What Came After

Yesterday was Good Friday.  Tomorrow is Resurrection Day.  

I don't like to let this time of year go past without saying something on my blog about why we celebrate.  It isn't because of the arrival of spring, or to give honor to bunny rabbits while we stuff ourselves with boiled eggs and Peeps.  All that stuff can be fun, but the real reason we celebrate Easter, as Christians, is to remember our Savior.  His death.  And how He came to life again, to save us!

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This is the seventh Easter that I've celebrated since I've been blogging.  That's a lot of posts to come up with over the years. 

This is the most important holiday to me, even more than Christmas.  Without Christ's death and resurrection, we could not be saved.  That's huge, and I want to always spend time reflecting on what Jesus did for us.

So on Thursday I grabbed my old hymnal, hoping to glean some inspiration while the kids were napping.  I read through so many hymns.  I couldn't find a single one to use today, mostly because I've shared all my favorites before.

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Finally I just put the hymnal aside, and sat there thinking.  I thought about how Jesus lived His life on earth all those years knowing what was coming.  And I wondered how He felt when He thought about the death He was going to die.

I just had a baby a few months ago.  As silly as it is, the thing that flashed through my mind was how I felt late last year.  I knew labor was coming soon.  I knew how it would feel since I experienced it once already with Wyatt.  And last year, as I waited, I felt anxious and scared when I thought about it.  

But I also thought about what was to come after.  I knew at the end I'd be holding a beautiful baby, and I tried to think of that instead.

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As bad as labor pains can be, crucifixion is worse.  It's the most painful way to die, and not only was there the physical pain for Jesus, but there was also all the pain and isolation that would come when the sins of everyone in history were laid upon His shoulders.  It can't be compared to labor - I know it was much worse.  

And Jesus knew that.  How did He feel when He thought about it?  Was He scared?

I think in His humanness He was, a little bit.  I think that's why He prayed asking God if there was some other way.

But I think Jesus also thought about what was to come after.  The Life He would give us when He rose again.  

And that was worth it to Him.



In the words of my hymnal . . .

Jesus Paid It All.  On Good Friday.

And tomorrow? We remember that Christ Our Lord Is Risen Today!

Hallelujah!  What a Savior.

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Melanie said...

Love your post Callie!! You know..I feel the same way about Easter (as in, being more important than Christmas)..and I dont know if you've noticed or not..but this year (to me anyways) it just really seemed to dawn on me how much harder it is for THIS holiday's meaning to be 'kept' in perspective. Not letting Easter be all about bunnies and eggs..I had a woman look at me today like I was CRAZY for telling her that I wanted Makayla to know the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of Christ..not because of bunnies and eggs!! If only more of the world knew of Christ..and like you described in your post..how He must have felt..knowing what was coming..but that it was all worth it (for us). Praise God!!!

Emily grapes said...

Loved this post, Callie! Happy Easter to you! :)

Emily said...

LOVE this post! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

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