Things You Need For A Baby

It's hard to register for a baby.

When you go to register for your wedding it's so easy - you just pick things that you like. But when you register for a baby you have to think of everything you are going to need, and then there's quality and safety to consider.

Honestly, I had no idea where to start. I've never had a baby before, so I don't know what I need!

Thankfully several months ago I came across a list of baby things on Ashley's blog, For The Love Of Shoes And A Baby Too. So when I realized my baby shower was just a month and a half away and I needed to register, I copied the list I found on her blog and took it to my mom.

My mom not only took care of me when I was a baby, but she took care of my twin brother and sister - she had three of us under three years old for a while there! I knew she could help me figure out what I really needed and what was just icing on the cake, and the list was a great place to start.

My mom and I tweaked it a bit, and I thought I'd post the modified list here - just in case any of you need a starting point in the future! Please feel free to copy this list and take it to your mother, or someone else you know, for tweaking as well - it won't hurt my feelings at all!

Things For Baby 

4-8 bodysuits and onesies 
8 one-piece pajamas 
2 blanket sleepers 
1-3 sweaters or jackets 
1-3 rompers or dress-up outfits 
4-7 socks or booties 
1-3 hats 
1 bunting bag or fleece suit (for winter baby) 
Crib, cradle, or bassinet 
Firm, flat mattress 
2 washable crib mattress pads 
Bumper pads - breathable 
4 fitted crib sheets 
6 light receiving blankets 
2 heavier blankets 
Music box, sound machine, or CD player 
Crib mobile 
Baby monitor 
Storage baskets 
Swing and/or bouncy chair 
Contoured changing pad for table with safety strap 
Changing pad cover 
Diaper pail 
Diaper pail liners 
Vaseline or Diaper cream 
Unscented Baby Wipes or Handi Wipes 
Soft baby washcloths 
Baby bathtub 
Baby soap 
Baby shampoo 
2-4 soft hooded bath towels 
Baby grooming items (hairbrush, comb, clippers, toothbrush) 
16 bottles and nipples both 4 and 8 ounces 
Bottle brush 
Dishwasher basket for small items 
4-8 bibs 
Burp cloths/cloth diapers 
High chair 
2-4 pacifiers 
Infant car seat and stroller 
Diaper bag 
Changing pad 
Baby carrier/sling 
Pack 'N' Play 
Medical items for baby 
2-3 week's supply of pads 
Nursing pads 
Nursing gown 

That's the list. Hopefully some of you will find it as helpful as I did!

Derek and I already have several of the bigger items (thanks to family members and hand-me-downs), so I didn't have to register for everything on that list!

Looking at the list of things we need for baby always makes me anxious to (1) meet the little guy, and (2) go shopping! But I'll wait until after our baby shower . . .

Please check out my post "Baby Registry Tips" for updates I would make to this list!
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Amber said...

Good list, Callie! I had to do the same thing. After seeing some of the sample lists on websites, I KNEW there was way more on there than I actually needed. I got with my sister-in-law to find out what I really needed and didn't need.

Kristin said...

One day this will totally come in handy for me! I'm bookmarking it, thanks! :)

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

I love baby things! They are just so stinkin' cute and fun to buy!

Amanda said...

My husband was saying last night that he won't want to wait 9 months to see our baby when I find out I'm pregnant. I'm thinking it'll take 9 months to collect all the stuff!

Lori said...

Thank you! Thank You!! I have been so scared about registering, it is so overwhelming! I started one online, but I still need to go to the store to pick out the big items, etc. I cannot wait till I feel like I have everything!!

LeAnna said...

That is quite a comprehensive list! Something I've enjoyed having around this time has been muslin swaddlers. Even for a winter baby, they are awesome. Love the Aden + Anais and Bambino Land brands. They're a perfect in between blanket. Not too heavy, not too light. I have 6, and we go through them weekly.

Julie S. said...

I highly recommend an Itzbeen timer! It was a HUGE lifesaver for me in the hospital and for the first 9 months of Brayden's life. It times feedings, medication, diapers, and naps. I used the feeding one and diaper ones for a long time! It helped me know how long it had been since Brayden ate, thus helping me know if he was actually hungry or if he was upset by something else.

The hooded towels we only used for about 2 weeks. Our big towels were much warmer and more absorbent!

The Clem Family said...

I have been reading your blog after seeing your comment on mine. You have a good list put together! I didn't see one item on your list and it may be a matter of preference, but it is something that helped my first child be such a wonderful sleeper. It is the "Miracle Blanket." The Miracle Blanket is a special swaddle blanket that really does live up to its name! Brody would fall fast asleep as soon as I had him swaddled up in this blanket. I even ended up buying a second one for when the original one was in the wash! :) My other tip is to plan on registering in several trips. I got really overwhelmed trying to do it all in one trip to the store!

Melanie said...

Thank you for posting this list! Everytime I'm out and am looking at baby gets SO overwhelming to see all the things out there! Being a first time mom does make you wonder whats necessary and whats not. I'm hoping to get lots of goodies when I have my baby shower sometime in the next several months! :-)

Brittany said...

The list looks great! I had a hard time decided what I did and didn't need with my fist baby. Some things I thought would be so important, I never used once, and other things that I thought wouldn't be used that I really ended up wishing I had. Good luck with that all!

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