Our Gender Reveal Party

On Saturday Derek and I had our gender reveal party!

When the guests first arrived, we had them vote for what they thought the baby was and pin on a pink or blue ribbon to go with their guess.

For the food we mostly did finger food or snack-type food. The party was in the middle of the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. My family offered to bring some food to the party, which was so sweet of them - it took alot of pressure off of me. We ended up with a nice spread!

Ignore the fact that I forgot to take the guacamole out of the package until after the picture. Whoops!

The menu included a veggie plate and fruit salad, tortilla chips and potato chips with accompanying dips, and potato rolls with tuna fish salad. To drink we just had lemonade, iced tea, coffee, and water.

Later on, after the reveal, we ate dessert. I made a blueberry and cherry pie (to stick with the boy/girl, blue/pink thing), and we also had an apple crisp with ice cream, and an adorable cupcake arrangement!

For decor I just did regular fall decorations. We had the party in the late fall, so it seemed appropriate, plus I can use them again for Thanksgiving. Derek liked that I just went with a fall party theme, instead of the pink and blue decorations. We didn't want it to feel too much like a baby shower, and he thought skipping the pink and blue decorations helped with that. It definitely had a normal party atmosphere, instead of a baby shower atmosphere, which probably made the men more comfortable.

We played several games as well. We split everyone into "Team Pink" and "Team Blue" depending on their guess. I'll explain the games we did in more detail in a seperate gender reveal party games post.

For some of the smaller prizes for the games, I bought mini Hershey bars and colored the "HE" blue, and the "SHE" pink in the word Hershey. We also gave away full-size candy bars and Starbucks giftcards. More on that to come.

Finally it was time for the big reveal! We decided to reveal the gender using a pinata. My wonderful husband, Derek, came up with that idea weeks ago - I thought it was pretty brilliant!

I filled the pinata with candy and on the back of one piece of candy I taped a little card with the gender. Whoever found the piece of candy with the card got to open it and reveal the gender to everyone else.

Alot of the guys had fun taking a swing at the pinata. My brother took the first swing and actually knocked the pinata off the string without breaking it! So we grabbed one of Derek's heavy-duty straps that we use to secure things to the back of the truck, and we hung it again.

When it broke there was a mad rush for the candy. My sister ended up finding the candy with the card on the back.

And it's a BOY!

Team Blue celebrating!

After the grand finale, we just ate the dessert and got to visit with everyone.

My grandma, mom, and me.

I also discovered that several of our family members ignored the clear statement on the invitations not to bring gifts, and they brought us presents anyway. It was actually very sweet! We got a pack of onesies, a wipe warmer, two sleepers, a baby carrier, a guardian angel figurine, an on-the-go diaper changing set, a pack of diapers, and several sweet cards! It made me feel pretty special to receive a few gifts (even though they disobeyed the "rule" to give them to us), so thanks to our families!

Overall, it went very smoothly, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves! Derek and I certainly did.

Click to read about our second gender reveal party, and more gender reveal party games!
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  1. I missed your last post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hooooray for sweet baby boys! What a BLESSING!

  2. Aww LOVED this! I felt like I was "kind-of" there...and great idea with the ONE piece of candy! Makes it all the more suspenseful! :]

    Excited for more posts!

  3. so when i saw the "cast your vote" poster i guessed you were having a boy... psychology. =D Congrats, Callie <3


  4. fun party!! I agree when we did ours we tried to stick with fall decorations and have the only thing pink and blue be the cake. Super cute way to reveal :)

  5. Sounds like a great party! You got so creative with the whole boy or girl theme! I love the HErSHEy bars! Very fun. I bet everyone was just going crazy with anticipation!

  6. That sounds like an awesome party! And a very cool idea for revealing the gender.

  7. how adorable! That looks like an awesome party! you guys had so many good ideas! One of the best gender reveal parties i've seen : )

  8. This looks so fun, I wish I would have thought to do something like this! We were too excited to wait to tell people :)

    Our hospital actually offered the 4-hour private class or a 6 week public class. I would definitely recommend it if it's through your hospital. We got a tour of the hospital and found out exactly what their procedures are. My husband really benefited from the class and he feels so much more prepared after taking the class (after taking the class he said he's excited and no longer nervous about a natural birth!)

    Ours was $50 (compared to $40 for the 6 week class) and I think it's pretty reasonable considering some of the places I priced were as high as $100.

  9. You had such a great reveal party!! I loved seeing all the pics!! AND CONGRATS on the little BOY!!!!

  10. Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you! (And I guessed right!) What cute ideas, like coloring the "he" and "she" on the Hershey bars!

  11. Oh yay!! I was so nervous/anxious reading this :) I am so excited for you both and you are going to have the cutest little boy!

  12. ahhh how wonderful! A little BOY! he will be a handsome little one!

  13. Callie that looked like SO MUCH FUN!! Loved the pictures and hearing how you went about doing everything..can't wait to hear more in depth detail about some of the games you guys ended up playing!! So happy for the 2 of you..your gonna make amazing parents!! And your totally glowing in the pics too..btw!!

  14. yay! congratulations....I voted boy...was pretty sure that's what you were/are having. :) The little Hershey candybar idea was cute...such a fun way to celebrate your coming baby and his life.

  15. I love the pictures! Looks like such a fun time :) What a great way to reveal the secret!!! I LOVE that you colored the HE blue and the SHE pink on the Hershey bars... soooo beyond creative! So excited for you guys and your sweet boy!

  16. Looks like so much fun! So excited for you guys! Congrats on your baby boy :)))

  17. Congrats!! That is sooo exciting! Great party ideas too!

  18. The friend I told you about in my other comment, who found out via the frosting in their guests the gender of their baby, did her "cravings" as the party food too. So fun!

  19. Haha! I'm having flashbacks to Olivia stealing all the chocolate out of the pinata...


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