6 Tips For A Non-Boring Staycation

The word "staycation" never conjured up particularly good images in my mind.  I always thought it sounded a bit boring.  However, I am happy to report that after our staycation a couple weeks ago, I have become a fan!  We had a great time, and we managed to squeeze a lot of fun things in while still relaxing.  I'm not a staycation expert, but I thought I'd share a few tips for making a stay cation fun from my limited experience.


Play Tourist

I don't know why, but it seems like people tend to take for granted all of the tourist sites that are right down the road from where they live.  Before our staycation we came up with a list of touristy places and activities in our area and picked a couple of them to do.  It was fun to go some places that we never go.  We even went to one national monument that we had never visited before.  It made it feel like we were going somewhere new, even though we were staying home.

Take A "Road Trip"

On your way to your touristy destinations, treat the drive like a road trip.  Turn up the music, roll down the windows, play a movie for the kids (if you have that capability).  Or if you are like Derek and me, listen to an audio book or drama.  Do whatever you would normal do for a road trip, even if you are only driving for 30 minutes.

Go Camping

Set up a tent in your backyard, complete with air mattress, sleeping bags, Skittles, and a movie on the laptop (yes, that is how I camp - I'm not hardcore).  You can even add a fire and s'mores if you have a fire pit, or if your area allows.  We were planning on doing this, but we ended up being so busy with all of the stuff we wanted to do together that we actually never got around to camping.  However, if we had, I think it would have been pretty fun!

Add Something Tastey

For us, this translated into special drinks that I made for Derek and myself when we got home early enough (virgin pina coladas and homemade sodas).  We also stocked up on snacks, and we added an "eating out" budget so we didn't have to make as many meals.

Ignore The Mess

It can be difficult to relax at home when you are a neat freak like me.  But cleaning and working don't really go with a vacation (or a staycation), so I cleaned as much as possible on Sunday night, and then ignored the mess as much as possible during the week (okay, I admit, I did declutter a little - just a couple times).


I wanted to treat our staycation like a vacation as much as possible, so I decided to put away my laptop, limit my contact with the outside world, and just spend time with my family.  The only thing I did was Instagram some of the great pictures we took!  It gives more of a vacation atmosphere when you take a break from normal distractions and obligations and just focus on spending time together.

Those are my tips!  The main point is just to do something you wouldn't normally do, relax, and spend time with your loved ones.  Those are the things that can make a staycation just as fun as a vacation, in my opinion.  I no longer balk at the idea of staying home - and the distinct advantage is that you save lots of money with staycations!

Have you ever taken a staycation?  What did you do to make it more fun?
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Unknown said...

We need a staycation! Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Tania said...

Awesome ideas! I think we need one too! It's nice to just be home sometimes. Xx

Lyndsey said...

Great list! We had a little stay-cation last week and did many of these things! We took one short over-night trip and even though it was only two hours away, we made it into a fun "road trip" with snacks and new music, etc!

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