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When I was about 14 weeks pregnant with Wyatt, I remember going to my doctor's office for my first 2nd trimester checkup.  I laugh when I think back on it, because those visits seem so routine now, but I was so excited and happy to be pregnant, and I couldn't wait to hear the swish, swish of my baby's heartbeat.  

That day my doctor talked to me about some of the screening tests that we could do to make sure everything was okay with the baby, including one that should be done before 16 weeks to check for a possibility of Down's syndrome or birth defects.  I had already kind of decided that I didn't want to bother with the screenings, especially when my doctor told me that they could usually tell on the 20 week ultrasound if there were any problems.  

But knowing so little about the process at the time, I asked if there was any reason it would be good to know earlier.  I know these days they can correct some problems while the baby is still in utero, and I was thinking they might want to know earlier for some things to make sure everything went smoothly the rest of the pregnancy.

My doctor kind of paused and then stuttered over her words, saying that some women would want to know earlier so they could terminate . . . (imagine a lot of "ums" and "uhs" in there) . . .

She must have seen the look on my face, because after I said "Oh, no . . ." while shaking my head, she immediately assured me that most women they see don't choose to do that even if the test is positive for abnormalities.  

But in that instant, the life issue became more real to me than it ever had before. Because here I was, pregnant with my first child, enjoying every little symptom and examining my belly daily for growth . . . and I couldn't imagine that sweet life that was already so real to me being snuffed out.  

And it could have been, with just a word.  

I was pro-life before.  But in that moment my heart broke like it never had before for all those babies who never had a chance.



(Wyatt when I was 15 weeks pregnant.)

I am not bringing this up to cast judgement on women who have had abortions.  I've never walked in their shoes, but goodness knows they've already been through enough.  They've lost something precious that they can never get back, and I think deep down most of those women know that.  My heart breaks for them.  And if that's you, I pray that you've found healing and hope.

I wanted to mention this because right now 40 Days for Life is happening across the country (and even internationally).  40 Days for Life is a peaceful prayer vigil, where Christians gather in front of abortion clinics to just pray for an end to abortion and for babies to be saved during the campaign.  It's something I'd love to participate in some year, but for now, with two kiddos at home, I have to be satisfied with following their blog and praying right where I am.

For those of you who are also pro-life, definitely check out their blog, and I'd encourage you to pray too.  Pray for an end to abortion in this country.  Pray for many babies to be saved over these 40 days, for wisdom for the volunteers as they try to reach these women who feel they have no other choice.  And pray for the women that go through with their abortions over the next 40 days, that they would find the forgiveness, and healing, and hope that only comes with knowing Jesus.


P.S.  If you are curious to know why I believe in the pro-life movement, I think this podcast explains it very well, and especially if you are pro-life I'd encourage you to listen to it.  It's important to know why you believe the way you do on issues like this.
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Veronica and Daniel said...

I drive past a clinic that performs abortions every day on my way to work. There is an older gentelman who is standing outside praying nearly every day. When I see him standing there it reminds me to pray too. Like you said, I have never walked in the shoes of a woman who chose abortion, but my heart hurts everytime I drive past that clinic. I cant remember if you ever said anything about it here, but did you see the movie October Baby?

Vanessa Miller said...

I thought that was kind of sad too, knowing that people would want to terminate their pregnancy because of those tests. That's why I opted out of them. We knew we would accept our child no matter what. I am Pro-Life as well, but I do believe in extenuating circumstances.

Lauren said...

We opted out of those tests as well..knowing that regardless of the outcome God had blessed us with our baby & we would be his/her parents no matter what.

Sarah said...

God is doing powerful things on the pro-life front and the faithful people who pray and act for life are such a blessing.

It is interesting that the doctor knew how wrong it sounded (and is) when she tried to tell you why people get the test. Their conscience is clicking on there... A lot of these healthcare workers have been brainwashed and have not heard the stories of regret from women who've had abortions. They literally think they are helping society.

October Baby is a great perspective on abortion from a new angle. Just watched it a few nights ago! It was very well done and I would recommend it. Blessings!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I completely agree and really, really love what you said about not knowing what those women have walked through/had to face. That is a true representation of Christ in your heart and I'm proud to know you because of that.

Thank you so much for this post, and reminding us all to pray alongside you!

Hope you're well, my dear! xo!

Hannah said...

We didn't have those tests done either. We figured God had blessed us with our little gooseberry and we would love him whatever happened. When the doctor asked us if we wanted those tests done he said that they weren't even always accurate. I want to say the percentage of them actually being accurate was really low. Crazy.

Emily said...

we didn't have any of the extra tests either...i wasn't totally opposed to it, not because i would have done anything about the pregnancy, but just to make sure that everything was okay with our baby (i was so paranoid about everything after having a miscarriage). my hubby said that if something was wrong, he didn't want to know, so we didn't do the tests. thankfully, we found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our little guy is as perfect as can be. God is good!

i need to check out some of those links...yay pro-life!

Melanie said...

Callie..I know what you mean! I remember when I was just finding out I was pregnant w/ my 12 or 14 week appointment (just like you) they brought up the subject of those 'screenings'. None of that had even crossed my mind..I went home w/a printout they had given me for the next visit and cried my eyes out. How could anyone think of ending their pregnancy? We had miscarried (if you recall) a month before I became pregnant w/Makayla..I already had experienced a loss..I was in such a joyful state of mind in my pregnancy at that particular dr visit and then all of that was brought to my definately made me cherish the fact that I was pregnant and my baby was healthy!! We never had those screenings either..she would have been loved either way. :-)

Brittney said...

Thank you so much for posting on such an important topic. Honestly I cried reading brought me back to my first pregnancy and the EXACT same uncomfortable conversation I had with my OB then. I share your feelings about abortion in every way. I've heard many similar stories as well - I imagine most medical professionals are aware of how wrong abortion is and their discomfort is evidence of that. I did not opt out of testing with either pregnancy but did choose the less invasive forms, knowing 100% that this is our baby and we are keeping it no matter what, but just simply wanting to be prepared in the event that something medically abnormal is found. I visited the link you included and will be praying for sure..I also hope to one day physically be able to join others in prayer at the abortion clinics. Thanks again - God bless you for taking a stand on life:)

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