Spring Part One. Bleh.

Note: This is a two-part post, so if you are a first time visitor, I'm not usually so pessimistic, and you have to read tomorrow's post to really see where this is going. Thank you.

I have a confession to make. I don't like Spring too much.

I can hear the gasps of astonishment right now. So many people get so excited about the prospect of Spring.

New grass.

Chirping birds.


Maybe I'd be excited too if Spring was actually pretty here. But it's not. I think it's the ugliest season.

In Summer you have green everywhere you look. You have hot dogs, baseball games, barbecues, warm summer nights, fresh scents on the air after the rain. It's a lovely time of year.

In Autumn you have the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. You have that wonderful crisp smell in the air. You have hay being cut, deer being hunted, and football games being played. Pumpkins, squash, cookies, muffins. Cold enough to feel cozy when you're inside, warm enough to enjoy yourself outside. Definitely my favorite season.

Though Winter can sometimes be ugly, much of the season is just gorgeous. White just covering the landscape. Snow-covered mountains in the distance. Being able to see your breath. Sledding, ice skating, skiing, and other winter sports. Getting ready for Christmas and everything that comes with it. It's a season that really warms your heart, even while your toes are freezing off.

But there's just not much to say about Spring. The snow starts melting, and where I live it just takes forever for any green to appear. The air is too cold to wear any summer clothes, but too warm to wear the sweaters that were appropriate a short time before.

And there is mud. Lots and lots of mud. It squishes beneath your shoes, and it's almost impossible to wear heels. The dogs get all muddy whenever you let them outside, which means you have to give them a bath at least once a day to prevent your carpet from becoming stained.

Everything is just brown and ugly. By the time there is anything good to say it's more like Summer than Spring.

Maybe the reason I dislike it is because where I live things just tend to go from Winter to Summer, with nothing but a muddy mess in between. It snows, it melts, there's mud, it snows again. And we go through this cycle until about the middle of May.

Exhibit A - This picture was taken last year at "Springtime".

We don't really have "Spring" here. Not like most people think of Spring. It's only "Spring" in the sense that little shoots of grass start popping up here and there, but that's not too exciting when they get covered by snow a week later.

Some people get the Winter blues. I get the Springtime blues.

Maybe you all can help me change my outlook. I'm just having a hard time figuring out what I like about Spring.

This post to be continued tomorrow . . .

Wiping mud off my shoes,

Check back tomorrow for my conclusion to the Springtime issue!
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Amber Hansen said...

Maybe you and Derek should make a springtime visit to Washington to see what all the hype is about! ;)

~M~ said...

I hate mud too!

Lauren said...

I'm definitely a fan of Spring, but if we had a muddy mess like I know lots of people do then I know I wouldn't feel the same way. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Oh dear. :)
I completely know what you mean, but I love springtime because at least there's HOPE for what's coming. I see sprigs of green shooting up, trees starting to bud, and birds singing. To me, spring isn't about what you see, but the hope of what you know is coming. Spring = Life like no other season does.
That's my two cents! :)

Unknown said...

I can understand why your not a spring fan from what you have said. Mud + me = do not get on.

I love spring here in the UK, apart from the chirping birds waking you up at 6am!

chloƫ. said...

I understand your feelings. New Jersey was pretty much the same way -- there isn't really a "spring", more a like a messy, muddy, mostly cold transition into summer.

Here in Virginia though, we've been getting some mighty beautiful days lately! I'm excited to experience a real spring!

LeAnna said...

Well, you could live here. Then your spring would consist of tornados and spending a good portion of springtime late afternoon/evenings in storm shelters playing cards with neighbors. ;) There's always something to begrudge somewhere, unless you live in Hawaii, and well...I don't, so no sense in talking about it. :P

Jessica said...

I understand this! Winter is my least favorite season, but spring is very close to winter for me. At least most years. Right now we haven't seen the sun for days, and it's just a muddy mess out there, and still only 38 degrees. I love spring from about the last week of April on, when all the flowers, cherry trees, and magnolia trees are in bloom. But for March and most of April, I'm with you in hating it! Unless it's unseasonably warm and dry, like it was last year. I love just being able to be outside!

I hope this spring is better than you are expecting :-)

Jenene said...

I second Amber. Springtime is beautiful here. The trees are full of pink blossoms,and I'm starting to see flowers everywhere. Of course, all those rainy cloudy days we should have had in January are only arriving now.

You know how everyone takes off to someplace hot to chase away those winter blues? It sounds like you need to do that in the spring!

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