Baby Girl's Quilt

So I officially finished the crib bedding for baby girl!  Eventually I will post pictures of the nursery so you can see it all together, but for today I'll show you all the quilt.

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

The finished product!  It was really hard to take that second picture by the way - I had to stand on a chair and hold the camera above my head.  I need to be taller I guess!

I had no idea what colors I wanted gong into the fabric store - whether I wanted to be traditional or go for an unexpected color scheme.  But in the end I put all these fabrics together and loved it, so muted pinks, purples, gold, and white it was.  I think it was a good way to go in the end, because with all the different shades of pink and purple, I haven't had too much trouble finding crib sheets and decor items to go with the color scheme!

I got the idea for the pattern for the quilt from a design by Hillary Lang in this book:

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

It was a pretty simple patten to follow - basically you start out with a base piece, cut out a bunch of squares, arrange them on the base piece, then pin them into place and sew with an appliqu√© stitch around all the edges.  I changed it up a little bit from what the book suggested and added the borders around the edges, with the pieces overlapping onto the border.

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

One of the out-takes from my attempt at getting a picture of the whole quilt, but you can see the edge better in this one.

One thing I might do differently if I were to do this quilt again would be to place the pieces one at a time and sew them down before adding more squares on top.  The advantage to doing it that way would be that the pieces would all lay flat - it was hard to keep all the pieces exactly in place while I was sewing, since I don't have a quilting table, so some of them ended up a little puckered.

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

The disadvantage to doing it that way though would be that you can't really get a full picture of the placement before you start sewing, which is why they probably suggest to arrange all the pieces from the start.  And I'm happy with the way it turned out, puckers and all - it may not be perfect, but a lot of love went into it, and that's the whole point of making my baby girl a quilt myself.

When I make baby quilts I like to pick simple designs with large squares - I'm not a die-hard quilter, not yet anyway, and I need something that I can start and finish rather quickly.  This quilt probably took me probably 10-15 hours all together maybe?  Including cutting the pieces.  I don't think that's bad for a quilt.

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

I did not, in fact, do the actual quilting part myself - once I had it pieced together I took the back, front, and batting over to my old neighbor, Debbie, who has a professional quilting business and a big, fancy machine to do it with, so she did that part.  If I didn't have Debbie to do the fancy quilting for me, I'd probably just tack it down in several places or do simple lines instead.  

I love the meander that Debbie picked by the way - see the little hearts in the stitching?  It's perfect!

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

When I got it back I did the biding around the edges by just rolling a bit of the backing around the the front, then pinning it and sewing in place.

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

And that's it!  I also made a crib skirt to go with it, and I'll show you all of it together once we have Mr. Wyatt transferred over to his toddler bed and I get the crib set up!

Baby Girl Nursery Bedding | Through Clouded Glass

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Anna said...

I love it; I'm so impressed! :) I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl!

Laura Anne said...

Wow! You are so talented Callie! It's gorgeous - feminine but not sickeningly girly. :)

Kate Craig said...

I love everything about it! The colors, pattern, and quilting! I have been so scared to try applique stitching, was it hard?

Page said...

So cute Callie!! A quilt is definitely a labor of love...and your baby girl's turned out great! Those hearts are precious:). Excited for you that she'll be here soon!!

Melanie said...

It looks those little hearts too it really makes it!

MissH said...

My goodness, you are so talented. This quilt is beautiful!

Bech and Marley Evans said...

I am so impressed! It looks great!

katie said...

It's beautiful! Great job! I've never done machine applique, but need to try at some point. I also want to check out that book now!

Bevin Lewis said...

I love those colors! So soft and subtle...perfect for a baby girl! Great job!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Wow! I am totally impressed! What a beautiful blanket :) I can't wait to see the whole set together!

Kayla Rae said...

It is so beautiful! She will treasure it forever.

Dove of Snow said...

Adorable! Seeing as how quilting is a hobby of mine, I love seeing projects! And you did a good job! I'm sure it will be perfect for your baby girl. :)

Amanda said...

What a beautiful, unique quilt! I love the design, the fuzzy binding/back and the meandering hearts! She'll treasure it always!

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