothing.

Then before I knew it, it was too late to order a hat from Etsy before he was born anyway, because there would need to be more time to make one. So I just figured I wouldn't do the hat thing at all.

But last week I had an extra long lunch break, so I decided to take a trip to GAP to see if I could get these jeans that I saw on sale there.

I didn't find the jeans, but I decided to take a quick look at the clearance baby items. And guess what I found?

Only the cutest little hat I've ever seen! It's a leather, aviator-style earflap hat, with furriness on the inside and little teddy bear ears on top.

Oh my, I just melted. It pretty much combines everything I liked about all the different hats I saw on Etsy in the cutest way possible.

And it was on clearance, with an additional 30% off, so it only cost about $5.50.

How could I say no to that?

A few hours later I was headed into the hospital, and I stashed the hat in my hospital bag. It was kind of fun during my stay to think about how cute he'd look in the little hat if he had to be born over the weekend, and I was glad to have found it before everything happened.

We've got a going home outfit, and we've got an adorable hat.

All ready for him to be born now.

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Emily Powell said...

such a cute hat! I'm getting so anxious reading all these preggers blogs! The next few weeks/months means A LOT of blog babies being born!

Kayla Rae said...

That hat is adorable, Callie!! So cute!

Rachel and John said...

I LOVE that hat! It's so cute! I hope your appointment today goes well!!

Momma Megan said...

LOVE the hat! Praying for you & your sweet son. So fun that SOON you'll be holding him in your arms & he'll be wearing his hat :)

Amber said...

AWW!! I just melted too! SOO stinking cute! Can't wait to see him in it :)

Anne said...

That hat is precious. I can't wait to see a picture of him wearing it!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

So cute & fuzzy! Great bargain too!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

Ashley said...

Awww, Cute! Can't wait to see your baby in it!

Melanie said...

Such a cute hat!! And great deal you found on it too..I love clearance sales!!

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