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Last night Derek and I went to our church Bible study. We haven't been going as regularly as we'd like, but we decided to start trying to go every week. It was such a blessing to go spend time with fellow believers and study God's word! Last night we were studying 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22. Our church elder, Herb, who leads the Bible study called these "Admonitions On 'How To Live In Order To Please God'", and I thought they were really good things to work on in my own life. I thought I'd share this list here; you can also look up the Bible verse and read them for yourself!

Admonitions On How To Live In Order To Please God

1. Appreciate those who labor among you and have charge over you in the Lord; esteem them highly in love.

2. Live in peace with one another.

3. Admonish the unruly. (Other versions said the lazy or idle as well)

4. Encourage the fainthearted.

5. Help the weak.

6. Be patient with everyone.

7. See that no one repays evil for evil.

8. Seek after that which is good for each other and all people.

9. Rejoice always.

10. Pray without ceasing.

11. In everything give thanks.

12. Do not quench the Spirit. (I was a little confused on this one at first, but we read different Bible versions, and it was explained to me that this means not to ignore the Holy Spirit when He convicts you, or when He is leading you to do or say something. I usually pay attention when the Holy Spirit convicts me, but I don't always listen when He is calling me to some action - that is something I need to work on).

13. Do not despise prophetic utterances, but examine everything carefully. (Test everything against Scripture).

14. Hold fast to that which is good.

15. Abstain from every form of evil. (Or every appearance of evil; the Greek word there is eidos, which means "that which strikes the eye").

I thought these admonitions for living were really good, and I'm going to work on these personally; because what better goal is there than to live in order to please God?
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