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I'm excited to have the opportunity to review a couple more books from Thomas Nelson this month!  

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One of the ones I received was a children's book called "Everybody Can Help Somebody" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, which apparently is the kids version of a book called "Same Kind Of Different As Me".  I can't speak for "Same Kind Of DIfferent As Me", because I haven't read it, but based on the kid's book I'm assuming it must be some sort of biography.  If any of you have read that, please fill me in!

So "Everybody Can Help Somebody" was a nice book.  It's actually a biography of the life of a man named Denver Moore, but it's adapted for kids.  The book tells the story of Denver's life, first as a sharecropper when he was young, and then as a homeless man as he travels to the big city.  It tells of different people who helped him, but especially a lady named Debbie who told him about the love of God.

This book doesn't speak about Jesus at all, but I think it does encourage kids to think about how God loves people and to tell people that.  It also had a good lesson as far as how just helping someone when they need it can change their life.  

It was an alright book - as a Christian mom, I definitely want my kids to learn to tell people about Jesus though.  It's true that God loves people, but that is only the beginning of the story, and people can mean a lot of things when they just say that by itself.  

John 3:16 says God loved the world and because of that He sent Jesus, so that if we believe in Him we will be saved.  Believing in God and God's love doesn't mean anything without following it up with Jesus.  He's the bottom line.  

And unfortunately this book doesn't say a word about Jesus, so I felt it was too vague and ambiguous. I don't even know what the author thinks about Jesus.  Which is okay if it's just a regular kids' book, but since this is a biography/testimony type book that talks about God's love, and from a Christian publisher, it kind of bothered me.

So that's one thing I wasn't crazy about.  But I think it could be a good tool for telling kids about showing love to "the least of these".  And if you're child already knows Jesus as his or her Savior, then I think this book is fine.  But if you are still teaching them about Jesus, I say make sure they have a good foundation first and save this book for later.

Wyatt has officially dubbed this the "train book" - which cracks me up because there is only one small line about a train, and one page with a picture of the train! But he loves to turn to that page and look.  It's cute.  I clearly need to get him more books about trains.

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Note: I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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The Clem Family said...

Not sure if you have worked on potty training, but there is a train themed potty book my boys loved called "the potty train"

Unknown said...

"Same Kind Of Different As Me" is one of my favorite books!

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